New Moon in Virgo

The Last New Moon of Summer

New Moon in Virgo

August 25, 2014 10:12 AM EDT

By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

The last New Moon of summer, 2014, also coincides with the last “Moon Day” or Monday in August of this year. At 2 degrees Virgo 18′, 10:12 AM EDT, this celestial message accents sensitivity to the generation gap, home and small pets. The Sun and Moon both are applying to a favorable mutually applying trine aspect to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. Neatness, organization, arranging an efficient daily schedule and creating a healthy lifestyle are suggested by this practical and earthy pattern. The double Mercury rulership of this first decanate of Virgo brings a real “Back to School” metaphor to the lives of all. Labor Day Weekend approaches, relaxed vacation days are quickly passing  while intellectual and business like activities are about to garner more attention. In your own horoscope find which of the 12 houses spans the 2nd degree of Virgo for more specifics on how this will impact you. This Virgo  New Moon does oppose Neptune in Pisces. So there is an element of illusion concerning others, good or not, all might not be as it seems. Neptune rules the spirit realm and the wee folk, so a supernatural visitation is likely. Check rumors and verify facts. Heed messages from others, the signficance can be subtle yet important. Monday and Tuesday will favor gardening, working with clay or wood and appreciating nature. Bird watchers can spot some beautiful and interesting feathered friends migrating.

In Luxembourg witches celebrate Shepherds’ Fair and honor the goddess Damona. She is a Gaulish deity who watches over domestic animals. Sheep, cows, goats, herd dogs, etc. are under her care. Some mystics suggest counting sheep tonight upon falling asleep to assure a healthy rest and wholesome dreams. Have a cup of warm milk upon retiring over the next few evenings and and give it a try!

The Moon is waxing now, growing larger day by day toward the final of the three Super Full Moons. This special and bright Full Moon takes place on September 8. Start new projects, promote goals, reach out to others, make applications. Others are receptive and tend to say “yes” to suggestions. Move forward toward the future. “Onward and Upward” is a great mantra to chant for the next two weeks, until September 8 when the lunar tides will shift again. This is the longest lunar month this year, spanning August 25 – September 24. The Moon is changeable, it’s appearance and rate of movement is variable and inconstant, as Shakespeare’s Juliet knew.

Holiday Craft For the New Moon in Virgo
Cookies That Are For The Birds!
These birdseed cookies will help the lovely feathered ones get through the winter once their food supplies dwindle. They will also make nice, inexpensive holiday gifts to give those who enjoy bird watching. I remember an old story titled “The Birds’ Christmas tree” about a poor family whose only Christmas celebration was to decorate a small pine tree outside with scraps for the birds. Anyway, here is the recipe.
2 cups flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 cup sugar, 2/3 veg shortening (Crisco), 2 cracked eggs (isn’t this ingredient cannibal or vampire – zombie like?), 3/4 cup birdseed – small seeds. cookie cutters and paper clips and yarn.
Sift all the dry ingredients together, cut in the Crisco. Add eggs, knead until smooth.
Chill overnight, roll dough to 1/4 inch, cut into shapes with cookie cutters (stars are nice). Press extra bird seed into the top of the cookies, perhaps using some sunflower, pumpkin or other colors of seeds for decoration, gently into the top of the cookies. Insert a paper clip to use as a hanger, then bake at 325 degrees for 15 minutes, until the cookies are hard. String with yarn and hang on a tree, fence, window sill, etc. for the birds to enjoy. Get a camera ready, you can get some lovely photos to include with your holiday cards from the beautiful and grateful birds

August 23 and August 31, 2014

Triple Sky Jewels For Star Gazers

Planetary Alignments With the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn!

 By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

“Things come in threes an old adage says.” The celestial news for the summer of 2014 has certainly been all about threes. There are the three Super Moons, which have so far  coincided with so much intensity in the world. The chaotic weather and world events in the wake of the first two Super Moons (back on July 12 and August 10) certainly supports the validity of astrology. The final Super Moon (these are Full, bright and potent Moons which are exceptionally near the Earth) for quite a long while will be on September 8, 2014 in the sign of Pisces. Meanwhile, star gazers will be treated to two more things that come in threes. On August 23 the Moon will conjoin Venus and Jupiter and on August 31 Mars and Saturn will conjoin the Moon. These kinds of alignments are sometimes called multiple or triple conjunctions, but stellium is actually the preferred term. Some feel that the Star of Bethlehem, which the three Wise Men followed, was a bright stellium of the Moon with visible planets, probably Venus and Saturn.

What ever we choose to call the triple sky lights, they will be spectacular and can be expected to generate heightened combined cosmic energies. As above, so below is the eternal message, a reminder that the heavenly dome above us reflects our lives here on Planet Earth.

Look in the morning sky before sunrise on August 23 to see the Moon with Venus and Jupiter in the sign of Leo. Venus will be a brilliant blue-white, while Jupiter, being so much further from earth, appears smaller and of a yellowish color. The positive side of this stellium promises healing, creativity and breakthroughs in problem solving. However there is a caution against going to extremes, gambles and risks in both finances and matters of the heart can tempt many. Its a wonderful day to visit an art gallery, attend the theater, a movie or concert. Party animals, keep a handle on any excesses and remember that nothing good happens after midnight. Conserve consumption of alcohol, etc. and leave the party early. Practitioners of the mystic arts can invoke the energies of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter in Leo using candles, incense and an altar with bright, sunny colors as well as images of solar deities, lions and other special felines. Good will and generosity will motivate many to perform random acts of good works.

On August 31 the evening sky, after sunset, will be highlighted by the Moon, Saturn and Mars. Mars appears as a reddish evening star while Saturn twinkles with a deeper lead color. This stellium will be in Scorpio. This strong Scorpio Moon is an optimum time for gardening of all kinds. Plants which are transplanted, harvested or seeded should do be survivors and do exceptionally well. This planetary pattern also favors solving mysteries, past life regression, tapophilism (enjoyable visitation of graveyards) and getting rid of all kinds of pests or vermin (human, insect or animal). However, there will be hard work for many and a touch of melancholy afoot. Try spending time relaxing near the water if you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed. Its really important to avoid angry situations or vengeful actions, the axiom anger is just a letter away from danger is a good mantra. Keep good company and a little bit of patience is essential if coping with any challenges. Wizards and witches can call upon the Moon, Mars and Saturn for magical workings by using bloodstones, lodestones and water images as well as skulls or bones. Deep teal, dark red, charcoal and black are excellent colors for altar draperies or candles. Heed dreams and visions as this Scorpio stellium is very favorably aspected to Neptune, the planet of dreams and reverie. It would be an excellent time to plan a séance or dumb supper to connect with the spirit realm.

Hi Astrologers,
Robin Williams was born July 21, 1951, 1:34 pm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lauren Bacall was born Sept 16, 1924 at 2:00 AM in New York City, if you want to set up the charts.
Robin’s ascendant was 11 Scorpio, with Saturn and Mars by transit aspecting it. Lauren had recently passed her 3rd Saturn Return in Scorpio. There are many other intriguing chart points to consider, but these stood out. So many people have called to ask me about the celebrity deaths. There are 4 placements in Leo, the sign of the entertainment world, right now (Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury). The Leo planets were quincunx (150 degree aspect sometimes called an inconjunct) the Moon and Neptune in Pisces. The quincunx has an a 6th(health) and 8th (death) house connotation. The Moon has a bearing on the flow of daily life. I have found Neptune to be very prominent in death charts.

Venus will enter Leo at 3:24 AM EDT on August 12, 2014, a transit which will last until September 5. This is extremely favorable for planning parties, a vacation, maintaining a young at heart attitude, the theater and other creative work. Wear a Sun motif talisman, add amber, peridot or sunstone for good fortune. Bright sunshine colors such as coral, red, apricot and tangerine as well as bright yellow are favored for your wardrobe, meditation candles and home decor. Check your natal horoscope for the planets you have in the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). They are favorably aspected by a conjunction or trine while Venus is in Leo. Laissez les bon temps rollieux! (“Let the good times roll”,  as they say in New Orleans and France.) France and the French culture and language are ruled by Leo and are favorable to include in your summer plans somehow. Have a petit four or croissant with black coffee or a glass of wine with French bread … and celebrate summer.

This Venus transit is part of a truly unusual Astrology planetary pattern of the times … The two malefics, Mars and Saturn are transiting together in Scorpio while the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter are transiting together in Leo. Mars is the lesser malefic and Saturn the greater, Venus is the lesser benefic and Jupiter the greater. The fixed signs of Leo and Scorpio are square each other. The four planets form, a potent aspect pattern. This is a indicating a very extreme celestial vortex which will last until Venus changes signs on September 5, 2014. Mars will follow, changing signs on September 13. Meanwhile, pay special attention to the houses in your own horoscope ruled by Scorpio and Leo and any natal planets in those signs. It’s a time of variable physical vitality for some people, creative expression and social skills can open many doors.

A Faerie Blessing For Late Summer

While the blossom of our dreams has never faded
Savoring fruits and flowers both good and evil
Call to the embattled multitude by flame and air
You who soar,in flames above wings
Amid the storms of mortality
You reply with rapturous music sunset until the dawn of morning breaks There is a grey and white whisper and an ending
Of the touch of wings and a glimpse of a white hand or foot
Adorned in dew crystals with tiny rainbows of hope.

Scribed by Dikki-Jo as chanted by the fey ones in the back garden

The Three Super Moons of Summer, 2014 and Kwan Yin

The summer of 2014 is highlighted by three Super Moons. These unique Full Moons, on July 12, August 10 (the closest to Earth of all) and on September 8, will appear much larger and brighter than usual because of their closer proximity to Planet Earth. Super Moons have been linked to especially intense, transformative times, both for individuals and for the planet in general. Observe the weather and political situations unfolding throughout the summer. Here is an invocation to a kindly Moon Goddess. Chant it to maximize the positive potentials of the celestial energies now and always. Astrologically the Moon has a bearing on emotions, children, family life, changes in general, plant growth and weather.

Kwan Yin

This Oriental Goddess Moon Goddess resonates with the emotional needs of all. A being of infinite compassion and mercy, this kindly universal mother figure never turns her back on those who seek her help. Recite the invocation below daily to draw support from Kwan Yin. She will assist in all areas of your life which require improvement.

Invocation to Kwan Yin

“Homage to Kwan Yin, who holds

the willow branch. Homage to the vase

hand of Kwan Yin,

Bodhistiva of mercy, whose right

hand heals, she drives away

illness. Her left hand holds the vase

from which streams the nectar of

wisdom and compassion.. May it

be sprinkled on me. All merciful and divine

mother from the East.”

(Note: Sometimes her name is also spelled Quan Yin or Kuan Yin)

The Solar Return is the astrological term for “birthday”. It’s when the Sun returns to the exact degree and minute for the current year it occupied at birth. Usually this chart is calculated for the current place of residence. Sometimes the Solar Return will be the day before or after the actual birthday. A solar return chart will describe what can be expected during the birthday year ahead. We really celebrate birthdays because of the Solar Return, the candles, cakes and other niceties are to honor the Sun and welcome in the positive spirits of the year to come. The Sun’s place in the horoscope reveals where and how we shine. The Sun sign is the only part of the birth chart most people know of. Solar Return Horoscopes are available as personal consultations or by regular mail by Astrologer Dikki-Jo. This reading offers a wonderful way to get a perspective on the potentials promised for the year ahead while celebrating your future.


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