Astrology As Summer Fades

By Dikki-Jo Mullen,  Astrologer and Psychic Medium

The Sun entered Virgo on August 23, 2015 at 6:38 AM EDT.

Can you feel the changing of the seasons? Something different promised? A hint of autumn upon awakening this morning? There is an overall “Back To School” post vacation mood prevailing. The zodiac, the circle of space around the Sun – generates different qualities throughout the year. The Earth circling the Sun is the actual Sun Sign we all know. Here are some thoughts about the deeper meanings of Virgo as The Wheel Spins. In a Native American Zodiac Virgo correlates with the Bear. This is a wonderful time to connect with bear symbolism and magic. The healing qualities of sleep (hibernation) as well as agile hands (paws) and eye coordination are some of the attributes.

Virgo – A Mutable Sign of Earth Ruled by Mercury –

Regardless of your birth sign, these guidelines can be useful in attuning to new zodiacal influences. The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) mark the start of each season (spring, summer, autumn and winter, respectively). The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) correlate with each season at its peak and the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) find the season winding down, heralding approaching changes.

The symbol is one of the three human signs – a lovely maiden holding a sheaf of newly harvested grain shows at first glance Virgos link with the Earth and the tangible rewards of service. However a closer inspection often reveals she is also depicted with hints of wings and a halo. The purity and agility of winged Mercury as ruling planet elevates Virgo to combine some of the air with earth. This interesting alchemy becomes discriminating, meticulous, and analytical, Virgos identifying traits. The tie between the physical and the mental aspects of life directly illustrate that the health of the body is impacted by the mind set. The maiden is the Greek goddess Hygeia, who has given her name to the science of hygiene. She appears again as Vesta, the Roman goddess of purity, a sister who patiently tends the everlasting flame.

A strong work ethic and devotion to duty characterizes you. Being motivated by the quest for perfection in an imperfect world, you can have stress and frustration to overcome. Cleanliness and order are your personal mantras. Following them helps to bring your brightest and best potentials to manifestation. A lovely lady is the familiar image for Virgo. However the ideal of womanhood has changed so much throughout astrologys long history that there is quite a variety of symbolism to explore. This delights Virgo, for you enjoy sifting through details to arrive at truth. Early Madonna style woodcuts show the Virgin holding flowers, hinting at a link to Mary. Depictions prior to 1600 show a star perched on the lady’s shoulder. This is thought to address the importance of fixed stars in this constellation. Ears of corn or sheaves of wheat and other grains are frequently held in the Virgins arms. This metaphor alludes to Virgos rulership over the digestive processes and the intestines, which are sometimes called the cave of bread. Healthy grains and wholesome breads relate to this time period. Investigate healthy options. An excellent one is Ezekiel bread, a recipe given in the Biblr for healing bread. Ezekiel bread is available in most grocery.

Virgo Cycle Meditations For Everyone As Summer fades into early autumn …

Discriminating and methodical, your quiet reserve and commonsense inspire the trust of others. Analytical, with excellent communication skills, teaching, media work and medicine are interests which captivate you. The lower digestive tract and nervous system are linked to Virgo. Proper elimination and stress control are always important. Natural foods which are most nourishing and easily digested add to your well being. Overcome worry by developing faith and confidence to enhance your physical and mental well being. The Virgin, your emblem, hints at a certain inner purity of purpose.

Discriminating, meticulous and scholarly describe you, Virgo. The second mutable and second of the earth signs you dwell upon accuracy as well as perfection. Ruled by clever Mercury, Virgo is the alchemist. You refine raw materials, combining intellect with craftsmanship. This results in the unleashing of useful potentials. Cleanliness, service and health are values sacred to the Virgin. The image of the maiden goddess cradling a sheaf of wheat reveals that health and nourishment, the baking and distribution of bread, are a focus. The aura of the earth which is forever present in her image hints at an empathy with animals. In Greece the Goddess Artemis, a sister of Apollo, appears as Virgo, the bow maiden. Her character was whimsical, mercurial and dual. Artemis could order either recovery or death to those who fell ill. Known as a Lady of Wild Things, Artemis had an empathy with animals, yet was legendary for her relentless hunting.

September brings two eclipses, one on September 13 in Virgo and the other on September 27 in Aries. The time period around eclipses can be unsettled, flexibility is a must. The Aries eclipse should be visible near moonrise in North America. Mercury turns retrograde Sept. 17 -October 9 in Libra. Prepare for a time of reflection, reunions and repeating cycles as September ends.

The Honorable Barack Obama August 19, 2015
President of the United States
The White House – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,
This is to request your intervention in preventing a horrific and tragic event which is scheduled to occur at the end of October, 2015 in Florida. Despite numerous protests and public outrage,  the hunting of Floridas recently endangered black bears is about to be reinstated. Hunting permits are being issued daily. At least 1400 have already been sold, yet, when this legislation was passed it was on the grounds that just 600 permits would be issued. Although no one is certain of the exact number of surviving black bears, one estimate puts the current bear population at 3000. Twenty years of conservation efforts, since hunting was halted before when the bear population hovered on the verge of extinction, are about to be totally nullified. If the hunt is allowed to proceed the bear population could be all but eliminated. Wildlife experts and scientists, some from the Audubon Society and Sierra Club, as well as concerned citizens have presented various alternatives, yet this has all been ignored by the State. Please, Mr. President, act now to stop this. It is an impending domestic tragedy equal to the global outrage over the killing of Cecil, the beloved lion, last month.
On a more serious note and a different topic, I want to personally thank you for the Affordable Health Care Act. It has given me health insurance for just over $50.00 per month when I was paying nearly $400.00 previously.
Each Thanksgiving I smile when you publicly pardon the turkeys. Please pardon the Florida Black Bears and stop this impending tragedy.

Dikki-Jo Mullen

Astrology of the Lions’ Gate

The Zodiac in August, 2015

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Star Thoughts And A Celestial Reverie For August, 2015

August finds four planets retrograde (Venus, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

This hints at a reflective mood and a longing for simpler, bygone times. A lovely meditation for the time comes to us from the August verse by Minstrel , an astrologer now nearly forgotten who wrote it for the 1823 issue of The Farmer’s Almanac. It is a reminder to savor the warm deep gold and turquoise days of late summer.

Zephyrs gentle and regaling

Wave the fields of yellow grain

And o’er summers heat prevailing,

Cool the parched and heated plain

Mercury enters Virgo August 7, followed by Jupiter which begins a year long transit through Virgo on August 11. Much concern about educational plans and the school system as well as improving health care will be in the thoughts of many. Healthy food, clean air and pure water to nourish and preserve the body will be topics of thought and discussion. The strong Virgo accent favors trouble shooting and problem solving in many ways.

Mars enters Leo on August 8 (8/8/2015 and in numerology 2015 0r 2+0+1+5 =8 is an 8 year). Many numerologists and spiritual thinkers have been calling this the Lions Gate and contacting me, asking what this means. The eight is a number of power and forward motion, it’s very assertive. Mars is the cosmic action planet, named for the classical God of War. Watch for signs of the direction life is taking and how efforts are directed. This powerful Mars transit lasts through the Autumnal Equinox.

The New Moon this month will be on Friday, August 14, 2015 in Leo, at 10:53 AM EDT. Be sure to write your wish list during the 8 hours after the New Moon occurs. Keep the list for silent reflection and watch your wishes manifest in divine  time. The week following this dynamic lunation favors making applications, starting new projects and planning for the future! The New Moon is conjunct retrograde Venus which favors reconciliation and retro fashions or shabby chic and folk art. At 21 degrees Leo this New Moon is in the third decanate of the sign, co-ruled by The Sun and Mars. This ushers in a bold and competitive mood. The fixed star Algenubi, a yellow star in The Lions mouth which is associated with powerful expression. Boldness and artistic creativity are favored.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 23 at 6:38 am EDT and moves toward a square with Mercury. A hectic, mercurial energy is stirred up, look for ways to release stress, a little patience can ward off many potential hassles. Prioritize, there is a tendency to scatter or multi task and this isnt the best cycle for that. Diplomacy is a must, as the tense Mercury aspect can tempt one to speak before thinking things through. Listen instead of voicing a criticism or frustration.

The Full Moon this month will be in Pisces on Saturday, August 29, 2015 at 2:35 pm EDT. This lunation conjoins Neptune, planet of the mystical and intuitive. Its a wonderful time for meditation, a séance or working with dream interpretation. Wear a sea shell or aquatic animal talisman such as a dolphin or sea turtle to honor the ocean. It would be an ideal time to spend the evening at the beach watching the Moon rise. Charubel’s Zodiacal Symbol for the astrological degree of this last Full Moon of summer reads “A niche in which are set a book and a lamp.” This points to patient and discreet study, perhaps a devoted vigil, a pursuit of philosophy, eventual illumination. There is a definite preference for the conventicle as August fades away under the Full Moon’s beams.

Astrological Plant Remedies

Zodiac of Natural Health

A Summer Solstice Herbal

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The quest for wellness of the mind and body alike has been linked to astrology through the herbal cures related to the Sun, Moon, planets and zodiac signs for thousands of years. Although natural and alternative health care is rapidly catching on in the United States, as it becomes more and more difficult (often impossible) to navigate the health care conundrum, in other parts of the world herbs have long been the remedy of first choice in maintaining good health. It is nearly the summer solstice, the longest of days, as I am preparing this little herbal, but of course the remedies are treasured the year around. Many believe that they are the most precious of treasures and offer a source of renewed vitality. The greatest riches of all are excellent health and freedom from pain.

On a recent visit to England I was able to enroll in some college classes in spirituality. An especially fascinating workshop focused on making herbal teas from wild plants which could be gathered by the wayside. Weeds in the eyes of many, but with magical healing potentials for enhancing daily life in the opinions of others, herbal tea blends are an easy and pleasant way to access natures precious potentials. Here are some suggestions to consider.

Plants evolve around us, attuning to survive in the worlds changing climate and other living conditions. These few inexpensive and easily obtained plants contain at least 60 active ingredients altogether and can be used to create a variety of remedies to address the three facets of healing – mental, physical and emotional. If not found growing wild they can be cultivated in home gardens or purchased at health food stores.

Use the leaves and, especially in the case of the florals, the flowers in preparing these herbal teas.The leafy plant parts and flowers if applicable should be added to boiling water and allowed to steep for 5 to 10 minutes before drinking. About a generous tablespoon of the blended herbs per cup of water usually works well. Use no more than 4 to 5 different herbs per blend to avoid conflicting mixes. Herbs are quite powerful. The Latin names of the plants are listed too, to aid in selecting the proper herbs. There can be some confusion when first starting to use herbal remedies as many do appear similar. There are four steps in assembling your own herbal cures.

1. Choose one base herb. This will be ½ of the blend, the matrix. This can be green or black table tea, or for a caffeine free blend, nettle, raspberry leaf or bee balm (melissa).

2. Choose one aromatic. This is medicinal and will set the taste as well as the aroma. It should be about ¼ of the blend.

3. Choose one action herb, this creates the major impact or effectiveness of the tea. This should also be about ¼ of the blend.

4. Finally select a floral (rose or marigold) and add just a sprinkle for color and subtlety.

Leave the herbs as whole and natural as possible until ready for use. Over processing or crushing them will lessen the effectiveness. Fresh herbs are good, but wash them well and spread them on trays to dry. A dash of white vinegar in the rinse water will fight any bacteria. If doing your own wild crafting observe the plants. Does one seem to be calling you? Listen to your hunches. This can be significant, as that plant’s properties might be exactly what is needed at the present time. Astrologers can also consider which body parts correlate with the planetary rulers listed to aid in selecting the best plants to address a given wellness issue.

Herbs to Blend For Teas

Yarrow – achillea millefolium (Venus) – Action – reduces fevers, lowers blood pressure, stabilizes hormonal cycle, liver tonic and anti-inflammatory

Rose – rosa canina gp (Venus) – Floral – Decorative but also Action – helps acute respiratory problems, herpes, demulcent, astringent

Lavender – lavendula augustifolia (Mercury) – Aromatic – sedative, quells anxiety, positive mental outlook, anti-microbial

Sage – salvia officinalis (Jupiter) – Aromatic– sore throat, digestive upsets, anti-oxidant, boosts longevity

Nettle – urtica dioica (Mars) – Base or Action – detox, cleanser, anemia, allergies, nourishes (nettle soup makes an excellent healthy meal)

Rosemary – rosemarinus officinalis (the Sun) – Action or Aromatic – relieves headaches, memory aid, rejuvenates, beautifies the speaking or singing voice (also makes an excellent hair rinse)

Raspberry – rubus idaeus (Venus) – Base – aids digestion, eases female complaints

Thyme – thymus vulgaris (Venus) – Aromatic – anti viral, sore throats, sinus, coughs – traditionally thyme is carried as a sachet to connect with the elementals, the fairies, elves, etc.

Marigold – calendula officinalis (The Sun) – Floral – detox, skin troubles, stomach upsets, anti-microbial (marigold is best gathered in the afternoon after a time in the bright sunlight)

Mugwort – artemis vulgaris (Venus and The Moon) – Action – stimulates the liver, purges worms, dissolves fat, but mugwort is most famous for enhancing dreams and aiding in psychic dream work

Meadowsweet – filipendula ulmaria (Jupiter) – Action– relieves overall pain, has an aspirin type of effect

Mint – mentha pip. (Venus and Mars) – Action– has been called the aspirin of the herb world, also mint makes a good table tea all by itself. Relieves pain, nausea, gas, and calms nerves to alleviate stress. Often mint is carried as a sachet for general spiritual protection to offset any negative energy that might be afoot too.

Melissa – also called Bee Balm Melissa officinalis (Jupiter) – Base or Action – this lemony flavored tea base is also a wonderful anti-depressant.

Awakening from a dream to a bright May morning there was a sense of how each sunrise is really like beginning a whole new life. The Pisces (water sign) Moon is moving in to a favorable aspect with the Sun in (earth sign) Taurus today. Water nourishes the Earth, a thought about astrological alchemy came to me as a poem honoring this bright dawn. It’s so important, the message is, to remember to release, to let go of anything that is less than the brightest and best …

Season of New Life

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Celestial sphere, you gift us with days when the air is crisp and sweet-scented

And more days when it is heavy- damp with dew and decay. Forgive.

Soil, land warmed by the Sun stimulates life, so the tiniest of leaves reach

Skyward and somehow the light manages to find each and every one

Small living beings stretch and they feel important for a short time at least,

Before the day ends and the subtle long shadows gather

and the darkness comes to all, bringing equality in obscurity.

Astrology For Travelers

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Astrology is a science of time and place. Consulting the stars can help to bring out the brightest and best regarding precious vacation days. Being in the right (or wrong) place at the right (or wrong) time can point to an enjoyable, heavenly journey (or the slippery slope to Hades). Retrograde Mercury followed by retrograde Venus as well as some very intense cardinal sign aspect patterns can make travel during the summer of 2015 a mixed blessing. With thoughts turning toward planning a summer vacation a glance at the event chart for the road to be traveled can do much to assure peace and happiness. Business travelers can also benefit from choosing the most auspicious time to travel.

Remember, each journey has its own birth event chart with a beginning and an end. Selecting an optimal time for a departure can enhance safety as well as pleasure. The journey’s chart is prepared for the time one leaves home, not when the boat is scheduled to sail or the plane to fly.

The ascendant (1st house) in the event chart reveals how the journey begins, the nadir (4th house) shows how it ends. Look at the descendant (7th house) for insight into experiences and interactions, the mid-heaven (10th house) will show success and accomplishments. Focus on these four angular houses in selecting the time to travel. Augment the angles by placing benefics (the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter) there if safety is a concern. Don’t have the ascendant ruler retrograde, avoid departure within 12 hours of a New or Full Moon, especially if there is an eclipse. A favorable Sun-Moon aspect (trine or sextile) is good, especially if the Moon is waxing.

Mercury has a special influence over travel in general and often is prominent during the event charts of air tragedies. The Moon, the celestial body which is so close to earth, always influences the flow of events on a day to day basis. Try to have the Moon and/or Mercury well aspected to Venus or Jupiter for success and happiness. Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) on the angles or Moon placement will make the time pass quickly and will have you arriving and returning on time or even early. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) respond well to a firmly planned itinerary and can be great for a business trip. Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) can impact health, vitality and lead to a meandering quality, many surprises can be in store en route. For astrologers who are familiar with using the planetary hours, there is a really quick and easy fix. Always leave in a Sun Hour and the journey will bode well. A Sun Hour brings pleasantness and success even in the face of challenging star patterns.

Mars shows the potentials for encountering fires, terrorists, arguments and sports. Saturn can show a legal issue or loss (hold onto your passport). Uranus affects airplanes, odd acquaintances and electronics. Neptune can show situations at sea, floods, deception and losing ones way. Pluto relates to mass karma, hijackers, etc. as well as extreme weather, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

In the natal chart the 3rd (local and domestic travel) and 9th (distant and foreign destinations) houses describe travel. Some horoscopes will simply be more favorable for travel than others. For example for some a cruise might be the perfect choice, for others a tour of art galleries and museums or theme parks might be more suitable. Consider the natal chart as well as the transits to planets in the natal 9th and 3rd houses for deeper insight.

Here is a quick and easy glance at the 9th house for each of the twelve zodiac signs. Even for those astrology fans who only know their familiar birth or  Sun Sign or the ascendant this can be a helpful guide. It is based on the planet and sign ruling the 9th house.

Aries Educational or spiritual pilgrimages are good choices, connect with foreign born people and learn some foreign language phrases.

Taurus – Historical sites or visits to see long time friends or older relatives are good. Seek a bargain. Exploring a cave or digging crystals can also be fun.

Gemini – Take electronics, including a GPS along, seek places that are new and unusual. Go off the beaten path. Ask the locals about interesting places to visit.

Cancer – Visit a haunted area or the sea coast, look for peace and privacy. A missionary trip with humanitarian intentions can work out well.

Leo – Athletics and sports such as a major league game or hiking trip can be good. Also try primitive camping or stay in a cabin in a place of natural beauty.

Virgo – A concert, cultural center, formal gardens and fine food are for you. Use fine luggage and pack a very nice wardrobe.

Libra – Ask neighbors or relatives for suggestions. A series of short trips can be better than a really long excursion.

Scorpio – Memories are important to you, take a camera and journal. Revisit a childhood home, also visiting a lake or river can be enjoyable.

Sagittarius – The fine arts and tradition can highlight a nice journey, visit a dinner show or theater . How about attending The Kentucky Derby?

Capricorn – Study background material, keep a journal, send greetings to loved ones, be well organized. A health spa, vineyard tour or pub crawl or restaurant tour would be fun.

Aquarius – A tour group with the opportunity to make new friends can be a great choice. Splurge on luxurious accommodations and meals, go first class and visit an exotic foreign city.

Pisces – Mass transit can be a better choice than trying to go it alone, journeys can mark the start of a new outlook and transformation in your life pattern. Ecology (eco travel) can be enjoyable. Visit a pristine swamp or jungle.


The Big Mama Asteroid

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Note: Jacksonville, Florida Astrologer Mr. Coleman Smith, editor of the North Florida Astrological Association’s newsletter “Skyward”, has asked me to contribute a feature about Ceres since I will be a guest speaker at the NFAA meeting in April, 2015. For those of you who might not receive “Skyward”, the article is reprinted here.

At first glance a diagram of the solar system reveals a beautiful symmetry. Beginning with Mercury the planets circle the Sun at proportional distances except for a gap between Mars and Jupiter. Something seems off beat or missing there, a misstep in the celestial dance. This gap is where the asteroid belt is located. The theory is that once, long ago, another planet orbited there but something, perhaps a passing meteor crashing into it, made it explode. Between 1801 and 1806 the four largest pieces of what might have once been the real 5th rock from the Sun were discovered. When there is a significant discovery in the celestial dome it tends to correlate with a new phase of development, some kind of discovery or new awareness, which affects life on Earth. The four largest asteroids (there are thousands of minor ones) were named Ceres (mother), Pallas (daughter) Juno (wife) and Vesta (sister) for the female archetypes interacting with the planet Jupiter or Zeus. Their discovery correlates with the first stirrings of the womens liberation movement. By the time astrologer Eleanor Bach calculated an accurate ephemeris for the asteroids it was 1973 and the role of women in society was in a full fledged transition. Since then astrologers who seek greater insights into the various aspects of femininity have been able to include the asteroids in natal carts as well as analyzing transits.

Ceres is the largest asteroid, measuring about 600 miles across. The massive size (compared to the other asteroid fragments) suggests that Ceres might be the most influential of them all. Ceres is named for an ancient Italian goddess of growing grain and rewarding harvests. In her honor the Romans would celebrate the spring time with a festival called Cerealia. The cult of Ceres was among the oldest of the plebeian cults.

The glyph astrologers use for Asteroid Ceres suggests a sickle used to harvest grain, the staff of life. Ceres, named for the goddess of fertility and crops, has been associated with a rulership over both Virgo and Taurus. Virgo, the harvest maiden, holds a sheaf of grain while the Moon is exalted in Taurus, suggesting the most nurturing of mothers. The keywords for Ceres are womanhood, family planning, ecology, personal service, health, nourishment and fertility. Ceres guidance addresses issues of parenthood, the generation gap, dependency, attachment and productivity, sharing and grief. In mythology Ceres (also Demeter) is the mother whose daughter, Persephone (also Pallas), was kidnapped by Pluto. Her grief at losing her beloved daughter for half of the year is reflected in the seasons. Because Persephone is forced to spend half of the year (winter) in Hades, the underworld, and is allowed to return to the surface of the Earth to rejoin her mother, Ceres, for the other six months (summer), Ceres created the cycle of seasons. The winter symbolizes her time of loss and grief. In the Tarot deck The Empress, Key 4, might be linked to Ceres.

Check your own horoscope with the current transit of Ceres to analyze how these keynotes might be important in the drama of your own life. The asteroid Ceres is transiting Capricorn until April 4, 2015 (also the day of the lunar eclipse). Then it will transit Aquarius until, August 4, 2015 when it will retrograde back into Capricorn. Ceres will reenter Aquarius from October 28, 2015 until January 28, 2016 when it will begin a transit in Pisces.


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