A Summer of Our Discontent June 21 – September 22, 2018
Solstice Ingress Horoscope for 2018
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
At 6:07 am EDT the Sun entered Cancer. This is called Midsummers Day, the longest day and shortest night of the year. An ingress chart, a horoscope cast for this moment in time, will reveal what the season ahead promises, both for individual destinies and the world as a whole. This year’s summer ingress has the Moon is in Libra making justice and equality emotional issues of major significance. Good manners, fashion trends and artistic projects will be especially significant. Upon this writing US First Lady Melania Trump’s coat is creating confusion and, in some, outrage. The coat, kind of a casual rain coat, had a message scrawled across the back in large white letters reading “I DON’T REALLY CARE DO YOU?” Melania wore it while visiting the internment camps housing young children separated from their families. What did this mean? Some say it was her jab at media coverage.
A grand trine in the Water Signs with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces accents the health of the oceans and water supply, rainfall and travel by or near water. This trine (hints of pyramid power) also favors magical workings and encounters with the spiritual dimensions. Mermaids and other elementals hover nearby. Venus in Leo oppose Mars in Aquarius generates turmoil over human rights issues and great concern for childrens’ well being and school safety. Uranus, Saturn and Pluto are all in Earth Signs, emphasizing ecology as well as natural forces affecting the Earth. Quakes and volcanic eruptions as well as storms can be of concern.  A Pluto opposition to the Cancer placements can show surprises and controversy regarding economic trends and security as well as values. There will be three eclipses this summer. July 12 in brings a solar eclipse in Cancer, July 27 there is a lunar eclipse in Aquarius and finally August 11 brings a second solar eclipse, this time in Leo. Eclipses might be compared to firecrackers, bringing the unexpected and a need to adapt to unpredictable turns of events. Prepare for extreme weather and have alternative plans if the universe tosses a curve ball or two your way.

Astrology and Pagan Pride – September 29, 2018
What Do The Stars Foretell About This Popular Annual Event?
By Dikki-Jo Mullen – Astrologer for “The Witches’ Almanac”

Astrology, the “speech of the stars”, has from the very beginning been an integral part of pagan life and following The Old Ways. Honoring the seasons of the year, the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and the planets are invoked to honor the deities. Horoscopes for events are among the myriad of different applications of astrology. Here is an event chart which offers a glimpse of what can be expected at the annual Pagan Pride gathering. The horoscope is a really favorable one. At 10 am on Saturday, September 29, 2018 in Orlando, when the doors open to signal the start of the event, is when it all begins.
The Sun shows where and how an event shines, where will have a lasting and primary impact. The Sun is in Libra in the 11th house. This is very social with an accent on the arts and sharing. Humanitarian values and community life will likely be a focus. Mercury, the planet of study and communication, is also in Libra in the 11th house. Mercury conjoins the Sun. This generates lively conversation, group interaction and an interest in creative work. Libra is the sign of balance, manners and justice. The prominence of Libra, the Sign of the Scales, is about balance and objectivity. A fair and tolerant mood and a sense of community is anticipated.
The Moon is the special celestial ruler of witchcraft as well as emotions and the flow of daily life. The Moon will be just entering Gemini in the disseminating phase. Exchanging knowledge with the others promises to be a major motivation. Participants who have gained much knowledge and wisdom through their experiences will want to benefit others by sharing insights. Words, variety and versatility are keynotes of the Gemini Moon. Book tables will be prevalent, authors might even have book signings. The Moon will trine the Libra placements as well as Mars which is in Aquarius. This Libra, Gemini and Aquarius aspect pattern forms a very fortunate grand trine in air signs. Vendors and presenters are likely to have new technology and gadgets to demonstrate. Ghost tracking equipment, astrology computer programs, etc. can be in evidence.
The ascendant or rising sign is Scorpio. This describes the outer appearance of the venue, greeters and decorations. Venus is exactly on the ascendant in Scorpio and is moving toward a conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio. This suggests a comfortable and appealing environment with hints of ancestor worship and the All Hallows season to come. Beautiful costumes and ritual wear can be chosen by many. The Scorpio placements favorably aspect Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This supports an interest in various styles of psychic readings. The 4th and 5th houses are involved showing that connections with family or extended family members as well as romantic attractions will be strengthened for some.
Uranus in the 6th house suggests a focus on healing, especially during group rituals. Saturn is in Capricorn in the 2nd house, showing that attendees will appreciate bargains. Many will be budgeting funds carefully. Since Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are all in earth signs, crystals and herbs, as well as wood and clay items can appeal to shoppers. Pluto is in the 3rd house indicating that some will acquire new insights, even having a profound learning experience or intellectual awakening.
The North Moon Node is in Leo in the 9th house. This shows effort being invested in rituals as well in presenting classes or lectures. The 8th house Part of Fortune is in Cancer, a water sign. This is profoundly transformative, sensitive and sentimental. Sharing memories and personal intuitive experiences can deepen connections between those who will interact throughout the day. Four planets (Pluto, Neptune, Chiron and Uranus) are retrograde. This shows that Pagan Pride 2018 will build upon the patterns and traditions established in years past. Long time friendships can be renewed and new acquaintances enjoyed during this memorable day. There will be much to discover.

Data Table for the Pagan Pride Event
September 29, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT in Orlando, Florida
(Tropical Placidus Houses)
Sun – 6 Libra 22’ 11th house
Moon – 00 Gemini 19’ 7th house (a waning Moon in the disseminating phase)
Mercury – 13 Libra 02’ 11th house
Venus 10 – Scorpio 07’ 12th house (rising)
Mars 5 – Aquarius 24’ 3rd house
Jupiter – 21 Scorpio 49’ 1st house
Saturn – 2 Capricorn 59’ 2nd house
Uranus – 1 Taurus 31’ 6th house (retrograde)
Neptune – 14 Pisces 30’ 4th house (retrograde)
Pluto – 18 Capricorn 45’ 3rd house (retrograde)
North Moon Node – 3 Leo 39’ 9th house
Chiron – 29 Pisces 50’ 5th house (retrograde)
Part of Fortune – 4 Cancer 50’ 8th house
Ascendant – (Rising Sign) is 10 Scorpio 54’

Note: For those who would like more details about attending Pagan Pride please see the Upcoming Events page on this website.


The Lunation Cycle
The Eight Phases of the Moon
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Following the Moon’s 28 day long cycle, from the New Moon, to the Full phase and back to New to begin the eternal journey anew is a simple and effective way to use astrology to live in harmony with the world around us. The Moon, the cosmic body closest to the Earth, affects all of us profoundly all of the time. Weather, plant growth, human and animal behavior, the tides and more factors in our world reflect the magnetic currents emitted by the Moon above us. Most calendars will have the days of the New and Full Moons marked. Begin with the New Moon and observe how each phase plays out from day to day. (The Moon’s motion is inconsistent. The lunar cycle can vary from 27 to 29 days in length, but averages 28 days)
New Moon – 0 to 3 and 1/2 days after the New Moon. Focus, lay foundations, analyze yourself and goals.
Crescent Moon – 3 and ½ to 7 days after the New Moon. Energy and enthusiasm are high, there is a zest for life.
First Quarter Moon – 7 to 10 and ½ days after the New Moon. There is a stressful quality, testing of boundaries and potentials, reaching out and connecting.
Gibbous Moon – 10 and ½ to 14 days after the New Moon. Why? Is the question asked, curiosity is heightened. There is receptivity to suggestions, acceptance of new concepts.
Full Moon – 14 to 17 and ½ days after the New Moon. The Full phase brings a culmination. Life is lived to the fullest, extremes are in evidence. The party can get out of hand. Psychic energies are at a peak.
Watch out for werewolves and lunacy. Police and hospital activity will intensify.
Disseminating Moon – 17 and ½ to 21 days after the New Moon. Sometimes called the waning gibbous phase, the Disseminating Moon is about sharing, teaching and demonstrating skills. It has a wise helper mood.
Last Quarter Moon – 21 to 24 and ½ days after the New Moon. Established values are upheld, there can be some conflict about letting go, releasing what isn’t working. Tension is high and the mood can be combative or stubborn.
Balsamic Moon – 24 and ½ to 28 days after the New Moon. The dark of the Moon looks toward the future. Quiet and introspective feelings are present. There is a reserved quality and an active inner life.
More Moon Musings
The Moon phase at birth marks a time of healing and accomplishment. Each month be aware when the Moon’s phase reaches the point where it was at birth. A turn for the better is due. The Moon governs human fertility. Conception will occur when the Moon is in the same phase it occupied at a woman’s birth. The Moon is invaluable when it comes to healthy and easy family planning.
The waxing of the Moon is the two week period between the New and Full Moon, when the Moon gradually grows larger until it’s Full. The waning of the Moon is the two week period following the Full Moon when the Moon gradually grows smaller until it completely disappears at the dark of balsamic phase before reappearing as new again.
For a deeper understanding of The Moon and You consider whether the Moon was waxing or waning at your birth, then look to see if it is in the East or West portion of your horoscope.
1. A majority of natal chart placements in the East at birth when the Moon is waxing will offer liberty. There is much will power and circumstances usually come together to support what the individual wants to have manifest.
2. A majority of planets in the West with a waxing Moon at birth reveals an opportunist. Energetic responses to what life offers brings enhanced skill and mastery of limitations.
3. When the majority of planets are in the East and the Moon is waning at birth, there is a desire to contribute to society. Social initiative is present but flexibility and adaptability must be used to make the most of good intentions.
4. When the Moon is waning and the majority of planets are in the West, the needs of others come first. There is much support offered and contributions are made with the common good in mind. This person “goes with the flow”.
Like all circles, the Moon’s orbit around the Earth has 360 degrees. Here are the degrees which mark the start of each of the eight phases.
0 degrees – New
45 degrees – Crescent
90 degrees – First Quarter
135 degrees – Gibbous
180 degrees – Full
225 degrees – Disseminating
270 degrees – Last Quarter
315 degrees – Balsamic
Each month the sign of the Full Moon is opposite the Sun’s sign.
The Sun sign is the familiar zodiac sign. Here are the Sun-Moon oppositions to determine the sign of the Full Moon each month.
Aries – Libra
Taurus -Scorpio
Gemini- Sagittarius
Cancer – Capricorn
Leo – Aquarius
Virgo – Pisces
(When the month of Libra comes along, reverse the pattern. The Full Moon will be in Aries when the Sun is in Libra, etc.)
The Sun and the Moon are called the luminaries. They are the brightest lights in the sky above us.

Attract Good Luck and Protection From The Full Moon
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Connecting with and honoring the Moon has long been an important part of witchcraft. Often making this connection is called drawing down the Moon. On the nights just before and exactly on the Full Moon when moonlight is shining bright in the sky, gaze at her. Focus on what you wish and when you sense the energy chant:
“I call to the Moon when she is round, all that is good will now abound. Always from danger and problems free, as my will so mote it be!”
Think about the Moon’s influence affecting your life in a good way as you go to sleep. Wellness and peace will be present as you awaken the next morning.
Check the Moon Calendar below on this web site or use any regular calendar to find the date of the Full Moon each month.
If you repeat this on or just before each Full Moon then the powerful magic of the Moon’s aid will grow stronger, gradually bringing more and more of all that is good into your life.

Book Stack Charm For Success With Studies
Bless Your Desk
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Here is how to make a good luck charm to place on your desk or study area at home to help with studies of any kind, either for personal enrichment or for help with school work and grades.
You will need
Two or three old and inexpensive or free hard back books (check a used book store or find some old books that aren’t useful and read any longer at home). Select books of different sizes.
A length of ribbon in a color you like. Make it long enough to go around the stack of books and tie into a bow
Glue (Elmer’s Glue -All Multi Purpose or a similar craft glue is good)
Beads, sequins, stickers, buttons, etc. for decoration
Paint and a small paint brush (gold is a good color)
This spell is most powerful when done on a Wednesday or Saturday.
First protect your work space by covering it with old newspapers or a piece of plastic and assemble your supplies.
To begin glue the books shut, then stack them and glue them all together. It looks good to stagger the stack a little. Place the largest book at the bottom and the smallest at the top.
Next brush the top book with paint to cover the title and create a nice surface to decorate.
If desired lightly paint the spines of the books to cover any words, or if the printing is old and interesting leave the spines as is. Let the paint and glue dry.
Next decorate the top book with beads, stickers, buttons, tiny crystals, etc. that appeal to you. Finish the project and seal the spell by tying a ribbon around the books. Concentrate on your goals with regard to your studies as you tie the bow. Place the stack on your desk or study area at home as a paperweight and decoration. The ancient wisdom of books and libraries and the learning experiences of students in past generations is invoked here. The vast knowledge of the universe comes across time and space to bring you aid and support.

Pictured below is a book stack charm using two very old Victorian novels. It is decorated with burnished gold for enlightenment. The ribbon is violet for originality and intuition. The bead accents suggest history, a subject the witch who made this especially wanted to study.

Book Stack Charm

Barbara Bush
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Sadly beloved former First Lady Barbara Bush has just passed away of congestive heart failure on April 17, 2018 as Saturn is turning retrograde. She was 92, almost 93 years of age. Born Barbara Pierce on June 8, 1925 at 7pm EDT in Rye, New York, she was a descendant of President Franklin Pierce as well as being one of only two women in history to be both the wife and mother of a United States President. Astrologers, her horoscope is intriguing. Taking a glance at her natal horoscope, she had a Sagittarius ascendant, The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Gemini, the Moon and Jupiter (retrograde) in Capricorn, Uranus in Pisces, Neptune and the N. Moon Node in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio (retrograde), Mars and Pluto in Cancer. Her work with education, her humor, her trademark cleverness with words, are reflected in the Gemini placements. The Mars-Pluto conjunction in Cancer reveals a tremendous strength of will regarding family life and patriotism. The Moon-Jupiter conjunction suggests high standards, ethics and quality. The 7th house of her birth chart, the relationship sector, is very active. She was just 20 years old in 1945 when she married George Bush. They were married for over 70 years. At her passing on April 17, 2018 transit Mars in Capricorn was almost exactly conjunct her Moon. Transit Mars also was oppose her natal Mars and Pluto in Cancer in her natal 8th house, the sector which has a bearing on death. Mars often figures prominently in the event charts of deaths. Hail and Farewell to this great American lady

Dikki-Jo Mullen
Astrologer and Parapsychologist https://dikkijomullen.wordpress.com