Birth Date Number Secrets
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
“My birthday was on the 4th of the month. That’s a rare birthday , you know, “ I heard someone remark.
“My father was born on February 29, the absolute most infrequent birthday. You can’t top that, “ was the reply.
“October 6 is supposed to be the most common birthday, “ someone chimed in. “ Probably that’s because people are out partying on New Year’s Eve.”
Everyone laughed and the conversation changed, but it brought to mind the significance of birthdays and numbers. Going way back astrology and numerology have combined in different ways to offer insights into the meaning and order of our lives.
Cheiro, a 19th Century mystic, compiled a list of traits for each birthday. His real name was William John Warner (he also was known as Count Louis Hamon when he posed as an aristocrat) he was actually a renegade Irishman. To some his name suggests Cairo, Egypt. Egypt has long been the source for ancient mystical teachings Cheiro (B. November 1, 1866 in Dublin, Ireland – D. October 8, 1936 in Hollywood, California), was an Irish astrologer and colorful occult figure of the early 20th century. His sobriquet, also Cheiro, derives from the word cheiromancy, meaning palmistry. He was a self-described clairvoyant who learned palmistry, astrology, and Chaldean numerology in India during his stay there. He was celebrated for using these forms of divination to make personal predictions for famous clients and to foresee world events. These are consistent from month to month. Remember! Within limits, we have free will to make the best (or not ) of the potentials within the birth date.

Date Keynotes, positive and negative
1st     Creative, innovative and determined, overbearing, jealous
2nd    Affected by surroundings, social, caring, easily upset, lacks confidence
3rd     Witty, congenial, easily bored, overly fanciful, a prevaricator
4th     Faithful, organized, hard worker, tactless, aloof
5th     Enthused, clever, multi-faceted, careless, head strong
6th     Supportive, loving, shy, never at peace, discontented
7th     Psychic, analytical, spiritual, unfriendly, self absorbed, vain
8th     Sound judgment, great financial insight, bossy, lacks follow through
9th     Intelligent, benevolent, traveler, careless w/ belongings, easily led astray
10th   Self confident, artistic, individualist, loner, can procrastinate
11th   Intuitive, humanitarian, scholarly, high strung, easily upset, over reacts
12th    Helpful, easy going, attractive, reclusive, eccentric
13th    Ambitious, dedicated worker, constructive, emotions are repressed, odd
14th   Versatile, industrious, not cautious, erratic, careless, distracted
15th   Cooperative, receptive, sociable, disruptive, self serving
16th   Spiritual orientation, philosopher, studious, fussy, irritable
17th   Attracts quality and money, homebody, traditional, insincere
18th   Organizer, capable, active, physically strong, critical, argumentative
19th   Resilient, survivor, resourceful, discourages others, overly high expectations
20th   Musical, creative, cultured, gregarious, insecure, lacks perspective
21st    Diplomatic, gracious, charmer, greedy, envious, blasé
22nd   Caring, growth oriented, protective, scattered, grasping
23rd   Proud, responsible, versatile, withdrawn, too conservative
24th   Active, energetic, follows through, reliable, fretful, avoids routine
25th   Likes outdoors and countryside, deep thinker, moody, nervous
26th   Heritage and home focused, real estate luck, martyr, not persistent
27th   Affectionate, has workable ideas, attracts controversy, quarrelsome
28th   Will power, strong spirit, zest for life, unmotivated dreamer
29th   Successful, leader, creative, unpredictable, difficult and complex
30th   Dramatic, gifted, even tempered, loyal, obstinate, unpredictable
31st   Builder, tireless, constructive, insecure, limited ambitions, a quitter

Celestial Springtime 2019 A Cosmic Symphony

By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer
The Wheel of the Year, the ancient and eternal time keeper, turns once again. Winter ends and spring begins on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 5:59 pm EDT as the Sun enters the zero degree of Aries, the beginning of the zodiac. The Aries influence generates a spirit of expectation, adventure, of freshness and an attraction to all that is new and progressive. A precise horoscope cast for this vernal equinox moment is called an ingress chart. It unravels the secrets to be revealed during the spring season to come, from March 20 – June 21, 2019, when summer begins. The Sun’s position shows where light shines, it’s the source of all life on Earth. Day and Night are of equal length. Balance is the keynote, especially since a rare double Full Moon in Libra, the sign of the Scales, is a significant highlight. There will be a Full Moon at 0 degrees Libra 09’ 43 on March 20, the first day of spring. A rare second Full Moon in the same sign will occur on Good Friday, April 19, 2019 at 29 degrees Libra 07’. It’s a time when situations are culminating. This strong lunar Libra emphasis makes justice an emotional issue as the season commences. There can be vacillation to overcome for many and a need to find a balance, as suggested by the symbol for the Moon in Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planetary indicator of love and beauty. Venus is in Aquarius which accents humanitarian values and innovative forms of creative expression. Art and music can show new trends developing. The arts can bring solace and balance during late March through April. Try a craft project. Pursue artistic or musical interests, fashion and decorating. Partnerships of all kinds will be especially significant. Keep good company. The Moon is the celestial body closest to Earth. It guides the flow of daily life and emotional interactions with others.
Retrograde Mercury is mutually applying to a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Dreams, psychic phenomena, illusions, water quality and aquatic creatures, rain and snow storms will all be topics of discussion. Jupiter in Sagittarius is exactly quincunx Mars suggesting a need to balance righteous anger with the wisdom of avoiding pointless confrontations. The Sun is conjunct Chiron in early Aries. This promises new directions regarding healing and learning experiences. A Saturn-Pluto conjunction coupled with Uranus and Mars in Taurus accents earthy ecological and economic concerns. Many will want to change jobs or residences, yet might not be sure of where to go next. When in doubt wait and watch until Mercury goes direct on March 28 before initiating changes. The Moon’s South Node ( a weak point) is conjunct Pluto, the indicator of endings and beginnings. Worldwide leadership roles are in flux, political and security concerns continue. Pluto does rule crowds and the masses, combined with Saturn in Capricorn , the reality of being safety conscious in crowds and around those with intolerant outlooks accelerates. The potent cardinal sign energy at this equinox indicates an awareness of what must be done in the present. Many will feel a call for immediate action.
For deeper insight into what the new spring season promises for you just compare the planetary placements at the vernal equinox to your own personal horoscope.
Data Table of planetary positions for the Vernal Equinox on March 20, 2019 at 5:59 pm EDT
Sun 0 Aries
Moon 27 Virgo ( The Moon enters into Libra and is Full later in the day, on March 20, at 9:42 pm EDT)
Mercury 18 Pisces, retrograde
Venus 22 Aquarius
Mars 23 Taurus
Jupiter 23 Sagittarius
Saturn 19 Capricorn
Uranus 0 Taurus
Neptune 16 Pisces
Pluto 22 Capricorn
Chiron 1 Aries
North Moon Node 24 Cancer (South Node is 24 Capricorn)

Angels of the Zodiac
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Astrologically angels are ruled by Neptune, the planet linked to all that is dream like, elusive and otherworldly. A good description of angels might be that they are too beautiful to be real and yet too beautiful not to be real. Are angels real? Are there really winged beings with purposes and powers beyond what we can conceive of? Or are they some sort of energy field, natural or supernatural? The topic has been debated for centuries and ends in a moot point. However,too many angelic sightings and encounters have occurred over the centuries for them not to have some validity. Many have felt their presences and assistance, perhaps when least expected. Neptune remains about 14 years in each sign of the zodiac. Currently, in the second decade of the 21st Century, Neptune is transiting its own sign of Pisces, where it will remain until January 26, 2026. During these times of personal and planetary challenges remembering and calling out to the angels might be especially helpful, supported by the current transit pattern. During the past weeks angels have entered my dreams, along with poetry. Neptune, along with the planet Venus, also rules poetry. Neptune is often called a higher octave of Venus and Venus is exalted when in Pisces. Venus relates to love of course, but also to comfort and happiness. Here are some of my dream recollections and impressions to share, thinking of the positive cosmic influences of Neptune and Venus. Music, which is said to be the speech of the angels, is ruled by Venus. Try singing or playing music as a way to invoke and understand the angels.

Call upon the angel associated with your birth month, or the one which links to the current month, or both.
The Angel of January – Cambiel) This angel helps in learning from experiences. News and important announcements, communication of all forms are under her care. Time management and plans for th future too.
The Angel of February – Barchiel This angel gives the gift of patience and taking time to rest and heal. Just as the Earth is at rest, in repose, Barchiel brings kind of a spiritual time out.
The Angel of March – Machidiel Encouraging renewed zest for life and adventure, strength of will, a positive out look at the future are his gifts.
The Angel of April – Asmodel Here comes an Easter or spring time energy. Rebirth, a second chance, release from old hang ups and the trap of bad memories is his git.
The Angel of May – Ambriel She is a fruitful angel, fulfillment, gardens and fresh produce are here. There is a sensual quality, think of May Day traditions.
The Angel of June – Muriel Her symbol is a magic carpet. The ability to travel to a better place, mentally and physically.
The Angel of July – Verchiel This joyful and relaxed angel relates to vacation times, good childhood experiences, creativity, productive hobbies.
The Angel of August – Hamaliel “If at first you don’t succeed …” . Persistence, overcoming set backs, eventually reaching a goal is the gift of August’s angel.
The Angel of SeptemberZuriel) A new season comes, the weather is changing. The light and calm following a storm, the healing gift of rain, recovery and survival is the message.
The Angel of October – Barbiel Honest insight into the self, taking credit for a job well done, appreciating what has been gainfully earned is the message.
The Angel of November – Adnachiel “No (hu) man is an island:, relationships, companions, support from both human and animal companions is acknowledged. This angel brings upbeat associates and allows negative relationships to diminish.
The Angel of December – Anael a reminder of gratitude comes with Haniel, who also brings grace and poise in coping with all situations. She confers the ability to make a memorable first impression.

Words From Angels
 Dream Poetry 

Celestial angels look to Earth
Offer needed comfort
and a chance for rebirth.
Flowers, herbs fragrant, sweet delight
a present from above
Take away mean misery
Replaced by your love.
Flying, wandering every day
Different faces, all unique,
Different angels to meet along the way?
Radiant angel by my side,
Offering a giving care,
Can I see you,
but yet will sense you are there.
Real Angelic ones flight,
Guardians shimmering and glowing,
through the challenges each day and night
Draw and promise joy feelings flowing.
Like a balmy summer wind when we are down,
Heavenly,you are there, drive away a frown
Angels, winged in so many ways
Bring the means to manage through all the days.
Angels bring loveliness
Brighten the deepest night,
Replace sadness with blessings,
With halos of celestial light.


A Noteworthy Celestial Snapshot of the 2020 Winter Solstice Astrology
In December 2020 there will be the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This important conjunction  has not occurred in the sign of Aquarius for over 600 years. It is a cycle of growth, promising massive changes. December 21, 2020, the Winter Solstice marks the exact date. Check your own horoscope and locate  the early degrees of Aquarius to see how this will affect you on a personal level.

The Supermoon Lunar Eclipse of January 20 -21, 2019
By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer
This rare celestial event spans 9:37 pm EST on January 20 through January 21, 1:51 am EST. The totality will be at 12:16 am EST. The best time, hoping the sky is clear, for Moon gazing will be from about 11:42 pm until just after midnight on January 20-21, Sunday night to the wee hours on Monday. The Moon will be huge and bright, as a Supermoon is so much closer to the Earth than usual. Colored by the sun’ s rays, a red color will wash over the Moon. This might be a dark red or a brighter hue, to be revealed that night. Some say blood is spilled in the month following a Blood Moon. The Storm Moon is one of the names given to this January Full Moon. The eclipse will be at 0 degrees of Leo 52’. Creativity, expressing the personality and exploring one’s heart’s desires are the keynotes. Look at where this zodiacal degree falls in your own horoscope for more specific insights. Eclipses generate surprises and the unpredictable. Be flexible and ready to change to make the best of an eclipse cycle. It is like a firecracker and upsets the status quo. This Full Moon eclipse of January, 2019 will conjoin the Moon’s North Node which is thought to be favorable in its eventual outcome. Dikki-Jo offers daily astrology updates on Facebook, Youtube videos about astrology and a variety of metaphysical topics, and personal consultations