Class Notes Week Three
Rescue Mediumship and entity Attachment
Twelve Points Revealing Natural Psychic Mediumistic Aptitude

By Dikki-Jo Mullen Psychic Medium

1. Uncomfortable in the dark, a preference for a night light

2. Seeing shadows moving, dark on dark, shadow people present

3. Having had an imaginary friend with a life force and personality

4. Having an urge to connect with spirit entities and share information with others

5. enjoyment of books and films about psychic subjects such as Long Island Medium, Rescue Mediums, John Edwards, etc.

6. Asking aloud for guidance or help and … the answer comes

7. Urge to help others

8. The Clair’s are developed. Clairvoyance, supersensitive hearing, sight, empathy, foresight sense impressions, etc.

9. A tendency to block out disturbing visions and bad situations

10. Knowing you have talent and ability, waiting for the time to use and develop it

11. Attraction to Tarot, Astrology, Runes, palmistry, crystals, Ouija Boards, and related techniques and metaphysical tools

12. Feeling the spirit world has a message, and a desire to discover it to do good

Angelic Number Sequences
111 – a new door opens, thoughts manifest, reject any negative thought forms.
222 – All will be well in the end, keep your faith in the powers of good to overcome evil.
333- Higher beings such as saints, angels, ascended ones offer guidance and protection
444 – Grounding and support are solid, fear not, help is on the way. Peaceful connections.
555- Growth and creativity abound, a sense of rebirth, released potentials. Transformation.
666 – There is a need for balance, don’t let material and selfish motives rules you. Be idealistic.
777 – Rewards have come following your good work. Uplift others and you will rise. Heavenly.
888 – Generosity and abundance surround you. Timing is good, financial success.
999- Do all the good you can, your role is to enlighten, select a divine purpose and path.
Be aware of the number sequences and synchronicities you see. They are reassurance and encouragement sent by Angels and other divine beings.
by Dikki-Jo Mullen

The Full Moon in Aquarius
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
The only Full Moon in Aquarius this year will take place just before noon on Monday, August 3, 2020, at 11:58 am EDT. The Full Moon is always influential. This one falls at 11 degrees Aquarius 45’. Events linked to this Full Moon will set the pace during the month ahead, lasting until the next Full Moon which will be in Pisces on September 2, 2020. Meditation by the light of the Moon can offer some meaningful insights and inspirations. Drum circles often gather at Full Moons.
As I am writing this Hurricane Isaias is churning its way toward Florida. The East coast is on a storm watch. Fortunately Orlando is far enough inland to not be too directly impacted, but involvement in doing some preparations and plans for the storm can be a focus as the week begins. The Sabian Symbol for the degree of the lunation offers insights into the subtleties of this cycle. The Sabian Symbol symbol is “ People on stairs graduated upwards”. It illustrates a time of progression, of moving onward and upward. Prior experiences become a foundation upon which to build and elevate. Sharing ideas which will enhance life for others, defining aspirations, as well as a subtle competitive quality will characterize this point in time.
The fixed star Armus is almost exactly conjunct this Full Moon. Armus has a Mars-Mercury nature. It generates controversy, some debates and impatience. It brings a reminder to avoid potentially negative scenarios. Seeking a constructive outlet to occupy time and energy in a constructive way is important in order to put the most positive twist on this.

As is always true at a Full Moon, there is an exact Sun-Moon opposition.
Find a balance between your ego and emotions, assertion and your empathy, and masculine and feminine polarities. Directed into projects, this high energy can be helpful to achieve your goals.

The Moon will square Uranus in Taurus. Many people can be erratic and unpredictable. There is a certain stubbornness and resistance to pressure from some. Cope by viewing situations with empathy and insight. Then there is an excitement present which will help new experiences to flourish.

In Colonial America, Europe and among the indigenous peoples the various Full Moon were named, as a way to mark the seasons of the year. The Wort Moon is one name given to the August Full Moon. Wort is an old word for plant. The early harvest of plants is looked forward to at this time.
The Full Moon in August is also called Sturgeon Moon because of the large number of fish in the lakes where the Algonquin tribes fished. Other names for this Full Moon include Green Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Fruit Moon, and Grain Moon, all from Old English/Anglo-Saxon.
Sun Sign Astrology Guide to The Full Moon of August, 2020
Mini Horoscopes To Share!
Read the entry for your Sun sign (familiar birth sign everyone knows) next consider the entry for your ascendant or rising sign. Can you relate to your mini scope for the August, 2020 Full Moon?
You will seek to know yourself with new clarity. Independent expression is enhanced.
You will focus on exploring past lives. An urge to find peace and enjoy more privacy prevails.
Your thoughts turn toward plans for the future. Involvement with a new social circle or group will appeal.
Interaction with professional associates occupies you. You can feel especially ambitious and competitive.
Catching up on reading and scholarship is appealing. An in-law or grand parent – grand child dynamics can be accented.
Research, solving a puzzle, a connection with the spirit world are some highlights. Cherishing secrets to share at the perfect time is likely.
It’s all about relationships for you. A new commitment or forming an alliance of some kind is accented. Legal and ethical issues materialize.
Alternative health treatments can be exciting. You can also be absorbed by the car of a beloved animal companion.
Plan a romantic stroll, this Full Moon is about love. A new hobby, game, sports or creative crafts can captivate you.
You can discover something intriguing about your home or ancestry. Childhood recollections or the care of relatives will occupy you.
Transportation for commuter journeys and multi tasking make this a busy, active time. Keep up with communication, answer e-mails, etc.
It’s about money right now. You might think of a business opportunity and making good use of your salable skills.


Hamsa By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Healing Hand Amulet
The Hamsa
By Dikki Jo Mullen
The symbol of the upheld and open palm has long been interpreted as healing and protective. Since ancient times pendants, murals and statues have featured the image of a helping hand. The hand held upright with the palm facing forward is a gesture that means stop. It will halt all negative influences while offering comfort. In Native American sign language, an upheld hand was an offer of peace and friendship.
Coloring incorporated into decorative hands Is part of a charm called a hamsa. Usually a shade of bright turquoise predominates, a color especially desirable in the magical tradition of seeking divine favor. Hamsa means “five“, a reference to the fingers. Hand charms are very common in the Mediterranean area. Italian, Hebrew and Arabic traditions exist involving their good powers. Sometimes the hand is considered especially sacred to Fatima who was in early times a saint or holy maiden figure. Fatima has been called the most perfect of women. Buddha‘s right hand as well as the right palm of Venus appear as protective emblems to extend healing and blessings also.
Jewels, designs and fabric included as part of the hand motif are thought to add to its effectiveness. The sparkling jewels, anti evil eye bead or other items in the very center of the palm is the focal point of the hamsa. It is at the heart of the benevolent, protective energy generated by the hand.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Distlefink Hex Symbol
By Dikki Jo Mullen
Sometimes, growing from the daily activities and needs of ordinary people, extraordinary and powerful kinds of folk magic will develop. The Pennsylvania Dutch culture, which flourishes in Southeastern Pennsylvania, near the Susquehanna and Delaware Rivers, represents a uniquely American example of this phenomenon. Spiritual and industrious groups of people settled in the area. Beginning in the 18th Century, refugees from Eastern Europe merged, combining beliefs from the Quakers, Amish, Swiss, Germans, Lutherans, French Huguenots and others.
The word Dutch is a derivative of Deutsch, or German. Pennsylvania Dutch was and is a fusion of different backgrounds resulting in a culture which is a true melting pot. Local dialects use distinctive words. Recipes, arts and crafts and other traditions have been collected which are Nearly everyone who lives in this area will admit to knowing at least one witch, often called a pow wow doctor. Protection, love and cures for illness are among the gentle and benevolent magical workings of these wise ones. The colorful and mysterious Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Symbols are charms featuring hearts, birds, stars, rosettes, tear drops, acorns, leaves and flowers, usually arranged in a perfect circle. Big geometric designs cover barns, smaller ones decorate ceramics, linens, hope chests and even tomb stones throughout the countryside. The images glorify nature through the vehicle of the subconscious, creating a glimpse of paradise on Earth.
The Distlefink, of thistle finch bird is one of the most popular of the Hex Symbol motifs, representing good luck. Here is one combined with a heart to assure love and tulips for faith, hope and charity. The scallops are for smooth sailing through the storms of life. The design can be transferred to your altar, magical robes, book of shadows, etc. Color it in bright primary and secondary colors (red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, green, etc.) to create a unique and powerful amulet.

Mysticism and Salt
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The Native Americans honored it with a saying:
“Humor is like salt on meat. A little makes all things palatable.”
The word salary, referring to compensation for services rendered, originally came from the root word for salt. Being “worth one’s salt” is another reference linking salt to money. Roman soldiers were paid partly in salt. Salt is a relic from the ancient oceans, the source of all life. Only a little salt is required to keep a living organism alive, yet that dash is absolutely essential to survival itself. Salt transmits an electrical charge that maintains the fluid balance in cells, the homeostasis. The chemical composition of the human body (75% water, and ideally less than 1% salt) is nearly like sea water. Perhaps that’s why time spent along the coast is associated with healing and rejuvenation.
Salt has been used as a preservative since antiquity. The magnitude of its importance is astonishing. It’s been vital to every civilization which has ever existed on the planet.
Salt is emblematic of enlightenment, purification and intervention. Newborn babies were once rubbed with salt, partly as a medicinal treatment but also to ward off the evil eye. Salt has been included in many medicines throughout the ages. The wisest witches will often carry a small envelope of salt as an easy and effective talisman against danger and negativity. Lamps fashioned from a pink salt mined in the Himalayas are popular today. Warmed and illuminated with small bulbs, they are thought to create a cleansing and peaceful atmosphere. The indigenous people of the area use the salt to ward off demons. Holy offerings and sacred water have long been blessed with salt. Its curative and mystical powers are legendary the world over. “Salted” is a Biblical reference signifying the longing of truth for good. Free will has been called “the salt of devotion.” The Aztecs even worshiped a goddess of salt named Huixtocihautl.
In alchemy salt relates to a basic principle. Hermetic symbolism teaches that it is the equilibrium of mercury and sulfur. Fresh water becoming a salt marsh was thought to be the result of a curse. Salt was sown by Attila upon the city at Padua to symbolize sterility.
Dreams involving salt can represent the spiritual essence of life. The dream might also show tears releasing sorrow, as tears always taste of salt. The dream can show that someone or something is “rubbing salt in the wound.” A warning against food poisoning and a hint of surprises in romance are other popular interpretations of salt as a part of dream sequences.
Salt (NaCl or sodium chloride) is esoterically bonded to bread, the staff of life. This sacred marriage of father salt to mother bread is symbolic of the entire process of civilization. Trade and commerce involving salt along with the planting, harvesting and milling of grain to bring bread to the table reflect the creative intelligence and wisdom that brings peace, plenty and progress to the human condition. The earliest hospitality rites center upon the sharing of bread and salt. Together they promise friendship, forge a bond of protection, mutual respect and the nullification of rivalry.
The Ancient Greeks, Brahmans and Egyptians included salt in rituals of sacrifice, while the Hittites and Semites would throw it into sacred fires. This makes a crackling sound which seems to have been part of the symbolic significance. The absorption of the ego in the universal self might be the message here.
Slaves were exchanged for salt in Greece, while in the Slavic countries a bride and groom would often be given salt to assure health and happiness. The French Revolution was fueled by a tax on salt and many of Napoleon’s soldiers perished from a lack of salt while retreating from Russia. By 2700 BC 40 different kinds of salt were recorded in Chinese writings. The Ethiopians created coins of salt to use as currency. In the United States the Erie Canal was constructed mainly to ship salt.
Common salt crystallizes in a cubic pattern and lowers the melting temperature of ice. It’s used during the winter to keep vehicles and pedestrians from slipping on icy roads and sidewalks. Laundry detergent, refrigeration fluid, many processed foods, concrete and numerous other items familiar in daily life all require salt. The trend toward adding large amounts of salt to food began during the time of Queen Elizabeth I. That’s because on Wednesdays and Fridays Her Majesty insisted that her subjects eat fish.
Today health experts warn of the risks of an over salted diet. Legal mandates are even being considered to regulate the amount of salt in prepared foods. Since salt enhances the flavor of food, this brings to mind a taste related symbolism. “Tasteless” is a synonym for foolish, but it also means without salt. The joke is that salt confers wisdom. St. Paul encouraged the faithful to “season their words with salt”, hinting that salt might be the ultimate weapon in winning a battle of wits.

Entity Attachment – Eight Symptoms
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Some signs of entity attachment include:
1. Chronic exhaustion, a sense of lower vitality.
2. Being suddenly engulfed in waves of depression or anxiety for no reason.
3. Extreme mood swings punctuated by IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder – anger issues).
4. Increasing addictive behavior, especially alcohol and drug abuse.
5. Hearing disembodied conspiratorial voices which encourage negative social behaviors and warn of plots and schemes.
6. Out of character choices and behaviors, often including promiscuity.
7. Problems with concentrating on familiar work along with the inability to remember events.
8. Agitation at the sight of religious symbols or upon hearing prayers.

Simple and Effective Techniques For Entity Release
Clairvoyants and mediums sometimes report seeing the puzzled and frightened spirits of animals who have been killed on the highway lingering near their small bodies. Connecting with the creature’ s spirit through visualizing pictures of peaceful, safe surroundings, then ringing a bell will often be enough to allow it to move on. Practitioners have been known to travel with a bell handy in their vehicles for this very reason.
In the case of an unwelcome, unwholesome, unhappy entity attached to a human host or a place, simply lighting a bright yellow candle, then ringing a bell three times while saying “I Release” aloud three times will often be effective. Bright yellow is the color most easily seen in the after life and the number three has traditional spiritual implications. Think of past, present, future, the Holy Trinity, body, mind and spirit, etc. Finish by scattering salt around the residence of the host. This will seal the release and add a layer of protection. Allow the candle to burn out.

The Myth and Magic of the (Black ) Faerie New Moon – July 20, 2020
Including Personal Forecasts For Each Zodiac Sign.
By Dikki-Jo Mullen. Astrologer
A Faerie (Black) Moon is either the rare second New Moon in the same zodiac sign or the second New Moon within a single calendar month. The Black Moon of 2020 is the second New Moon in the sign of Cancer. It follows the eclipse pattern which culminated in a solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer on June 21. The New Moon on July 20, 2020 at 1:33 pm EDT is at 28 degrees Cancer. This is the Black Moon. It is powerful and inscrutable, and will oppose Saturn in Capricorn before going void of course at 1:55 pm EDT.
The Black Moon has deeply mystical attributes. It has been linked to the fey ones, the wee folk who share the world with us. Think of parallel universes and alternative realities. Parameters and boundaries are keynotes. A surprise or upset involving others can come into play. The Sabian Symbol for this Faerie Moon reads “A Muse weighing twins”. Integrity, values, effective judgment and options are the focus.
A new cycle begins when the Moon enters Leo and the void ends at 4:16 pm EDT.
Astrology For You!
Here is a Sun Sign forecast for the 4 week cycle from July 20 until the New Moon on August 18 brings another shift in the celestial energies.
Your appearance and personality allow you to take charge of situations. Self discovery is the theme.
You will revel in peace and privacy. Past life insights offer comfort and understanding. You will guard secrets.
Community service and humanitarian concerns are uppermost. New goals, friendships and group affiliations ae forged.
Ambitions are sparked regarding career aspirations. You are more visible at work. Recognition and a promotion are likely. Demonstrate your talents.
Education, travel and adventure beckon to you. A visit to a sacred site or spiritual rituals can deepen your connection to the deity. Start a journal.
It’s all about the afterlife and the deeper mysteries. A psychic connection is possible. There is some research needed regarding money management.
Others make plans for you. Partnerships of all kinds set the pace. A legal issue can be resolved.
Animal companions offer comfort and humor. Get organized, preparation is worth the effort. Alternative health care enhances wellness.
Your creative ability flourishes. Try arts and crafts. Focus on a favorite hobby. A new romance hovers in the background.
Home improvement or maybe a real estate transaction absorbs time and attention. Study your heredity and ancestry. Some intriguing facts can surface.
Transportation needs are addressed, you’re on the go. A neighbor or sibling seeks your company and advice. The school situation is of concern.
It’s about cash flow and earning power. Adjust to economic changes. A salable job skill can be developed, adding a new source of income.
After reading your Sun sign forecast, read the entry for your ascendant (rising sign) for more hints about the times to come.

Dikki-Jo Mullen
Astrologer and Parapsychologist https://dikkijomullen.wordpress.com

The Clurichaun
A Meeting With The Leprechauns’ Surly Cousin
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
(many thanks to The Witches’ Almanac for their gracious permission to reprint the portions of this article which were first published in The Witches’ Almanac.)
The picture shows a pair of leprechauns. The figures are iron, heavy and very, very old. They have quite a history. In Antigo, Wisconsin many years ago there was a pub called The Green Parrot. It was across the road from the Inn that my family owned and where I lived as a child. The Green Parrot was owned by a cheerful lady named Marie Bartz. One day (in the 1960’s) she came over with the leprechaun twins. She said the statues were about a century old then and had been in the basement of her old building when she bought it. She had a feeling that I should have them. I was thrilled and they are with me to this day. They talk in my dreams sometimes and are wonderful story tellers. Here is one of the stories they have told.
“One night near Lammas, not so long ago at a pub in Ireland, one Felix O’ Driscoll had a wee bit too much to drink. He began to debate with a lady, a Ms. Fitzpatrick, about the fairies. She was shocked when O’Driscoll shouted aloud that he thought the Little People were a load of nonsense and stated that he especially didn’t believe in the Clurichaun (kloor -a-kawn). All the tales about them were the greatest load of foolishness, he added.
This attracted the attention of all the patrons in the pub. It is widely considered most unwise in Ireland to deny the existence of the fey folk. Everyone gathered around to hear how the conversation would go. The lady shouted back that there were certainly Clurichauns because her own father, an honest man if there ever was one, had met one. She offered this account of the event.
It was one fine evening in late summer when her father, Thomas Fitzpatrick, saw a tiny brown jug as he strolled near a hedge. Curious, he took a closer look and saw a little man perched on a stool, holding two more jugs, one in each hand. Without taking his eyes away, Thomas wished the Clurichaun good afternoon and asked what was in the jugs. The wee one answered civilly that it was a good beer made from heather tops, adding that the recipe had been taught to his great great grandparents by some visiting Danes and was kept a family secret ever since. As a pretext Thomas asked for a taste. He then grabbed the Clurichaun and asked where his gold was hidden. The wee one wriggled and made a face. He tried to tell Thomas that to be getting home as his cows had broken through the fence and were trampling the neighbor’s field. Thomas almost turned away, then he remembered how wily the Clurichauns were. He insisted upon being shown the gold. The two debated a while, but Thomas stood his ground and held on.
Finally the Clurichaun obliged. He led Thomas for a very long distance over rough country. At last they came to a vast field of ragwort plants. The Clurichaun pointed to one of the plants and said that all the gold Thomas could ever want was buried right there. Thomas was delighted, but said he had to go and get his shovel. The exhausted Clurichaun lit his tiny pipe and pleaded to could go, since Thomas no longer needed him. He was so tired, he added. Being a kind hearted gentleman, Thomas agreed as he tied a red scarf around the money plant. He then hurried home. When Thomas returned with the shovel the Clurichaun was no where to be seen. Every plant in the vast field had identical pieces of red cloth tied to it.
The Clurichaun are found mostly in County Cork. They are small, about two feet high, with grey wrinkled skin and red noses. Always drunk, their great loves are spirits, especially heather ale and whiskey, as well as tobacco. They enjoy riding during moonlit nights on the backs of sheep and dogs. The Clurichauns are solitary folk. They tend to wear old fashion tri-cornered or pointed hats (which they have been known to use as weapons), red swallow tailed evening coats with large silver buttons, red breeches, blue or grey stockings, and high heeled shoes with buckles. The more sociable Leprechauns, also called trooping fairies, tend to dress in green.
Some say the Clurichauns are merely Leprechauns on a drinking spree. It has also been rumored that Leprechauns, who diligently work all day as expert cobblers, change into Clurichauns after hours. This just isn’t true. The two types of wee folk are far too different to be one and the same. Although their names come from a common Middle Irish root word meaning a sprite or pigmy and both are expert con artists, the Clurichauns have completely different priorities and personalities than their more sober cousins.
The Leprechaun presents himself as a kind of jovial banker or cobbler. Industrious and prosperous, Leprechauns are usually seen working as fast as they can to finish a single shoe. Leprechauns are greedy for gold, and have been spotted carrying a pot full to hide at the end of the rainbow. The Clurichaun are also wealthy, but prefer to frequent wine cellars, acting as self appointed guardians of fine liquors, instead of laboring. The Clurichaun are rather manic depressive in character. One minute they will be singing and whistling like quite affable drunks. In an instant they might turn sullen and morose. They have been known to be helpful, attaching themselves to households to scare any dishonest servants who attempt to steal the wine.
The magic of the Clurichaun is at its most powerful when Lammas is celebrated. That’s when the ingredients for the various ales, wines and liquors are ready to harvest. The first potatoes are ready to dig, there are plenty of hops, heather blossoms, and the many fruits of autumn are sweet and fresh.
The sinister Fir Darrig of Donegal, who is a feared and macabre practical joker, the more provincial Loghery Man of Ulster, Lurigadaune of Tipperary and Luricane of Kerry are other cousins of the Clurichauns. It seems that no female members of this extended Leprechaun family have ever been observed.”
Here is a contemporary version of the potent heather ale recipe attributed to the Clurichaun.
Heather Ale
Origin: British Period: Traditional
20l of unchlorinated water
1.8 kg pale malt extract
350g caramel malt
120g roasted barley
1 kg Maris Otter pale malt
250g Munich malt
30g Pacific Gem bittering hop
30g Kent Goldings finishing hops
30g Hallertaur Mittlefrueh finishing hops
250g fresh heather tips
Yeast (eg Wyeast 1318 London Ale III style or 1728 Scottish Ale)
For bottling add 200ml malt extract
A basic listing of ingredients is given. For a specific brewing method please consult a step-by-step guide.
Image may contain: shoes