The Clurichaun
A Meeting With The Leprechauns’ Surly Cousin
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
(many thanks to The Witches’ Almanac for their gracious permission to reprint the portions of this article which were first published in The Witches’ Almanac.)
The picture shows a pair of leprechauns. The figures are iron, heavy and very, very old. They have quite a history. In Antigo, Wisconsin many years ago there was a pub called The Green Parrot. It was across the road from the Inn that my family owned and where I lived as a child. The Green Parrot was owned by a cheerful lady named Marie Bartz. One day (in the 1960’s) she came over with the leprechaun twins. She said the statues were about a century old then and had been in the basement of her old building when she bought it. She had a feeling that I should have them. I was thrilled and they are with me to this day. They talk in my dreams sometimes and are wonderful story tellers. Here is one of the stories they have told.
“One night near Lammas, not so long ago at a pub in Ireland, one Felix O’ Driscoll had a wee bit too much to drink. He began to debate with a lady, a Ms. Fitzpatrick, about the fairies. She was shocked when O’Driscoll shouted aloud that he thought the Little People were a load of nonsense and stated that he especially didn’t believe in the Clurichaun (kloor -a-kawn). All the tales about them were the greatest load of foolishness, he added.
This attracted the attention of all the patrons in the pub. It is widely considered most unwise in Ireland to deny the existence of the fey folk. Everyone gathered around to hear how the conversation would go. The lady shouted back that there were certainly Clurichauns because her own father, an honest man if there ever was one, had met one. She offered this account of the event.
It was one fine evening in late summer when her father, Thomas Fitzpatrick, saw a tiny brown jug as he strolled near a hedge. Curious, he took a closer look and saw a little man perched on a stool, holding two more jugs, one in each hand. Without taking his eyes away, Thomas wished the Clurichaun good afternoon and asked what was in the jugs. The wee one answered civilly that it was a good beer made from heather tops, adding that the recipe had been taught to his great great grandparents by some visiting Danes and was kept a family secret ever since. As a pretext Thomas asked for a taste. He then grabbed the Clurichaun and asked where his gold was hidden. The wee one wriggled and made a face. He tried to tell Thomas that to be getting home as his cows had broken through the fence and were trampling the neighbor’s field. Thomas almost turned away, then he remembered how wily the Clurichauns were. He insisted upon being shown the gold. The two debated a while, but Thomas stood his ground and held on.
Finally the Clurichaun obliged. He led Thomas for a very long distance over rough country. At last they came to a vast field of ragwort plants. The Clurichaun pointed to one of the plants and said that all the gold Thomas could ever want was buried right there. Thomas was delighted, but said he had to go and get his shovel. The exhausted Clurichaun lit his tiny pipe and pleaded to could go, since Thomas no longer needed him. He was so tired, he added. Being a kind hearted gentleman, Thomas agreed as he tied a red scarf around the money plant. He then hurried home. When Thomas returned with the shovel the Clurichaun was no where to be seen. Every plant in the vast field had identical pieces of red cloth tied to it.
The Clurichaun are found mostly in County Cork. They are small, about two feet high, with grey wrinkled skin and red noses. Always drunk, their great loves are spirits, especially heather ale and whiskey, as well as tobacco. They enjoy riding during moonlit nights on the backs of sheep and dogs. The Clurichauns are solitary folk. They tend to wear old fashion tri-cornered or pointed hats (which they have been known to use as weapons), red swallow tailed evening coats with large silver buttons, red breeches, blue or grey stockings, and high heeled shoes with buckles. The more sociable Leprechauns, also called trooping fairies, tend to dress in green.
Some say the Clurichauns are merely Leprechauns on a drinking spree. It has also been rumored that Leprechauns, who diligently work all day as expert cobblers, change into Clurichauns after hours. This just isn’t true. The two types of wee folk are far too different to be one and the same. Although their names come from a common Middle Irish root word meaning a sprite or pigmy and both are expert con artists, the Clurichauns have completely different priorities and personalities than their more sober cousins.
The Leprechaun presents himself as a kind of jovial banker or cobbler. Industrious and prosperous, Leprechauns are usually seen working as fast as they can to finish a single shoe. Leprechauns are greedy for gold, and have been spotted carrying a pot full to hide at the end of the rainbow. The Clurichaun are also wealthy, but prefer to frequent wine cellars, acting as self appointed guardians of fine liquors, instead of laboring. The Clurichaun are rather manic depressive in character. One minute they will be singing and whistling like quite affable drunks. In an instant they might turn sullen and morose. They have been known to be helpful, attaching themselves to households to scare any dishonest servants who attempt to steal the wine.
The magic of the Clurichaun is at its most powerful when Lammas is celebrated. That’s when the ingredients for the various ales, wines and liquors are ready to harvest. The first potatoes are ready to dig, there are plenty of hops, heather blossoms, and the many fruits of autumn are sweet and fresh.
The sinister Fir Darrig of Donegal, who is a feared and macabre practical joker, the more provincial Loghery Man of Ulster, Lurigadaune of Tipperary and Luricane of Kerry are other cousins of the Clurichauns. It seems that no female members of this extended Leprechaun family have ever been observed.”
Here is a contemporary version of the potent heather ale recipe attributed to the Clurichaun.
Heather Ale
Origin: British Period: Traditional
20l of unchlorinated water
1.8 kg pale malt extract
350g caramel malt
120g roasted barley
1 kg Maris Otter pale malt
250g Munich malt
30g Pacific Gem bittering hop
30g Kent Goldings finishing hops
30g Hallertaur Mittlefrueh finishing hops
250g fresh heather tips
Yeast (eg Wyeast 1318 London Ale III style or 1728 Scottish Ale)
For bottling add 200ml malt extract
A basic listing of ingredients is given. For a specific brewing method please consult a step-by-step guide.
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Crystals and The Major Arcana of the Tarot
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
The Tarot Cards are a key to the whole amazing and profound realm of metaphysics. Astrology, numerology, cabala, crystal lore, music and much more wisdom is revealed in the 78 symbols. Here are the crystals linked to the 22 major arcana, the keys to the oracle of Tarot.
Try this guide for combining crystal work with the Tarot Cards to facilitate wellness of the body, mind and spirit!
The Fool – agate
The Magician – clear quartz crystal
The High Priestess – pearl and sea shells
The Empress – emerald
The Emperor – ruby
Hierophant (High Priest) – topaz
The Lovers – rose quartz
Chariot – kunzite
Strength – diamond
Hermit – sapphire
Wheel of Fortune – turquoise
Justice – carnelian
Hanged Man – aquamarine
Death – amber
Temperance – amethyst
The Devil – jet
The Tower – lodestone
The Star – moldavite
The Moon – moonstone
The Sun – tiger’s eye
Judgment – petrified wood
The World – garnet

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Week Three Class Notes
Crystals, Your Celestial Power House
Crystals and Astrology

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The inherent energy within crystals has been linked with celestial bodies for thousands of years. Use this astrological guideline to select the crystals combined with colors to bring the brightest and best to fruition in your life.

Colors- red, bold and abstract prints, gas blue, hot pink
Gems- tiger’s eye agate (to win a battle), lodestone (for strength), clear crystals and diamonds (for truth, the future, energy and glory), fire agate (progressive).

Colors- green, powder blue, cream, dusty rose
Gems- emerald (for true spiritual love and clear vision), moss agate and tree agate (to connect with the forests and gardens), Connemara marble (for a comfortable environment), chrysocolla (Mother Earth energy).

Colors- light yellow and pale peach, also stripes, dots, mixed and iridescent hues.
Gems – citrine ( for mental clarity and eloquence), alexandrite (to function on a high level), various agates (adaptability, versatility), rhodochrosite (transmutes, the rainbow bridge stone).

Colors- sea green, marine blue, dove gray, ivory, bronze.
Gems- ruby (to banish grief and draw friends), pearl (for emotional expression) and moonstone (intuition and lunar attunement).

Colors – sunshine hues such as coral, orange, bright yellow and gold.
Gems- peridot (for contentment with one’s lot in life) and amber (cools anger), sunstone (health and success).

Colors – mauve, navy, leaf green, lime, beige and medium gray.
Gems – sapphire (white magic, protects love), carnelian (guards health), apatite (clears confusion), fluorite (stress releaser).

Colors- bright blue, rose pink, lavender
Gems- rose quartz (draws love, beauty, good manners), jade (riches and longevity), labradorite (channels in extra terrestrials, balances the kidneys), tourmaline (protects from negative people).

Colors – teal, brick red, black, brown, midnight blue.
Gems- topaz (rapport with animals and inspiration), opal (psychic ability and guidance), petrified wood (past life recall), bloodstone (guards health), blue obsidian (inner and hidden power, comes from inside a volcano).

Colors – royal blue, burgundy, deep purple
Gems- turquoise (Native American wealth and love talisman), zircon (for honor), jasper (guards freedom and independence), malachite (education, adventure).

Colors- maroon, darkest brown, charcoal, forest green, indigo blue
Gems – garnet (friendship and virtue, a Victorian energy), onyx (grounding), snowflake obsidian (avoid disaster), jet (luck and long life, protective), kunzite (practical wisdom and grounding).


Colors- electric blue, purple, day-glow colors, silver, stark white.
Gems – amethyst (spirituality, freedom from addictions), lapis-lazuli (healing, higher purposes), clear quartz (future, untaps potentials), moldavite (wisdom from aliens).

Colors- palest pastel shades of pink, green, blue and lavender, also red-violet.
Gems- aquamarine (safe passage and inspiration), larimar (Atlantis connection and ocean mysticism), celestite (angelic influences), coral
( promotes love), smoky quartz (protective).


Note: All of the signs of the zodiac appear somewhere in each person’s horoscope. When you desire to activate a certain planet or house or draw in the qualities of a zodiac sign, use the appropriate stone to do so.


Crown of Success Powder
Compounded and Created By Dikki-Jo Mullen

If you’re ever in any difficult situation and need a magical leg up, don’t forget to douse yourself in ‘Crown of Success’ powder. Blend a quarter cup of cornstarch with a quarter cup of powdered sugar and then add 33 drops of pure basil essential oil. Mix together by using the index finger of the hand that you write with and stir in a clockwise direction 33 times. Put some powder on after bathing or simply rub it on your hands before important meetings. Either way, the winner is you! Good fortune will follow. Give it a try!


Crystals Your Celestial Powerhouse

With Dikki-Jo Mullen


Week 2 Class Assignment

The 5 Platonic Solids:

Cube (earth)    4 sides

Tetrahedron (fire)   5 sides

Octahedron (air)   8 sides

Dodecahedron (ether/spirit)  12 sides

Icosahedron  (water)    20 sides

Where do you see these forms connected with your favorite crystals? How do they affect you?


Three Beginning Steps Sequence and Your Quartz Crystals

  1. Journal what you know and believe about a crystal you have. How is it responding to the thoughts and actions you ae programming it with? How is the environment affecting the crystal.
  2. Look into a clear crystal in your possession. How does it make you feel to hold it? Look at its lattices, move with its light harmonics. How does its electro magnetic frequencies touch your own time and space of being?
  3. Approach your crystal as a window into time. Remember, it has been on Earth for 100 million to 350 million years. Your species has been here 300 thousand years max. Pick a good remembrance you have. Let the crystal attune to this resonance of your past. Trust the resonance and integrate it into the sum total of who you are.



Crystals Your Celestial Power House
Tuesday Night class with Dikki-Jo Mullen
Week One Notes

“Crystal” means “frozen water. The clear quartz is what first comes to mind as a crystal. It is Si02 (silicon dioxide). It is the substance that gives us the technological miracles of 21st Century life. (computers, etc.)
California’s “silicon valley”, the technology capital of our country, is named for quartz or silica. Crystals can be programmed, much like a computer can be programmed, for healing, spirituality and more. Quartz is believed to harmonize and align human energies and consciousness.
The word crystal actually has a very broad application. “It is a solid whose components are arranged in a highly ordered competitive structure, It forms a lattice extending equally in all directions. It is coherent and symmetrical.”
Iron, silver and other minerals are actually crystals. The human body is a living crystal.
Assignment: Lapidomacy – Fortunetelling with Sacred Stones –
Select 3 small stones of about the same size . A black, a white and a colored one. Focus on “yes” with the white stone, holding it in your dominant hand. Next hold the black stone in your recessive hand and focus on “no”. Hold the colored stone in both hands and think of “truth” (we used a brown tiger’s eye in class, but a citrine, turquoise etc would work too.) Think of a question with a yes or no answer. Shake and toss all 3 stones, gently toss them before you, perhaps on a casting cloth. If the colored stone lands closer to the black stone your answer is no. If it’s closer to the white stone it’s yes. If the distance is equal it’s unsure, fate could turn the outcome either way. Carry your stones with you in a small bag and divine often. Care for them. Accuracy and power will grow.