Gene Wilder

Astrological Tribute To A Comedic Genius

By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

With his trademark irony and manic energy, Gene Wilder created gentle and amusing characters that will live on in our hearts and minds. Late August of 2016 finds the sad news of his death circling the globe. Born Jerome Silberman on June 11, 1933 at 3:50 am CST in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the actor adopted Gene Wilder as his stage name when his career began in the early 1960’s on the television program Armstrong Circle. He would go on to act in many films, Young Frankenstein and Wille Wonka and The Chocolate Factory being two memorable favorites. He was a double Gemini, with a first house Sun and ascendant in Gemini. His characters combined a quiet irony with a kind of manic quality, showing the true duality of his birth sign. Born with Mercury and Venus conjunct in Cancer, he had an artistry spanning all kinds of communication.   Wilder was a gifted writer as well as actor. His Pluto in Cancer was square Uranus in Aries, the 2nd and 11th houses were activated by this powerful pattern. Satirizing political issues and values were favorite recurrent themes in his work. The Moon and Saturn in Aquarius in his 9th house, reveal a strong social consciousness and humanitarian qualities as well originality. Health and fitness were always significant issues, perhaps because of his Virgo stellium involving Neptune, Jupiter and Mars. The Mars- Jupiter conjunction has been called “The President’s aspect”,  it gives great personality and a warm charisma. Also Mars and Neptune conjunct have been called the  “Lamp of Aladdin or “White Witchcraft” aspect. This conjunction  brings a natural ability to manifest, to make things happen.

When Wilder’s beloved third wife, Gilda Radner, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer they founded Gilda’s Club together. This group continues as a reminder to  those fighting cancer that they need not have to face the nightmare alone. Wilder continued charitable work throughout the remainder of his life, being true to his strong Aquarius and 11th house influences. He kept his own diagnosis of Alzheimer’s a secret for years, as he said he couldn’t bear the thought of being responsible for the fading of even one more smile in the world. Complications from the disease led to his death on August 29, 2016 at 3:19 pm PDT in Los Angeles, fortunately it never progressed to the point where it claimed Gene’s  ability to recognize loved ones or to lose his personality. The transits surrounding his passing are interesting. The Aquarius eclipse on August 18, 2016  was in a wide orb to his Saturn in Aquarius, Saturn always relates to health, also his Moon, signifying changes was edged by the eclipse. Transit Uranus in Aries was just 2 degrees away from a return to its natal place, an aspect frequently found when there is a passing. Transit Jupiter and Venus, the celestial benefics, conjunct in Virgo activated his Virgo placements, hinting that the passing had elements of being peaceful, in its way a blessing. It was reported that those closest to Gene commented that he was with his beloved Gilda.

Their romance was like a comic love story. Gilda was born on June 28, 1946 at 7:30 am Est in Detroit, Michigan. She was a star on Saturday Night Live. When they met in 1981 she was unhappily married and made a strong play for Wilder, who at first felt she was too needy and baby like and so backed away from the involvement.  After a roller coaster relationship they eventually married. Gilda had a Leo ascendant with Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Leo, showing her strong and colorful personality. Her Moon was at 27 degrees Gemini, very close to Wilder’s Sun.  Also her Uranus in Gemini, was also near his Sun,  describing  the electrical connection between the two comedic legends. The Sun-Moon tie in compatibility astrology is traditionally interpreted as the strongest link between horoscopes. Her Sun and Saturn in Cancer in the 12th house added complexity and notes of secret insecurity to her personality. The strong 12th house as well as her natal Mars in Virgo indicate her health challenges too. Gilda passed away on May 20, 1989, just before her 43rd birthday. At that time Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were transiting Capricorn, afflicting her 6th house of health and oppose her natal Cancer placements in the 12th house. Transit Mars in Cancer was also in Gilda’s 12th house, at the midpoint between her natal Sun and Saturn. These are all influences frequently found in event charts of deaths. As is common in the horoscope of a famous person with a strong planetary emphasis in cadent houses, (she had Jupiter and Neptune in Libra in her 3rd (cadent) house as well as the strong 12th   house) events in the future continue the story and influence of her life. In 2008 Gene published a book honoring her. Pictures of the book signing marked one of his last public appearances. The charitable foundation in her name to help cancer patients continues on as well.


A Late Summer Triple Jubilee of Three Eclipses
The Third Time Is the Charm
Things Come In Threes
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

All of the traditional sayings about the magic and mysticism of the number three kept echoing through my thoughts while pondering the eclipse pattern of August and September. Usually eclipses come in pairs, always coinciding with either a Full or New Moon. The cosmos tosses an occasional curve ball though, adding a third eclipse in a row. This is what the celestial game plan is for the late summer of 2016. Eclipses promise changes. They are also unpredictable. After over 5000 years of observing them, astrologers can only agree that an eclipse pattern promises surprises, deviating from the status quo.
It all begins with a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday, August 18. At 5:26 am EDT, before sunrise, Luna’s bright face will wear a shadow as the eclipse occurs at 25 degrees Aquarius 26′ before turning void of course until entering Pisces just after noon at 12:34 pm EDT.
The next eclipse will be on September 1, a solar eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo 21′, not visible in the USA.
Finally, at the Harvest Moon on September 16, the final eclipse (also not visible in the USA) comes along. It will be at 3:05 pm EDT at 24 Pisces 20’in Pisces.
Check these degrees in your own horoscope for specific insights into how these Three Musketeers will bring some excitement your way.
Overall, here are some thoughts about this pattern of peronal and planetary change.
A shift in the weather is likely, the extreme summer heat can give way to cooling winds and more rain in many places. Floridians would be wise to gather a few hurricane supplies. My favorite survival food is some jugs of unsweet ice tea, and the fixings for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
The August 18 Aquarius eclipse, near the fixed star Denb Algedi, accents a need to avoid confrontations and to keep a positive mindset. Use humor if encountering intolerance. Appreciate and encourage friendships with those who are different. Technology, revelations concerning astronomy and  outer space as well as studies in astrology can be influential.
The September 1 Virgo eclipse coincides with retrograde Mercury, Mercury is also transiting Virgo. Health and diet factors are accented, so is the care of small animals and working/employment conditions. “Two faces looking out beyond shadows”  is the Sabian Symbol in force. The fixed star Zosma also hovers nearby. The message emphasizes the need for mental health and balancing practical considerations and life skills with heeding intuition and transcendental learning. Memories and repeating patterns can bring insights. As always use care in signing contracts while Mercury is retrograde and avoid changing jobs, moving or journeys into unfamiliar territory. The Mercury retrograde is over on September 22. Mercury enters Libra on October 7 where it will join Jupiter.
Jupiter enters Libra for a year long stay on September 9. This favors equality, partnerships, and also can attract many to Far Eastern philosophies such as Yoga, Buddhism or Hinduism. The healing potentials in crystals, music, colors and art will be appreciated while Jupiter transits Libra. Social skills, accenting good manners, can become a priority.
The Harvest Moon on September 16 brings the final eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces 20. The purity of water and health of aquatic animals can be a focus. This eclipse suggests a catharsis, a desire for freshness and purity. Dream analysis, paranormal phenomena, the effects of chemicals, including medicines, and the impacts of the crowd mentality, mass consciousness can be underscored.
It is interesting to note that Hillary Clinton’s Moon is in late Pisces, near the eclipse of September 16. The Moon has a bearing on public opinion. Both Donald Trump and Mike Pence are Gemini’s. So is Marco Rubio. All three prominent Republicans  will be affected by the retrograde Mercury in September. There can be major developments regarding the Presidential Election before autumn begins. I wonder if one of the candidates will have a health or other personal situation arise?
Overall this summer ends with a cycle of great uncertainty. It is all compounded by Mars being out of bounds from August 8 – October 30. A planet is out of bounds when it is at a higher declination than the Sun’s position of 23 degrees 27′, either North or South. Mars rules the military, police activity, heat and fire, competition, sports and accidents. (An out of bounds planet has an extreme, intense and turbulent quality.For example at the time of President Kennedy’s assassination there were several out of bounds planets. At the time of the Election in November Venus will be out of bounds).
The year following the eclipses can be important in manifesting the promise of these important celestial happenings, the 90 days following them is usually a significant time too. Watch the news from mid November -mid December, 2016 for the specifics.
Prophecies about this time in history, including references from the Bible, Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, Edgar Cayce as well as Black Elk and Crazy Horse, foreshadow important times ahead. Black Elk and Crazy Horse were both Native American visionaries who lived during the 1800’s. Black Elk was a Holy Man, a Medicine Man with the message that in 7 generations (about 140 years) after much suffering people would create a sacred hoop, embracing all nations. Peace would follow the rising of a star in the east. Crazy Horse had an even more specific vision. He saw a time of darkness, he described airplanes and automobiles before they were invented. Then he saw two great wars after which all people would dance together under a sacred tree. Doesn’t this sound like globalization? “We are all related” was the gist of the conclusion reached by these two great Lakota prophets.
Numerology offers an interesting final thought. 2016 adds to a 9, the end of a cycle, while 2017 ( 2+0+1+7 = 10 and 1+0= 1) adds to a 1. The trio of eclipses, as this summer draws to a close, certainly hint at a time of endings and new beginnings. Smile and hold on for the ride. It’s all an adventure!

JK Rowling’s Professional Astrology Practice
and The Horoscopes in Harry Potter
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
The British version of Antiques Road Show recently featured an original short manuscript by author JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame. The 10 typed pages bound and illustrated with pen and ink drawings interpreted the natal horoscope of a baby boy born in 1994; a contemporary of Rowling’s own daughter. The script was a very careful and technical study of the baby’s planets, aspects and house placements at birth. For a short time JK actually practiced astrology and studied with a local astrology teacher. The horoscope manuscript sold at auction for L25,000.00 or about $40,000.00 USD.
Astrology is incorporated throughout the Potter books, and careful reading reveals birth dates for many of the principal characters. Here are a few that astrology students will find interesting to speculate on. With a little study the birthdates of many of the other important characters can be found. 

April 1 – Fred and George, The Weasley Twins – Aries
May 15 – Professor Pomona Sprout – Taurus
June 28 or 29 – Dobby the House Elf – Cancer
July 30 – Neville Longbottom – Leo
August 11 – Ginny Wesley -Leo
September 19 – Herminoe Granger – Virgo
October 30 – Molly Weasley – Scorpio
December 6 – Reubus Hagrid – Sagittarius
January 9 – Professor Severus Snape – Capricorn
February 6 – Arthur Weasley – Aquarius
March 1 – Ron Wesley – Pisces

Harry Potter shares JK Rowling’s birthday of July 31 – Leo. July 31 was also the release date of the new Potter book in 2016.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on July 31, 1965 in Yates, near Bristol England. Her birth time seems to be unavailable, but much insight can be gleaned looking at a Noon chart for that date. Here is a list of this remarkable and talented person’s natal placements.

Sun – Leo
Moon – Virgo
Mercury – Virgo
Venus – Virgo
Mars – Libra
Jupiter – Gemini
Saturn – Pisces
Uranus – Virgo
Neptune – Scorpio
Pluto – Virgo
North Moon Node – Gemini

Chinese Sign – Year of the Wood Snake

The Leo Sun emphasizes an affinity for the very young and a flair for the colorful and dramatic. Jupiter in Gemini reveals a wonderful grasp of languages (JK was a French teacher for a time) as well as a focus on schools, books and a unique learning environment. The powerful stellium in Virgo combining the energies of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto describes the incredible detail and volume of her work combined with originality and the magical, otherworldly quality. Mars in Libra accents the recurring theme of justice while Neptune in Scorpio underscores mysteries and communication with the after life.
The Chinese sign of the Wood Snake suggests charm, beauty and a beguiling wisdom.

This is such an outstanding horoscope,  describing this brilliant author who rose from extreme poverty to create for the world such a lasting legacy. She has enchanted us all!

Early Twenty First Century Love Poem
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Landscape beneath a quiet sky
Connect amid deep seclusion.
Look up gazing toward steep cliffs
Comforted by a cup of tea and
Thinking of my dream time voyage.
A morning in deep summer
Carries all the gold outshining the
Other Seasons.
Green leaves on such full branches
Speak of joy and flutter.
The tree has broken, hearing the wild music
Filling a faded moment.
Unlikely glittering eyes, glance to find secrets
It is nearly night and only sea shells and crystals
Remain casting shadows of hope.


Eris – A Planet Beyond Pluto-
Astrological Introduction From Deep Space
By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

“What in the name of Halloween is happening?”
This question has been coming up over and over again, verbalized in different ways during astrological consultations recently. We all are striving to make sense of the chaos afoot in the world. This second decade of the 21st Century continues to bring such chaos. The established order and sense of security seems to be melting everywhere we look.
Considering current events, this calls to mind the axiom “as above, so below”. The quest is to seek answers through astrology to restore some rhyme and reason to our lives. When humanity develops the technology and science to observe and become aware of new celestial bodies and patterns in the universe, only then are we able to understand and respond to them.
Until just a few hundred years ago the solar system as we knew it stopped at Saturn, the furthest visible planet. Then, from the 1700’s on with the development of telescopes and sophisticated observation techniques technology, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and a variety of other celestial bodies became familiar. With each discovery life on Earth entered a new phase. Currently our perception of the universe is widening daily.
An area called the Kuiper Belt has been perceived swarming around the perimeter of our solar system, arranged in a doughnut like formation. It is filled with strange ice like objects, debris which seems to be left over from creation. At the edge of this area orbits an object larger and heavier than Pluto. Discovered in 2005, it has been dubbed Eris and is now classified as a dwarf planet, along with Pluto and the asteroid Ceres.
The planets all reflect the mythological archetypes they are named for. The ancient tales of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses really do illustrate the actual ways the celestial bodies operate.
Eris was the Greek Goddess of mischief, chaos and strife who would run amok in battle. An entity of primeval anger who wanders in the infinite darkness, Eris expresses the forces of envy and resentment. When the energy of Eris reaches a higher level, it can eventually become determination and will generate the extra effort needed to motivate and assure triumph. Eris takes over 500 years to orbit the Sun and remains in each of the 12 zodiac signs over 40 years. This planet’s influence is generational and will describe whole cycles of time and groups of people.
In 2016-2017 this intense little lady stays at about 23 degrees Aries, in orb of a conjunction with Uranus in Aries. Technology, humanity, the erratic and unpredictable are Uranus’ keynotes.
With Eris in aspect the accelerated crime rate, government upsets, weird weather and the role electronics play in our lives can be attributed to this capricious new acquaintance; Eris.
At this degree of the zodiac the fixed star Baten Kaitos is close enough to exert an influence. Baten Kaitos is a pale yellow star in the constellation of the Whale and is related to immigration, transportation, rescues and anger. It is Saturnian in nature.
The Sabian Symbol for 23 -24 Aries reads “An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia.” The message is that there is a yearning for greater riches, to drawn upon comforts and attaining luxury items. There is a desire to make the most of opportunities and a tendency to become more acquisitive.
Here are some thoughts about how this Eris transit of 2016 -2017 can impact each of us. Consider first your familiar birth sign, then read the entry for your ascendant (rising sign) for deeper insight.

Cardinal Sign People
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
This Eris-Uranus conjunction impacts houses 1, 4, 7 and 10; the angles in your solar chart. Personal appearance, home, partnerships and career aspirations are keynotes. These houses address the present, there is a sense of immediacy.

Fixed Sign People
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius
The Eris-Uranus conjunction activates houses 12,9,6 and 3; the cadent houses in your solar chart. Reverie, education, health and travel can play a role in how it manifests for you. These houses bring reminders of the past. Memories and history come into play.

Mutable Sign People
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
For you the Eris-Uranus conjunction highlights houses 11,8,5 and 2; the succeedent houses. Group affiliations, reincarnation and the spirit world, creative expression and financial values are significant factors. These houses relate to latent potentials and the future.

Since Eris has been discovered so recently studying it offers astrologers intriguing opportunities to conduct new research. You can begin to do this by placing Eris in your own natal chart, where it was at birth. Next consider Eris in the charts of significant current events. Distant as it is Eris, this newly introduced member of our solar system family, seems quite powerful.

Summer’s Morning Poem
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
The dawn is here but it makes no promises
There might be sunshine after the rain
Or not
What events the news might greet
To meet who is walking on the street
Release the fear that haunts too many hearts
Open a place within for the future
All is a mystery now
Later we awaken from numbness, from sleep
To know where the new day is going to go.

(pictured- peach angel trumpets in my garden …)

Shamanism and The Zodiac
Horoscope Guide To Dwelling  In An Alternative Reality
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Living in downtown Orlando, Florida, almost around the corner from what has been dubbed “The Worse Mass Shooting In United States History”,  I have been especially aware of how society and life as we know it are changing daily. Ancient prophecies from Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Mother Shipton Black Elk and even The Book of Revelations are all unfolding daily. It’s a time of wonderment but also special challenges to survival. Extremes of love and hatred, joy and anguish mark new parameters in daily life. It seems that humanity must just hold on for the ride and cope as best we can.

Taking a shamanic journey provides a wonderful way to use the undeveloped potentials contained in each of our minds and bodies and the power in the deep mind to create a joyful and safe existence during these times of personal and planetary change. Although it is often associated with Native American spirituality SHAMAN is actually a Siberian word. It refers to one who has experienced an alternative view of reality. Specifically this is a state of consciousness which involves dreams and visions leading to an ability to actually impact the everyday physical world. The shamans, those who are able to accomplish,  this have been important figures in cultures around the globe since the dawn of time. The Ainu of Japan, Aranda tribe of Australia, almost all of the Native American tribes, Celts of the British Isles, the Rune casters of the Nordic countries and Russian visionaries are among those who have a tradition of shamanism. At present this ancient practice of shamanism is going through a major revival. It begins with experiencing  a state of ecstasy, often induced by spending time outdoors in meditation to precipitate a new level of awareness and sensitivity. Dream interpretation, crystals and fragrances can be used during this process. Without exception mind altering substances must be avoided.
With patience there are safe and easy steps which will facilitate a personal shamanic journey. Woden, the Norse God of wisdom, brought the runes following a shamanic trance or dream journey. Legend tells us that he hung suspended upside down in Yggdrasil, The World Tree, for nine days and nine nights. At the end of that time he was given the sacred runes or symbols to share with humanity. In the Tarot deck Key 12, The Hanged Man, illustrates this tradition. In the Arthurian Legends Merlin guides a young King Arthur on a shamanic like journey. Arthur’s consciousness is extended into the animal world where he flies like a hawk and runs like a deer. Each of us can create an environment which will alter and expand awareness in a similar way.
Begin by selecting some music ( music has been called the speech of the angels} which touches your psyche and emotions. Try dancing, singing and or drumming, while expressing feelings without inhibition. Add a candle in white or a favorite color and incense (sandalwood is a good choice). Following the musical interlude by a time of becoming quiet and relaxed while entering a light sleep or meditation. Focus on seeing other dimensions, let new insights into the self and others surface. Envision places, people and events as you would have wanted them to be. Create a different end to what might have been a nightmare. Start a notebook to record dreams and thoughts. Listen to the still, small voice within and heed hunches. The point of shamanism today is to recognize how we can create a desirable life in the outer world with the energy of thought. Healing and lifestyle improvements resulting from the practice of white magic is what the shaman aspires to.
To begin the life enriching journey of the shaman it is important to  take some time alone. Focus within. Sailing or canoeing over an isolated stretch of waterway is a possibility. Walking through a forest gazing at the night sky or the moonlit water at a quiet beach are other alternatives. A milder approach can be just to turn off the electronics and relax in the peace and safety of your own home.
As a shaman the goal is to attain a state of enhanced balance, poise and self sufficient confidence. A pleasant and comforting sensation of being absorbed by something above and beyond the former self is the sign that genuine progress is being made. Past limitations, regrets and disappointments assume a new slant, becoming just a step along the path of real progress. A deeper inner strength emerges.
Calling upon an animal guide is one effective way to explore shamanism successfully. Long ago seekers would build a dream nest, then sleep until the animal guide appeared. Astrology offers an alternative, with suggestions about animal guides apropos to the various birth signs.
Consider the animals related to your familiar Sun or birth sign, Moon or ascendant. The creature that resonates will touch a chord within. Then find a picture, statue or make or draw an image of the selected animal. Mentally take it with you into meditation,  simply let the journey begin.  Shamanism leads to any good thing one might desire.

Shamanic Totems Around The Zodiac

Wolf, Horse, Opossum, (new pathways, wise and strong role models)

Beaver, Dog, Hawk (builder, constructive, cooperative, loyalty)

Deer, Porcupine, Coyote (gentle, humorous, alert, faith, dual, responsive)

Owl, Badger, Whale (intuitive, clever, seeker, mission)

Lynx, Peacock, Turkey (subtle prowling, release, waiting and watching)

Squirrel, Fox, Rabbit (mobile, rewards of planning, conserving resources)

Crow, Butterfly, Mouse (communication, detachment, attentive, truth)

Buffalo, Weasel, Dragonfly ( open to abundance, release scarcity and illusions)

Moose, Elk, Eagle (honor self image and potentials and dignity)

Bear, Goat, Antelope (personal strength, reliability, motivation)

Swan, Bat, Dolphin ( surrender, resilience and persistence amid change)

Hummingbird, Frog, Raven (embrace pleasure and happiness, count blessings)


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