Monday Poem
A May Reverie
By Dikki-Jo
I saw a bird, an unassuming and timid sparrow,
Pausing mid flight, on a limb which was was slight
Bending beneath its weight,even such a mite,
Yet the tiny bird chirped so cheerfully and continued to sing even as the twig broke away, knowing it had wings …

On Monday, May 9, 2016 at 11:12 AM EDT there will be a quite an intriguing event in the sky above us. Mercury will exactly transit across the solar disc. This is quite rare, taking place only about 13 times in a Century. The tiny black dot that is the planet Mercury will be visible, about 1/158 the size of the entire Sun. This transit always take place in either May or November and in either Taurus or Scorpio. This transit is especially significant because it will be widely visible, at least if the sky is clear. It was first observed on Nov. 7, 1631, that’s actually just a moment ago in astrology’s long history which spans thousands of years. 19 degrees 25′ is the exact zodiacal degree involved. Putting together thoughts, communication, discussions about finances and ecology can be a part of this influence. Also musical expression and the affects of sound, both good and debilitating can be accented. The Sabian Symbol for this degree reads “Wind clouds and haste”, the mood is transient and unstable. Spiritual lightness can help steer a crisis, freedom and personal autonomy are priorities. The fixed star Capulus is close enough to have an impact. Capulus is a double cluster star in the sword hand of the constellation Perseus. It has a Mercury-Mars energy. Argumentative moods prevail, patience will be scant. There is an accent on eye care and eye health (don’t stare at the Sun, just glance quickly to see the black dot) too. Many can be considering glasses or other eye care. How does computer work and artificial lighting affect the eyes? Hold off on job changes or major financial decisions, keep track of records and back up files, as Mercury is also retrograde. There is a grand mutable cross (wide orb) involving retrograde Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, a Gemini Moon, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. All of this mutable energy suggests multi tasking and a busy bee schedule. Reject all that is unhealthy or unwholesome.  Seek to release stress. If unsure of what to say or write silence can be the best choice.  Creative projects can be rewarding as Venus will sextile Neptune on May 9. This Venus-Neptune  aspect is one of idealism, romance and refinement. In your own birth chart examine the house where the 19th -20th degree of Taurus falls and also major aspects it makes to your natal planets. this will provide more precise personal insights into the message this Mercury transit brings to you.

Backward Dances In the Sky!
Mercury will be turning retrograde at 1:20 EDT pm today (April 28) until May 22 at 9:20 am EDT. It will join the other retrogrades, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto,  in its backward spin. Reflect upon all words prefixed by “re” … rethink, return, remember, etc. etc. to attune to this pattern with aplomb. The notoriety of Mercury retrograde is really intriguing. Many, many people who have little astrological background seem to know and speak about it, but the other retrogrades are there too and do impact us. Revisit, reunion etc., it goes on and on … back, back, great time for past life regressions … Only temporary job changes and only temporary moves are favored. Jobs begun now will last only 6 months or so and the move will be transitory. Any projects begun now must be completed by May 22, or it will be the next Mercury retrograde in September, 2016 before they can be finished.


Flowers, Stars and the Hours

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Hours of the Day

Make a Floral Clock or Horoscope.

Place a sundial or add a crystal in the center.

The circle, familiar as the form for a horoscope map, is an ancient and spiritual pattern honoring the cycles in our lives and the seasons in many ways. In planning a garden, a circle pattern can be used with apropos plants, trees and flowers in each of the 12 sections, representing the hours of the day and night or houses in the horoscope as one would choose.. Alternatively, a personal horoscope chart can be planted, starting with the rising sign as the 1st house. In esoteric astrology and in the séance room, fresh flowers and plants play a key role in honoring and invoking the spiritual and healing energies in the world around us. The current astrological transit of intense and transformative Pluto moving through earthy Capricorn right now favors looking more deeply into the ways plants can favorably impact and heal our world. Here are the plants I would use. There are variations. Do feel free to experiment.

9 oclock am or pm (1st zodiacal house) chickweed, tulips, olive tree.

8 oclock (2nd house) iris, orange tree

7 oclock (3rd house) roses, water plants, lettuce, lupins

6 oclock (4th house) all lilies – including day lilies, Easter lilies, tiger lilies, lotus

5 oclock (5th house) sunflower, gladioli, poppy, lemon tree

4 oclock (6th house) morning glory, dandelion, hyacinth

3 oclock (7th house) pansy, all white flowers, including roses

2 oclock (8th house) orchid, heliotrope, black eyed susans

1 oclock (9th house) jasmine, all buds

12 oclock (10th house) carnations, wood and water violets

11 oclock (11th house) snow drops, marigolds, mums

10 oclock (12th house) poplar trees, hydrangeas, African violets

Moons of Color – Pink, Black and Blue

Moonbeams by Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

April 22, 2016 – Full Moon – A Pink Moon. 

The Pink Moon is one of several names for the Full Moon in April. The intriguing phrase honors the lovely pink phlox flowers, which appear as a bright promise of spring beauty and the growth season ahead near this date. There will be Pink Moons again on April 11, 2017 and April 29, 2018. Normally there is just one Pink Moon each year.

The Black Moon is the rare second New Moon within a single calendar month. The Black Moon is mystical and magically linked to the wee folk; fairies, leprechauns, pixies and their kin. There will be a Black Moon on September 30, 2016. Usually about three years will elapse between Black Moons.

The Blue Moon is the rare second Full Moon in a single month. Once is a Blue Moon is a popular saying which offers a clue as to its rarity. As a rule about three years will separate blue moons. However in 2018 there will be two Blue Moons, on both January 31, 2018 and March 31, 2018. Blue Moons are considered serendipitous and fortunate in the United States. However in Europe they are thought to be ill omens. Personally, as a Moon Child and astrologer, born under the birth sign of Cancer, I like the Blue Moon and feel it welcomes good luck. Many queries about this topic have come my way on this eve of the Pink Moon. So hopefully this little study of the Moons of Color has brightened and delighted with moon beams your enjoyment of the night sky and its mysteries.

Memories of the Night Time Beach
A Neptune’s Dream Poem
by Dikki-Jo
Grey sea and a long arm of sand
A yellow pearl globe Moon, so large and low
Restless tiny waves leap, then weep
Moon fire curls disrupt their sleep
I walk a mile scented by the sea
Over a black dune, entering a mystery land!

Gladly Beyond and Time

By Dikki-Jo

Note: this poem was written as the Sun was conjunct Uranus in Aries on April 9, 2016. This astrological aspect ushers in surprises, yet the elements of the unexpected might not be all that influential in the grand scheme of things because the Moon was void of course. It was accompanied by a strong earth sign accent, with the Taurus Moon joined by Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. It suggests a good day to enjoy nature or perhaps a garden party, where I was headed when the poem came through from my muse and spirit guides!
Friends walking together
No idea where I am
Heavy and rich a lily garden
And orange blossoms
Chosen for beauty, not love
Wondering if there can be
Death by fragrance
The Sun acknowledges
Life of a brewing springtime
Not a hint of the distant dusk
Shadowing the end of perfection


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