Two Total Eclipses - Surprises in Your Easter Basket

 Wearing a New Bonnet In A Wild Easter Parade

March 20 (New Moon in Pisces) and April 4 (Full Moon in Libra), 2015

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

May one always live in interesting times. This is a traditional veiled message which might be either a cryptic curse or a blessing, but it certainly describes what can be expected during the spring season of 2015. The times will be transformational, volatile and even volcanic. It’s always best to let the universe make the first move when an eclipse pattern is operative. The key word is change. Those most adaptable will fare best. On March 20, at 5:36 AM EDT, just hours before the Vernal Equinox, there is a solar (new Moon) eclipse at 29 degrees 27 (at very end) of Pisces.

The Sun and Moon form a stellium in Pisces with Chiron, Neptune and Mercury. Water quality, aquatic creatures such as sharks, dolphins and whales will be prominent. Rain and snowfall and how it impacts the land can also demand attention. The Sabian Symbol for this Alpha-Omega degree of the zodiac is A Great Stone Face. Discernment, character and self realization are the keynotes. With the prominent Neptune much psychic phenomena and paranormal experiences can be expected. Heed omens and dreams. Seek constructive creative expression. The eclipsed Sun and Moon will conjoin the fixed star Mirach. This pale yellow star in the girdle of the constellation Andromeda emphasizes beauty, intellectual brilliance, kindness, renown, turn for the better in love and domestic relationships. There can be some exceptional technological breakthroughs and new standards set in the fine arts,

At 6:45 pm EDT that same evening of March 20 spring begins, the Sun enters Aries and the world begins a new wake up and be reborn cycle. It’s the Easter or Ostara season. Uranus, Mars and the Moon greet the Sun in Aries. All the Aries placements will trine Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius and square Pluto in Capricorn. This brings both a grand trine in the fire signs and a strong cardinal sign energy. Ecology and temperature extremes are accented. A desire to act, to live in the here and now, expect a competitive note. Sports and military figures can capture the hearts and minds of many. Physical feats will appeal, perhaps hiking the Appalachian Trail. Aries relates to the head and eyes, so hats and eyeglasses of all kinds can be especially popular wardrobe items this spring.

The two weeks until the next eclipse, on April 4, will reveal the specifics of this potent pattern. The two weeks between eclipses are pivotal and historical cycles, usually. On April 4 the Libra eclipse at the Full Moon at 8:05 AM EDT is at 14 degrees 24. This is also Passover and Easter Saturday. Seek new spiritual depth in both religious holidays. Great upsets are likely, a wild rabbit kind of Easter parade of events is likely.  This might involve the weather. Justice can be a significant issue, laws and politics, with the aim of building a better life will be pervasive. This Libra eclipse is rather near the fixed star Algorab, a double pale purple and gold star on the right wing of the Crow. This indicates scavengers, recyclers, and thrift shop fans doing well. It’s time to repurpose or free cycle. Algorab has a Mars-Saturn nature and can bring out deception, bad manners and malevolence in the negative types. The Sabian symbol is Circular Paths. The message is to find an orientation and be aware of how life experiences repeat. A sense of dejavu will overcome many. Confucius’ advice to look to the past if you would know the future is an axiom which applies.

Make peace with the past and let it go, as the wintry song from Frozen says. A Tibetan poem paraphrased reads Here in my body is a sacred river, here are the Sun and Moon as well as the pilgrimage of all places. There is not another temple as blissful as my own.

Reflect upon the beautiful Full Libra Moon on Easter. Its a good time to remember the words of the great circus promoter P.T. Barnum who once said, The noblest art is that of making others happy. Those who try this might be surprised when they find their own happiness enhanced along the way.


The Big Mama Asteroid

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Note: Jacksonville, Florida Astrologer Mr. Coleman Smith, editor of the North Florida Astrological Association’s newsletter “Skyward”, has asked me to contribute a feature about Ceres since I will be a guest speaker at the NFAA meeting in April, 2015. For those of you who might not receive “Skyward”, the article is reprinted here.

At first glance a diagram of the solar system reveals a beautiful symmetry. Beginning with Mercury the planets circle the Sun at proportional distances except for a gap between Mars and Jupiter. Something seems off beat or missing there, a misstep in the celestial dance. This gap is where the asteroid belt is located. The theory is that once, long ago, another planet orbited there but something, perhaps a passing meteor crashing into it, made it explode. Between 1801 and 1806 the four largest pieces of what might have once been the real 5th rock from the Sun were discovered. When there is a significant discovery in the celestial dome it tends to correlate with a new phase of development, some kind of discovery or new awareness, which affects life on Earth. The four largest asteroids (there are thousands of minor ones) were named Ceres (mother), Pallas (daughter) Juno (wife) and Vesta (sister) for the female archetypes interacting with the planet Jupiter or Zeus. Their discovery correlates with the first stirrings of the womens liberation movement. By the time astrologer Eleanor Bach calculated an accurate ephemeris for the asteroids it was 1973 and the role of women in society was in a full fledged transition. Since then astrologers who seek greater insights into the various aspects of femininity have been able to include the asteroids in natal carts as well as analyzing transits.

Ceres is the largest asteroid, measuring about 600 miles across. The massive size (compared to the other asteroid fragments) suggests that Ceres might be the most influential of them all. Ceres is named for an ancient Italian goddess of growing grain and rewarding harvests. In her honor the Romans would celebrate the spring time with a festival called Cerealia. The cult of Ceres was among the oldest of the plebeian cults.

The glyph astrologers use for Asteroid Ceres suggests a sickle used to harvest grain, the staff of life. Ceres, named for the goddess of fertility and crops, has been associated with a rulership over both Virgo and Taurus. Virgo, the harvest maiden, holds a sheaf of grain while the Moon is exalted in Taurus, suggesting the most nurturing of mothers. The keywords for Ceres are womanhood, family planning, ecology, personal service, health, nourishment and fertility. Ceres guidance addresses issues of parenthood, the generation gap, dependency, attachment and productivity, sharing and grief. In mythology Ceres (also Demeter) is the mother whose daughter, Persephone (also Pallas), was kidnapped by Pluto. Her grief at losing her beloved daughter for half of the year is reflected in the seasons. Because Persephone is forced to spend half of the year (winter) in Hades, the underworld, and is allowed to return to the surface of the Earth to rejoin her mother, Ceres, for the other six months (summer), Ceres created the cycle of seasons. The winter symbolizes her time of loss and grief. In the Tarot deck The Empress, Key 4, might be linked to Ceres.

Check your own horoscope with the current transit of Ceres to analyze how these keynotes might be important in the drama of your own life. The asteroid Ceres is transiting Capricorn until April 4, 2015 (also the day of the lunar eclipse). Then it will transit Aquarius until, August 4, 2015 when it will retrograde back into Capricorn. Ceres will reenter Aquarius from October 28, 2015 until January 28, 2016 when it will begin a transit in Pisces.

Sunday, January 11, 2015
Colby Temple, Cassadaga, Florida
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

It was a cool and grey winter Sunday morning and I was a guest speaker at the lovely historic Colby Temple in Cassadaga, Florida, the famous Spiritualist Camp. Here is an excerpt from that presentation.

Saturn is in Sagittarius until June 15. Schools, church politics and foreign diplomacy can be of concern. From June 15 – September 17 Saturn will be in Scorpio. Scandals come to light (watch news about Cosby and Prince Andrew and others). The final stages of the bad flu and ebola viruses can play out. Jupiter is in Leo until August 10. This is an outstanding time for the entertainment world, children’s programs and spectacular creative work. On August 11 Jupiter begins a year long transit through Virgo. Health care solutions will be accented. Reasonable coverage and alternative health care as well as natural and herbal medicines can become more popular. Mystical Neptune remains in its own ruling sign of Pisces all year. Psychic phenomena and the 6th sense are accented. Many might encounter angels and other helpful spirits. Visit a fairy trail, take photos of orbs, there is another world along side the mundane and ordinary to explore. Pluto remains in Capricorn all year. Ecology versus business, the value of currency and banking practices can be accented.

July 31 brings a rare Blue Moon. Expect serendipity and magic to be in evidence, appreciate coincidences and act upon synchronicity that day. Usually Blue Moons occur only every 2 – 3 years. It’s a good time for attending a Moon ceremony or drum circle. Venus will be retrograde July 25 – September 6 in Virgo and Leo. Don’t change your relationship status then, be as tolerant as possible of any rude behaviors or peccadillos while Venus is retrograde. Keep a sense of humor and resist the temptation to purchase expensive items or risk security during this Venus retrograde. Dieters might have a temporary set back.

Uranus will square Pluto all year. This is a long range and transformational transit showing vast changes sweeping society as a whole. A new world is emerging. Those who are flexible and can hold on for the ride will fare well. Cardinal signs are involved so there is an immediate, act here and now quality afoot. Patience is scant.”

Year of the Sheep

Chinese Astrology – Year 4713

The Year of the Wood Sheep

February 19, 2015 – February 7, 2016

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Chinese New Year is celebrated at the second New Moon after the winter solstice, in late January to mid February. Following a cycle of twelve years, it is the oldest of all contemporary calendars, in use since at least 2637 BCE. The legend surrounding the origin of Chinese Astrology is an intriguing one. It began as a party to honor Buddha. Twelve animals attended and each was rewarded with a year. The animals are said to hide in the hearts of those born as well as within the events which take place during their respective years. Five elements (fire, water, metal, earth and wood) are also a part of this zodiac. Every sixty years the element and animal pairs will return to begin a new cycle.

The Sheep (also known as The Goat) was the eighth animal to arrive at Buddha’s festivities. Eight is a number which is most auspicious in the Far East, so the year holds the promise of greater peace and prosperity for many. Both lambs and goats have long been symbolic of sacrifice and spirituality; this sign also accents faith. Religious practices will become a stronger focus and a more universal source of solace.

Considered witty, loyal, altruistic, compliant, candid, kindly and tolerant and mild mannered, Sheep people are sought after as both business and marriage partners. The wood element also promises especially high intelligence, talent and a gift for communicating with those from all walks of life. The Wood Sheep fares well in business but also is a mystic, often revealing genuine psychic ability.

Those born in a Sheep Year can prepare to graze happily in greener pastures. Your prospects will improve during your year.

Years of the Sheep

1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

Gong Hoy Fot Choy! – Greeting of Riches – Happy New Year

Here are Feng Shui guidelines for the Year of the Wood Sheep. Oriental astrology emphasizes symbols, omens and portents. Give it a try by incorporating these into your environment and choices to enhance health, wealth and happiness.

Color: light green

Music: harp music

Crystal: sapphire

Drink: mineral or sparkling water

Fragrance: apple blossom

Tree: dogwood

Flavor: bland

Lucky Number: 12

Flowers: carnation and narcissus

Food: raw vegetables

Spice: saffron

Metal: aluminum

Herb: mint

Motto: I depend

Direction: South to South West

Season: Summer, especially July

Lucky Hours: 1 -3 PM

Animals: nightingale, sheep and goats

(A special Thank You to The Witches’ Almanac where this feature first appeared for permission to reprint.)

Predictions – The Year of the Sheep For The Twelve Chinese Signs


Artistic projects and creativity will have great appeal to you, Rat, in the Sheep’s Year. Enjoy a light, easy going mood in love and friendship. Forgive and forget old disappointments. Cultural events such as concerts and the theater will renew your spirit. Look more to the future than the past now.


For Ox, the Sheep brings the need for patience. Unreliable people can try your sense of humor at times. Forgive and forget. Enjoy the peace and quiet of rural areas when possible. The care and upkeep of your home will be an important focus this year.


What Does the Sheep Year bring to Tiger? This can be rather up and down concerning communication. Others will have different ideas and opinions to express. Humor and patience is a must. It can be a little slow concerning changes, fill some moments of boredom with studies and personal creative projects.


Rabbit, this year of the Sheep will be more tranquil than the Horse (2014) has been. Others are sympathetic, new social connections are a bright spot. Be patient with finances, there can be a slight or temporary financial set back, though. Dreams can be significant, offering insights and guidance. The fine arts and films can enhance your joy in 2015.


The Sheep favors the Dragon. The year ahead is one of culture and creativity. It encourages you to have faith and confidence, you can accomplish much. Avoid negative people, hone your talents and allow inspiration to guide you. The Sheep supports the Dragons long range goals.


Snake, expect to be drawn into some drama or stress through relationships. You can be inclined to help those underdogs who might not be appreciative somehow. Keep the best company with constructive associates and all will be well. Love situations are favorable. Keep an eye on money, make conservative choices.


The Sheeps year, is likely to be less guarded and more relaxed than last year was. A combative situation can ease. Career rewards are likely, a romantic prospect can turn into a more promising relationship. Hold on, things will improve remember to use the Feng Shui guidelines to for a happier future


In 2015 your animal, The Sheep returns. Chinese Astrology promises a new cycle and good fortune in 2015. Party on and enjoy!


The Sheep is a delight for Monkey, it’s a time of sunshine and hope. You solve problems, get organized and sort through chaos. New plans and projects flourish. Just be careful of excessive generosity.


Rooster, the Sheep Year brings uncertainty. Get a handle on anxiety. Have faith and all will be well. Others can seem shallow or frivolous, resist the temptation to be critical of their foolishness, just live and let live. Your methodical and independent self will win out as the year concludes.


Dog, the Sheep Year is favorable for writing of prose, poetry and music, and for finding peace at home. There can be some insecurity and uncertainty though. There is some uncertainty, but do not indulge in comfort food or other escapism. Dreams can be interesting but sleep patterns might be changing.


Boar, the Sheep assures great happiness! There is little competition or pressure. Moving at your own speed you can approach your goals. The times are hopeful, try a fresh path. An old conflict is laid to rest. You can feed or otherwise nurture others.

2015 – A Universal Eight Year


By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Calendars and numbers naturally go together. The numbers of the days, months and years help to orient us. Numbers are essential to sanity and happiness, they help us find our way amid the chaos. There is something so comforting about numbers. Astrology and numerology have gone hand in hand at least since the time of Pythagoras in the 4th Century BC. Number codes are prominent in many spiritual texts, including The Bible.

A wonderful way to begin to understand number patterns is to consider the Universal Year. 2015 is 2+0+1+5 = 8. 2015 is an eight year. The 8 is symmetrical, suggesting tangible accomplishment. Many will see finances improve. Eight brings a solid and well defined quality. Eight will also balance material values with other priorities. It has an efficient and businesslike quality, career goals can advance. In astrology 8 relates to the planets Neptune (a higher octave of Venus) and Jupiter. This combination suggests that comfort and order will be enhanced. For good fortune, if there is not numeral 8 included in your address, pencil in an 8 figure near the doorway. If turned on its side the 8 becomes the cosmic lemiscate, a traditional charm for harmony and balance in the midst of change. In any case, draw a sideways 8 near the entrance to your dwelling for good fortune all year. Interests and businesses related to sports, antiques and collectibles, real estate and property management should flourish this year.

Tan, canary yellow and ivory are favorable colors for wardrobe, home décor and meditation candles this year. Crystals to wear or carry include ,hematite, jet, black quartz, black pearls, very dark rubies and dark sapphires. Music to select includes organ, choral and sacred hymns or chants. Health wise be aware of the care of the bladder, teeth and skin as well as avoiding flu hazards. Celery and other fresh vegetables, vegetable soup, chocolate, popcorn and (!) marshmallows are favorable foods to include in your diet.

Here is a fun recipe to make to celebrate the eight year.


1 16 oz package of miniature marshmallows

20 caramels

1/4 cup butter, cubed

10 cups popped corn

1 cup M and M’s candies

2 cups of peanuts

Melt marshmallows, caramels and butter, stir, pour over the popcorn in a large mixing bowl. Stir in candies and peanuts, press into a cake pan (a bundt works well). Let cool until firm, remove from pan with a serrated knife, serves about 17 hungry souls.

What does this number Eight year of 2015 hold for you? To determine your own personal year number add your month and day of birth to eight, then keep adding the numbers together until just one single digit remains.

This is an example for some one born on July 13. 7 (for July) + 13 + 8 (for 2015) = 28 and 2 + 8 = 10. 1 +0 +1. So this shows a personal one year, a time of new beginnings, for some one born on this date.

Here is a list of the number meanings for some quick insights.

One –  will, leadership, vitality, independence, beginnings

Two –  sensitive, partners, emotions, receptive

Three –  expansion, creative, diplomatic, sociable

Four –  structured, boundaries, limitations, physical, grounded

Five  – dual, communicates, restless, adventure, witty, clever

Six  – domestic, loyal, concerned, artistic, refined, cultured

Seven –  intellectual, mysterious, mystical, reserved, occultism

Eight – tenacious, materialist, accomplished, powerful, upward mobility

Nine – universal, endings, humane, broad scope, spiritual, reflective

Finish up things in your personal nine year, begin afresh in a one year. Marry in a two or six year. Work hard in a four or eight year. Take risks in a three year, try multi-tasking in a five year. Meditate and contemplate, enjoy peace and privacy in your personal seven year.

Lunations in 2015

New and Full Moon Signs in 2015

Lunations mark the Full and Moon Days. Luna’s tides are especially potent when New or Full so be forgiving and relaxed if events and associates grow a bit intense or even rather “looney.” The Moon moves rapidly, covering all of the twelve zodiac signs each month. The lunar influences are powerful yet transient. This year there is no New Moon in Capricorn, but brings two New Moons in Aquarius and two Full Moons in Cancer. July brings a rare Blue Moon. The Blue Moon is the second Full Moon in a single month, it is thought to be fortunate and serendipitous.

Eastern Standard And Daylight Savings Time

2015 – Looking Ahead

New Moons

Jan 20 New Moon in Aquarius

Feb 18 Aquarius

Mar 20 Pisces (eclipse)

Apr 18 Aries

May 18 Taurus

Jun 16 Gemini

July 15 Cancer

Aug 14 Leo

Sept 13 Virgo (eclipse)

Oct 12 Libra

Nov 11 Scorpio

Dec 11 Sagittarius

Full Moons

Jan 5 Full Moon in Cancer

Feb 3 Leo

Mar 5 Virgo

Apr 4 Libra (eclipse)

May 3 Scorpio

Jun 2 Sagittarius

July 1 Capricorn

July 31 Aquarius  Blue Moon!

Aug 29 Pisces

Sept 27 Aries (eclipse)

Oct 27 Taurus

Nov 25 Gemini

Dec 25 Cancer

Retrogrades and Eclipses in 2015


Eclipses, close alignments of the Sun, Moon and Earth, are about bring an intensified always bring about turning points, shifts and growth with elements of surprise. For those with a birthday within three days of an eclipse a year of breakthroughs and important changes can be expected. There will be four eclipses this year, three are total and one is partial.

March 20, 2015 – New Moon Solar in Pisces, South Node – total

(visible in Europe, parts of the Middle East and Asia, N. Africa and extreme Eastern Newfoundland)

April 4, 2015 – Full Moon -Lunar Eclipse in Libra, North Node total eclipse

(visible in the Americas, Australia and Antarctica)

September 13, 2015 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo, North Node – partial eclipse

(visible in S. Africa, Madagascar and Antarctica)

September 27, 2015 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries, South Node – total eclipse

(visible in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia)

A total eclipse is more influential than a partial, while those eclipses conjunct the Moons North Node are thought to be more favorable than those which conjoin with the South Node.

Retrograde Planetary Motion

The illusion of retrograde or apparent backward planetary motion is created by the Earths speed relative to the other planets. Astrologically retrogrades are quite significant, they promise a change of pace and perspective.

Mercury Retrograde

Three or four times yearly, retrograde Mercury impacts technology, travel and communication. Those who have been out of touch return. Complete old projects, revise, review, and tread familiar paths. Gemini and Virgo will be affected.

January 21 – February 11, 2015 in Aquarius

May 19 – June 12, 2015 in Gemini

September 18 – October 10, 2015 in Libra

Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde influences art, finances, and love. Taurus and Libra will be affected.

July 25 – September 7, 2015 in Virgo and Leo

Mars Retrograde

The military, sports, and heavy industry are impacted. Aries and Scorpio will be affected.

( But there is no retrograde Mars cycle this year!)

Jupiter Retrograde

Large animals, speculation, education, and religion are impacted. Sagittarius and Pisces are affected.

December 9, 2014 – April 9, 2015 in Leo

Saturn Retrograde

Elderly people, the disadvantaged, employment and natural resources are linked to Saturn. Capricorn and Aquarius will be affected.

March 14, 2015 – August 2, 2015 in Sagittarius and Scorpio

Uranus Retrograde

Inventions, science, electronics, revolutionaries, and extreme weather relate to Uranus retrograde. Aquarius is impacted.

July 27 – December 26, 2015 in Aries

Neptune Retrograde

Water, aquatic creatures, chemicals, spiritual forces and psychic phenomena are impacted by Neptune retrograde. Pisces will be affected.

June 13 – November 19, 2015

Pluto Retrograde

Ecology, espionage, birth and death rates, nuclear power, and mysteries relate to Pluto retrograde. Scorpio will be influenced.

April 17 – September 26, 2015 in Capricorn


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