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A House Blessing Prayer

channeled to Dikki-Jo Mullen from a Navajo Spirit

(use with a Sage Smudge, salt, candles and/or, pine cones for added power. Dried sage may be kept in a shell or dish in the home to reinforce the blessing. Repeat the House Blessing prayer three times aloud to bring good fortune to your dwelling place.)

Blessing For Your Home

This home, shall be surrounded with joy.
This fire shall be for the good and all who sit beside it will be in good health. Any plans made in this home will be for the good of all.

May this be a good place to live, may it be happy in this home;
may life be long and worthwhile in this home.
May all enter this home cheerfully and peacefully and with respect.
May there be plenty of all that is good in this home. Whomever may come into this home, may they relax peacefully and rest up. May all have no misfortunes.

May the house be in harmony; All around is a happy neighborhood
May the fire be well made and happy; May the Sun,
the mother’s ancestor, be happy for this gift;
May it be happy to shine in this house; May this road be of light,
may the ancestors be content.

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Susan Boyle
The Astrology of Scotlands Shooting Star
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
They bullied her and called her Susie Simple when she was just a school girl in her small home town in Scotland. Unknown and dowdy, she resembled a middle aged woman who could have lived a generation or more ago when she walked onto the stage of the TV show Britains Got Talent on April 11, 2009. It was just days after her 48th birthday. At first glance Susan Boyle seems to be a most unlikely candidate to instantly touch the souls of all humanity; yet she did just that. The stoic and cynical faces of the shows judges melted into loving admiration and the entire world gave her a standing ovation as she sang I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. Her voice is indescribable. It can only be compared to that of an angel, yet even that high praise hollows and falls short to the reality.
Is it only her remarkable voice? Is it also because there is a bit of Susan Boyle in the hearts of most of us that makes her a subject of so much intrigue? Does she offer hope and inspiration to everyone who has a mission to bring out the brightest and the best within themselves while there is still time? As one national news commentator said, everyone on the entire planet who has a television set or a computer knows Susan Boyle. Her meteoric rise to fame followed the path of a true shooting star. It has been mythic and legendary in its magnitude. That star which exploded brightly, darkened and fell over a mere seven week time span during the spring of 2009.
Born on April 1, 1961 at 9:50 AM in Blackburn (West Lothian) Scotland, she was the youngest of nine children in a family of Irish Catholic immigrants of modest means. Susan has the Sun in Aries in the 11th house. This shows a desire to plan for the future and to offer something of herself to humanity. For the past decade Susan has entered and won local talent competitions, and even cut a CD using her own savings. (A purchaser of that early CD said that a rendition of Cry Me A River touched the very core of her heart and plays constantly in her home.) Susans natal Sun forms a pressure cooker of a tight cardinal T-square with Mars in Cancer (2nd house) and a Full Moon in Libra (5th house). The Moons sign and house indicates her affinity for music and a desire to perform. The Libra Full Moon also indicates responsiveness and a love of beauty, yet the square to Mars in Cancer in the 2nd shows a hint of temper, impatience, financial and family related challenges. Susan had little success in school. She worked only briefly outside the home, failing abysmally as a trainee cook. Susan (who has never dated much less married) spent years caring for her ailing mother, who lived to age 91. When her mother passed away in 2007 Susan hid alone in the house for days, refusing to speak to family or friends. She has since stayed on in her childhood home, with only Pebbles, her beloved cat, as a companion. Uranus, the Moon node and Pluto in the 4th house shows a deep focus on unusual living arrangements and seeing home as a secure haven. Still, it was her mother (remember the Libra Moon describes Mum) who recognized her daughters potential. Her mother made Susan promise to do something with her life and to try out for the show Britains Got Talent. Neptune in Scorpio in the 6th house forms a grand trine in water signs with the natal Mars in Cancer and Mercury in Pisces in the 11th house. This shows Susans love of animals as well as her extreme sensitivity which could impact her physical well being. The 9th house is interesting, with Jupiter in Aquarius making an out of sign conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn placed there. Susan honed her talent by taking private voice lessons. She also volunteered throughout her life in the choir at her church, Our Lady of Lourdes. She has been very active in charity work as well.
As a child Susan had only to hear a musical composition once. She then could play it back on the piano and sing along, note and tone perfect always. Since the entire family was musically inclined everyone took the gift for granted, it was just the way Susan was. Susan has Venus retrograde in Aries, it is square Saturn, trine Uranus in Leo and sextile the ascendant. In esoteric astrology this pattern would point to past life influences bringing an innate ability in the arts, yet with a struggle expressing it.
Her mother was 47 years old when Susan, who was deprived of oxygen briefly at birth, was born. Early on she was diagnosed with learning disabilities. Susans 9th house Saturn in Capricorn forms an exact quincunx to her Gemini ascendant. This shows fated circumstances at work. There is an offbeat, even eccentric appearance and mode of expression with this placement. Her ascendant ruler, Mercury, is in its detriment in Pisces and makes a wide opposition to Pluto in Virgo. This can hint at a lack of ability to cope with large crowds. Sometimes endearing, yet often inappropriate, her childlike facial expressions, comments and gestures have led both critics and concerned fans to speculate that Susan truly isnt capable of coping with celebrity status.
On April 11, 2009 when her initial very successful audition enabled Susan to proceed to the TV shows next round, transit Venus was retrograde on the Pisces-Aries cusp, profoundly impacting her birth chart. The Full Moon in Libra just two days earlier activated the cardinal sign placements. The February 9, 2009 lunar eclipse at 21 degrees Leo had exactly conjoined her natal Uranus, ruler of her mid-heaven, showing the surprise opportunity and changes brewing. Susan had recently experienced her Jupiter Return, showing a new cycle of growth beginning. For fans of Chinese Astrology, this twelve year Jupiter cycle is a reminder that age 48 (12 animal years times 4) also marks the return of Susans Chinese ruler. 1961, her birth year and 2009 are both The Year of the Ox. A second round of Britains Got Talent found Susan floundering slightly as she sang Memories from Cats. Her vulnerability endeared her to her fans, so they voted her into the finals, never the less. Meanwhile, Mars and Venus were moving together through Aries, following the Venus retrograde. This once in six year transit stimulated Susans natal cardinal T-Square. She grew angry at the extensive press coverage which surrounded her. She even cursed at and attacked reporters in a Rambo- like fashion. Journalists then dubbed her Su-Bo and The Hairy Angel, mocking her bushy eyebrows and frazzled, graying hair.
After Mercury turned retrograde on May 7 her situation deteriorated further. Devastated by the negative press coverage and other pressures of stardom, Susan was unable to eat or sleep in the days leading up to the May 30, 2009 finale of Britains Got Talent. On the important night both transiting Mercury and Neptune were at a station. Transit Mars was conjunct her natal Venus and transit Saturn opposed her natal Mercury. Susan again sang the selection which had originally made her famous. Although the vote was close she came in second to a high energy dance group called Diversity.
Initially she was gracious about the defeat but back stage Susan Boyle fell apart. Aries rules the head and brain, like many gifted artists born under that Sun sign, she suffered an attack of depression and anxiety. Throwing a glass of water in the face of a staff member who tried to comfort her, Susan screamed,
I hate this show!.
A photo taken as she left the studio in a taxi showed her burying her face in a bouquet of flowers, her expression wild and distraught. Back at her hotel she wandered around acting so strangely that an ambulance was called. She was taken to The Priory, a high profile mental health facility near London. She had experienced a complete break down. Her brother arrived and issued a statement that Susan was resting comfortably and still hoped that she could have a recording career. Critics of Britains Got Talent blamed the show for exploitation of a vulnerable person. The shows producers shot back that Susan had wanted to pursue the competition, and that no one forced her to perform against her will. September, 2009 found Susan out of the hospital and performing on Americas Got Talent. She offered a marvelous presentation, yet the celebrity mystique, so ephemeral, was no longer there. Other people and places captured the publics admiration instead.
In looking ahead, transit Saturn enters Libra in October, 2009. This will conjoin Susans Libra Moon and aspect Susans other natal cardinal sign planets. In addition, transit Pluto in Capricorn will move forward to form a grand cardinal cross with her natal Sun, Moon and Mars. It will be very difficult for her to recover from this set back and fulfill the potential of her wonderful gift. The heavens seem to indicate that Susans is a true shooting star, one which glows with momentary brilliance only to disappear forever. She has lived a modern day Cinderella story. However, it might be without the happy ending. If by any chance Susan Boyle does return to world wide celebrity to have the career she dreamt of, late 2012 – 2013 might be the time. Transits then show that Saturn will be entering Scorpio, starting to activate her grand trine in water signs. Jupiter will cross her Gemini ascendant and Uranus, which has some good aspects in her natal chart, will be in Aries.

Susan Magdalene Boyle
Born April 1, 1961
At 9:50 AM BST
In Blackburn (West Lothian)
Scotland 55N52 003W38
Important Note: Do be careful not to use the other Blackburn in Aberdeen Shire, as this is the wrong location and will make the ascendant inaccurate!
Sun- 11 Aries 23- 11th house
Moon- 12 Libra 53- 5th house (Full Moon)
Mercury- 16 Pisces 16 – 11th house
Venus – 25 Aries 22 – 11th house (retrograde)
Mars – 13 Cancer 35 – 2nd house
Jupiter – 2 Aquarius 48 – 9th house
Saturn 28 Capricorn 40 – 9th house
Uranus – 21 Leo 59 – 4th house (retrograde)
Neptune – 10 Scorpio 42 – 6th house (retrograde)
Pluto – 6 Virgo 01 – 4th house (retrograde)
N. Moon Node – 4 Virgo 33 – 4th house
Chiron 4 Pisces 32 – 10th house
Ascendant (Rising Sign) is 28 Gemini 14
Part of Fortune is 29 Sagittarius 44 – 7th house

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Finding Employment
How Astrology Can Help When You Lose Your Job!
By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer
The numbers are surreal and can be frightening. Almost everyday thousands of new job losses are announced and the economy as we have known it is in a free fall. Nearly everyone either knows someone who is already unemployed or who fears the loss of a career. Perhaps you are even now facing the specter of unemployment on a personal level. Maybe a long time job has grown wearisome and you long to venture in a fresh direction but dont quite know how. Hope, renewal and creating a bright new future are the themes upheld as a new President takes office. Implementing the specifics on a personal level can seem like a daunting task, however. Astrology can help. For thousands of years the truths and guidance etched in the heavens above have aided in navigating stormy waters to find a safe and secure haven. The journey from despair and joblessness toward a promising future starts by being in the right place at the right time. Knowing when, where and how to seek the best opportunities and alternatives are the essentials.
Begin by submitting resumes and scheduling interviews on your lucky days each week. The seven days of the week are an astrology cycle, Each day relates to the Sun, Moon or a planet and has a specific energy patterns. The 2008-09 issue of The Witches Almanac lists the favorable days of the week for each birth sign in the opening paragraph for each of the twelve Presage chapters. Take note of yours, then consider which day of the week you were born on. Sometimes this will be the same day, in other cases they will be different days, in either case, these will be your days to move forward. Next, using The Moon Calendar in The Witches Almanac, take note of the waxing Moon cycle. This is calculated for you. It is the time each month when the Moon is growing in light from New to Full. Its the best time to reach out to others and to begin new ventures. Unless you are returning to a career position held previously, dont begin a permanent career change while Mercury is retrograde. Retrograde cycles are explained in detail in the Eclipses and Retrogrades section in The Witches Almanac. Other retrogrades will impact careers ruled by the planets in question. For example a job linked to the arts would not do well while Venus is retrograde. A position as a firefighter or engineer would be likely to falter while Mars is retrograde, etc. Very near eclipses its best to let the universe make the first move, a job might not be as it seems or very stable if sought near an eclipse. Eclipse dates are also noted for you in The Almanac.
Consider the zodiac sign which rules the mid-heaven (10th house) in your own horoscope. This will indicate which career path would promise success. Its important to be flexible at present, for changes in the world situation are impacting everything. An established career might not work any longer. A general rule of thumb is that jobs in the fields of education, health care and security will be most in demand in the future. Each of these areas covers a broad spectrum. Investigate to see whether there is a place in one of these categories you feel drawn to. In downtown Orlando, Florida, where I have lived and worked for many years, a Sunday flea market has come together recently. From 10am -4pm an array of vendors operate small businesses in the good old fashioned American tradition of self employment. There are caricatures, portrait photographs with the subject cast as a fairy, looking glasses fashioned from antique saucers, cast off silverware and small mirrors. Paintings, hand crafted purses, knit hat and scarf sets, candles, soap, various foods from waffles to salsa, breakfast subs and tacos, original designed apron dresses, dog bandanas, hand crafted jewelry, organically grown garden produce and many other items are offered. Musicians serenade the large crowd, with tip jars placed before them.
In observing the flea market, and speaking with the vendors, I have noticed that patience and faith are important to earn a profit. Some weeks one booth will do well, at other times another (the daily Moon signs are important here. The Moons sign will describe the moods and needs of the general public on a given day. These are also listed in the Almanac). Do you have a hobby or skill that can be developed into a profit making venture? It can be satisfying and very lucrative to develop a personal business. At least it is a way to earn some money if you prefer to seek regular employment. Who knows, you might even do better as an entrepreneur. Meditate on the prospects, look to see what seems to be in demand in your community. From a deep well of wisdom within guidance will come if you will take time to reflect.
Dreams can be very helpful in finding the way out of a challenging time. A hint comes from the familiar phrase sleep on it. When facing an economic hardship or other worry, while falling asleep at night ask for guidance. It might take a few attempts, but eventually either a symbolic and helpful dream will come or youll awake with an answer in mind. Keep a notebook handy. Write down the impressions upon awaking and study them. As a general rule accurate prophetic dreams will occur when the Moon is in a water sign or in aspect to Neptune, the planet of dreams. Again, the Witches Almanac and your own birth chart will provide the specifics. Keep a positive outlook and keep trying. A new career path will open when the time is right. Remember, the Gods and Goddesses never give us a problem we dont have the ability to rise above. Have faith in the Lord and Lady and in yourself.

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