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Feng Shui – Ancient Success Secrets In Wind and Water

By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer and Feng Shui Consultant

Change the color of the front door, I said firmly.

Why and what color is better? wondered my client.

As a long time Feng Shui consultant I went on to explain and to offer some quick and easy suggestions to alleviate his love and money problems, two popular reasons people seek a Feng Shui consultation. Feng Shui has become increasingly popular in the West. It came from the Orient over twenty years ago. The basic premise is that the surroundings affect the overall quality of life, for good or ill.

One popular story tells of a restaurant which was failing. The Feng Shui consultant placed a red mat under the cash register after changing its angle,hung an octagonal clock on a wall opposite the door and installed a string of bells on a red cord near the door. Immediately the energy changed and the café became an overnight money maker and success. Some homes or business places seem to always generate failure and sadness while others thrive. The difference is in the chi or energy flow. Simply put its a matter of good and bad vibes.

A white front door is always a gateway to sorrow. Just watch the evening news. Most scenes of crime and other tragedies will show a dwelling with a white front door. The direction the front door faces is a factor, but red is always an auspicious choice. Also, a lonely single person will usually find love upon changing the color of the bed sheets. Peach or pink bed sheets (peach is preferable) will almost always draw a new relationship within twenty eight days. Fix the leaky facet in the kitchen too. Dripping water represents your prosperity and strength dripping away. Place a mirror so that it reflects the food on the stove or at the dinner table. This will double the amount of food. That symbolizes a doubling of the money.

Lets look at the Bagua indications, and Ill install some cures for you. I have red ribbons, a bamboo flute and some sacred calligraphy. The West relates to children, so we want to look there, as well as at your love and money corners. I use the compass school of Feng Shui, so well check the actual directions. This is a Lo Pan, I added, as I produced a special Feng Shui practitioners compass, with I-Ching trigrams and Chinese characters on it.

The Oriental Art Of Feng Shui

This philosophy, originally from China, is used throughout the Far East. Feng Shui means literally wind and water. Its a system for life enhancement which combines architecture, astrology, geomancy, mathematics, good taste and psychology in a powerful amalgam of science and religion.

Inner harmony and fulfillment depend upon understanding the cosmic energies that surround us. The proper use of color, garden plants, furniture placement and other factors can be the key to promotion and longevity. The opposite can draw failure or even an early death. If the Chi, the name given to the energy flow, is bad, then your best efforts will be futile. Sometimes just changing one item can be enough to redirect bad Chi into good.

First of all think of the universe as being composed of five astrological elements. Theres fire (Mars), earth (Saturn), wood (Jupiter), metal (Venus) and water (Mercury). These must all flow in harmony with the magnetic energy as shown by the compass points. Feng Shui has two basic truths. 1) Heaven rules Earth. 2) Both Earth and Heaven oversee all living things. Northern light is the most favorable for creative work Try to have your work space lit by northern light. If thats not possible, perhaps a mirror can be strategically placed to reflect northern light your way. Try to work always facing a front door so that active chi can bring in you its benefits. This assures progress.

The Bagua diagram represents a sacred turtle shell. Legend tells us that a Chinese emperor once looked up at the sky, then down at the Earth. At that moment a turtle appeared with the secrets of the universe mapped on its shell. Those secrets became the sacred octagon of Feng Shui.

Even today, after thousands of years, the sacred design is the framework used by Feng Shui practitioners. To begin, simply decide which area of life needs attention. Then make positive repairs or improvements in those areas. Feng Shui can be much more complex, but dont be afraid to experiment using minor adjustments. After twenty eight days, one cycle of the Moon, try something else if there hasnt been an improvement.

Usually, though, employing Feng Shui will quickly bring results.

The Nine Basic Cures

1. Mirrors, crystal balls, refracting light

2. Sounds, wind chimes, bells

3. Living objects such as aquariums and plants

4. Moving objects such as wind socks, whirly gigs, fountains

5. Heavy objects such as statues and stones

6. Electrically powered objects such as computers, televisions, stereos

7. Bamboo flutes

8. Colors (according to directions on the Lo Pan compass points)

9. Fragrances, incense and oils for aroma therapy

10. Mystical Cures and blessings. These include using rice, salt, coins, sacred calligraphy, nine lemons, powdered cinnabar and others.

The Three Secret Reinforcements

1. Body Gestures – mudras, praying hands, yoga postures

2. Speech – say only positive words, sound travels and surrounds, impacting the environment.

3. Mind Secret – Power of positive thinking, your thoughts build the world you live in, so visualize good intentions.

The mantra below is Sanskrit, an ancient energy language used in conjunction with Feng Shui. It can help you set correct speech, the second of the Three Secret Reinforcements, immediately. Chant it to release your karma. Old problems will be resolved and assistance will come when and where you most need it. Use Spanish vowel sounds and common English consonants. Repeated often it will have the effect of releasing you from blockages and from all that is holding you back. It dissolves your karma and lightens lifes work load.

Om namo mahasattva Kishitigarbha

Om ba la mo ling to ning svha


The above is an excerpt from Chapter Seven of one of Dikki-Jos books,

Koo Hollie and the Spirit of Prism Rosa .

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