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Guardian Angels of the Zodiac
Cosmic Friends Extend a Helping Hand From Above When Most Needed!
by Dikki Jo Mullen
(note: This is an excerpt from one of my books, “Koo Hollie and The Corn Goddess Chronicle”. With the challenging times in the world, remember to call out to the angels, always ask three times, according to the old traditions, the third time is the charm!)
The earliest astrologers interpreted the Sun, Moon, stars and planets as mystical energies. Gods and goddesses, spirits and angels were linked to the various heavenly bodies. Mythology described superior beings molding and even manipulating human destinies. Today, twenty-first century astrologers lean toward a more scientific slant as they interpret these cosmic
energies. Magnetic currents are present in the lunar cycle as it guides the weather, plant growth and human behavior instead of the powerful will of a Moon Goddess such as Selene or Diana.
These astrologers of long ago acted as priests, calling out to the planetary deities for favors. Modern astrologers might study psychology instead, then instruct clients to use a birth chart as a tool for greater self awareness and understanding. Whether you are more comfortable with the scientific approach or whether you prefer to appeal to the cosmic forces as sensitive beings responding to you on a conscious level one fact doesn’t change. Those who use astrology soon find that the patterns in the heavens are a key to life on Earth. Through meditation and study, from any number of approaches, astrology holds the key to attaining more happiness and success.
Unique among the various types of deities and spirits personified as planetary forces are four major archangels associated with the elements; fire, earth, air and water. Each angel is the celestial patron of three of the twelve zodiac signs. It’s ok to think of them as archetypes if you enjoy combining astrology with contemporary psychology. They can then become models to untap new levels of personal potential and awareness. If the more ancient traditions appeal to you, think of the angels as vividly alive, vibrant and immortal. Exuding love and joy, they are larger than life figures. Those who have seen angels have described radiant light beings twenty feet in height. Regardless of which approach you prefer to follow with your horoscope studies, awareness of your special guardian angel is helpful. It will add a sense of security and self appreciation. If you are modern and scientifically inclined, the angel image becomes a focal point to be in tune with the higher self. If you lean toward the traditional and mystical, the angel becomes a real helping hand extended by a special and powerful friend.
Michael is the archangel associated with the element fire. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the three fire signs of the zodiac, are under his guardianship. Michael’s name means “The Godlike”. He resolves disorder and imbalance. His influence helps you to be in the right place at the right time. Healthy competition, personal initiative, sports and outdoor activities are favored by him.
Call upon Michael as you visualize a tall, handsome male in the prime of life. His expression is that of a superior military man, it reflects reliability and pride. The eyes are blue and the hair blond and his speech is commanding. Near him stands a beautiful white horse. Michael wears shining armor and holds a flaming sword.
To request Michael’s aid face south (his sacred direction) and light a red candle (symbol of the fire element). After chanting the following invocation ask for specific answers to definite problems.
“Hail Michael, leader of the ever glorious Sun and hosts of light. Lead me to truth, defend against darkness. Champion me against all difficulties.”
Michael will assist in all matters related to success, competition and honor.
Auriel is the archangel who watches over the earth element. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the zodiac’s three earth signs, are under his guardianship. Auriel’s name means “Light of God”. He is a kindly Old Man New Year or Father Time figure and represents experience, persistence and maturity. In times of extreme difficulty he helps us know what not to do. The concept of law is sacred to Auriel. To connect with him visualize a kindly elderly man, his dark hair and beard are streaked with silver and his eyes are dark. His voice is deep and deliberate, his traditional angelic robe is brown with a silver belt. Behind him is a frosty and starlit evening sky, the ground beneath sparkles with snow. When the image is real in your mind’s eye face north and light a navy or brown candle. Prepare to be specific with a request for help as you chant.
“Hail Auriel. You embrace experience, evolve and accept all challenges. Every path you also have traveled and know.”
Raphael is the archangel of air. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the three air signs, are watched over by him. Raphael’s name means “ Healer of God”. An ever youthful and enthusiastic mood surrounds him. Aspirations, entertainment, adventure and originality link to Raphael. He draws new opportunities for expanded horizons of thought and action. Call out to Raphael as you visualize a young man with grey eyes, light brown hair and a lively, cheerful voice. His expression suggests great charm and he wears a robe of spring green or sky blue.
The springtime dawn surrounds him, flowers blossom and birds soar overhead. Baby animals peek from among the grasses. When seeking Raphael, face East (his sacred direction) at dawn. Light a pastel colored candle in blue, peach or yellow and form a specific request as you chant.
“Hail Raphael, who heals hurts. Give encouragement. Your enthusiasm draws better goals and brighter days. You are radiant with inspiration and liberty.”
Archangel Gabriel is the guardian of the water signs. Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are in his special care. Gabriel’s name means “Divine Power”. Deep emotions, magnification of kindness, tenderness and compassion make him the true humanitarian among the angels. Gabriel will replace anger with a cool head and good humored fellowship. The need to love and be loved are his message. Connect with Gabriel by facing West (his sacred direction) at sunset. Prepare to make a specific request for help as you light an emerald color candle and recite the following invocation:
“Hail Gabriel, your loving understanding is a cup that is ever over flowing. Wash away all pain and fears forevermore as you bring unlimited comfort and faith.”
The Angels
Angels can be invoked whenever confusion reigns and assistance is needed. Don’t take them lightly, though. The flow of events that they direct have, since earliest times, inspired awe. Treat them with the utmost respect, call out to them only when needed. A word of thanks is appropriate if you sense an angel guardian has indeed been helpful. If you are drawn to an angel other than the one associated with your Sun sign, the one linked to your Moon or rising sign can be sought. It is also acceptable to call on any of the arch angels that seem to be in harmony with a current need.

Michael offers help with general success and enhances prestige. Situations linked to the military are under his jurisdiction.
Auriel influences financial situations and security issues for the better.
Overall healing, creativity and intellectual achievements will be helped by Raphael’s intervention.
Family life as well as happiness in romance and emotional fulfillment are blessed by Gabriel.

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