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Cosmic Wild Cards and Exclamation Points

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

From very first astrological records, dating back thousands of years, eclipses have been linked to surprises and transformations. Eclipses occur when the shadow of one heavenly body falls across the lighted face of another. The transitory blockage of illumination is called an eclipse. The most influential of the eclipses will involve the Sun or Moon. Rarely Mercury or another planet can be observed in an eclipse. The eclipse of a planet isnt as dramatic in appearance or significance as an eclipse of the Sun or Moon. An exact alignment with the Earth is involved in solar and lunar eclipses. Potent aspects, in the form of exact conjunctions or oppositions, bring turning points at the time of an eclipse. When the glow of the Sun or Moon is shadowed or (in the case of a total eclipse completely extinguished) the temporary time of darkness fosters growth. A perfect key word for an eclipse is changes. With an eclipse the times are unsettled, even uncomfortable. However eventually all will be improved as the eclipse passes. That is because that which has outgrown its form is replaced and updated. Progress results. The path of an eclipse relates to the two nodes of the Moon. The nodes are points where there are intersections between the Moons orbit and the plane of the ecliptic or Earths orbit. The distance from the zodiacal degree of a New or Full Moon to the degree of the nodes indicates whether there will be an eclipse and also whether it will be a partial or the more powerful total eclipse.

It is imprudent to force issues during an eclipse. Instead, let the universe make the first move, then make a carefully considered the best response. In earlier times the disappearance of the bright Sun or Moon was associated with a symbolic passage through the mouth of a monster, a Great Sky Dragon whose head and tail are the North and South Moon Nodes. Today we realize that there is indeed a journey into the shadows during an eclipse. Upon a return to the light a new perspective, a different interpretation of things, is inevitable.

Those eclipses which are at the North Node of the Moon are thought to be more favorable than the eclipses conjunct the South Node. Take note if the degree of an eclipse is within three degrees of a planet in the birth chart. It will amplify the inherent promise of that planet by house, sign and natal aspects. An eclipse taking place within three days of your birthday augers an interesting year.

Note: Special Thanks is given to The Witches Almanac for permission to reprint the eclipse information above, where it has been previously published.

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