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Star Flights

In the Circle of Animals which composes the zodiac familiar to astrologers only Scorpio, once called the sign of the Eagle or Phoenix, has a secondary link with birds. The absence of beloved feathered messengers amid the Ram, Bull and other signs leaves a vague void. A sense of loss or a lack of fulfillment arises among astrologers who love birds. Birding is a hobby enjoyed around the world by animal lovers of all ages, young and old alike. Watching the comings and goings of the feathered ones has a universal appeal. Birds captivate and fascinate. Attracting birds by filling a feeder to attract frequent flyers for observation is an inexpensive way to alleviate some of the frustrations and constraints of modern life. Many myths, poems and stories make references to favorite birds or becoming free, like a bird. Various cultures have mythologies about bird people who have managed to escape earthly cares and soar close to the stars, Sun and Moon. The forming of a link between humanity and birds is universal as indicated in national and international symbols. In the USA and Canada each state and province has its own bird. Most nations follow suit with their own choices.

Fortunately there is a way that the irresistible, cosmic and ephemeral world of birds opens allowing you to take flight through your horoscope. From Southern India, a land where astrology has long been venerated and revered as a source of both practical and spiritual guidance, there is a little know astrology system which relates birds to the horoscope. Its called the Pancha Pakshi Zodiac. The words translate five and birds respectively. The five is for the elements, fire, water, air, earth and ether (spirit). The birds originally ruling the five elements are the peacock, chicken, owl, vulture and crow. As is the case with many early zodiacs, the Pancha Pakshi is a lunar calendar. In divination this zodiac has a secondary tie to the Pakshi Shastra which is consulted by astrologers and psychic readers in the same part of India as the bird zodiac. The Pakshi Shastra is a type of Tarot Card reading in which a bird, usually a wise and clever parrot, selects a fortunetelling card.

The Pancha Pakshi astrology teachings come from the Tamil literature. This early calendar doesnt exactly correlate with the astrology used today. However, it does open the way for original research, akin to esoteric (spiritual) astrology, about the ways that the twelve birth signs archetypes can be explored through identifying with birds. For a new perspective on the subtle and spiritual qualities in your own birth chart meditate upon the feathered messengers related to your Moon and rising sign as well as the familiar Sun Sign. The birds combine with astrological insights to become symbols of transcendence. Together they blend, allowing knowledge of distant places and the meaning of life to be obtained.

Aries – The Hummingbird

Born March 21 – April 19

The quick, energetic, impatient and territorial hummingbird relates to the planet Mars, ruler of Aries. In the Andes mountain cultures humming birds are linked to happiness. Aries people can be prone depression as this birth sign relates to the head and brain. When feeling down, this story about the colorful hummingbird can provide a lift. Long ago when the world was younger, a demon was gambling with the Sun and lost. Angered, the demon caused a volcano to erupt. Other birds and animals were paralyzed with fear and many perished. However a group of brave hummingbirds flew in all directions away from the flames and called upon the clouds to bring cooling rains. The fires were extinguished. Forever afterward the hummingbirds were colored in red, yellow, orange and other beautiful shades.

Taurus – The Bullfinch

Born April 20 – May 20

Ruled by Venus, the exceptionally lovely singing voice of this little bird can be heard as it often perches near the ground enjoying delicious berries and fruit from bushes. It feels most secure close to the ground, reflecting the Taurean quest for stability and affinity with both fine cuisine and the Earth. The tie with the Bull is obvious. Chaucers writings relate the Bullfinch with both the month of May and musically inclined Taurus. He uses the Old English name for this bird, the alpe, and mentions the sweetness of her melody. The bullfinch has been observed as being a little slow yet determined and bossy while nest building, in true Taurus bullish fashion.

Gemini – The Woodpecker

Born May 21 – June 21

The woodpecker, mischievous, with a cry that sounds like a laugh is ruled by Geminis planet, Mercury. This active and curious bird seems to dislike boredom. Woodpeckers are gifted communicators with personality and humor. Tapping away at dead wood to extract delicious insects, they even seem to give messages over their dinner. The wood woodpecker has had a cosmic tie with the Gemini Twins since Roman times. It was this bird which helped the wolf find food for the rescue of the infants Romulus and Remus. The legendary twins grew to be the founders of Rome.

Cancer – The Swan

Born June 22 – July 22

The graceful swan, at ease in the water, sensitive and mobile, with feathers forming crescent-like spirals is linked to this Moon ruled sign. Swans mate for life and form a close family unit. The legend of the ugly duckling, timid and lacking confidence while young, only to mature as a beautiful swan parallels the challenge of the Cancer, who must overcome the fear of being somehow inadequate, either too young or too old. Mother figures, for good or ill, overshadow the life of the Cancerian. The Children of Lir is a Celtic myth about swans in which an evil stepmother enchants the four children of her husband, turning them into swans for 900 years.

Leo – The Eagle

Born July 23 – August 22

The magnificent and large eagle, with its complex behavior and ability to fly high relates to this Sun ruled birth sign. Royal in attitude, the eagle seems to sense a kind of superiority over lesser birds. Power and nobility are universal attributes. In Egypt the Eagle was a spirit of the Sun and the sky as well as the sphinx who was part woman, part lion and part eagle. Sphinx was proud and clever, but so annoyed when a traveler answered one of her riddles correctly that she couldnt bear defeat and threw herself into the sea. The Aztecs related the Eagle to the celestial. Eagle is the most popular choice for national birds. Germany, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Scotland, the Philippines and of course The USA are among these.

Virgo – The Dove

August 23 – September 22

Associated with the Goddess Aphrodite and the purity of the Holy Spirit, the dove is an emblem of serenity and simplicity. In the Old Testament this bird is portrayed as a respected messenger, showing its tie to Mercury ruled Virgo. The birds of the air will carry your voice, or some winged creature will tell the matter. – Ecclesiastics 10:20 The word columba means dove. The sacred Isle of Iona off the coast of Scotland was established as a spiritual retreat by St. Columba by the 6th Century. To this day Ionas symbol is the dove and it remains a place of retreat and contemplation. The messenger/carrier pigeon, also a dove, has an obvious tie to Mercury. Hardworking and reliable, flying with an aura of duty and service, carrier pigeons have faithfully delivered messages for hundreds of years.

Libra – The Condor

September 23 – October 23

This largest member of the vulture family avoids flapping its wings or creating a stir. Instead it glides, effortlessly on wind currents, for distances of ten miles or more. The Condor reflects the Libran desire to avoid struggle and retain balance. Condors also mate for life, honoring this romantic Venus ruled sign of partnership. In the Andes the huge and beautiful condor feathers are collected and prized for ritual work. The shiny black feathers are often wrapped at the base in silver wire and decorated with Andean turquoise. As a scavenger this bird clears away and makes use of debris, adding to the balance of nature and restoring beauty to the landscape.

Scorpio – The Corvid

October 24 – November 21

Ravens, jackdaws, crows, magpies, and blackbirds are the corvid family of birds. In true Scorpio fashion, they are mysterious shape shifters with identities that are often interchangeable. Edgar Allen Poes poem The Raven hints at their haunting and sinister side. and upholds the theory that these clever and suspicious birds can actually speak. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio casts a dark shadow to reveal its rulership here through in the term raven mother. This describes a mother who neglects her offspring and places them in peril of death. Raven mother comes from a legend that the mistrusting mother ravens will not feed their newborn hatchlings because they are red, lacking the requisite black feathers. The gods had to rescue the babies and provide insects for a few days until the tiny black feathers would peek through, earning the mother birds confidence and care in the nick of time.

Sagittarius – The Hawk

November 22 – December 21

The lively and adventurous hawk, the same species of bird as the falcon, is a high flying hunter, always seeking a challenging prey to chase. Soaring above the landscape to view the bigger picture, a hawks style suggests the expansive perspective of Sagittarius ruler, Jupiter. The hawk is associated with the Egyptian deity Horus, who is portrayed with a falcons head. Horus protected the Earth with his outstretched wings and proclaimed all he could see as his territory. The hawk was welcomed when observed by travelers. It was thought that the birds cry was a warning of challenging situations ahead and a caution against being caught unaware. William Butler Yeats immortalized this fiery bird in his spiritual poem The Second Coming.

Capricorn – The Wren

December 22 – January 19

This unassuming bird is a survivor. Like Saturn ruled Capricorn, wrens thrive meeting the challenge of bleak surroundings and harsh living conditions. Shakespeare honored the wren in Richard III, with an analogy, Wrens make prey where eagles dare not perch. The wren has prevailed despite a tragic early history, The Wren Hunt. Annually in the Celtic countries, a ritual slaughter of wrens would take place on December 26, St. Stephens Day. The reasoning was that the bird carried a drop of the devils blood because it alerted the guards when St. Stephen was about to escape martyrdom by fleeing from prison. Paradoxically throughout the rest of the year, killing a wren was thought to be one of the most unlucky acts to commit. In England it assured the killing would mean broken bones while in Scotland the murderer would have only bloody milk from the cows. Saturn is the planet of consequences and atonement.

Aquarius – The Seagull

January 20 – February 18

Sociable and adaptable, gulls are found all around the world. Richard Bachs short novels Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions personify the seagull as a nonconformist who uplifts and encourages others while being true to the self. The word gull comes from the Welsh gwylan. It translates wailing, a reference to the gulls kindness to the souls of those lost at sea. The concerned birds would rescue the lost spirits, guiding them toward heaven. In Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah there is a monument to the seagull, commemorating a miracle. The first crops planted by the Mormon settlers in 1848 were being consumed by a horde of ravenous crickets. Mass starvation was imminent. Miraculously, with the suddenness of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, from nowhere, a huge flock of thousands of seagulls arrived to consume the crickets. The birds saved the crops and the people.

Pisces – The Owl

February 19 – March 20

Night owl is a phrase describing one who is out of sync with the everyday waking world. This nocturnal bird is associated with different ways of looking at things. Darkness both confuses and fascinates, like elusive Neptune, ruler of Pisces . Owls wide face with straight forward staring large eyes look intriguingly human. It was the Ancient Greeks who first associated the owl with intelligence as the sacred companion of Athena, Goddess of wisdom. The owl was so treasured in Athens that its image was stamped on the reverse side of coins. The coins were known as The Owls of Laurium. The Jovian influence is obvious. As co-ruler of Pisces, Jupiter rules abundance and wealth. Native American shamans once called to owls to bring prophetic dreams. The owl as a purveyor of hidden knowledge gleaned in the night while everyone else slept.

The magical power of understanding bird talk is regularly the way in which seers obtain their information. – Halliday – Greek Divination


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Tropical Island Magical Salad Of Love Fruits

Azure waters frosted with ivory waves, sandy beaches dotted with palm trees gracefully swaying in balmy breezes are images that suggest romantic retreats for lovers. Potent magical traditions from Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean lend credibility to the legends of love forever linked to these flower filled corners of paradise. Untap their potentials to invoke a special love blessing by preparing a salad of fruits to charm your beloved. If youre alone and looking its good to savor the dish alone. It will increase your aura of love and enhance the possibilities that youll attract a special someone. Select fragrant and beautiful fruits with reverence and gratitude. As you prepare the salad think only of love and joy.

A cantankerous cook will poison all that he or she touches with ill will or anger. Ask for the highest good and summon the spirit of each fruit as you place it into a bowl made of wood or clear glass. To build more energy, turn on the music. Calypso, Celtic, reggae, luau, etc. can be played as you prepare this dish. It makes two generous helpings which is all you will need.


1 banana thinly sliced

1 peach thinly sliced

½ cup of pineapple, diced

1 medium orange peeled and sliced

1 papaya peeled and diced

1/4 cup coconut, flaked

1 tsp honey OR brown sugar

1 tsp. grated or candied ginger


Gently mix all of the fruits together. Chill in the refrigerator. Toast the coconut over low heat until it is a light brown. Set it aside to use as an optional garnish. The heavy lunar energies of coconut create a flavor many people prefer in moderation. Stir together the honey or sugar with the ginger. Add to the salad bowl and serve.

Magical Attribute and Love Legends


– Perhaps because of the spear like shape, it has been credited with aphrodisiac qualities since earliest times.


– Originally from China. The peach grew in the garden of Mother Zhei Wang as an elixir of life. The Old Man, Shou La, is portrayed with his hand stuck in the cleft of the peach, hinting that the peach is a source of strength and renewal. Use it to assure the immortality of your love and youthful beauty.


– Guatemalas mystical tradition credits this with love strength. Its a marvelous digestive aid. It has enzymes which assist in maintaining the good health which is always an essential element in love making.


– This emblem of welcome and hospitality will protect your love from old wounds.


– The Moons symbol of nights peace and feminine mystique is present here.


– A special bridal flower since at least the 12th Century, oranges relate to purity of heart and precious love. Oranges are thought to be the golden apples from the Garden of Hesperides in Greek mythology.


– Communication and clear understanding are promoted by ginger. It opens the throat to assure eloquence of tongue and the exchange of only kind words.

Brown Sugar

– draws sweetness and kindness. One island legend tells us that a sugar cane burst open to let the first man and woman step out. This ascribes sugar as the source of life.


– Aphrodites priestesses kept honey bees. Other great love goddesses are linked to honey as well. Demeter and Deborah often have bees as emblems. In Egypt honey was once used as an embalming fluid. It is also the only food that never spoils. This shows that honey represents a triumphant love that spans numerous lives. Centurions, Those who live to be a hundred or more have only one thing in common. All consume honey regularly. Use raw honey if possible.

(Excerpt from Dikki-Jos Book Koo Hollie and The Spirit of Prism Rosa)

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