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Sky Star Myths -By Dikki-Jo Mullen

excerpt from Dikki-Jo’s book “Koo Hollie and the Spirit of Prism Rosa”

Have you ever wondered what the mysterious and beautiful symbols of the zodiac signs really mean and where they came from? Their ancient symbolism offers a wealth of cosmic insight into the deeper meaning of your life.

Aries -March 20 – April 19

As the celestial trailblazer you, Aries, are springs herald. You lead the twelve signs as each new cycle of the zodiac commences. All that is fresh and fiery and progressive is in harmony with the Ram. Gifted with great energy from ruling planet Mars, Aries is a restless pacesetter. The brave heroic figures of legend such as Ulysses, Tiiwa and Hercules are all linked to Aries. Courage is one of your defining traits. So is an ardent desire for progress and a forward leap. Directing these energies wisely brings the real challenge. Wild and impetuous, it is essential that you make time for reflection and self examination. Then, upon combining thought and preparation with inherent enthusiasm, the Aries born builds a future with enterprises unfolding into greatest long term potentials.

The word zodiac, taken from the Greek, means circle of animals. Circles supposedly have neither an end nor a beginning, yet Aries is considered always as the leader of the parade of celestial creatures which symbolize the astrology signs. The name of this first sign of spring, can be traced to an Assyrian text. Aries means prince, hinting at an ancient role as a leader. A child like sense of wonder, curiosity and a competitive streak give you a spark of creativity that combines in natural leadership tendencies. Governed by fiery Mars you are self confident and will pursue that which you believe in regardless of the consequences. To those who dont understand you, you can appear selfish. To this day the temple of Amun in Thebes is approached by an avenue lined with ram-headed sphinx like beasts carved of stone. Amun was considered a creator of the universe. At one time Egyptians worshipped him as the greatest deity, a leader among the gods.

Taurus April 20 – May 20

The Bull favors good investments and quality purchases. A child of Venus, you can be observed decked out in the best garments in surroundings marked by comfort and beauty. Linked to the material world, sensual Taureans need stability and security. Persistence and permanence can become bullish inflexibility and stubbornness though. Recognizing when change is needed and making adaptations is also an important part of reaching your ultimate potential. Bent upon charming Europa, Jupiter took the form of a white bull, Taurus. He lured her into mounting him, then rushed her away to Crete. Taurus has a way of getting what it wants.

Strong of will yet affectionate with tremendous persistence, the Bull represents this premier Earth energy. Natural beauty and creature comforts are the delight of Venus ruled Taurus. Green growing things respond with love to the touch of this birth sign, which belongs to some of the zodiacs best gardeners. In Egypt the black and white bull was named Apis and honored with offerings of coins and fragrant oils in order to procure a vision of the future. Uncanny insight and intuition is often a Taurus trait. In Eire of old Beltane would find magnificent cattle paraded and then sacrificed in a Celtic welcome for Taras new king. An emblem of art, wealth and music, Taurus the celestial Bull, accepts only the best of earthly goods. Instinctively you know that those who refuse to accept less than the best will often receive it.


May 21 – June 20

Quicksilver Mercury is your ruler. You are forever vibrant and mobile. Journeys of the mind as well as the body are an integral part of your life always. Respected for your bright wit and variety of knowledge, you are a gifted writer, speaker and teacher. Symbolized by the archetype of the Twins, Gemini finds identity through contact and interaction with others. There is an ability to adapt, becoming a different person when circumstances require change. One medieval zodiac ignores the human figures to show Gemini represented by just a pair of clasping hands. This illustrates the idea of reaching out and blending pairs of opposites to combine sources of perception and information into a greater whole. Sometimes the Twins appear as innocent children, evoking the mood of open childlike curiosity in search of experience. One image from the Albumasar, a 15th Century Arabian astrology text, offers a provocative interpretation of Gemini. It shows a woodcut portraying one Twin as mortal, the other as a ghost or spirit.

The scepter carried by the winged divine messenger, Mercury, planetary ruler of Gemini, is formed from two intertwined serpents. Called the caduceus, this celestial walking staff blends all of the duality in nature and places it in a useful harmony. Male and female, light and dark, ascending and descending, the Twins are walkers on the wind. Always a bridge of communication, Gemini is concerned with channeling words, thoughts and ideas. Conversation, teaching and media coverage are all linked to the zodiacal twins. The Twins came to Europe through Asian legends about brothers named Gorgos ( Mad George) and Myakka (Knight Michael). George the jester and yeoman, Michael, the good soldier, dragon slayer and healer eventually changed roles, became saints and had their symbols incorporated into Britains banner, the Union Jack.

Cancer June 21 – July 22

Kindly, sympathetic and oh-so sensitive, the Crab is always responsive. This second of the cardinal and first of the water signs will offers emotional support to others. Driven by moods and feelings, you have a special affinity with the ever changing Moon and tides. Mother legends from around the world have a link to this gentle and nurturing birth sign. One of the most intriguing of these tales originates on the South Pacific Island of Malekula in the New Hebrides. A Crab Goddess legend has been shared there since prehistoric times. The islands crab-woman, Le-hev, reflects the power of the Moon. Le-hev personifies the birth mysteries and wears two lunar crescents, suggesting the Crabs claws. Her sacred labyrinth is thought to lead to the depths of the sea. Tortoise and snail as well as crab shells are her sacred symbols. The shells represent the lunar orb as it moves perpetually from light to darkness, then back again. In Egypt Cancer appears as two turtles, called the Stars of the Waters. These water turtles suggest the waxing and waning of the Moon and show its influence upon the tides.

There is a touch of the loner or hermit suggested by the symbol of the vulnerable cosmic crab. A impenetrable shell guards the soft internal self just as a quiet and reserved nature disguises great determination and dedication. Often the crab wins a point by sheer staying power. The crabs claws hold on, no matter what. The sensitive and home loving Cancer often becomes surprisingly successful in a chosen profession due by virtue of this determination. The sign of Cancer contains a greater number of fixed stars within its span than any other sign. Early portrayals of the Crab will show one claw pointing heavenward and the other downward. This illustrates the higher and lower potentials of the fixed stars as well as the swinging of moods, reflecting the lunar cycle. The up and down claws show that Cancers are capable of great changeability and creativity which can amount to genuine eccentricity.

A 13th Century zodiac, Sacra di San Michele, Val di Susa portrays the Crab as a scarab like sacred beetle. The Egyptian name for Cancer is Pagerhedj, the equivalent of scarabaeus. The scarab, as an emblem of eternal life, illustrates Cancers link to the mother and processes of birth.


July 23 – August 22

Identified with the great luminary, the Sun, Leo is synonymous with royalty. Extremes of both generosity and largesse can be expected. Combining confidence with affection, the Lion shines with genuine charisma. An invisible flame burns within, just as the Sun glows steadily in the sky. In Egypt the Lion was worshipped as Sekhmet, a fire goddess who offered passage to the underworld. In Babylon the divine Ishtar rode in a divine chariot drawn by seven lions. Alchemists in medieval times used lion emblems to illustrate the powerful potentials in chemical processes. A similar alchemy is in evidence when a Leo is encouraged by sincere compliments. Great things tend to happen.

With the clarity of bright sunlight this Sun ruled second fixed sign of fire radiates poise and magnetism. Warmth as well as courage, faith and affection envelope the magnanimous Lion. Confidence, dignity and a nobility of spirit are associated with Leo. A dramatic and colorful approach to life gives you an affinity with the theater and entertainment industry. Generous and benevolent by nature you easily establish a special rapport with the very young. In Mycenae a famous Lion Gate stands before the ruins of a great palace, the lions gaze at remote mountain peaks with fore paws atop a stone column. These great felines are primordial symbols of divinity and deity linked to the heavenly lion motif. In Babylon the Goddess Ishtar was depicted driving a chariot drawn by seven lions. Ishtar is a love goddess. Her lions illustrate Leos rulership over the heart. They serve as a cosmic reminder of the transcendent power of pure love.


August 23 – September 22

Discriminating, meticulous and scholarly describe you, Virgo. As the second mutable and second of the earth signs, you dwell upon accuracy as well as perfection. Ruled by clever Mercury, Virgo is the alchemist. You refine raw materials, combining intellect with craftsmanship. This results in the unleashing of useful potentials. Cleanliness, service and health are values sacred to the Virgin. The image of the maiden goddess cradling a sheaf of wheat reveals that health and nourishment, the baking and distribution of the bread of life, are a focus. The aura of the earth which is forever present in her image hints at an empathy with animals. In Greece the Goddess Artemis, a sister of Apollo, appears as Virgo, the bow maiden. Her character was whimsical, mercurial and dual. Artemis could order either recovery or death to those who fell ill. Known as a Lady of Wild Things, Artemis paradoxically was legendary for her relentless hunting. She destroyed those creatures who were less than strong and perfect.

The lovely maiden holding a sheaf of newly harvested grain shows at first glance Virgos link with the Earth and the tangible rewards of service. However a closer inspection often reveals she is also depicted with hints of wings and a halo. The purity and agility of winged Mercury as ruling planet elevates Virgo to combine some of the air with earth. This interesting alchemy becomes discriminating, meticulous, and analytical, Virgos identifying traits. The tie between the physical and the mental aspects of life directly illustrate that the health of the body is impacted by the mind set. The maiden is the Greek goddess Hygeia, who has given her name to the science of hygiene. She appears again as Vesta, the Roman goddess of purity, a sister who patiently tends the everlasting flame.


September 23 – October 23

The balance really illustrates turning points. Poised gracefully at the beginning of the harvest season and the gateway to winter, Libra suggests transitions and is all about measuring relationships. Transpersonal concepts rise above the individual focus. Art, partnerships and justice are linked to this sign and show that sharing in the most desirable ways means everything to Librans. Thoth held the scales to weigh the human heart against the feather of Maat. The heart must be light enough in order to enter heaven, yet not overly light.

Personable, well balanced and charming, this Venus ruled sign excels as a mediator or diplomat. You have a strong sense of fair play and derive pleasure from contact with others. A good listener and a very loyal friend, Libras have a gregarious side. The Venus connection often brings inherent talent in the arts. An early Egyptian hierglyph for Libra shows the Scales with a setting Sun, in tribute to the autumnal equinox which marks the onset of Libra. The signs name originates from an early Sicilian-Greek word translating weight. Libra was especially important to early Romans, as the city was supposedly founded on 4 October, 754 BC. In the 15th Century a woodcut was created which showed Libras Scales in the claws of the Scorpio. This suggested that Libra and Scorpio might have been part of a single sign in early zodiacs. Milton had a vision of God creating Libra, the golden scales, to draw a line between the good and the rebellious or evil angels. That metaphor hints at this signs traditional affinity with justice.


October 24 – November 21

Subtle and discerning, Scorpio is linked to rebirth and eternal life as well as death. Pluto, planet of deep space and the unfathomable, rules this water sign. To achieve happiness Scorpios must first resolve extremes of emotion. Eventually, from the immense and impassioned depths of feeling, grows peace and acceptance. There recognition of the power wielded by silence and secrecy. This creates a innate talent for all kinds of magical work. In spiritual manuscripts from the 12th century the scorpion appears as a serpent which can cleverly disguise itself with a pleasant countenance. Selket of ancient Egypt was a Scorpion goddess who governed intimacy, passions, bliss and ecstasy. On his quest for immortality, Gilgamesh, hero of the great Sumerian epic, met scorpion- men guarding mountain gates.

Determined, driven always by a sense of purpose, Scorpio is both intense and subtle. The second of the water signs and third among the fixed signs, Scorpio has a traditional association with all that is mysterious. This especially accents passion, death and birth metaphors. You protect your deepest thoughts and needs in order to not easily reveal vulnerability. Others are not easily admitted to the innermost sanctum of your being. Your trust must be cultivated respectfully first. In the Ancren Riwle , a spiritual manuscript written during the 1300s, the tremendous extremes of good and evil contained within this sign are illustrated by a scorpion with a sinister serpents body wearing a pleasant, angelic countenance. In Egypt the heavenly Scorpion goddess called Selquet was invoked to bless the wedding bed. A statue of her also stands watch with winged arms protectively guarding the eternal rest of one of the pharaohs. More ancient images present Selquet as a daughter of Ra with a ladys head atop a completely formed scorpion.


November 22 – December 21

Your independent spirit and love of freedom can make experience be your best and only real teacher. The Centuar, the man-animal, is your emblem. On one level this symbol reveals how close Sagittarians are to animal companions, especially horses and dogs. There is another message, though. The human torso atop the animal body shows how the higher nature can rise above the animal instincts to attain higher consciousness. The arrow speeding, meteor- like, toward a target beautifully illustrates the energy of this final fire sign of winter. Brilliant and ephemeral the fiery arrow calls to mind the transient beauty of the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights. Chiron, the kindly Centuar, was a beloved teacher and respected healer. He understood, advised and guided young, wayward Centaurs.

Optimistic, adventurous and out spoken, Sagittarius is the third sign of both the fire and mutable categories. Symbolized by the bold Archer, you are a wanderer content to aim at only the most distant stars. As a restless idealist, new horizons forever beckon you. Freedom and challenges have great appeal. You will not tolerate boundaries or restrictions in pursuing your quest for truth. The legendary centaur Chiron, a noble emblem of the human self in full control of animal desires, is your symbol. In Chinese lore the Excellent Archer appears as the husband of Heng-o, a Moon Goddess. The Excellent Archer saved the Earth from destruction by fire when he shot down nine extra Suns on the fateful morning when ten Suns rose. He wisely allowed one Sun to remain. The gods rewarded him with immortality. However, Heng-o feared her husband. She fled to hide on the Moon. There the hare who lives in the Moon befriended Heng-o. Hare persuaded the Excellent Archer to abandon his wife. Heng-o happily found peace forevermore in exile.


December 22 – January 19

Step by step, the Goat perseveres. Ambitious, prudent, solemn and reliable he respectfully greets the winter solstice atop the sacred mountain. This earth sign of deep winter has a special link with time. One of Capricorns emblems is Father Time. Always feeling that the best is yet to come, Saturns children are serious, seeming most content when studying and working. Paradoxically there is a light hearted, even jolly mood projected by older Capricorns. The famous quote from C.S. Lewis about the stupidest children being the most childish and the stupidest grown ups being the most grown up is apropos to Capricorns of all generations. Ea, a Babylonian god whose name means palace of waters was a fish-tailed goat. Min, another face of Pan, carried a thunder bolt as a totem. This Egyptian goat god was honored as a bringer of harvest and reward following the season of labor and storms.

Saturn, the celestial timekeeper, rules this, the third earth sign and fourth cardinal sign. The Goat makes a long climb before perching triumphantly atop the mountain. Capricorns tend to have a rather difficult early life. However their later years often are truly golden. Saturn has always favored the not so very youthful. Ambitious and practical, you instinctively know how to consolidate. The Greeks related the constellation of Capricorn to the Gate of the Gods. It marked the long, steep ascent toward heaven. The early Romans saw Capricorn in the goat god Consentes. He was revered with devotion as the spirit of the land and a giver of life. His time began at the winter solstice with the returning light. The Sun animated Consentes bright facial features which were framed by horns, symbolizing solar rays. A star was always featured prominently over his heart to disclose his spiritual nature. A body with shaggy legs and hoofs showed the simultaneous link to all that is earthy.


January 20 – February 18

Symbolized by the human figure pouring generously, Aquarius is concerned with large issues. The direction society is taking, humanity and advocating needed changes are of importance. A pure impulse of dynamic creation is present with this birth sign. Inert matter is stirred into the substance of growth and evolution. The inventor, original, unpredictable and an individualist shows a fixed stubborn side. Aquarius, the water cup bearer for Jupiter, was a young and beautiful Trojan who was carried to Mount Olympus by an eagle.

As the zodiacs free thinking inventor, you are sociable yet original. Those who dont understand that you cant bear to be limited by the ideas of others can perceive you as rather bohemian. Activities and occupations with a solitary bent, such as scientific research or literature can be the best outlet for you. You will shine once your powerful intellect and creativity are allowed free range. The Egyptian god of the Nile, Hapi, is often portrayed as Aquarius, the water pourer, balancing a vase from which two streams flow. The duality reminds us that the life forces can be used for involutionary as well as for evolutionary purposes.


February 19 – March 20

There is always a haunting and other worldly atmosphere blurring this fourth of the mutable and third of the water signs. Ruled by elusive Neptune, your world is a subtle one; a universe with many illusions. Receptive and very emotional, changeable and sympathetic, you often feel tugged in different directions by both external conflict and inner turmoil. The Fish, bound by a shining cord as they struggle to swim apart, symbolize your dual nature. In Babylonia astrologers recognized Pisces as the two fish goddesses, Anunitum and Simmah. They were linked by a silver leash among the stars. In Syria three sacred pools were the homes of temple fish who were tamed and pampered. When the goddess Atargatis descended from heaven into the waters of one pool she took two of the fishes back with her. They can be seen in the sky as the constellation Pisces.

With a nature that combines romance with intuition, you are sensitive to the point of being genuinely psychic. Guided more by emotion than intellect, you can seem unreliable or impulsive to those who dont understand you. Still, your loving and caring nature exudes a compassion that captivates others. Pisces has been compared to the chameleon of the zodiac, hiding in a garden of flowers. You long to avoid conflict and will seek to blend into the most pleasant options available. The Fish are linked by a silver cord symbolizing the line of pale blue and green fixed stars known to Arabian astrologers as the Al Risha. The cord is recognized in esoteric occultism as the line attaching the spirit to the soul. Forever tied together, the spirit and soul become the zodiacs pair of Fish. They struggle to remain together while swimming in opposite directions. The struggling Fish symbolize this complex birth sign which marks both the end and the beginning of the zodiacal wheel.

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Astrological Floor Wash

Money Blessing From the Stars To Ease Economic Woes

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

One of the earliest forms of popular consultation involved astrologically favorable herbs. Plants were gathered, using astrological guidelines, to minister to the ills of the body and soul. Today, as shadows of concern about global economic security impact so many of us, this return to a longtime tradition can offer solace. Wise counsel from the heavens above can be implemented to create a celestial blessing. A subtle yet potent herbal blessing based on the zodiac can be created to ease the situation. This famous recipe for a kind of holy water, used to sprinkle or wash the home or work place, comes from the folk wisdom of the Louisiana bayou country. For maximum effectiveness prepare and apply the Money Draw Floor Wash on a Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Friday during the planetary hours of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter or Venus, while the Moon is waxing Moon. Reports are that this combination usually works surprisingly well when employment or extra money is needed!


Money Draw

Famous Recipe Spiritual Floor Wash


cinnamon – ruled by the Sun and Jupiter

allspice – ruled by Jupiter and Venus

sugar – ruled by Venus and Jupiter

bay leaf – ruled by the Sun

fresh drinking water – ruled by the Moon

Take equal parts of the four dry ingredients, ¼ cup of each works well. Stir into boiling water ( a half gallon is a good choice). Remove from the heat. Let steep (brew) overnight. Strain. Sprinkle the herbal water around the home or work place or add it to soapy wash water and apply as a floor scrub. Traditionally the 23rd Psalm or another prayer is said aloud three or more times as this is done. A favorite prosperity affirmation can be substituted for the prayer according to individual preference.

The fragrance alone is heavenly and evokes a feeling of happiness and well being. The Sun ruled ingredients assure confidence and draw positive attention from influential people. The Venus influences relate to favor and comfort, while the Jupiter ruled ingredients assure affluence, well being and growth. The Moon ruled water is a catalyst to combine and unleash the various benevolent potentials; then deposit them into the familiar environment where they can do the most good.


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