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Mutual Receptions – Second Chances, Escape And Freedom in Your Horoscope –

“Play Astrological Monopoly With A Get Out Of Jail Free Card!”

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Oh! If only there might be a way out of the dreadful trouble weve gotten ourselves into! We all have regrets concerning an unwise choice or missed opportunity at times. The idea of getting a second chance with the benefit of hind sight, which is always a clear 20-20, is irresistible. The prospect of if only and would have, could have, should have haunts most of us occasionally. Usually all that can be done is to learn from our follies and foibles and move on. Hopefully this is done while keeping a sense of humor, dismissing the past and looking toward the future. However, sometimes the planetary patterns do fall in such a way that it is really possible to facilitate an escape from old traps and traumas. The secret lies in knowing how and when to act, making the most of these special circumstances.

The patterns are called mutual receptions. Properly applied, a mutual reception shows how a poor decision can be cast aside for a grasp at that elusive Holy Grail; a second chance to make everything better. With the glee that a Monopoly player has while clutching a Get Out Of Jail Free Card, astrologers will seek to apply the promise of a favorable mutual reception.

Mutual receptions occur when planets are in each others ruling signs.

The placements will take on each others attributes, they strengthen and support each other. In a natal birth chart mutual receptions will give a knack for changing places, for eluding problems and maximizing potentials. By transit, mutual receptions usually fling open wonderful doors of opportunity. If there are major aspects between the planets involved the energies are magnified. When the aspects are negative, very rarely, a mutual reception by transit can turn evil, bringing about the worst case scenario. Then its like going out of the frying pan into the fire. Mutual receptions have been used by astrologers since medieval times. Most contemporary astrologers cite only the rulerships but in classical texts the signs of exaltation were used as well.

Some common examples of mutual receptions using the signs of rulership are:

The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Leo (no major aspect)

Mercury in Libra with Venus in Virgo (no major aspect)

Mercury in Taurus with Venus in Gemini (no major aspect)

Mars in Leo with the Sun in Aries (possible trine aspect)

Jupiter in Gemini with Mercury in Sagittarius (possible opposition aspect)

From March, 2003 – March, 2011 Uranus in Pisces was in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius. Although there wasn’t a major aspect involved, this extremely rare mutual reception did emphasize the higher potentials of these outer planets through technological as well as spiritual advances for many.

Neptunes Angel Hiding In The Hearts Of Those Two Ol Devils

Saturn and Pluto Will Be In Mutual Reception – October 5, 2012 – December 23, 2014 and June 15, 2015 – September 17, 2015

Another very rare mutual reception, involving Saturn in Scorpio with Pluto in Capricorn, is on the way. It promises to bring very important events and positive opportunities from 2012- 2014. This mutual reception is supported by a favorable sextile aspect between the transits of these two cosmic heavy weights. Begin to prepare now to make the most of this unique and positive influence by examining how it will bless your own birth chart.

Saturn appears in early astrological illustrations as Father New Year. Traditionally the greater malefic, Saturn is personified as an Angel of Discipline, the Old Devil or Grim Reaper. This is the planet of time, limitations, the rewards of hard work and a needed reality check. Pluto, linked to Hades, the God of the Underworld, was the son of Saturn (Cronus) in mythology and also wears a demonic mask hiding a benign face. Pluto is the planet of redemption after a dark night of annihilation, of rebirth and mass karma. Pluto rules ecology and sources of power. As the natural ruler of the 8th house Pluto has a direct tie with wealth and economics too. In mythology Pluto is hailed as the giver of wealth. Astrologers often read Pluto as a higher octave of Mars, the planet of competition and war. Saturn is the natural ruler of the 10th house of recognition, fulfillment and achievement. The signs involved in the Saturn -Pluto mutual reception are Scorpio and Capricorn, ruled by the elements water and earth, respectively. The purging of restraints and negative secrets while finding both economic and emotional security are the highest potentials of this meaningful transit. Its bound to be a cycle of pivotal turning points.

The last time Saturn was in mutual reception with Pluto was from September 3, 1777 – January 27, 1788 (NS). At that time Pluto was transiting toward the end of Capricorn and the orb of the sextile aspect was really too wide for the full impact of Saturn, which was just entering Scorpio, to manifest. Still, it did augur much good. It was a time in world history when economic and scientific improvements began and the rise of democracy improved the lives of many.

Saturn will be in Scorpio from October 5, 2012 until December 23, 2014 with Pluto in Capricorn the entire time. The sextile, a 60 degree aspect of advantage, harmony and pleasantness, will be in orb (allowing 3 degrees) from November, 2012 – October, 2013. The sextile aspect will be exact three times; on December 26, 2012 (at 9 degrees 09), on March 8, 2013 (at 11 degrees 16) and a final time on September 21, 2013 (at 8 degrees 59). The final passage of a transit is always the most significant, while the earlier two passages will give a hint of what the end result will be.

These zodiacal degrees are in the first and second decanates of Scorpio and Capricorn. Pluto – Pluto and Saturn -Saturn (first decanate) influences combine with Pluto-Neptune and Saturn-Venus (the second decanate co- rulers). This suggests that heeding dreams, following instincts and intuition, creative expression, appreciation of music, color, love and beauty will draw out the highest potentials of this pattern.

The fixed star Acrux at about 11 degrees Scorpio favorably colors the March 8, 2013 sextile. Acrux has a pure Jupiter nature, its a bright triple star in the Southern Cross. Religious observances, the use of ritual, employing magical means, upholding justice and showing respect for oneself and others will bring rewards at that time.

The fixed star Facies, at about 8 degrees Capricorn, comes into play with the final culmination of the sextile between Saturn and Pluto on September 21, 2013. Facies has a Sun-Mars nature, the proper use of righteous anger to address problematic situations is essential. Facies is a bright nebula shining in the face of the Archer. It emphasizes the importance of facing in the right direction, resting and caring for the eyes as well as using keen powers of observation. During the week of the autumn equinox of 2013, when the sextile will be exact for the final time, remember that the eyes are the windows of the soul. A glance into the eyes of another might be most revealing. Heed the impression the expression in the eyes leaves.

It is significant that the specific aspect involved in the Saturn -Pluto mutual reception is an approaching sextile. (an aspect is approaching when the faster planet, Saturn in this case, is moving towards the slower planet, which is Pluto.) The approaching sextile has an eleventh house quality. The eleventh house is the natural home of Aquarius. To reap the most benefit from this mutual reception focus on eleventh house matters such as science, metaphysics and occultism, as well as new technologies, universal and humanitarian concerns. The combined efforts of groups and cooperative efforts, will bring about the fulfillment of individual cherished wishes and long term goals.

In personal horoscopes, pay close attention to any natal planets placed at

7 to 14 degrees, especially if they are in cardinal or fixed signs. The house position and the promise of the natal aspects are likely to be triggered by the mutual reception. The choices and decisions made can be life changing.

Sun and Rising Sign Guide To The Saturn-Pluto Phenomenon

The zodiacal houses involved with your Sun sign or ascendant indicate how this significant pattern is likely to affect you.


Your 8th and 10th houses will be highlighted. Power through or over others must be handled wisely. Great ambition motivates you, secret or inside information can lead to financial opportunity. Spirit communication, exploring reincarnation and the serious analysis of fundamental energy sources can all be emphasized.


The 7th and 9th houses are your focus. Progressive and talented associates come your way. Partnerships can change you. Allow relationships to evolve. Its essential to accept that people can come and go in your life dramatically as part of the process. Higher education, a life changing journey abroad and new insight into religious observances can be catalysts.


Your 6th and 8th houses will come into play. Health and fitness factors to facilitate a healthy mind-body connection are important. The companionship of a precious pet can be very meaningful. Cultivate a wholesome routine, and work environment. An overhaul of insurance coverage adds to peace of mind. A tax return or insurance settlement can bring needed funds.


Your 5th and 7th houses are of importance. Commitment in partnerships is a focus. Be aware of how others are affecting you. Cultivate only nurturing and uplifting relationships. Express your imagination and devote time to a creative idea. A hobby or avocation adds new meaning to your life. The accomplishments of a talented or unusual child are a delight.


The 4th and 6th houses emphasize your residence. Seek to establish the perfect home and living situation as a foundation for fulfillment. Exploring the influences of heredity and heritage can facilitate deeper self understanding. Planting an edible landscape or container garden to provide fresh herbs and vegetables would be a productive hobby. Get organized.


Consider the 3rd and 5th houses. Your ability to concentrate and analyze, and communicate about deep and meaningful issues will be enhanced. Teaching and writing can be a part of this. Finding alternative forms of transportation and experiencing the transcendent and transformative qualities of love, perhaps through a soul mate connection, can impact you.


Look at the 2nd and 4th houses. Rewards come through the prudent use of resources and money, hard work and ingenuity. A family business or home office can be an asset. Family members are changing, home life enters a new cycle. A residential move could be involved. Prepare scrap books, photo albums and other memorabilia. Archives will be treasured in the future.


The 1st and 3rd houses are active. Self reliance promises success. Unusual circumstances in your surroundings deeply change you. Synchronicities, coincidences and mystical or metaphysical events can be involved. Be receptive to a changes in your appearance. Youll interact with others in new ways. A sibling or neighbor offers different perceptions.


The 12th and 2nd houses are especially significant to you. Medicine and psychology can be pivotal. Use care if trying to help those who are hospitalized or incarcerated. Make sure that all available resources, both financial and in terms of advice and guidance, are used wisely. Time spent in solitary reflection brings wisdom and personal healing.


For you the 11th and 1st houses are accented. Honor your inherent gifts and true nature. Select suitable goals, analyze what is genuinely rewarding and worthwhile. Let go of associates or group affiliations which no longer serve you. Keep good company. You impact others. Assuming more of a leadership position, becoming an advisor or role model can be entailed.


Your 10th and 12th houses are significant. The need for positive thinking is underscored. A healthy mindset can significantly bolster the fulfillment of career goals and other ambitions. Record your dreams, sleep on important issues. Dreams are likely to be vivid and meaningful, offering wisdom from past lives or assistance from spirit guides and angels.


9th and 11th

Journeys to faraway places and advanced studies can be truly transformative. A total revamping of your spiritual beliefs and philosophy of life is likely to occur through travels of the mind and body. This will change the direction of cherished wishes. Constantly ask yourself what it is you really want. Keep focused. Its not the time to drift aimlessly.

As Saturn and Pluto trade places from Scorpio to Capricorn in mutual reception profound experiences will be experienced by many. Intensity touches fresh starts with great rewards as a potential finale. These two planets have always been viewed as testing the mettle of humanity with demands and challenges. They kick things up a notch. Hope always plays a large role in the timeless appeal of astrology forecasts. Hope is traditionally linked to the planet Neptune. So are angels. Fortunately, throughout the entire Saturn-Pluto mutual reception Neptune will be transiting its own ruling sign of Pisces while favorably aspecting both planets. Neptune will sextile Pluto and trine Saturn. This combination suggests faith and inspiration coming from higher planes of consciousness and the unleashing of inner reserves of talent yet to be discovered. During these times of personal and planetary change this outstanding star pattern will illuminate new pathways. This triple planetary combination involving Saturn, Neptune and Pluto brings a really important universal message of hope and guidance concerning how to make the best of the long predicted times of planetary change which are manifesting daily.

The Pomegranate Blessing Ritual and Spiritual Astrology

Mutual receptions are the shape shifters in astrology. There is a magical quality prevailing. Astrologers who are drawn toward the spiritual and esoteric might find a bit of ritual and meditation is in order while preparing to welcome and honor this unique Saturn, Neptune and Pluto transit.

An easy and effective ceremony can be fashioned by purchasing a pomegranate, a traditional food of the dead.

The deep ruby-blood colored pomegranate fruit has appeared throughout history in myths related to rebirth. The most well known of these involves Pluto, who kept Persephone in the underworld for six months of the year because she had eaten six pomegranate seeds. The pomegranate has also been identified as the original forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden, with its many seeds being an emblem of wealth and bounty. Venus also lays claim to the pomegranate, a source of passion, healing and hope. Neptune is interpreted as a higher octave of Venus and Venus is exalted in Pisces, sign of Neptunes supportive transit. Early Christian art also uses the pomegranate to represent hope. In Persian Zoroasterism the use of the pomegranate branches to fashion brooms as a charm against witchcraft is mentioned. In Sicily divining rods are made of the green shoots.

Hold your pomegranate while reflecting upon the traditional associations it has with all that the Saturn-Pluto mutual reception with the supportive Neptune transit symbolize in your own life. The fruit can then be eaten or juiced. It is exceptionally wholesome. Pomegranate is known to be one of the strongest of antioxidants, rich in potassium, vitamin C, fiber and B complex. Here is an easy recipe for a pomegranate – strawberry jelly. Its a delightful comfort food to enjoy with toast or a muffin while contemplating how this special transit will affect you. Strawberries and apples are both ruled by Venus.

Pomegranate-Strawberry Jelly


1 pomegranate

2 pints of crushed strawberries

Juice of 1 lemon

2 cups water

3 cups sugar

1 large red apple – diced

Jam jars with lids

Cut the pomegranate in half and remove the seeds. Mix the pomegranate seeds with the crushed strawberries, lemon juice and diced apple. In a sauce pan bring the water and sugar to a boil, mix in the fruit mixture, turn down the heat and simmer until the mixture thickens (about 20 minutes). Stir it frequently meanwhile.

The jam jars and lids should be pre-sterilized in hot water and kept warm. Pour the jelly into the jars, seal the lids, place the jars upside down until cool. Store the jelly in the refrigerator, enjoy within 4 weeks or so.

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