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Broom Magic and Astrology
Sweep In the Good!
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
     Samantha Stevens of Bewitched fame once captivated a whole generation of aspiring witches weekly as she arrived on her broom, flying across the TV screen to the tune of the sitcom’s popular theme song. Similarly Harry Potter’s natural skill with flying a broom was his mark of potential talent as a witch. Mickey Mouse, in the classical film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, encounters lively brooms during his quest to learn real magic too. Mystics who really analyze this Disney film will be amazed at the mysterious metaphysical imagery it conveys.
    During the long and very hot days of early summer while the Sun transited the sign of Cancer I dreamt  of  brooms and magic. In case the Hyundai breaks down and I need transportation I even have a collection of vintage hand made brooms decorating a wall in my astrological library, all ready for double duty.
      July 4th, the most all American of holidays, marks the Nation’s birthday with the birth sign of Cancer (Canada and Scotland are also ruled by Cancer ). Moon ruled Cancer always has a special link to the magic of a happy and efficient home. Friendly and unassuming, brooms are the ultimate essential tool  of kitchen witch comfort magic. Since Colonial times and before the besom or broom has long been a symbol of the magical home and hearth. Originally this tool of the domestic diva witch was probably created from the straw like stems of the broom plant tied to a larger branch or stick. The humble broom has survived for generations as a powerful essential in housekeeping. Brooms certainly extend a special kind of power linked to change and freshness. Whether you have a hand tied souvenir broom, or a blessed ritual besom disguising a magic wand, or a kitchen witch special doing double duty as a dirt buster, the broom is a source of support.
     Never take an old broom to a new home. Leave it behind when you move to ground the dirt and release the problems of the old house. To bless a new broom concentrate, visualize clean white light flooding dirt and debris in your life, then grab your broom to empower it. Here are some ways to direct the unique magic of the broom to sweep out the bad and sweep in the good.
Broom of Joy
A New Broom Sweeps Clean
Purchase a new broom. Stand the broom upright in the middle of your home. Melt the bottom of a small white votive candle, then stick it onto the top of the broom handle. Light the wick. As it burns brightly hold it still and chant:
“Broom sweep Bright, Sweep out Wrong.
Sweep out fear, Sweep out anger.
Broom Sweep Fresh, Sweep in Happiness.
Sweep in Joy, Sweep in Plenty.
So Be It!”  

Snuff out the candle, remove from the broom. Scatter salt near each doorway and sweep it up. Cast the salt outside. Re ignite the candle, let it burn out. Bury any remaining wax outside. Keep the broom for future use. Joy and peace will prevail.
Sweep Out an Unwelcome Guest
Prop the handle of the trusty broom against the door of an adjoining room, let the handle point toward the intruder. Soon he or she will grow restless and leave.
Stop Unwanted Future Visits
Hold the broom aloft over the sill of the front door. Chant with feeling:

“Broom, Guard Well This Entry
Broom, Guard Well The Door
For Certain It Will Be
That N. (name the intruder)
Will Cross through no more.
So Be It!”

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Sirius: Astrology’s Dog Star

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Mercury, the writers’ planet, is moving rapidly through Cancer, racing toward Sirius, the dog star, in the heavens. I sit, pen in hand, at my desk, in Orlando, Florida. With a heavenly bark, the celestial canine is reciting to me. Sirius is offering you this special fixed star feature. Dog’s message is a reminder of hope and encouragement from the heavens during these times of earthly changes. Sirius is a binary star, shining a brilliant white and yellow. Star gazers can find it in the mouth of the Greater Dog (Canis Majoris) constellation. Sirius correlates with approx. 14 degrees of Cancer.

Chinese astrologers felt this star was of great significance and named it Tseen Lang, the heavenly wolf. When it was especially brilliant Sirius, they observed, would bring protection from evil doers. The name Sirius derives from Seiros, a root word meaning sparkling or scorching. It was first honored during the Sothic period of chronology. It has been seen as a blessing from the Egyptian Gods Osirus and Thoth. It rises during the legendary dog days of summer, in July and August, signifying seasonal changes.

Sirius Transits and Key Notes

July 4 – 7 of any year – with The Sun – domestic harmony, preferment is freely given (Sirius is prominent in the horoscope of the USA, born on July 4).

(note: Check with your astrologer to see which house in your own personal horoscope spans 13 – 15 degrees of Cancer for more insight into exactly how you can call upon this faithful and heavenly canine companion for specific help!)

Sirius is considered a favorable fixed star, promising great success and recognition as well as leadership. Overall, when accented in the birth chart, it enhances the higher vibrations of Mars and Jupiter. This promises honor and renown but does enhance impatience and a competitive energy when afflicted Sirius can indicate dangerous attack mode behavior in dogs, also dangers from other beasts and injury from blades and power tools.

A Meditation To Call Sirius:

Wander back in time to the arctic tundra of nine thousand years ago. The environment was a harsh one and life tended to be short. Bleak surroundings made the personal quest for security and stability an elusive one. This was the time when wolves and human beings first explored the benefits of living close to each other. People had scavenging done for them while the wolves always had refuse to eat. A partnership began which continued and intensified for two thousand years.

The theory that we become a part of all that we touch is an important magical axiom. Both the wolves and the people they traveled with slowly began to change. The first breeds of dogs developed. Bones dating to 5100 BC were discovered in Illinois at the Koster archeological site. The bones were definitely not those of wolves, they were more dog like and were found intermingled in funerary sites with the bones of people.

Canine Shamanism

The partnership of living in close proximity had created a permanent physical and spiritual bond between humans and dogs. Further archeological evidence indicates that dogs helped hunters pursue game and provided companionship for adults. Puppies were the playmates of youngsters. Some tribes gave dogs a ceremonial position that included sacrifice before being ritually eaten. Dog skeletons have been found throughout North America buried with special honors. In the desert Southwest and along the Northwest coast long haired dogs evolved. Their hair was used to weave blankets and ornamental belts. In 1778 John Ledyard, the first Caucasian explorer to glimpse the Pacific Ocean, described the local natives as being dressed in garments made of plant fiber interwoven with the hair of their dogs, which were primarily white in color.

For many hundreds of years dogs were the only domesticated animal in North America. In the Great Plains they would carry loads of belongings on special pole frames called travois for their human friends. Its curious to note that dogs tended to be small in warm climates and would grow larger in the North. The very largest dogs of all lived in the far North among the Eskimo.

Legends of talking dogs who faithfully reported to their owners of betrayal come from the Eastern Woodland Indians. The dog pleads that he is the only companion to be trusted. Then he snitches to his human companion about the thievery or infidelity perpetrated by other people. This illustrates the long standing tradition of love and loyalty shared between dogs and human beings.

The Shawnee, a tribe of the Eastern Woodlands, always recognized a Grandmother deity who was accompanied by a small dog familiar near her sacred magical campfire. Dog headed people are described in a variety of legends. These beings were the sinister offspring of a young girl who had taken an unknown lover. He was actually a dog by night and a human by day. Reflective of the werewolf tradition of Eastern Europe, these dog heads could become beast like. They were capable of cleverly attacking and murdering travelers, then fleeing with their plunder to the End Of The World. Combining a mixture of human and dog abilities the dog heads overpowered people. They had one eye in the center of the forehead and could either walk upright or on all fours. Their hind feet, or legs, were dog like and the arms or front feet were those of a human being. Variations of this traditional tale come from Alaska, Siberia and throughout the Northern United States.

In Northern Wisconsin in the late 1950s a local legend existed about a woman who had given birth to triplets who were actually a litter of half dogs. The description was quite authentic and believable. Perhaps it was illustrative of the very intimate bond which can form between a human and a beloved dog. Possibly that love can grow so deep that the treasured dog will truly merge with a human being. This mirrors the way marriage partners merge, grow to resemble each other and eventually become two halves of the same soul.

The Ancient Greeks portrayed the dog as an emblem of courage and devotion. The China of Fo-Hi, about 3400 BC, saw dogs as messengers of joy and good fortune. An Egyptian ritual tells of five dog amulets buried on each side of a house to assure its safety and security against intruders. Recognized universally as the very epitome of loyalty dogs have always claimed a unique position in the human heart and psyche.

Dog Dreams

Dream books always give great significance to the appearance of dogs as a dream symbol. A dream of a vicious dog warns of enemies and other misfortunes which cant easily be avoided. Affection given by a dog in a dream augurs great success and many friends, while dreaming of a purebred show dog promises wealth. If a dreamer is dogged by a blood hound temptation must be avoided. The blood hound represents a spy who is observing the dreamers movements and plotting a downfall.

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