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The Texas Rangers

An Astrological Glimpse At The Legendary Heroes from The Lone Star State

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

     Court room dramas and a variety of controversial legal issues deeply fascinate many of us. The twists and turns of justice, injustice, crime and the consequences are topics of wide spread scrutiny, as indicated by the popularity of the numerous television programs and publications devoted to them Perhaps it is because I was born with a Libra (the sign of law, symbolized by the Scales of Justice) ascendant, but as an astrologer, studying the natal horoscopes of the victims and perpetrators, attorneys and jurors as well as the event charts of the actual crimes truly captivates me. Throughout 2007 the infamous astronaut love triangle case resulting in charges of kidnapping and attempted murder among NASAs elite astronaut corps, the sports hero Michael Vick facing charges of animal cruelty and illegal dog fighting, record producer Phil Spector s murder charges, the scandals surrounding Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the rumored epileptic seizures suffered by Supreme Court Justice John Roberts are just a few events which provided daily data to explore from the perspective of justice and astrology.

     The horoscope for the legendary Texas Rangers offers an especially interesting and enjoyable study for astrologers to speculate about regarding the message of the stars and the law. The Texas Rangers were organized on August 5, 1823 by The Father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin. They have played a valiant and effective role in law enforcement constantly since that date with honor and dignity. Uninterrupted from the early troubled times of colonial Texas, through the present, recognized by their trademark white cowboy hats, and black suits, the Rangers are a part of our national heritage. A popular motto is that they refuse to be stampeded. A Ranger has special powers and is allowed to address and act upon legal situations without the approval of a commanding officer or higher authority when necessary. They are in a class including only four other equally powerful and respected law enforcement agencies; Scotland Yard, the Canadian Mounted Police, The FBI and Interpol.

     Using a noon chart cast for Austin, Texas on August 5, 1823, the Rangers are truly lordly Leo lions. A Leo Sun and Moon make this a double Leo organization. When the Sun and Moon are conjunct, this often shows a strong identity, a presence becomes a symbol or emblem. It’s iconic. The Leo placements are in a wide trine aspect with Pluto in Aries. Rangers have stage presence. Their dramatic flair reveals something of the actor. There is a mythology about the Texas Rangers. They are immortalized in numerous movies, radio shows and books. The Moons phase is important, its balsamic, just before the New Moon. This lunar phase reminds us that there is mystery present. This darkest of the Moon’s phases shows that hidden motives and methods as well as a progressive and futuristic orientation is operative. The balsamic Moon has an overall twelfth house quality. This shows a detachment from the status quo and that satisfaction comes through unselfish service. The end is closing to allow a new birth, a renewal of the spirit, when a balsamic Moon is in force.

     Early images of determined Rangers successfully pursuing the bad guys on horseback, using the most advanced guns of the day, have given way to the agencys use of the most advanced of crime fighting technology. The highest quality and pride in achievement of a job well done can be seen in this strong Leo influence. Pluto in Aries is a transit which astrologers have traditionally related to the pioneer traditions of the early 1800’s, preceding the time of the Civil War. That placement in the horoscope of The Rangers is significant, for it reveals the persistence of a rough and ready spirit.

     Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in Cancer. In mundane astrology, violent crime is especially ruled by Mars, the celestial warrior and planet of conflict. Jupiter relates to the decisions of the courts, to philosophy and growth. This Mars- Jupiter combination is a particularly potent conjunction. In a natal chart it is often called the presidents conjunction. Several of our most popular and influential presidents, including John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton, have been born with that aspect. The charismatic Texas Rangers have long been linked with serving the needs of powerful elected officials regarding protection or enforcement of laws. The Sun Sign of the USA, with July 4th as the national birthday, is Cancer. Cancer relates to home and family life, the generation gap and history. The Texas Rangers especially appeal to young people. Extensive programs dedicated to helping children as well as the establishment of a Texas Rangers Museum reflect the Cancer influence.

     The Rangers’  horoscope is heavily cardinal. Neptune, Uranus and the North Moon Node are in Capricorn, combined with Pluto in Aries and the Cancer planets illustrate this. Cardinal sign influence always craves immediate action, it unfolds in the present. The efficiency and productivity of the Texas Rangers, their ability to get things done, can be seen in the strong cardinal sign emphasis. The Capricorn planets in opposition to the Cancer conjunction brought some criticism to the agency during times of the Equal Rights movement. Today women as well as minorities are well represented among the elite ranks of about 118 Texas Ranger officers. The Uranus-Neptune conjunction show a resilience and a progressive side. This aspect is a factor in the ability the Rangers have shown to adapt to changing times and to survive.

     Venus in Virgo forms a grand trine in Earth signs with Saturn in Taurus and the North Node in Capricorn. The Texas Rangers are noted for their orderliness as well as uncompromising and conservative values. They are precisely organized into six companies, labeled A through F. The Earth sign influence hints at the considerable financial resources rumored to be at the disposal of The Texas Rangers. Originally, in 1823, they were offered fifteen dollars per month for providing the exemplary service needed to keep some sort of order in the rough frontier. By the Spanish American War, this was increased to one dollar and fifty cents a day. These were very high wages for the time. Today’s Rangers are more reserved about revealing their salaries, but the tradition of seeking out exceptional candidates can be seen in their training. Often modern Texas Rangers have advanced college degrees. Many also complete special studies in advanced investigative hypnosis and forensic art. Little recruitment has ever been necessary, for hundreds of applicants will apply for a single available place in the ranks.

     The Texas Rangers’ horoscope’s Earth sign influence also points to law enforcement as related to finance. Apprehension of bank robbers, especially the notorious Bonnie and Clyde, are a part of the Ranger mystique. In contemporary times this has evolved into a formidable reputation for successfully cracking cases of bank and credit card fraud.

     In the early days of the Texas oil boom, unruly residents who were not especially interested in following the law, would find themselves handcuffed to fence posts by determined Rangers. Early detective work often included tracing fence cutters and cattle rustlers, gamblers and hustlers. Saturn’s placement in late Taurus is widely square the Leo planets. Determination combined with a rough frontier justice can be seen in the fixed sign aspects.

     Originally exceptionally good horses, as the only means for fast travel, were always a hallmark of the Texas Rangers. Mercury, the planet of travel, is prominent. Placed in Leo it is conjunct both of the luminaries and trine Pluto. This describes the mercurial speed of movement and swiftness of Texas Ranger justice. Lightning swift intelligence and powers of observation are a part of this living legend. Imagine coming face to face with a group of modern Texas Rangers. They are wearing the trademark gleaming white hats, black uniforms and dark sun glasses. Perhaps The Captain will call out your entire name in a loud voice followed by

     “We’re the Texas Rangers!”

     The image is enough to inspire confidence in those who would seek justice in todays chaotic world. It will make the bad guys quake with dread. It warms the heart. The heart has a traditional link to Leo. The reputation of the Texas Rangers is well deserved. Their horoscope is a strong one, it indicates that the legend will live on.

Data Table For The Texas Rangers Horoscope

(astrological positions at Noon LMT)

August 5, 1823 NS in Austin, Texas

Sun 12 Leo 27

Moon 1 Leo 34

Mercury 5 Leo 38

Venus 28 Virgo 09

Mars 9 Cancer 45

Jupiter 1 Cancer 15

Saturn 23 Taurus 01

Uranus 8 Capricorn 20 R

Neptune 5 Capricorn 07 R

Pluto 01 Aries 53 R

N. Moon Node 27 Capricorn 46

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