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Sacred Beads – How To Use Them To Connect With A Place Of Peace And Comfort

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Recently the level of storms on the Sun, with solar flares and sun spots has reached a new peak of activity. Beads are a marvelous tool for directing this valuable but volatile energy wisely, and avoid getting stressed and agitated. The ever popular use of beads as a magical tool evolved from a 30,000 year old tradition. The very first prayer beads were strung during the Neolithic or New Stone Age era. Today mala beads, rosary beads, power beads, Buddha beads, the Islamic Subha, Greek worry beads, Native American Wampum and Eastern Orthodox prayer ropes are just a few of the ways beads appear in contemporary religious ritual traditions. Some witches will string a witchs rosary, usually of silver beads interspersed with amber and jet. Used in meditation, being with beads offers a portable rest stop, a place of beauty, on the stressful and hurried highway of life. The experience of prayer and meditation always heals and comforts. When accompanied by the use of beads it becomes deeper, more tangible. The Dalai Lama is known to carry a tigers eye mala, Richard Gere and other stars have been spotted using sandalwood prayer beads.

Following the path to greater enlightenment and compassion, beads provide a helpful and deepening tool. Count prayers and recitations using beads, the end bead is a stopping place as you handle your own beads. The word mala is Sanskrit for garland of flowers . The earliest prayer ropes were made of flower blossoms. Strung together, the malas were first used to invoke stillness of mind, body and heart about 2000 years ago. Over time the beads or flowers become stronger, absorbing energy and magnifying personal potential.

Below are some prayers and mantras to use in beginning to be with your beads!

1) Secular Prayer

Go completely around the ring, touching each bead and reciting a word. Make three revolutions saying Light, Love, Peace.

2) Sanskrit Prayer

This means hail the jewel in the lotus. It honors the inner self. Recite it 27 times. Om Mane Padme Hum

3) Purification and Rejuvenation

Recite this 108 times. It is another Sanskrit term and means truth, identity.

Sat Nam

4) Use your favorite prayer. The Lords Prayer or Twenty Third Psalm can become a mantra. Dedicate it to a special situation. For an astrological prayer try reciting the name of a planet or guardian angel in multiples of nine while fingering the beads. Raphael rules the element air, Gabriel is water, Michael is fire and Auriel is earth.

The beads are a gift. The good wishes and healing magic contained within a gift has a special healing magic all its own.

In that spirit, enjoy the mala beads as you explore the wonderful potentials within prayer beads. The type of beads used in a mala have an impact on results.

For information about the types of stones to select the beads apropos to your birth sign, scroll down to the feature about Star Crystals below.

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