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Astrology of the Goddesses Around The Zodiac

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Cosmic Mother and Goddess archetypes have offered acceptance, love and comfort since earliest times. Connecting with a celestial goddess figure brings help, healing and insight from the ultimate loving mom. Begin with the goddess linked to your own birth sign. The other goddesses related to your Moon, ascendant, etc. can also be called into play. Follow your hunches, Try lighting a candle or making an altar featuring statues or drawings of the goddess figures you are drawn to. Call out the name of the goddess or goddesses you wish to invoke three times then state your need. Help will be on the way. The qualities of the twelve zodiac signs also suggest which goddess might be the best one to petition. If the situation, for example, demands assertiveness, think of Aries (Minerva). For mental clarity, think of Gemini (Kaltes), etc.

Aries – Minerva

This Roman warrior goddess was the overseer of soldiers in battle. Inventions, handicrafts and medicine are her gifts to humanity. She encourages competition, the pursuit of goals, exploration, a command of new ideas and bravery.

Taurus – Hathor

This Egyptian goddess appears as a sacred cow. She embodies both the Sun and Moon. Strong, jolly, sensual and fertile, Hathor represents all that is beautiful and comfortable. Musical ability and the fine arts as well as parties are blessed by Hathor.

Gemini – Kaltes

This shape-shifter is of Siberian origin, she embraces duality, she is accessible and molds destiny. Kaltes offers wisdom in times of confusion and uncertainty, she adapts to the needs and surroundings of the moment. Call on her for a new perspective and information.

Cancer – Selene

The Greek lunar goddess Selene carries the Full Moon across the sky in her white chariot. Growth, potential and protection are her messages. She brings guidance through dreams and healing energy through peaceful slumber. She blesses childhood and memories.

Leo – Fortuna

Of Italian origin, Fortunas emblem is the Tarot’s Wheel of Fortune. A symbol of the Sun’s rising and setting, the Wheel is a reminder to retain perspective during lifes ups and downs. Fortuna replaces disappointments with hopeful options and abundant blessings. Call to her for prosperity.

Virgo – Arianrhod

This Welsh goddess is associated with beauty as well as chastity. She oversees weather and bountiful harvests and the best use of time. She expresses concern, observes and brings constructive suggestions. She will clean up a mess.

Libra – Venus

This Roman goddess of justice, love and grace will grant desires that cant be resisted. Passion, beauty and sensuality are under her rule. A popular image shows Venus rising from the sea to ride the waves on a scallop shell. The message is that she offers safe passage through the stormy seas of life.

Scorpio – Rhiannon

Song birds who can rejuvenate the dying and revive the dead are the companions of this Welsh goddess. She bestows the gifts of strength, survival and rebirth. A queen of the night, Rhiannon rewards instinctual and honest recognition of our animal instincts.

Sagittarius – Epona

This Celtic goddess is the embodiment of independence and travel. The horse is her symbol and she is present at the birth of foals. She journeys through all of lifes experiences. Her guidance combines following instincts with maintaining vitality and self nurturing.

Capricorn – Gaia

A prehistoric goddess, Gaia is the Earth herself. Her realm is dark, deep caverns, mysterious corners, tree roots, and the seasonal rhythms; Gaia is the very heart beat of the Earth. She reminds us of the most primal connections to the land. She oversees the powers of crystals and herbs.

Aquarius – Morgan Le Fay

This mysterious and enchanting witch sister of King Arthur is the goddess queen of the enchanted isle of Avalon. A mistress of high magic, Morgan Le Fay has the ability to change forms, to heal and prophesy. She is unpredictable and controversial. Her emblem is the apple.

Pisces – Kuan Yin

This Chinese goddess is beloved for her mercy and compassion. It is said that she never turns her back on those who call to her. Born of Buddha’s tears, she is in empathy with all who suffer and freely dispenses healing waters from her hand held vase. The willow tree is her emblem.

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