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Interceptions In Astrology

Cosmic Insights Hidden Within Horoscopes

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Interceptions are an elusive but very important fine point in astrology. Many otherwise skilled and accomplished astrologers gloss over them. Think of being a visitor in someone else’s house. Even if the host and hostess are kind, it is hard to be completely at ease. There’s always something to remind you that you’re really not at home. Maybe it’s awakening early in the morning and wanting coffee an hour before everyone else is up. Maybe it’s wondering whether it is really O.K. to use those pretty guest towels in the bathroom. If you can capture those feelings then it’s easy to get a grasp of what it means to have intercepted planets and Zodiac Signs in your birth chart.

Unless every birth chart you calculated is exactly at 0 degrees of latitude, which is right on the equator, or unless you use only the equal house system of house division, you will occasionally encounter interceptions. Interceptions are a factor of geography. Because of the Earth’s irregular shape, as births occur further and further North or South of the equator the division of houses becomes more irregular, For births near the polar latitudes its possible to have not only two, but four to six Zodiac Signs intercepted. This reveals a tremendous focus on just one or two of the twelve houses of the Zodiac. Perhaps we might speculate about how living near the North or South pole would make ones life very focused, or narrow. This helps in understanding how interceptions are applied. When I have a client who was born, for example, at Point Barrow, Alaska or in Iceland, I will prepare a relocation chart for the current residence, then read both charts.  This will offer guidance concerning how the focus in the client’s life changes at different locations.

Whether the ascendant sign is at long or short ascension at birth is a factor in determining the frequency of interceptions. Often interceptions will occur at around 40 degrees latitude, a part of the globe where so many of us are born.

Since the dawn of astrology’s extensive history, when astrologers were first able to accurately calculate a chart using the latitude and longitude for a birth or other event, interceptions have been a grey area. Interceptions of both planets and luminaries reveal anomalies and a dash of nonconformity. There is a detachment, a wild card to be played, in understanding the truths illustrated in the horoscope. A special effort might have to be made to fulfill the potential of the planet. There is a vague quality, a promise that might only be partially kept, suggested by interceptions.

Signs and Houses In Interception

Aries- Libra

(First and Seventh Houses)

Personality and personal freedoms polarize with the letter of the law and social obligations. The interplay here describes how we are our own lawgivers. Relationships provide an opportunity to reconcile. New states of consciousness in the ways we relate to others helps in the development of personal identity.


(Second and Eight Houses)

Productivity intertwine with birth and death metaphors here. There is a contrast between substance and the promise of future security. The tangible and obvious versus the hidden and obscure. True values and lasting security opposing the chimera of illusions about how wealth and values are accented.


(Third and Ninth Houses)

The study of facts and reason polarized with philosophical concepts and the higher mind are accented here. Using knowledge, communicating and then applying it is the challenge. Bringing together the eternal student with the light of knowledge shining from the universal teacher comes into play. Resolving the roles of siblings, in-laws and grandchildren can be difficult. There can be an inability to really use formal job training and courses of education in any but the most abstract way.


(Fourth and Tenth Houses)

Creating a peaceful and nurturing home environment while balancing career ambitions and responsibilities is the challenge here. Father and mother archetypes can pose blockages that are hard to understand or explain. A certain restlessness is present, surrounding either the home life or career. Its hard to say where ones roots really are. The typical dilemma of the overwhelmed working mom who wants it all is illustrated here.


(Fifth and Eleventh Houses)

Moving toward future goals while savoring the joys and pleasures of the present requires effort. Far off visions of the future can take away much from the present. Discovering true fulfillment, channeling creative urges productively, and yet contributing to society as a whole is the challenge. Associations which satisfy romantic longings while establishing fraternity and maintaining constructive contacts through the right networking presents a sensitive balance.


(The Sixth and Twelfth Houses)

Doing justice to employment, coping with concrete daily reality and important chores while honoring idealism and visionary inspiration is the challenge here. Mental and physical health, enhancing overall well being and wholesomeness is of significance. Compassion and charity have to be combined with down to earth pragmatism. Analyze details for correctness, then step back to consider the message of the broader picture. Caring for pet animals, being in the wilderness and coexisting with wildlife can be a part of the message as well.

The Luminaries and Planets In Interception

An intercepted Sun, Moon or planet is at a pause. Unsettled, its highest expression doesnt come easily; remember, it acts like a visitor trying to get comfortable in a strange house.

The Sun

Full recognition for efforts come later in life than expected (check the year of life that progressions in the natal chart show the interception moving out to time this). The personality tends to be quiet and introspective. A great reservoir of unexpressed talent and energy dwells beneath the surface.

The Moon

Karmic home and family conditions generate a fated quality. Making the most of heritage and formative years is a challenge. Emotional freedom of expression can be blocked. It’s important to release troubling memories and focus on the present.


Expressing all that is understood eloquently while using intellectual capabilities to the fullest extent is the challenge here. There can be a situation with a language barrier, verbal skills, a speech impediment or maybe just a different mindset.


Repressions or blockages regarding love, different tastes in art or entertainment affecting leisure time activities with loved one can create a sense of distance form others. Finding pleasure in ones own company, friendships with those of other age or ethnic groups, and finding a creative outlet to express love can help in resolving this interception.


Learn to direct anger and effort at the appropriate target or goal. Energy tends to be internalized. There can be unusual tactics selected for self defense or revenge. Unexpected spikes of enthusiasm and adrenalin rushes can occur.


Rewards come from unexpected sources. Expansion, growing, expressing and living with spiritual and religious teachings all require more time and patience than expected. It’s very important for those with this interception not to give up. Luck and opportunities come from unexpected directions, efforts must be made to glean optimum benefits.


Self love and self acceptance, rising above personal limitations or restrictive authority figures is the challenge. The health of the mind or body, perhaps living with a physical or mental handicap can be a focus. Restrictions and obligations turned into constructive tools for accomplishment, making the best use of both time and what resources are available is the message. Bloom where you are planted would be the perfect mantra for those born with this interception.


Not being limited by eccentricities, retaining uniqueness while yet accepting social graces and parameters is important. Those born with Uranus intercepted must always keep good company and remain aware of how associates are impacting the life. Birds of a feather flock together and so do pigs and swine. Rats and mice will take their choice and so will I have mine  is a traditional rhyme which describes the challenge here.


Honesty versus illusion and confusion is the issue with Neptune intercepted. Don’t be in denial. Examining painful, sensitive issues, then finding a way to serve and help others in spite of them will bring out the best potential here. Messages received through dreams and nuances can be important in resolving this interception.


The individual’s quality of life is profoundly linked to the world at large. Mass karma is a focus. The crime rate, the ecological health of the environment, the economy and large corporations or power structures are factors which impact personal destiny when Pluto is intercepted.

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The Cinderella Complex

Astrological Love Guide – The Quest For the  Glass Slipper

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

It is one of the most familiar and beloved of story lines. A single lady (or gentleman) is overwhelmed, carrying life’s baggage all alone, then she (or perhaps he) is rescued by a Prince (or maybe a Princess) Charming.

He probably serves her Dom Perignon, the arrival on a white horse might be replaced by a Jaguar or Aston-Martin in the driveway. The wicked stepmother has become the 9 to 5 drudgery of an exhausting job. The basic fantasy stays the same though. The romance novel, in all of its best selling forms, has become the modern day fairy tale for all who feel like Cinderella. Endless days of just trying to survive leaves one feeling too exhausted or too broke to waltz away into a bright world of joy and dreams, of fun and luxury. Hope is held out that rescue from the reality dragons of daily life will somehow come about.

Some years ago psychologist Collette Dowling coined the term The Cinderella Complex to describe how many women are unable to form really healthy relationships because they are seeking someone to rescue them from the need to fulfill their true potentials. Such dependency carries a terribly high price, even if the partner appears to be a rescuer in the initial stages of the relationship. If the rescuer becomes ill or loses interest in the relationship, after the woman has invested years of her life in trying to maintain the fantasy, the loss can be beyond devastating. Males can likewise be afflicted with the Cinderella Complex looking for a companion, perhaps a mother figure, to take care of them.

Boredom, career frustration, the spectre of passing time and old age can torment people of both genders and all ages into retreating from life. Astrology can provide a key to finding strength and protection from within, which in turn assures the formation of a really healthy and nurturing relationship situation with the right life partner. Yes, a marriage or alternative committed situation is an important part of a fulfilled life, but it can’t be the entire reason for living in today’s world. Keeping one’s identity ( not losing the you within you)  intact, is essential.

Astrologically speaking a serious case of the Cinderella Complex can develop when the Moon is in a hard angle aspect to Venus, Mercury and/or Neptune. A lack of strong aspects to the Sun, ascendant and/or first house ruler will intensify this problem. An afflicted Moon in the natal chart represents vulnerability and emotional instability. Venus is the feminine expression of love, Mercury relates to the mental attitude toward love, Neptune, if afflicted, can indicate unhealthy obsessions. Mars describes the expression of passion and physical desires. A retrograde or weakly placed Mars can show passive, overly reserved tendencies.

The 7th house of the birth chart is the key to what type of relationship would be best. In a solar chart, this is the sign opposite the familiar birth sign. In the natal chart, it is the sign opposite the ascendant or rising sign. These indicators show the path to follow in rescuing oneself from the Cinderella Complex. Most of us have a touch of this wish at some point in our lives. Here are some astrological tips to tuck your own secret Cinderella safely away in the castle. Check the suggestions for both your rising sign (ascendant) and the Sun sign (that is the familiar birth sign everyone knows).


With Libra and Venus as your relationship indicators developing public relations skills and recognizing the need for balance and justice in partnerships is your key to happiness. Beware of letting relationships become too competitive. Avoid power struggles. Developing your artistic skills, getting involved in cultural events in the community can bring the ideal relationship your way. Teamwork and togetherness are your happiness keynotes.


Scorpio, Mars and Pluto guide your relationship roles. An energetic and stimulating person is what you need for happiness. Seek the one who inspires enthusiasm and helps you overcome that tendency to procrastinate. Avoid those who seem jealous or possessive, those twin demons can be your stumbling blocks in forming a healthy relationship. Focus on a spiritual detachment allowing greater individual freedom to pave the way for the right special someone to enter your life.


Sagittarius and Jupiter describe your best relationship situation. Seek someone who has ethical and philosophical values you admire. Travel, higher education, and connections at your place of worship can put you in touch with a compatible partner. Avoid anyone who makes promises and then doesn’t deliver or who gambles on grandiose schemes that are too risky.


Your relationships indicators are Saturn and Capricorn. Patience is essential, the axiom marry in haste, repent at leisure could have been written for you. Look for someone who shows an interest in your future and welfare and whose business interests you can share. Be cautious if the potential beloved reveals overly critical tendencies or withholds affection as a means of controlling the relationship. Your natural reserve can make you uncomfortable with crowds or extremely extroverted people. An age gap often works in your favor, though.


Aquarius, Uranus and Saturn are your relationship guides. In partnerships you like to retain a freedom of spirit. A partner who is involved in politics, human rights issues, or other projects which accent the universal good can bring out the best in you. Accepting that relationships can change and grow, finding someone who can adapt to your own waxing and waning feelings is important too.


Neptune, Jupiter and Pisces impact your closest relationships. Whimsical and imaginative partners, those who can relieve your natural anxiety and tendency to be super organized, are good choices. Medicine, the fine arts and education are worthwhile interests to share. A positive element in your best relationships is always psychic rapport. Look for one with whom unspoken communication is easy and natural. If you share a remembered dream upon awakening, this could be the one for you.


You are pointed toward the right person by Mars and Aries. Peace in relationships comes paradoxically through developing assertiveness to gain cooperation. Staying active and physically fit, with a positive attitude toward competition, will bring out the good in any partnership. Dealing with athletes, military personnel, working with the general public, especially with projects that are innovative and pioneering, will bring healthy relationship your way.


Taurus and Venus will guide you toward the ideal relationship. Seek someone who feels the same way you do about money management. Sharing investments as well as a desire to spend money in the same way can build a spirit of true unity. Musical or artistic individuals can attract you. You might find worthwhile contacts in the banking and finance fields as well. You dislike being alone and will be happiest with someone who is content with keeping lasting attachments and deep connections. Healing from the disappointment of early romantic fiascos is a major step in achieving lasting happiness.


Mercury and Gemini are your relationship indicators. Binding commitments that have a sameness about them can make you feel stifled. Accept that everyone can be boring sometimes. Otherwise the grass-is -greener syndrome can pose serious stumbling blocks. Versatile and intelligent individuals are your best choices. Seek someone who is multi-lingual, involved in travel or the communications industry. Mental rapport, greeting cards, letters, e-mail, etc. can play a key role in worthwhile relationship development for you.


The Moon and Cancer affect your strongest relationship bonds. It is essential that you not let those you care for become overly dependent upon you for emotional support. The extended family concept, incorporating the relatives of your beloved into your own life, can work well. Seek a partner whose heritage and home life are appealing to you. Similar tastes in decorating, cooking meals together, as well as real estate dealings can forge a lasting connection. You can enjoy history as well as memorabilia and collectibles together.


The Sun and Leo describe your partnerships. Look for a warm hearted person who encourages the perpetual inner child in your nature. Forever young at heart, the spirit of leadership and community involvement are all factors to seek. Image and dignity are also important considerations. Loyalty under all circumstances is a sensitive issue. Be careful not to overshadow your partner with your own projects and goals. Share the limelight.


Mercury and Virgo are your relationship indicators. You’ll enjoy precise and efficient types who speak and think clearly, adding a practical touch to the relationship. Quell a tendency to expect too much perfection as unreasonable idealism can make it hard for you to find contentment with that special person. Enjoying health, diet and physical fitness programs can forge lasting ties. Bright, talkative individuals who inspire you to sharpen your intellectual capabilities are good prospects. The exchange of constructive criticism will help the right relationship to grow, enabling you to accomplish what you most wish for together.


Astrologers and Serious Students of the Stars:

For deeper insights into the very sensitive and important topic of relationship dynamics consider the aspects and house placement to the planet ruling the 7th house cusp. Also carefully analyze the degrees of the signs and the aspects of planets in the 7th house. The aspect between the rulers of the 1st and 7th houses is of great importance in determining a persons potential for having a good relationship at all. A conjunction promises unity, and gives a natural gift for cooperation. A square or opposition will bring a certain sparkle of excitement, but bonds can be turbulent. In a negative situation this can escalate into violence. The trine or sextile aspects are in harmony and a smooth, loving life together is likely. Intimate relationships will be symbiotic with the trine or sextile present between the rulers of the 1st and 7th houses.

When there isn’t a major aspect between the rulers of the 1st and 7th, the person can be a lone wolf type, one who maintains a spirit of profound individuality and doesnt bond with others or find deeply committed situations of importance.

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Stars of Happiness – Make Every Day a Celestial Valentine!

Astrology and Your Wedding

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

“A marriage made in heaven” and “Choose not only the proper mate, but a proper time to marry” are just a couple of the many pearls of wisdom surrounding the mystique and magic of love and marriage. A close look at what the quaint axioms really suggest points straight to some interesting ideas concerning astrology and marriage. Timing and compatibility are two key factors in finding greater happiness in relationships through using astrology. At least 50% of the marriages today in the United States as well as in many other countries are ending in divorce. Growing numbers of people endure the emotional scars of multiple unsatisfactory marriages. Finding wedded bliss with the right mate at the right time is a real challenge. Astrology can offer tremendous help.

First of all, it’s important to realize that events have a birthday, a beginning point, just as a human life does. Choosing the most auspicious time to begin a project, to start a business or enter into a marriage, involves a special type of astrology called electional astrology. This is electing (or selecting) the most desirable time to assure success.

To understand exactly how this works, let’s imagine you are about to begin a journey around the world. If you were to leave today, as opposed to departing next week, the experiences you would encounter such as weather conditions, people, etc. would be entirely different on the two different itineraries.

The same is true of married life. The business contacts, neighbors, friends, etc. which become a part of a married couples life will vary according to the timing of the marriage. Of course basic compatibility between the horoscopes of the two partners is the most important factor. Between two horoscopes which are hostile even the most perfect of times selected for the marriage will not help. However, for two people who are in harmony, the best time for the marriage will do much to promote a fulfilling, smooth and successful life together.

First choose the Sun sign under which the marriage takes place, this is the familiar zodiac sign in the heavens for that day. The Witches Almanac calendar section can help if you are unsure of when the Sun moves from sign to sign. The Sun sign (actually this is the Earth’s path around the Sun that day) describes goals, directions and the essence of the relationship. The Sun sign traditionally has a special impact on the husband and the decisions he will make for the couple.

(note: For same sex couples and those involved in other alternative relationships, the references to gender can be adjusted accordingly to select the best chart for your commitment.)

The Aries Marriage

This is suitable for couples who thrive on action and competition. There are likely to be power struggles here between husband and wife. Rising above present circumstances and becoming more powerful in the community can be important. Military life can affect the marriage. Athletic hobbies and outdoor activities can be favorite pastimes. The marriage may take much work and effort and not be a very soothing relationship. Between incompatible couples violence can occur and unfaithfulness is a possibility. On the positive side an Aries marriage seldom gets into a rut and both parties will welcome challenges wholeheartedly. It brings a fresh start.

The Taurus Marriage

May is one of the most popular times for weddings. Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the love planet, marriages born at this time can be very enduring and tender. There is a rooted and stable energy between the couple. Investment in jewelry, art or other items of value can add to the feelings of mutual security. Finances will always be important. Gardening, building a home, and planning for the future can occupy much of your time together. There is a need to cultivate flexibility in a Taurus marriage though. Plenty of delicious gourmet food and other creature comforts are enjoyed. It is important to focus on physical fitness, as youll tend to pamper and indulge each other.

The Gemini Marriage

June is closely linked with brides and weddings. Because Gemini is associated with ideas and communication weddings at this time can be affected by bridal publications. Shopping for just the right invitations and other accessories for the wedding day can occupy much of the bride and grooms time. After the wedding intellectual harmony is important. The couple might enjoy taking classes together or browsing through every book store and library in town. Conversations will make or break the Gemini marriage. Voicing ideas clearly but tactfully is important. Gemini, symbolized by The Twins, is always about duality; so married life can run hot and cold.

The Cancer Marriage

Home and family life will be a powerful focus in this marriage. Saving money to acquire the perfect home with perfect furnishings is likely to be an important goal. Ties to in-laws and siblings can be exceptionally strong. Heirlooms, genealogy, heritage, and other factors linked to roots and traditions wont be forgotten by couples who marry under the sign of Cancer. At least one partner will definitely want to have children. Mealtimes will be especially important family occasions. Traditional family recipes as well as experimenting with new foods can be enjoyed, with both husband and wife puttering around the kitchen. Because Cancer is associated with the changeable and moody Moon there will be great sensitivity in this relationship.

The Leo Marriage

Like Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, Leo is a fixed sign. This is one of the indices of a lasting relationship. The early months of married life will be bright, with great warmth and romance. The couple can be truly consumed by each other. Pride and a certain nobility will characterize their life together. They might acquire showy cars and expensive clothes. Image and reputation are important. Joining clubs and organizations dedicated to pleasure and friendship can be a focus. The couple will maintain a youthful persona throughout their lives. They want to be perfect parents but can be a little overbearing with offspring. Family ties are warm and supportive though, usually overcoming any negativity. This couple will attract attention, one or both might become celebrities.

The Virgo Marriage

Symbolized by the zodiacs Virgin, this is often considered rather unfavorable for a wedding date horoscope, unless one or both partners have been married before. Sharing employment goals, adopting a small pet, and working together can strengthen a Virgo marriage. There might be a business like mood present, its all no nonsense, conservative, and a logical approach to life. However they can descend into criticism of co-workers, friends and each other. Efforts must be made to keep negative comments to a dull roar or this couple will find themselves quite alone. Take advantage of your mutual interest in health and fitness to help each other maintain health.

The Libra Marriage

Venus rules this sign, so like Taurus, Libra is generally considered favorable for a wedding date choice. Both partners will place much emphasis on the relationship. Their identities are found through being together, seldom apart. Justice will be important and the partners will try very hard to be fair with each other. Sharing responsibilities at work or home will seem natural. Neither will be bound by role stereotypes. Harmony will be the norm here, this couple will keep arguments to a minimum. Politics, psychology, sociology and the fine arts can be accented. Good manners and beautiful, artistically decorated surroundings make this couple attractive to others. They will probably have a wide circle of friends.

The Scorpio Marriage

Physical intimacy is likely to be enduring and intense here. One partners attempts to change the other can lead to power struggles. Between incompatible couples marital violence can erupt. Working through jealousy and suspicions is essential. Every effort should be made to maintain openness and complete sincerity. Emotions can overwhelm logic. Work toward keeping a calm, tolerant mood present in the home. Invested or inherited money can add to the couples earnings considerably. Together they can be drawn to banking, detective work, economics and the life sciences. This couple might have a large family, establishing a dynasty of grand children and great grandchildren.

The Sagittarius Marriage

A light hearted and free spirited quality is present with this marriage. There can be a wide circle of friends, but the couple might spend much time apart. Both will cherish their independence. Academic and literary goals can be important, there can be a great deal of travel. For a time they might reside abroad, the partners might come from different countries or ethnic groups. Life is something of a game to this couple, which they will strive to win. They might keep horses, large dogs or exotic pets. Growth, new horizons, fulfilling ambitions will be accented. Others look to them for advice or see them as an inspiration.

The Capricorn Marriage

This is a relationship which will be built on solid foundations. Practicalities will be important. Both partners will have a conservative approach toward the life they create together. Traditions guide their choices and decisions. Emotions will be controlled and an outer dignity is maintained. One partner might feel the other is aloof or cool, so as time passes it can take work to maintain warmth and intimacy. Shared responsibilities will require attention, business and work come before fun and games. Presenting a respectable family image and maintaining prestige in the community will be important to this couple. They will insist upon quality in possessions and social contacts. They might work together, perhaps starting a very successful family owned business.

The Aquarius Marriage

The Aquarius marriage, like the Sagittarius relationship, has a free spirited and unconventional quality. The partners might have life styles which keep them apart for a time. Friendships outside the marriage can be important. Life together is exciting but it can be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. To preserve this marriage successfully efforts must be made to fan the flame of romance and courtship, not to detach too much. There can be some surprising twists in life together. Flexibility is a must. This couple might feel they have a mission to make the world a better place. Ecology, humanitarian causes, and reform might attract them. Modern and progressive trends and technology will guide their choices.

The Pisces Marriage

Emotions and sensitivity are present. This couple will have tremendous empathy with each others moods, even to the point of telepathic communication, possibly through dreams. Care must be taken not to make a tempest in a teacup over petty disappointments. Honesty and sincerity must be maintained. They will sacrifice personal wishes for each other or for their loved ones. A relative with health or money problems could make demands on this couple. There could be substance abuse in the family. Despite these pitfalls, ties will be strong and there is a sense of genuine commitment. Ideals are high and the romance will linger for years after the wedding date. Creative projects can be shared and the arts enjoyed. Photography, dance, spirituality or church work can enrich this marriage.

Happiness is Elemental

In choosing which of the twelve marriage signs is for you, find the astrological element of your own Sun sign. This can suggest a suitable marriage sign. The Fire Signs are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. The Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. The Air signs are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. These groupings reveal which signs have a natural harmony. If your partner is in the same group as you the chances for happiness and harmony are high. Air feeds Fire, so the Air and Fire signs do well together. Water nourishes the Earth, so the Earth and Water signs blend well. Don’t despair though, if you’re a Water sign and your soon to be spouse is a Fire sign. There might be other harmonious influences involving Mars, Venus, the Moon and rising signs or other factors showing that you’re a good match. Check with your astrologer for the specifics.

Some Rules For Choosing A Wedding Chart

Here is much more you can do astrologically to assure a happy horoscope to bless your life with your beloved.

1. The Moon should be waxing and making a trine or sextile aspect to the Sun on the wedding day. The Moon represents the feminine principle and the Sun the masculine within the relationship. Beneficial aspects between these two placements alone will do much to promote a happy and successful marriage. Try to avoid getting married at a New or Full Moon, or at the First or Last Quarter phases as this brings too much tension to the relationship.

2. The Ascendant (rising sign, 1st house cusp) describes the man and his attitude toward the marriage. The descendant (7th house cusp) describes the woman. If the ruling planets of these signs are conjunct, trine or sextile, the chance of happiness is excellent. Benefic planets (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury) are helpful to have in the 1st and 7th houses. Avoid having Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune in the 1st or 7th houses, though. They can generate depressing or erratic influences. If that’s not possible, then select a date when the aspects to those four planets are the soft ones, the trines and sextiles.

3. The 5th house is natural children. The 11th is step or adopted children. Plan the wedding for a time when those houses describe the kind of family the couple wants. For example, the Moon or Venus in the 5th shows female children with charm, beauty and emotional rapport with relatives. Uranus in the 5th could bring a gifted but eccentric or independent child. Jupiter in the 11th would promote good will with step children.

4. The angular houses (1, 4, 7 and 10) relate to the most important areas of a couples life. The man, domestic life, the woman and community status, respectively. Place benefic planets there. Try to bury the malefic planets in the cadent houses (3, 6, 9 and 12). These are areas of secondary importance and should not upset the marriage.

5. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) ruling the angular houses will help the marriage endure. Cardinal signs ruling the angular houses (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) bring more moves than the fixed signs and the marriage will evolve and grow, The mutable signs on the angles (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces ) bring a variable mood to the marriage. If the marriage chart and compatibility overall are difficult then mutable sign angles can mean restlessness and chances for infidelity or separation.


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The Ancient Egyptian Zodiac

Know Your Egyptian Astrology Birth Sign! 

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Sometimes an experience is etched so vividly in one’s consciousness and is so memorable that it becomes a turning point for an entire life. When the impression is a positive one it can be incredibly healing and uplifting. The experience of touring Egypt has long been such a source of awe and inspiration. When I vacationed there, seeing the Ancient Egyptian Zodiac, which is painted on the ceiling of a temple along the Nile, was this kind of a life changing experience for the better for me. It left a widening of truth and perspective that day which has stayed with me ever since. At a tourist shop I purchased a papyrus illustrating the Egyptian Zodiac. Here is the way it suggests that astrologers in the cradle of civilization might have interpreted what is written in the stars.

The splendid and mysterious culture of ancient Egypt left an elaborate astrology legacy. The original entrance to the Great Pyramid at Giza aligns with Polaris, the North Star. Other archeological sites illustrate various constellations. The Egyptians established a yearly calendar similar to ours, with 365 days and 12 months. Each month was assigned to a deity, a god or goddess, for counsel and protection. The wisdom and beauty of the Egyptian Zodiac can be adapted to our own lives as a meditation for valuable reflection and perspective during these times of planetary and political change. Check your own birth date below for a personal message of inspiration.


January 1- February 2

A majestic figure with a tall plumed hat, Ammon-Ra was a prophet. A ruler among the gods, he was authoritive, a patron of the powerful. He is the life giving force of the Sun. Creativity and reproduction, leadership ability and discretion are Ra’s gifts.


February 3- March 4

The sacred crocodile, Sebek watches over the mighty River Nile. Subtle and beguiling, Sebek assists with getting out of difficulties. Giving access to hidden treasures, he also helps with recognizing and rising above all that is degrading and undesirable.


March 5 – April 9

This god of the dead links to rebirth after a journey to the after life. Vegetation, the cycles of day and night, survival skills and perseverance are his concerns. Osirus wears the double crown, signifying rulership over both upper and lower Egypt. He carries a crook and flail.


April 10 – May 2

This patron of culture and refinement carries a scepter representing sincerity, truth and justice. Bringing stability out of chaos and omnipotent insight out of the darkness are Ptah’s gifts.


May 3 – June 16

This falcon headed one soars above the ordinary. Agility and acute observation are his attributes. He rises to meet the needs of the moment. Sunlight and eye sight are linked to Horus. His name means sky.


June 17 -July 21

This attractive young woman offers a basket of fruit and flowers. A goddess of home and gardens, she brings a welcome oasis to the barren desert. Nourishment, unconditional love and a safe haven are her gifts.


July 22 – August 18

Set (or Seth) generates reform. A fierce beast with a boars features and scorpions tail, Set helps direct angry, restless energies into constructive expressions of change and adjustment.


August 19 – September 21

With the head of a black dog, the jackal, Anubis advises and guides those journeying to the after life. Performing necessary duties, he wears a double crown, symbolizing the two worlds of life and death. He allows both sides of situations to be evaluated.


September 22 – October 15

This warrior goddess appears as a fierce lioness. She once preserved the human race by defending Ra, the Sun God, from an uprising. Resolute strength of purpose to avert problems, as well as healing and medicines are her focus.


October 16 – November 9

An angelic figure, Isis is a divine mother, patroness of childbirth, love, mercy and beauty. Softening the harsher realities of life, she establishes home as a sanctuary of nurture and kindness. Very clever, Isis expresses civilized values and social consciousness.


November 10 – December 3

The baboon and the goose are Thoths symbols, suggesting intelligence and the hatching of new ideas. The inventor of hieroglyphs, Thoth is a respected patron of science and learning. The divine scribe, he judged the worthiness of applicants to the after life with a scale by weighing their hearts against a feather.


December 4 – 31

This sacred cow goddess adores music, art and all kinds of pleasure. Benevolent and indulgent, Hathor brings prophecies of good news. Her energy is voluptuous and intoxicating.

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Astrology of    The National Geographic Society

How To Read Horoscopes for Corporations

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

It’s January 2, the first business day of 2013, and the Sun is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, the astrological sign of the businesslike and pragmatic establishment. The United States has stepped back from teetering over the fiscal cliff, the winter holiday season is winding down and everyone is beginning to focus on practical matters. The mood is perfect for a look at mundane astrology. Mundane astrology refers to the special horoscopes cast for businesses and organizations and it’s anything but boringly mundane! Rather, this type of astrology is thrilling and so useful as a tool in seeking truly meaningful messages written in the stars.

Astrology touches each and every part of daily life. Large and small, natural or man made, everything has a beginning for which its own birth chart can be prepared. Predictable events are shown in the chart just as predictions are made for a person’s life. As a professional astrologer I’m often consulted about financial astrology, as in how well a company might perform on the stock market or whether a real estate investment might pay off. Electional astrology refers to selecting the most auspicious time for a move, to open a business, launch a ship, have an art opening, etc.

Companies also employ astrologers in connection with human resources, checking on the birth data of job candidates, to ascertain which would be the best fit with the company. The purchase of a new refrigerator, automobile, race horse anything at all can be helped along by using astrology.

Late one evening I was sharing a pizza with my neighbor Julianne, who was home caring for three small children who had all come down with the flu. The two youngest victims were already asleep, but the oldest, nine year old Jeremy, was reading quietly. I asked what he was looking at with such intensity and he showed me National Geographic Magazine.

This glance brought so many memories, a whole flash flood of them. Many years earlier the familiar yellow bordered magazine had been my own favorite childhood reading material. National Geographic has, for well over a hundred years, opened a window on the world. I thought about how foreign the world of todays young people is from the one I grew up in, there are so few threads left which consistently link the yesterdays with tomorrows. National Geographic is an exception.

Not surprisingly, Jeremy’s subscription is a gift from his grandfather. Probably the grandfather would have had the same kind of memory flash that I did, recalling National Geographic from his own childhood. Publishers Weekly once compared National Geographic to motherhood, apple pie and the American flag Few institutions have touched the lives of so many of us for such a long period of time. As a study in mundane astrology, the thing that is National Geographic’s longevity suggested that its astrology chart must show some celestial indicators of long life and power. Generations and generations of people find joy in its pages of colorful photographs and stories about exotic animals, far away places and, what it is mostly about; unfamiliar people.

When did National Geographic begin? That will reveal its horoscope.

The National Geographic Society, which publishes the magazine, is a Capricorn. It began over a century ago at 8:00 pm on Friday, January 13, 1888 in Washington DC. The unique magic of Friday (the week day ruled by Venus) added to the legendary serendipity of Friday the 13th was certainly at work. It was a Venus planetary hour too. Something really wonderful was born. It was an exclusive group of thirty three distinguished gentlemen who gathered near The White House and formed a club. Inventors, teachers, bankers, as well as military officers and naturalists all affirmed that they wanted to form a society to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge about the world, its lands, its history and its people. They were to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Today The National Geographic Society has assets of hundreds of million dollars. In 1984 President Reagan spoke at the dedication of the Society’s newest building, that same year the magazine won the National Magazine Award for general excellence. Surely then – since we know the exact time and place of its birth – the astrology chart should describe its progress, impact and growth over the decades.

National Geographic’s  Capricorn Sun is descriptive of its conservative, Earth conscious and timeless image. People of all ages, from 8 to 108, children, to the elderly to yuppies and hippies are drawn to it. The Sun and Mercury, which is also in Capricorn, are conjunct in the 5th house. This shows a tie to leisure, learning and travel. In its own words National Geographic claims that it has transformed the rather dull subject of geography into a unique vision of the world, utilizing the talents of generations of men and women. The tremendous wealth of the society (nearly all of it tax exempt) can be seen in the Capricorn placements in a trine aspect to the second house cusp (rules money) and to Neptune in Taurus at the Midheaven. Including the Part of Fortune in Virgo, the chart shows a powerful and prosperous grand trine (wide orb) in the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). The Moon is in Aquarius, indicating an ideological and humanitarian connection to the public, also this Moon sign describes the eccentric and adventurous life styles pursued by those who work within the Society. Innovative and unpredictable as well as staunchly loyal, the staff of National Geographic is described by the Moons 6th house position. National Geographic has provided information about the explorers of both the South and North Poles, the discovery and charting of the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru, inside visits to Castro’s  Cuba, Nazi Germany, as well as the 1969 Moon landing. It has retraced the routes of the early voyages of Christopher Columbus to the New World. The Society’s chart has Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Scorpio, both in the fourth house. This hints at strong family ties. Since Gilbert Grosvenor became the first paid employee, reporting for work on April 1, 1899, the Grosvenor family has been linked to National Geographic. Control of its vast wealth and influence has been a family matter. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, was one of the original founders. With the marriage of Bell’s daughter Elsie to Gilbert Grosvenor the Society assumed the mood of a dynasty. Its wealth and power remain in the hands of a close knit group. The strong tenth house in this chart is interesting. Pluto in early Gemini and Neptune at the very end of Taurus are there, in an out of sign conjunction. This combination of these two generational planets at the top of the horoscope describes global political and social power. National Geographic has always had close links to The White House. Its aims have frequently been sanctioned by United States Presidents. President Taft was a cousin of the Bell family, for example. Critics and conspiracy theory proponents claimed that Taft helped lend credibility to Robert E. Pearys claim to be the leader of the first expedition to reach the North Pole in 1909 when Dr. Frederick E. Cook claimed an earlier triumph. Controversies like this surround the Society, reflecting the explosive Pluto-Neptune influence in the sector of status and power. The Mars-Uranus conjunction in Libra in the second house describes progressive technology. National Geographic pioneered the creative use of computers in producing documentaries, for example. This has always resulted in great financial gain. Libra, being the sign of beauty combined with the pioneering spirit of Mars and Uranian originality is an eloquent astrological statement about the marvelous color photos which National Geographic is famous for. The Libra planets form a (wide orb) grand trine in air signs with the Moon in Aquarius and Pluto in Gemini. The double grand trines in both Earth and Air signs create a rare and beneficial Star of David aspect. Saturn, the ascendant and North Moon Node are all in Leo. A high quality of work, a flashy physical presence and leadership are shown here. The headquarters of the Society are richly decorated in Washington’s most elegant district. One of the most significant points in this stunning chart is the mutual reception between the Sun in Capricorn and Saturn in Leo. The combination of influences there shouts enigmatic distinction combined with adventure and entertainment. A mutual reception (planets in each others ruling signs) furnishes an almost magical ability to change places, to escape from whatever problems are gotten into. In the case of the Society, this certainly holds true. Close scrutiny of its history will bring scandals to light, yet the public image of National Geographic remains unscathed.

The twelfth house Saturn-Sun mutual reception describes the Society’s focus on ecology and endangered species and an altruism toward third world cultures. The Society was started when the Moon was new. In a horoscope which shows greatness, as this one does, a New Moon can indicate a universal symbolism. For example Queen Victoria, who was born on a New Moon, became the symbol for an entire age. National Geographic has this same kind of identity which makes further introduction unnecessary.

Perhaps it is enough just to say that there is only one National Geographic.

How to Interpret a Mundane Horoscope

When reading the horoscope of a city, nation, state, corporation, business, etc. the meanings of the houses and planets must be adjusted to expand beyond the familiar natal interpretations. Here is a guide to help you in working with this type of astrology.

The Sun – leadership, those persons in power, world wide impact

The Moon – general public, changes, subordinates, history

Mercury – advertising, publications, educational value

Venus – profits, art, social functions

Mars- machinery, competition, adventure, turmoil, confrontations, danger

Jupiter- wealth, expansion, growth, success, philosophical values

Saturn – limitations, elderly people, archives, conservative values

Uranus – new technology, innovations, accidents

Neptune – inspiration, mystery, hidden factors, ghosts, paranormal activity

Pluto – power struggles, the masses, confidential information

Part of Fortune – luck and preferment

Chiron – guidance, balance of liberal with conservative viewpoints

N. Moon Node – positive direction of aims

1st house – (ascendant or rising signs) morale, image, reputation

2nd house – assets, earnings, disposition of property

3rd house – traffic, inter-office communications, mail, neighborhood

4th house – foundation, heritage, origins

5th house – recreational facilities, younger people, the privileged

6th house – staff, working conditions, daily duties

7th house – competition, lawsuits, loyalties

8th house – treasury, debts, passing of power and assets from generation to generation.

9th house – foreign affairs, higher education, religion, travelers

10th house – highest authority, the boss, fame and fortune

11th house – fraternal spirit, politics, humanitarian endeavors

12th house – secrets, sorrows, undoing, isolation, karma, distant future

Astrological Data Sheet For National Geographic

January 13, 1888, 8:00 PM in Washington, DC.

This birth data was obtained from page 24 of a book published by the Society. Authored by C.D.P. Bryan it is titled “The National Geographic Society, 100 years of Adventure and Discovery.”

Tropical Placidus House Cusps

Sun – 23 degrees Capricorn 20 minutes – 5th house

Moon – 1 degree Aquarius 48 minutes – 6th house

Mercury – 20 degrees Capricorn 18 minutes – 5th house

Venus – 10 degrees Sagittarius 41 minutes – 4th house

Mars – 18 degrees Libra 17 minutes – 2nd house

Jupiter – 29 degrees Scorpio 53 minutes – 4th house

Saturn – 3 degrees Leo 52 minutes – 12th house (retrograde)

Uranus – 17 degrees Libra 18 minutes – 2nd house

Neptune – 27 degrees Taurus 26 minutes – 10th house (retrograde)

Pluto – 3 degrees Gemini 00 – 10th house (retrograde)

N. Moon Node – 10 degrees Leo 33 minutes – 12th house

Part of Fortune is 7 degrees Virgo – 1st house

Chiron- 27 Gemini 40 minutes – 5th house (retrograde)

Ascendant (Rising Sign) is 28 degrees Leo 36 minutes

Midheaven is 23 degrees Taurus 18 minutes  

Intermediate Level  Study In Astrology

For astrology fans  who would like to try a little more study in mundane astrology, here are some ideas. You will need  ephemerides for the 19th and 20th Centuries.

April 1, 1899 – look at the transits for the first day the legendary Gilbert Grosvenor began his long and distinguished  career as editor of the magazine. Jupiter was in the early degrees of Scorpio, beginning its first return to the 1888 natal chart (an 11.45 year cycle). At the same time transiting Uranus in Sagittarius was activating the trine between the Leo placements and ascendant and Venus in Sagittarius (see the original chart). The Sun was in Aries, adding strength to the favorable fire sign placements through houses 1, 4 and 12.

1909-1910 A controversial battle erupted concerning who reached the North Pole first. The expedition led by Robert E. Pearey National Geographic’s  candidate won the honor. Transits of Uranus in Capricorn oppose deceptive Neptune in Cancer square transit Jupiter in Libra were all activating the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Libra in the Society’s chart and clearly show this.The 2nd house Libra placements suggest that a great deal of money was at stake. Probably quite a bit was riding on Peary’s claim to fame.

1984 – Transits of  Uranus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Capricorn activated the Society’s chart very favorably. The new headquarters was completed, President Reagan  dedicated it. A new magazine supplement debuted, “The Traveler”. It won the prestigious National Magazine award.

1988 – The Society celebrated its hundreth birthday. A beautiful commemorative volume was published, bringing new interest and attention to the Society. Also three astrological heavies, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn transited the Sagittarius – Capricorn cusp. They were trine the ascendant and conjunct Mercury in the Society’s chart. This powerful combination of planets was joined by transit Jupiter in Aries,  strongly aspected in the 9th house of the 1888 chart to fire sign and cardinal sign placements.

 A further assignment – send your written entry to me for a nice prize – set up the April 23, 1982, 12:noon in Key West, Florida chart of the Conch Republic and interpret it. This is when the Florida Keys resigned from the USA and set up their own republic, complete with passports and a barricade of US 1 North of the Keys. The U.S. border patrol got involved, many residents of the Keys still consider themselves a part of this separate nationality. What do you see in the chart?  


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