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Astrology of Motherhood

A Celestial Love Letter To Moms Around The Zodiac

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

“I feel disillusioned and cheated. If only I’d known what it was going to be like I never would have had that child. I hope little Tiffany never guesses how her mother feels.”

The lovely thirty five year old lady finished speaking and dissolved into tears. Working as a professional astrology consultant for many years, I thought I’d heard every thing and gained some insight into nearly every personal dilemma. But this situation really puzzled me. This client had been looking forward to motherhood eagerly, actually passionately, just months earlier. After having worked steadily for over fifteen years, she said she couldn’t wait to quit and stay at home full time to devote all of her attention to her home and family. When she had last had me look at her birth chart, in the 7th month of her pregnancy, she had been bubbling over describing all of the projects she and the new baby could pursue together once she was free from the drudgery of the job. She mentioned sharing walks in the park, reading, play dates, etc. after Tiffany’s arrival. Now she was bored, she missed the excitement and challenges of her real estate career and she resented her husband’s job. Her once happy marriage seemed headed for trouble.

“Last night we had this terrible argument. I told Tim that Tiffany would never have been born if he was the one stuck at home all day. He said to put her in day care and go back to work, but I just can’t leave her with strangers while she’s so tiny,” With that the new mother began sobbing again.

With record numbers of women in their thirties and forties or even older deciding to have first babies, this problem of coping with a life style change is bound to be a recurrent one. The younger mothers in their teens and twenties are usually more adaptable to many of the adjustments a new baby demands. However new mothers of all ages, unless they’ve had previous experience with staying at home with children, are in for some real surprises about the needed life style change. The children are only yours to cherish and nurture for just twenty years or so, after that they belong to the world. It’s important to make the best of those precious years.

Astrology can offer some insights into meeting the chores and challenges which come along with the joys of motherhood. A woman’s Moon sign at birth is a key factor here. The Moon, once worshipped as a fertility Goddess, describes feminine energy in the birth chart. Family life as a whole, children under the age of seven, and the way a woman relates to children are all described by the Moon’s sign and house placement as well as close aspects to the Moon will add more perspectives.

Women with the Moon conjunct Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Pluto might have mixed feelings about motherhood. They should plan and consider carefully before starting a family. Those with the Moon in a square or opposition aspect to any of those four planets may also find that a baby is a mixed blessing. In contrast women with the Moon conjunct Venus, Mercury, Jupiter or the Sun can find deep joy and satisfaction in the role of mother. A sextile or trine aspect between the Moon and those same planets will also show happiness in motherhood.

Moon-Neptune aspects in the mother’s chart can show a spiritual link to children. Emotional rapport and nonverbal communication can be strong. However negative Moon-Neptune aspects can bring a handicapped, ill or other special needs child.

For those who still would like to become a mother, astrology can help. For about 3 days each month the Moon will be in the same PHASE  (the 8 phases are the New Moon, crescent, first quarter, gibbous, Full Moon, disseminating, last quarter or balsamic) it was in at the prospective mother’s birth. That’s when conception can occur, it is the fertility cycle; the right time to break out the champagne and get romantically active. If the Moon is in a water or earth sign, then the baby will likely be female. Air and fire moon signs at conception usually bring a male child, so it’s easy to select the gender of the baby too!

Here is an exploration of the Moon by house and sign to aid in understanding how each woman will adapt to motherhood. Astrology reveals how this most important of all jobs can be best accomplished by all moms. Be sure to read both the paragraphs associated with the Moons sign and house placement at birth to get the whole celestial motherhood picture.

ARIES (or the Moon in the first house)

Volatile and impulsive, you must cultivate patience. As a mother your temper can flare suddenly. Develop the habit of giving yourself a few minutes to cool off when the kids act up. Physical activity is a good outlet for you. Jog, do yoga or aerobics, play tennis, etc. regularly. You’ll tend to be competitive and ambitious for your children and might get them involved in sports or contests. Be consistent with them and allow them to make their own decisions when appropriate. You might feel more closely connected to male children than females. Bright colors and sunlight in your home will work wonders on your mental attitude. Keep your environment warm and cheery.

TAURUS  (or the Moon in the second house)

The Moon is said to be exalted in this sign, so you can find motherhood quite fulfilling. Security, (emotional as well as financial) will be needed in order to feel really content as a mom. Plan a sensible budget, shop for bargains, try to accumulate a nest egg for the future. Loyalty in the marriage is especially important to you. Be flexible, learn to laugh when the daily routine is upset. Your emblem, The Bull, suggests stubbornness, a trait you might have to overcome. Starting a garden, growing edible and ornamental plants, be a pleasing and practical hobby while you’re at home with baby. You appreciate fragrances too, so use incense or potpourri to create an ideal ambiance.

GEMINI (or the Moon in the third house)

Quick witted and resourceful, youll revel in telling children stories, reading to them and teaching word skills. However you can get nervous and fidgety too, occasionally youll have to seek someone with whom you can have an adult conversation. Subscribe to magazines, bring home library books, and catch the latest movies to make the role of stay at home mom more enjoyable. More than most women youll need some time away from the house. Take an evening class. Breaking up the daily routine by taking a drive or walk with baby can be refreshing too. You might enjoy getting to know a neighbor or spending time with a sister or cousin to share thoughts and tips about motherhood.

CANCER  (or the Moon in the fourth house)

With the Moon in its own ruling sign of Cancer (also called moonchild) your attitude toward motherhood is serious and devoted. Don’t smother your offspring with too much attention or stifle their growth with incessant worry. Try not to be too subjective, you can feel hurt or rejected by family members if they don’t seem to appreciate all you do for them. Your enjoyment of motherhood can be enhanced by studying ancestry and drawing the family tree. Collect keepsake photos and antiques. Experiment with family recipes, assemble them in an album to illustrate written accounts of stories Grandma told about her own childhood to share with your own baby someday. Studying interior decorating or gourmet cookery can add a happy dimension to your life as a stay at home mom.

LEO  (or the Moon in the fifth house)

Make the home your stage, live with a theatrical flair. You need romance in your marriage. Even after the baby arrives, you’ll enjoy dressing everyone and every thing up to make an occasion of evening family dinners. You’ll take great pride in your offspring and will enjoy choosing the latest toys and attractive clothes for your little one. Forever young at heart, you’ ll revel in helping baby to develop a social circle. Arranging parties, picnics and other outings to share with other mothers and babies can give you much pleasure. You’ll also enjoy doing arts and crafts at home. Having a creative outlet is always fulfilling. As your child grows older encourage him or her to color and draw, perhaps developing skill in art or music.

VIRGO  (or the Moon in the 6th house)

Exacting and rather critical, you’ll feel best if the house is very clean and orderly. Keep baby care on an efficient schedule. Health is a major focus for you. You can become nervous and upset from the stress of child care, so find a few moments of quiet meditation daily. You’ll enjoy approaching motherhood as an intellectual challenge, as Virgo is ruled by intellectual Mercury. See about enrolling in classes about parenting or collecting reference books on the subject. Learning all you can about early childhood education and health care will add to your security and create enjoyment concerning your new life style. Joining a yoga class or health spa to keep up your own vitality and trim figure would bring you happiness too.

LIBRA  (or the Moon in the 7th house)

This Venus ruled sign is closely associated with social niceties, diplomacy and good manners. With this accent on the Moon, you’ll want to maintain courtesy and fairness within the family. Sharing chores and having guests visit your home will bring happiness, as you seldom like to be alone. Your natural charm assures popularity. Business associates from your former job or those connected with your spouse as well as relationships with various relatives can make you content. The beauty and fashion conscious Libra Moon shows that focusing on your own clothes, jewelry, etc. after baby arrives will bring rewards in terms of personal happiness and satisfaction. Keep fresh flowers around the house.

SCORPIO  (or the Moon in the 8th house)

You might notice a resemblance between the new baby and a deceased loved one, or feel a sense of reincarnation and de ja vu. Have you met this little one before? You will probably find motherhood truly transformative. If possessive or jealous feelings toward a child or spouse arise, work through them, releasing anger or frustration in a positive way. Be flexible, remember Scorpio is a fixed sign and life with a little one can’t be rigid. Relaxing with a thriller or a detective novel or studying astrology and metaphysics can help you to explore new thoughts and take your mind away from any frustrations.

SAGITTARIUS   (or the Moon in the 9th house)

Religious and philosophical writings about motherhood can help you cope with the demands of the new baby. You need a great deal of freedom and shouldn’t allow yourself to feel housebound. Buy a papoose style back pack and go out with baby on the town. Exercise, attend church groups or continuing education classes at a local college campus. Your pets will may be almost as important as the baby. Reflect on long term goals you have for your child and the family. Remember that Sagittarius is the sign of aspirations and new horizons. You could become intrigued by child care techniques and babyhood in foreign cultures. On difficult days think of motherhood as a challenge. Meeting it well should sustain and encourage you.

CAPRICORN  (or the Moon in the 10th house)

You’ll begin facing motherhood as a responsibility. Caring for the baby’s material and physical needs will come first. After that you’ll slowly begin to enjoy your new role. You’ll be conscious of family image and reputation in the community. Motherhood will bring a new sense of dignity. Look for ways to continue your career or begin a home based business. As time passes you’ll cherish the memories of baby’s early years, but for the moment you can find your new role a bit overwhelming. Keep aside some household money for yourself, you need a little control over your own finances. Even tossing coins into the proverbial cookie jar or earning egg money can bring you a sense of well being. As an avocation you can enjoy studying politics or economics. Hunting for bargains at yard sales or thrift stores can be enjoyable too.

AQUARIUS   (or the Moon in the 11th house)

Curiosity may have tempted you to try motherhood. You’ll enjoy exploring how maternal feelings develop upon arrival of the new baby. The changes brought about by the presence of this new family member will fascinate you.

From the very first you’ll see baby as an individual. Encouraging his or her self sufficiency and sense of independence will be important to you. You attract people. Your home could become something of a gathering place in the neighborhood for other mothers and small children. Joining clubs or networking with organizations can enrich your days. You instinctively see how people need and can support each other when facing the challenges of family life. Equip your home with the latest electronics, state of the art appliances and other gadgets. You enjoy labor saving inventions. Additionally you can find the study of astrology, psychology and social sciences of interest during your quiet hours.

PISCES   (or the Moon in the twelfth house)

After the baby arrives you might want to withdraw from contact with the outside world for a while. There can be a reserved, almost shy quality present as you become a mother. Nurture your identity, don’t lose the you within you and merge too completely into the psyche of the new arrival. Give yourself a pat on the back, reviewing all of your accomplishments. Your sensitivity level is so high that you might sense the baby’s needs in advance. As with the Scorpio Moon, a reincarnation link with the baby is likely. You might recognize a past life you had together. Dreams can be vivid and meaningful as you settle into motherhood. Keep track of dream images and recollections, they can contain important guidance and messages about your life style change. Music can soothe and revive you on difficult days. Since Pisces, the Fish, is a water sign, a home aquarium can bring great pleasure. You’d also enjoy a drive along the beach or visit to a pool or lakefront. Consider trying infant and mother swimming lessons.

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Heaven or Hades on Earth?

The Astrology of Ecology!

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Using his macabre and vaguely sinister humor, Actor Jeremy Irons (he has played Claus Von Bulow and other villains) has recently taken a strong stand on the familiar, almost redundant theme of recycling and cutting down on disposables in order to save the Earth, before it is too late. In a new documentary film, Irons details the ways trash is taking over the planet. A television interview he did recently really rang a celestial bell with me and so I was inspired to create some astrological profiles about fun and easy ways you can become proactive in taking care of our beautiful blue planet. As a popular classic poster reads “A Good Planet Is Hard To Find”. Begin with the suggestions for your birth sign, then for the next 28 days, look at the daily Moon sign (The Witches’ Almanac contains a Moon sign Calendar). Then follow the suggestions which correlate with the Moon sign of the day.

How to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.


Energy consumption relates especially to this Mars ruled sign. Examine ways to cut down on fuel. Share a ride to work, walk, bike or jog to the store. Cut down on prepackaging or excessive wrapping and extra bags for products. For example think of the ways cookies can be packaged. In a box with plastic, in a plastic or paper bag or perhaps purchased directly from the bakery with no packaging at all. Make it a challenge to research items which come with a minimum of throw away packaging. You enjoy exercise, so participating in clean up days and trash collection from beaches and other vulnerable areas can be uplifting and satisfying.


The Earth sign of Taurus is linked to plants and gardens. Did you know that a small lawn or garden will produce all of the oxygen needed on an going basis to sustain several people? With the rapid destruction of rain forests and other forested areas, we must replenish oxygen to survive. Purchase some indoor plants if you live in a city apartment. Otherwise add herbs, trees and other plants to your yard. Start a compst heap in a corner of the yard, adding egg shells, coffee grounds, etc. to make good and natural plant food. Give friends gifts of plants for occasions such as birthdays to help them contribute to the oxygen supply.


Paper relates to this Mercury ruled sign, which has a special link with all kinds of learning and communication. Gather recyclable magazines, books, newspaper, junk mail, etc. to take to community recycle pick ups or to set out curb side. Share the location of recycle sites with friends. Cut down on using disposable pens and markers, select cards and note paper or stationery made from recycled paper. Make ornaments or collage greeting cards out of old Xmas or birthday cards. These creations can be really beautiful and original. Decorate paper bags with designs such as snowflakes cut from scrap paper to make original and Earth friendly gift wrap. I have a paper basket made of 1950’s Christmas cards that is the highlight of my Yuletide décor.


Your home is your star castle. Look into ways to eliminate toxins and ways to conserve the environment around the household. Try white vinegar to clean floors, windows and sinks. Lemon juice mixed with olive oil makes a great furniture polish. Scatter bay leaves around the kitchen and in drawers to keep away roaches and other bugs instead of using poisons. Pennyroyal and garlic will also control pests. The only good thing my former brother in law brought to the family (but he was right) is the suggestion to pour uncooked grits on ant mounds. This immediately kills all ants, including fire ants. Castile (coconut oil) soap. It wont hur’t the environment like detergent does and works great in the wash machine or dishwasher as well as for a shampoo. Disposable diapers have become a nightmare in landfills. Cloth diapers are better for baby, less expensive and won’t add to the mountains of waste.


Always the party animal, you should make a game out of eco-conscious activities. For your parties use non disposable plates and table ware, they are cheaper and more elegant than throw aways are. Carry your own drinking cup to events. It can add dash and intrigue to your image. Look into ways to make recreational hours nonpolluting. Frisbee, tennis, hiking and biking are environment friendly fun as opposed to golfing (the run-off from fertilizer used on the greens is terrible for the planet) or automobile racing ( terrible waste of fuel). Eco tourism has become very classy and popular. Look for ways your vacation activities can contribute to conservation.


Chemicals discarded from the medical industry are one of the very worst offenders when it comes to environmental destruction. Dont toss left over pills and other medications down the drain or into the curbside trash. They will end up polluting the water and food sources. Consider natural remedies when possible. Herbal teas are a good place to begin. The Edgar Cayce writings about health can also provide guidance about natural and earth friendly wellness. Collect “grey” ( wash) water to use for watering your garden. It’s full of nutrients that will encourage better plant growth.


Cosmetic preparations have a tie to your birth sign. Often they are made at the heartbreaking practice of harming so animals in laboratory trials. Natural products will make you feel beautiful inside as well as out. Read labels to make sure toothpaste, makeup, shampoo, perfumes, etc. are cruelty free, not tested on animals or containing animal by products. New Age stores often carry these, also you can create many body care aids from simple, healthy kitchen ingredients. For example salt mixed with baking soda makes a wonderful tooth cleaner. Try lemon juice, rosemary tea or apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse.


Recycling relates especially to this zodiac sign. Pluto, your ruler, relates to the underworld and transformation, waste and waste products. Collect glass, aluminum, plastic and metals to recycle. There is money to be made in this. Donate it to a favorite charity or keep it to supplement your own income. Install water saving devices in the bathroom, look for ways to conserve on electricity too. This creates less strain on power plants, thereby helping the planet. Painlessly, you can cut utility bills by 1/3 with just a few simple changes. As a water sign you might want to look into installing a water filter to cut down on the use of bottled water in plastic containers.


Pets are usually important to this half-animal ruled sign. Look at natural alternatives in pet care products. Be aware of where your animals food comes from too. For example imported cat food can contain dolphin or whale meat, meaning dolphins and whales were slaughtered. Also some tuna is netted in a way that damages ocean life. There is a population explosion of domestic cats and dogs. Have pets spayed or neutered. Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary or rescue. Setting out a bird bath or feeder for wild birds or water for other animals can also help. Animals are a vital part of life on earth. The way we maintain wildlife plays a crucial part of our eco-system. When a species goes extinct a cog in the whole wheel of life vanishes. Who knows how this might impact the whole situation?


History offers clues to eco- consciousness. This Saturn ruled sign links to traditions. Research early methods of home building and garment making to incorporate these techniques into embracing a higher consciousness life style. There is a glut of newly manufactured items. What about using antique furniture and other second hand treasures gleaned from resale and salvage shops? Vintage clothing can be just as attractive as something new (and at 1/10 the price). There are literally mountains of it. Dishes and appliances, etc. can be reused , reducing the need for more newly manufactured ones that will bruise the environment further in production.


Earth oriented organizations and networks can appeal to you. Look into local branches of The Sierra Club, Greenpeace, etc. Free cycle with your wide circle of friends. Meetings and peaceful demonstrations against polluters, promoting government legislation to favor ecology and preservation, can be your helpful contribution. What about inventive new ways to use cast offs and garbage? Buildings constructed of cast off items, shoes with soles made from used tires, artwork made from plastic bottles are ingenious projects that can appeal to you.


Focus on developing a hopeful attitude about ecology. Your birth sign has a tendency toward melancholy. Your sensitive nature can pick up on all of the negative programming out these about ecology and be tempted to give up. Resolve to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. Don’t think it’s futile to try. Music and art with an Earth friendly theme can attract you. Design some inspirational lyrics and drawings. Perhaps you can offer posters, t-shirts, etc. to ecology groups for fund raising. Your birth sign has a unique link to endangered species of plants and animals. Seek a way to contribute to their well being on a personal level.

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Star Guide To Laughter

Jupiter, Venus, the Moon and Mercury – Cosmic Indicators of Humor

Finding A Smile In Chaotic Times

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

A sense of humor is so much more than comedy or raucous jest. Its development in the broadest sense means the ability to adapt, tolerate and survive while enjoying life in todays high pressure and complex society. The twelve familiar Sun sign groups offer everyone a terrific starting point for understanding and enhancing what good humor can mean to you. Long ago the Native Americans recognized how precious humor is. They had a proverb which went something like this, ” Humor is like salt on meat. It makes all things palatable. “

Recently in the very heavy rush hour traffic in downtown Orlando, Florida, I was stuck behind a young driver who had the same philosophy. Stenciled onto the rear bumper of his incredibly dented and crushed old car, its battered trunk held shut with a bungee cord, were the words Drive Safely. Studying this in front of me, despite the frustration of inching along with Interstate 4 at a pace so slow that it seemed like a parking lot, I smiled.

The pressures and stresses which weigh us down during the course of the daily grind can be lightened, even evaporated entirely, through adding a dash of humor. The most destructive personality types have always been those with no sense of fun. Whether its a sensitive political crisis of global proportions or a more personal crisis rocking ones own little world, a bit of laughter and a lighter attitude can make a vast difference for the better. Studies show that laughter can even improve health and lengthen the life span. Astrologically the planet Jupiter is the primary ruler of humor, but the Moon, Mercury and Venus also relate to this precious quality. To develop your own sense of humor have your astrologer interpret the placement of these planets by house, sign and aspect in your own horoscope.

Jupiter, known as the greater benefic in traditional astrology, shows how to bounce back from challenging situations, grow in new directions and enjoy the good things in life. The Moon rules emotions and moods. It shows you how to be sensitive to your own internal cycles and how to adapt to the emotional climate of the moment. Venus, the lesser benefic, guides us toward enjoyment of leisure hours, friendships, the arts and creature comforts. Mercury offers hints about how to appreciate jokes and funny stories, how to communicate laughter and share it with others and how to project the best attitude toward complex and challenging issues.

Begin to discover the celestial solace of humor by looking at the zodiacal house ruled by Jupiter for your Sun sign (or solar chart). That’s the familiar birth sign we all know. Next consider your Ascendant (rising sign) for deeper insights.


The 9th house is your gateway to developing humor. Try travel, higher education, and consciously expanding your cultural awareness in order to appreciate lifes lighter qualities. A deepening philosophical and spiritual awareness can help you learn to laugh more often. Ethnic humor and understanding the ways different people around the world view comedy, as well as smiling cheerfully at in-laws (instead of seeing them as outlaws) are ways humor can strengthen and enrich your life. Charlie Chaplin (born April 16, 1889) was a comedic genius who sharpened the Aries potential for humor to a fine art. In creating his silent film Little Tramp character he pioneered a gentle, philosophical appeal which has charmed audiences for over a century.


The 8th house shows you how to smile at life. Adopt a less possessive attitude toward love and romance. Keep a sense of humor about your partner or spouses choices concerning finances. Allow him/her to express ideas about purchases and investments. Chalk up any seemingly poor choices up to experience. Focus on forgiving and forgetting. Laugh about the lemons in your past and make lemonade instead of holding onto bad memories or grudges. Jokes or films which focus on the New Age movement can make you smile again. Shirley MacLaine (born April 24, 1934) is a gifted comedienne who also used humor and perspective in accepting romantic disappointments. After her 1987 television series Out On A Limb aired, depicting a variety of psychic and spiritual experiences, Shirley had to laugh at the many jibes her metaphysical beliefs drew from the mainstream media. This she did with flair and aplomb.


Cultivate good humor by starting with your 7th house. Married life as well as other one – on – one relationships are the focus here. Legal matters, ethics and expectations can all tickle your funny bone. Societys many unwritten laws can also bring smiles. Clever word plays and puns can help you express and share laughter. Bob Hope (born May 29, 1903) was the perfect example of a witty, observant Gemini comedian. His incomparable monologues drew laughter about the circumstances of relationships and responses. A typical Gemini traveler, Mr. Hope was beloved for his many tours to entertain the troops, military personnel, stationed far from home.


The 6th house shows where applying humor can help you. Laughing at health or medical issues, situations with employees or co-workers, and the impact of negative habit patterns are the focus. Jokes about diet or the antics of pets would be apropos. Geraldo Rivera (born July 4, 1943) is a famous Cancer who used humor when pointing out sensitive issues which needed correction. On his popular TV appearances Geraldo would often tackle serious issues and controversy, but use humor to hold attention and maintain goodwill. Phyllis Diller (born July 17, 1917) was  another Moon child in the spotlight  who drew laughter using family life as a theme. Her husband “Fang” and various domestic dilemmas were immortalized in  her stand up routines. Phyllis had a rather ‘loony’ but infectious trademark laugh.


The 5th house underscores the role of laughter in your life. Children, romance, dramatizing the little peccadilloes of the daily life until become larger than life and absurd typifies the Leo brand of humor. Addressing the inner child, using art as a vehicle for commentary and a touch of love will draw genuine and lasting smiles. Lucille Ball (born August 6, 1911) is a Leo comedienne who accented the 5th house qualities to share brilliant and timeless humor with the world in I Love Lucy.


The 4th house emphasizes humor for you. The smiles are subtle yet sensitive. Laughter can involve home, heritage and family life. Make your home décor a little more whimsical. How about adding a funny poster or curtains in a fantasy print? Preserve a scarp book of funny stories from your own childhood. Relate to children or grandchildren the antics of an eccentric relative from a previous generation. Maurice Chevalier (born September 12, 1888) was originally from France. Although he spoke impeccable English he would affect a French accent for comedic purposes. In the classic movie GiGi he became famous when he humorously depicted elements in Parisian society.


Chuckles come your way through the 3rd house. The funny side of current events in the daily news, conversations, and school days are accented. Smile about situations on campus and in class rooms. Humor and irony shared with a neighbor, brother or sister can brighten your life too. Groucho Marx (born October 2, 1895) created a famous comedy trio with his brothers. Miscommunication, an abundance of nervous energy and surprise revelations all characterized his interpretation of Libran humor in The Marx Brothers.


The 2nd house is your home base for humor. An optimistic attitude about your salable job skills, punctuated by laughter when it comes to expenses and purchases, is the key. Laugh at shopping sprees and your occupation. Living within ones means, humor about a tendency to over extend or the other extreme – laughing at an absurd the Scrooge archetype who would squeeze a penny until it screamed are typical of Scorpio humor. Johnny Carson (born October 23, 1925) often evoked waves of laughter from viewers on his late night TV show by joking about finances related to assembling the show or cost of living. On The Tonight Show backstage personalities and jokes would often surface spontaneously as a humorous focus.


The 1st house emphasis here makes personal recollections, self image and appearance a key to discovering humor. There is a subjective sensitivity present allowing individual life experiences to broaden and be applied to the challenges met. The humor of teenage and childhood years viewed from the perspective of time can be important. The humor various generations see in those of other age groups might be a factor. Steven Spielberg (born December 18, 1947) immortalized the special humor of personal memories in films such at E.T..


Your humor is buried in the 12th house. This mysterious and hidden portion of the horoscope allows you to eventually find laughter in situations that might at first seem tragic or lonely. Hospital humor, or other wit that is dry, even macabre, can bring a chuckle. Comedienne Barbara Mandrell (born December 25, 1948) has captured this in the skits she used during her musical specials. One that was especially memorable involved a trip to the dentist. A younger actress played a preteen Barbara using a series of ruses to avoid the potentially painful dental check up.


Your 11th house relationship to humor makes you a natural comic. Aquarians have a flair for creating humor that touches the pulse of the public consciousness. Your humor spans the past, present and future. With a universal appeal you can push the laughter buttons associated with whole trends of thought. John Belushi (born January 24, 1949) is identified with the youthful rebel humor and impish nonconformity in the classic films Animal House and The Blues Brothers.


The 10th house highlights humor for you. The quest for status, ambition, the urge to be recognized, can all bring a big dose of laughter. The lighter side of reversals in fortune, heavy responsibilities, and business deals figures in. Try clipping cartoons that relate to your career to post on a bulletin board at work. The motto Life is too serious to be taken seriously might have been written just for you. Jackie Gleason (born February 26, 1916) was a king sized leprechaun who exemplified Pisces humor. His range of characters from the snobbish Reginald Von Gleason III, to the pathetic Poor Soul to the Honeymooners Ralph Cramden , that every day man in the street, shows how this humor spans every social strata.

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The Earth Sign In Your Horoscope

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The Earth Changes, predicted for so long by so many prophets are now here. The new reality of the future unfolds daily. Seekers are searching for answers about how to cope, what to expect. Astrology can show the way to feeling more content and grounded. It functions like a mirror, or a balance. The Earth sign shows the individuals place in the greater world, its the embodiment of the physical planet. The symbol for the Earth is a circle with an equal cross, this is to honor the four elements, fire, earth, air and water. Sometimes a tiny circle is shown attached to the orbit, a reminder of the Moons power and also to differentiate the Earth sign from the Arabic Part of Fortune, which has a similar glyph only the cross is tipped sideways.

The Earth Sign in the birth chart is exactly opposite the familiar Sun sign or birth sign we all know.


(Earth in Libra)

Born March 21 – April 19

Balance of desires, creative expression, justice, teamwork, sharing, diplomacy. Uphold beauty, treasure culture and the fine arts.

Taurus (Earth in Scorpio)

Born April 20 – May 20

Recycle, constructive direction of anger and passions. A deep connection to spirits, loyalty without possessiveness. Reincarnation, research.

Gemini (Earth in Sagittarius)

Born May 21 – June 21

Harmony with animals, expansion to a greater sense of purpose, correct use of freedom. Sincerity combined with consideration, good sportsmanship.

Cancer (Earth in Capricorn)

Born June 22 – July 22

Balance the wisdom of the past traditions and conservative values with the future. Satisfy material needs to find emotional fulfillment.

Leo (Earth in Aquarius)

Born July 23 – August 22

Honor the rugged individualism of others, be friendly. Accept changes in technologies and be inventive. Weather and temperature factors are a focus.

Virgo (Earth in Pisces)

August 23 – September 22

Gentle, spiritual sacrifices are made for well being, dreams and reverie are helpful. Meditation, find a balance by heeding intuition.

Libra (Earth in Aries)

September 23 – October 23

Find an identity outside of relationships, be yourself, do something on your own. The pioneer warrior spirit must explore, not become combative.

Scorpio (Earth in Taurus)

October 24 – November 21

Know when to endure, when to let go. Dont let possessions possess you. Try music for pleasure and healing also gardening is very worthwhile.

Sagittarius (Earth in Gemini)

November 22 – December 21

Be versatile, intellectual but listen as much as you speak. Looking at both sides of issues and multi tasking are important; Jack (or Jill) of all trades.

Capricorn (Earth in Cancer)

December 22 – January 19

Fluctuations lead to deeper security, make memories an asset. Learn about heritage, the home is a place of sanctuary; age differences in relationships.

Aquarius (Earth in Leo)

January 20 – February 18

Appreciate accomplishments, hold to high standards, take pride. Share with and appreciate children, hobbies and creative projects have deeper value.

Pisces (Earth in Virgo)

February 19 – March 20

Grasp details, analyze, work on physical health, grow vegetables and medicinal plants for an edible landscape. Release stress through efficiency.

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Olive Oil Candle Spell For Peace

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Daily life often poses many stresses and pressures during these times of planetary and political change. The olive offers a power house of healing and comfort. When a situation arises causing anxiety, anger or regret arises, seek a blessing by combining the magic of olive oil with the color, light and heat generated by a ritual candle. Select a white, pale blue or yellow taper that pleases you. Dip your thumb and forefinger in olive oil. Stroke from the bottom to the tip of the candle, concentrate on the situation at hand. Ask for a favorable outcome. Then light the candle and ring a bell nine times. Relax in the candlelight, rub the healing oil into your hands and let your petition be carried to the Lord and Lady. Always snuff (never blow or pinch) out a ritual candle when you’re through.

Astrologically olives and olive oil are ruled by the Sun and the zodiac sign of Leo. The Sun is the source of all life, and Leo is the sign of royalty.

The Wondrous Olive ….. Most Ancient of Fruits and Oils

Historians agree that the first olive groves were rooted in The Holy Land, thousands of years ago. Art work, sacred texts (including the Book of Genesis), poems, recipes, stories and songs celebrate the magic of the olives oil. Renewal, fidelity, peace, victory, as well as prosperity and keen intelligence are all recurrent themes. Containers of olive oil have been found in Egyptian tombs. Records show that the oil was also used in building the Great Pyramids. Today it continues to be a favorite ingredient in spell work, healing and culinary delights.

An olive can live for two thousand years or more, producing abundant fruit and oil. Although the trees grow slowly, taking seven years to produce, they eventually may reach forty feet in height. In Algeria one ancient tree was a destination for ailing pilgrims who would drive a nail into the trunk to facilitate healing. This act of faith hints at the olives genuine medicinal attributes. Today natural food aficionados recognize the olive as a food to enhance wellness. Olive oil has been known to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. It is rich in immune system enhancing vitamin E as well.

Its potential extends to use in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Soaps, massage oil, lamp oil, candles, and bath oils are just a few examples. Olive oil ranges in color and taste. Shades of deep green to gold and pale amber reflect the palate of intense to very bland flavorings. Each is suited to a variety of culinary applications. Salads, pastas and other dishes are favorites. Extra virgin oil is the least processed and most potent variety. It comes from the initial pressing of the olives. Lighter grades are called virgin, super fine, fine and pure.

Today olive oil comes from California as well as the Mediterranean countries, these are all places related to sunshine and well being.

Fifteen thousand years ago, during the Neolithic (New Stone Age) period, the shamans and healers certainly practiced their arts differently than the witches of today do. Its intriguing to note, however, that one sacred plant was as familiar then as now. The olive tree was already being cultivated cherished and honored, just as it is today. An evergreen with leather like leaves and a hard yellow toned wood, the olive, (genus olea) was a staple during the first records of Minoan and Crete farming and trade, over six thousand years ago. Historians place the first olive groves in The Holy Land. Today olive oil comes from California as well as the Mediterranean countries.

In mythology the olive tree is linked to Athena. Athena and Poseidon were in competition concerning who should possess the region of Attica. Poseidon presented Zeus sea salt as a payment, but Athena created the olive as an offering. Zeus deemed her tree the more worthy gift and Athena won the dispute. Ever since the olive has represented security, fruitfulness, peace and quality. Through the ages crowns of olive leaves were worn at the Olympics, by brides and by rulers to assure peaceful intentions. In China, an olive leave wreath boasted of literary talent. It has been a Tree of Life, joining the fig as one of the venerable trees in paradise. Art work, sacred texts (including the Book of Genesis), poems, stories and songs celebrate the magic of the olive. Renewal, fidelity, peace, victory, as well as prosperity and keen intelligence are all recurrent themes. Containers of olive oil have been found in Egyptian tombs. Records show that the oil was also used in building the Great Pyramids.

An olive can live for two thousand years or more, producing abundant fruit and oil. The trees grow slowly, taking seven years to produce. They can reach forty feet in height. In Algeria one ancient olive was a destination for ailing pilgrims who would travel far just to drive a nail into the trunk to facilitate healing. This act of faith hints at the olives genuine medicinal attributes. Today natural food aficionados recognize the olive as a food to enhance wellness. Olive oil has been known to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. It is rich in immune system enhancing vitamin E as well.

Its magic extends to use in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Soaps, massage oil, lamp oil, candles, and bath oils are just a few examples. Olive oil ranges in color and taste. Shades of deep green to gold and pale amber reflect the palate of intense to very bland flavorings. Each is suited to a variety of culinary applications. Extra virgin oil is the least processed and most potent variety. It comes from the initial pressing of the olives. Lighter grades are called virgin, super fine, fine and pure. Black and green olives are the same fruit, at different stages of maturity. Depending upon how they are served, the black olives tend to be lower in sodium.

Portions of this feature first appeared in “The Witches’ Almanac”. Thank you for their gracious permission to reprint.

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