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Star Guide To Your Perfect Vacation

Travel Horoscopes Around The Zodiac

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Vacation. Heaven, nirvana, escape. A holiday and the temporary cessation of work, that occasional break from worries, responsibility and sameness. A vacation is a wonderful investment. Well being on every level, physical health, emotional wellness and enthusiasm are all enhanced by a little well planned rest and recreation. Everyone from employers to health care workers will agree. The peak of the vacation season of 2013 is here. Vacation plans were a popular topic among the clients who came to my office in recent weeks for personal horoscope updates. Astrologically the 9th house of the birth chart will have a bearing on traveling far from home. The planet Mercury represents mobility and the 5th house of the chart is about fun times, but it’s the 9th house which is actually the gate to a wider world, a healing escape from the confines of routine. Higher thought and expanding awareness, the ideal of what a vacation might bring are revealed by the zodiac sign which rules the 9th house of the birth chart.

Here is your birth sign guide to selecting the perfect vacation break guided by the 9th house, the travel sector, of the solar chart.


Jupiter is your travel ruler. You will tend to travel often throughout your life and might be away longer than originally planned. Contact with foreign born people and other languages and customs attract you. You can stay in touch with people you meet on vacation for many years. Spiritual or religious pilgrimages, educational travel, or lecture tours can be emphasized. You will have an urge to tell others about yourself and your travel, which is fine, but allow them to talk too. You do not want to sound a if you are preaching. Places you might enjoy vacationing include a ranch, metaphysical retreat, the desert, Australia, Hungary, Latin America, Italy, Spain, the Tampa Bay area of Florida.


Saturn rules your travel sector, so you’ll be adept at finding bargains for air fares and discounted rooms at the best inns. Cutting corners on expenses while maintaining quality will add to your enjoyment. One Taurus I know has taken free vacations for years by setting up job interviews with corporations in different parts of the country and getting them to foot some of the bill. You might enjoy touring historical sites or dropping in on an old friend. Traditions and established habits will impact your vacation plans. You might return to the same favorite place in the mountains, for example, year after year. Connecticut, Georgia, Mexico, The Orkney Islands and India are destinations to consider.


Unpredictable Uranus rules your 9th house of journeys. An aura of excitement and a changeable itinerary will attract you when it comes to travel. Coincidences can be expected to occur, Good Samaritans will try to be helpful. Trips can be scheduled with a humanitarian mission in mind, you might travel to offer aid to the those in unfortunate circumstances. Travels can be a caprice, ending sooner than expected and be taken on the whim of the moment. Look for the newest styles in luggage and travel gadgets, you might enjoy taking a language guide along. Sweden, Jacksonville, Florida, Salisbury (Stonehenge), England and very modern malls and cities can attract you.


Neptune is your travel ruler. Elements of secrecy surround your travels, you can keep your departure a secret. You may occasionally enjoy wandering alone, a dream or intuitive flash can guide your vacation choice. The ocean and other waterfront environments as well as swamps and bayous will be intriguing. You would also enjoy visiting caves. You can be emotionally affected by new surroundings. While exploring keep an even balance between the head and the heart, especially if you take a ghost tour. Maine, coastal Florida, Chicago, Normandy and Portugal are good vacation sites for you.


Mars is your travel indicator. Some tension or controversy can evolve around your travels. Dont push too hard, remember a vacation is time to relax. You would appreciate pioneering and adventurous type vacations which challenge you in some way. Also a sports event could be a great choice. Always allow a little extra time to offset delays. Make sure you have suitable and comfortable clothing and supplies along to ease travel stress or jet lag. Germany, Wales, Denmark, The United Nations Building in NYC, Naples and Marseilles are destinations to consider.


Venus is your cosmic travel guide. You’ll enjoy music, gourmet meals, also opportunities to add to your income, mixing business with pleasure when you travel. A concert, art gallery, high end shopping will all attract you as well. You might enjoy a nicely planned and escorted tour with opportunities to meet local people along the way. An orderly itinerary which you can mull over before departure would add to your pleasure. You would enjoy visiting ornamental or botanical gardens also Greece, Minnesota, Dublin, Poland and St. Louis.


Mercury is your travel planet. You aren’t a solitary wanderer, having a congenial companion or two along will make all of the difference in adding to your pleasure. A neighbor, sister or brother might journey with you. You tend to share by sending lots of post cards and e-mails. Ask for suggestions about travel. Check out library resources and pick up some brochures and travel guides to peruse. Educational aspects of travel will attract you, you have great curiosity about the world around you. You would enjoy keeping a travel journal and photo album. Belgium, San Francisco, California, Eastern Canada, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are worthwhile destinations.


The Moon oversees your vacation travel sector. Family business, a gathering of relatives or other reunion can link to your journey. You can get emotional and even anxious, wondering about leaving familiar surroundings as your departure time nears. A sentimental journey, travel over water or along the coast can be enjoyable. Work at flexibility, be open to trying the new activities and cuisine, etc. when away from home. You might enjoy a family friendly farm or bed and breakfast destination. Choosing Wyoming, York, England, Holland, New Zealand, Algiers or Berne, Switzerland as a destination can make your vacation memorable.


The Sun shines in your travel sector, showing that you will always be drawn to scenic and bright places. A creative approach to vacation planning is likely to work out well. You would enjoy the company of younger people and a youthful, progressive activity schedule. Novelty brings out the best, if youre single a romance can bud while you’re traveling. You will impact those you meet along the way. Your image as a tourist will be of concern, you always care to create a good impression. You will appreciate good service and attention when traveling. Places you would enjoy visiting include theaters and theme parks, also Chicago, Hawaii, Bohemia, France and the Virgin Islands.


Your special travel planet is Mercury. You enjoy talking about your travels. Keep a travel diary, collect post cards. Meticulous planning will make you feel at ease and relaxed while traveling. You can enjoy walking to see the sights. Eat lightly so the travel bug doesnt upset your stomach, make a conscious effort to relax. Worries or negative people can cloud your vacation time unless you make a conscious effort to release them. You would enjoy visiting California, Virginia, Turkey, Switzerland, Boston and Jerusalem. Also consider visiting a health spa or other health or yoga retreat where you can focus on enhanced well being.


A vacation adds glamour to your life, as elegant Venus is your travel indicator. You would enjoy luxury and creature comforts when on the go. Part of your vacation pleasure lies in reveling in first class accommodations. Whether you go by ship, plane, train or auto the extra expense to travel well is justified. Get some really nice luggage too. You are a wizard at mixing business with pleasure when on vacation. Making new friendships, perhaps even finding true love, can add to the serendipity of your travel. You would enjoy visiting the Far East, a large China Town in an urban area, Charleston, W Va, Copenhagen, Austria, Argentina or Egypt.


You can be resourceful and strangely insightful when vacationing, Pluto is your travel indicator. You always seem to have what you need, you are a survivor. While traveling you can assist fellow travelers somehow. You will break free of old barriers while in new surroundings and could come home a very different person. You enjoy the concept of a challenge, but when actually faced with it you might gently pull back to safer ground. Mass transit such as the bus or train can work well for you. Riding along, youll have a sense of mental clutter and debris falling by the wayside. Places to visit include historic graveyards, North and South Carolina, North and South Dakota, Washington DC, Russia, Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio.

Astrology of Travel – Dikki-Jo’s Bonus Update!

The Nazca Peruvian Zodiac

When traveling I like to watch for curiosities related to astrology. One of the most memorable of these is the Calendario Nazca, The Nazca Zodiac of Peru, which I came across when on a tour there recently. The Nazca Zodiac was first developed by South American astrologers and mystics upon reflection, over time, on the mysterious Nazca lines. These are huge and ancient drawings constructed on the desert surface of Southern Peru. They can only be seen from the air. The symbols appear to link to the fertility and spiritual concepts embraced throughout the Andes. It makes sense to speculate that the geoglyphs were aids used in astronomical observation for some kind of celestial navigation by space travelers.

The Nazca lines are breathtaking when viewed from above. Visitors can fly overhead, taking a short air plane tour, especially to see them. It is easy to see why researchers speak of UFOs and aliens when looking down on the array of designs.

Here is an interpretation of the Nazca formations aligning with the familiar zodiac signs of the Western Zodiac. It was shared with me by a Peruvian astrologer. Can you detect a kernel of truth in your own ancient astronaut birth sign?

Aries – The Dog

These companion animals would keep wandering spirits company during journeys to the after life. Dogs would draw the mercy of the gods by their cries and barks, assuring help in times of need. Friendship is the blessing of the Dog sign.

Taurus – The Hand

Reaching out to touch and unite is suggested by the Hand symbol. A link with lightning and thunder and thus the power of the sky gods and elements is the gift of The Hand.

Gemini – The Tree

Construction is suggested by the Tree. Wood is used to make many important structures. The Tree is also an emblem of eternal life. It heralds the promise of renewal after a fallow period. Knowledge of both good and evil is linked to tree symbolism, making it an illustration of duality.

Cancer – The Lizard

The availability of water and other precious supplies is indicated by the Lizard. This mysterious symbol was seen as the bringer of omens and warnings which had best be heeded. Immortality and shape shifting are the special gifts brought by the graceful and elusive lizard.

Leo – The Iguana

Sacred fire comes from the Iguana. It was thought to generate lightning, hail, illumination, energy and inspiration. Iguanas are sometimes kept as pets in Peru, so they also bring relief from loneliness and a sense of fellowship.

Virgo – The Spider

The Spider arrives as a link with passion and intimacy. Its web suggests a strong tie, a bonding which becomes a permanent part of separate entities. Contacts, connections, networking are all hinted at here. Benevolent companions and the passage of time are honored by Spider.

Libra – The Condor

This large and high flying bird is seen as a messenger from the mountain gods. All knowing, omnipotent, Condor reminds us that we are watched over and guided by higher, wiser forces. Grace, dignity and idealism are suggested here.

Scorpio – The Monkey

Familiar and friendly, this symbol often comes along with Pachamama, the benevolent Mother Earth goddess. The divine forces become more warm and human here. Cleverness, humor, and intelligence are manifested. The Monkey is a joker, a trickster. He is a worthy opponent and keeps us alert.

Sagittarius – The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is representative of happiness throughout the Andes. Prosperity has been its special gift since earliest times too. A messenger of the mountain gods, Hummingbird is also the bringer of love charms.

Capricorn – The Frigate Bird

Purity and honesty are safe guarded by Frigate, who arrives as a kind of winged angel. It aids in identifying and correcting wrongs. Frigate Bird both brings and takes away luck. It stimulates fertility and creativity.

Aquarius – The Root

Honoring the growth cycle as well as stability, being rooted and having a close link with the deep Earth are hinted at here. A prayer for food and a bountiful harvest can be seen in the glyph for Root.

Pisces – The Fish

In this desert climate The Fish is the revered symbol of the water which renews life after a drought. It is seen as a protective charm for freshness and the guardian of precious water supplies.

(note: The Fish for Pisces seems to be the only symbol from the familiar zodiac which correlates with the Nazca astrology. Just as ideas are expressed differently in various languages, so are the messages of the stars expressed in many ways by star gazers around the world.)

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The Astrology of Friendship

Cosmic Companions

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The most profound reflections of the greatest thinkers of all time recognize the basic human need for congenial company- for friendship. Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Johnson, J.D. Salinger, Anais Nin and the great 1st Century Roman poet, Syrus, are among the thousands of notables who wrote of the benefits of friendship.

Francis Bacon defined a friend as one to whom you can impart grief, joys, fears, hopes, suspicions, counsel whatever oppresses the heart. A proverb from the Middle East describes as friend as one who gives you warning. Novels and plays throughout the centuries have been haunted by the sinister characters of friends who have been disloyal, guilty of betrayal or otherwise false.

It is a privilege to have friends. Sometimes it is too easy to take them for granted. Yet friendship can provide much progress toward what philosophers say is the primary goal of all humanity; happiness. Enjoyment of both business and pleasure can be magnified when shared with someone of similar attitudes and values. A friend can help us appreciate the humor and irony of life, because he or she will have much the same attitudes and point of view.

Finding friends isn’t always easy. Historian Henry Adams wrote, One friend in a lifetime is much, two are many, three are hardly possible. Most have our lives brightened by more than just two or three friends, although when these are true blue, more are not really needed. There are many ways friendships can be nurtured. Think of business and civic organizations, shared hobbies, neighborhood events, church, school, etc. In the horoscope friends are described by the planets in and sign ruling the 11th house. Here is a guide, using the solar chart, to friendship around the zodiac.


Aquarius is on your 11th solar house, which is ruled by Uranus. You’ll enjoy building a wide circle of different kinds of friends. Characters, individuals who stand out because of their uniqueness and individuality, will attract you. Your friendships tend to begin and end suddenly. You dislike possessive friends of the clinging vine variety. You are impulsive about friendships, but still you have much humanity. You seldom turn your back on a friend in need, if that person is still in your favor. Foster friendships through political organizations, charity work, also any interest you might have in astrology, aviation, sports or technology. One may find anyone from a fire fighter to a mechanic, physicist, psychiatrist or promoter within your social circle. You might find that friends are a catalyst for some of the most interesting surprises in your life.

If you are lonesome and would like to reach out to new friends, do so when the Sun is transiting your 11th house, from January 20 – February 18 of any year. Call an Aquarian.


Neptune, ruler of Pisces, governs your 11th house of friendships. The people you are most drawn to will often be dancers, artists, musicians, mystics or entertainers. You have a natural sympathy for those who are less fortunate than you. This includes people in hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, etc. The thought that you might be able to bring some light and love into these disadvantaged lives fills you with joy. Though you may find that you make sacrifices in the name of friendship, throughout the course of your life, the rewards of being a friend to the needy are also numerous. Other places to find future friends (perhaps including a Pisces) include photo exhibits, the theater, aquariums, photography classes or psychic development classes.

The best time to actively seek new kindred spirits will be from

February 19 -March 20, when the Sun is in Pisces, your 11th house of friendship.


With Aries on the cusp of your 11th house of friendship, Mars rules companionship in your life. Regardless of your own gender, you might prefer male friends. Since Mars is the planet of competition and even war, friendships can be of the love-hate variety, in keeping with your own dual nature. Friends can become enemies and vice-versa too. Debates, games, sports and other competitive situations can lead to the development of friendship. Besides athletes you can enjoy the company of military people, law enforcement, surgeons, explorers, architects and those who work in industry (especially heavy metals, such as sheet metal workers).

You might have many Aries friends, a good time to seek out friendship will be from March 21 – April 19 of any year, when the Sun is in Aries.


Venus is your friendship planet, because it rules Taurus, the sign on your 11th house of friends. Friends who are polite, refined and considerate will suit your sensitive. nature. Often your friends will be female, regardless of your own gender. They can also be stubborn Taureans.

Acquaintances involved in banking, finance, music, or the fashion and gift industry will become your friends. So will gardeners and florists. A garden club or ecology project can bring friendship your way. Join a choir or take a jewelry making class.

April 20-May 20 is when the Sun shines in your sector of friendship each year. Cultivate friendships during that time.


Mercury ruled Gemini is perched on the cusp of your 11th house of friendship. Agile, talkative, mobile and bright people will appeal to you as prospective friends. You might meet them while traveling, visiting a book store or library or attending a writing group. Younger people make great companions for you. So can those who work in sales, journalism, for an airline or the telephone company. You may strike up a warm friendship with a neighbor. When you’re lonely get to know the friends of a cousin or sibling, you might find you have much in common.

Seek new friendships and strengthen existing ones from May 21st-June 21st of each year. People born with the Sun in Gemini can be counted among your inner circle.


The Moon rules your friendship sector. You’re sentimental about friendships and will share the worries or cycles of depression with friends to strengthen intimate relationships. You’ll enjoy comparing genealogy/ family trees and having friends in for dinner to share with your family. Often childhood friends remain lifelong buddies. Good places to meet friends include the beach, boats, a restaurant, historical sites and at antique shops. Often you’ll relate to women friends more than to males. Cancerians can be close to you.  There can be age differences of a generation or more  with some of your friends too. Occupations which tend to attract the people you care about forming a friendship with will include hotel management and hospitality, elder care, real estate sales, fishing or marine biology.

June 22 – July 22 each year the Sun will transit Cancer, your friendship house. This is a great time to renew old contacts or to cultivate new friendships.


The qualities of Leo, the sign ruling your 11th house of friendship, will describe the people you’ll enjoy as companions. You are attracted to warm, dramatic, and dignified types who appreciate quality. There might be a few celebrities in your circle, you like to connect with the upper echelon of society. You like to feel proud of your friends. To cultivate friends wander the places associated with the rich and famous. Resorts, including golf courses, fraternity or sorority meetings, gala charity events, also child care centers, the world of the fine arts, the circus, or tourist trades are all good choices.

Leos quite naturally make wonderful companions for you. Look for kindred spirits when the Sun transits Leo each year from July 23 – August 22.


With Virgo ruling your 11th house of friendship, the planet Mercury will describe your ideal friendships. You appreciate clever, critical and well educated types. Serious, sincere and astute folks will appeal to you.

Those who concentrate and who communicate well will suit your temperament as friends. Teachers, computer geeks, health care workers, small animal breeders, pet store owners, travelers, brokers and writers can attract your friendship. You might enjoy collaborating with a friend on a book or a project connected to work. Combining business with friendship often works well for you. You don’t get close quickly to someone, but once you do establish a rapport that person will often have your support for life. Moral and spiritual encouragement are what you’ll offer a friend.

When the Sun is in Virgo, from August 23 – September 22 each year you may have good fortune in finding friends who impress you. Virgos can often be good pals.


Sophisticated, cultured and charming types who are physically attractive will appeal to you. Venus (and the sign of Libra) rule your friendships. Look for those who work in the legal field, as diplomats, marriage counselors or wedding planners, sociology, high fashion or fine art as suitable contacts. Well mannered and good looking friends who know just what to do and how to dress at all times are perfect bosom buddies for you. You will enjoy formal parties and fine dining with friends. A lavish party could put you in contact with worthwhile people.

September 23 – October 23 of each year is your best friendship cycle. Reach out to new pals then. Find out who the Libras are at your next social occasion – they could become great friends.


The qualities of Pluto will often describe your perfect friends, Scorpio presides over your 11th house of friendship. Pluto is associated with mystery, neighborhood watch programs, renewal, recovery, cleaning up a after a natural disaster, fire or storm. Somehow adversity could strengthen your friendships. Experiences which rally people to support a common cause provide fertile ground for heartfelt links. Many Capricorns have friends who work in the police department, the sciences or military. Discretion and a respect for privacy are traits you’ll cherish in a friend. It would be difficult for you to ever overlook a breach of faith or breaking of a promise.

Powerful friendships, perhaps with Scorpios, can be forged when the Sun shines in your 11th house each year, from October 24th – November 22nd.


Jupiter, largest and luckiest of the planets, rules your 11th house and reveals what friendship means in your life. Friends come first for you, friendliness is one of the keynotes for Aquarians, Growth, expansion and philosophy are related to Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius, which is on your 11th house cusp. You often think of yourself as a friend to all, you truly believe that brother(sister)hood is essential to progress and to survival itself. You’ll have many friends and acquaintances, people are naturally at ease with your cheerful demeanor and will confide in you. Friends can be found among horse or dog owners, teachers, the clergy, ecologists, doctors/nurses, politicians and comedians. If you happen to come up short in the friendship department (rare for Aquarians) look for new acquaintances at universities, on journeys or while shopping for in-laws. A grandparent or grandchild could also help you to connect with a friend.

November 22- December 20 when the Sun is in Sagittarius is an especially good cycle each year for you regarding friendships, both old and new. A Sagittarian can become a great friend.


Saturn is your friendship planet, and Capricorn watches over your 11th house. You are extremely generous with your friends. Be careful not to let a down and out pal, especially one struggling with addictions, take advantage of you. You are drawn to the underdog and must not let yourself champion a con artist or deadbeat. Helping others gives you pleasure, you embrace the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you). You may discover that you have true friends among farmers, dentists, corporation presidents, bankers, loan officers and scientists. Friendships with coworkers are especially important to you. Activities which allow coworkers to mingle, perhaps at professional conferences and conventions, can bring you in touch with good friends.

December 22 – January 19 is an auspicious time each year to add to your list of friends or to pull away from those who have become an energy drain. Capricorns can have a meaningful rapport with you.

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Esoteric Astrology

Spiritual Truths and The Karma In Your Horoscope

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

(Excerpt from my book – Star Journey)

The heavens above provide a vast, beautiful and bright map to follow in understanding the deeper meaning of life on Earth. What is the purpose of it all? Why are we all here any way? A special branch of astrology called karmic, spiritual and esoteric astrology delves into this perspective in your horoscope. The birth chart can be interpreted in a way that looks beyond the endless struggles for wealth, recognition and happy relationships to understand spiritual potentials. This is the path of the soul from life time to life time. Karmic astrologers generally assume that reincarnation is a fact. The horoscope shows where we are walking now on the longer path that leads life time to life time to at last culminate in spiritual perfection.

All the everyday experiences we have on the waking or material plane have a counter part on the spiritual and astral levels. The mysterious and fascinating karmic chart suggests cause and effect. Where we are now is the result of choices and reactions which stem from previous lives. Efforts made now will set up the circumstances for future karmic credits (or debts). Spiritual astrology isn’t meant to seem punitive. Rather it’s a learning tool, to help refine the life and help the soul along to greater rewards. If this life time seems like a wash out sometimes, keep trying. There is hope for untold progress and spiritual riches to come through esoteric astrology.

Traditional versus Esoteric

The Meanings of the Luminaries (Sun and Moon) and Planets

Planet * Traditional Meaning * Esoteric Meaning

The Sun * ego, conscious direction* the Soul itself

The Moon * emotions, heritage, subconscious * Soul’s emotional rememberings from previous life times

Mercury * intellect, communication * route to the universal mind

Venus * love, arts, pleasures * unconditional love expressed

Mars * competition, energy, anger * replenishment of spiritual energy

Jupiter * wealth, luck, growth * best use of talents and experiences

Saturn * restriction, duties, disappointment * self judgment

Uranus * freedom, science, revolution * catalyst of unexpected events

Neptune * illusions, confusion, dream * how to use psychic awareness

Pluto * big business, ecology, power * results of evasion, excuses

Often clients ask which is better, whether a spiritual or traditional astrology reading will be more helpful to them. The answer is, both are good. It depends upon the greater need. Do you need guidance about daily life or is spiritual growth and psychological insight of more importance? A spiritual reading isn’t suitable if you want to know about if you’ll get a better job, money or meet someone new. Rather, the spiritual horoscope will guide you toward making a difference for the better in the world around you, where you were in a past life and what your greatest contribution can be.

The twelve signs of the zodiac span the sphere of space encircling the Earth. Like all circles, the zodiac has 360 degrees. It is divided into twelve segments of 30 degrees each to make the familiar zodiac signs. Here is a guide to compare the traditional with the esoteric meanings of the signs.

Sign * Traditional Keywords * Esoteric Keywords

Aries * pioneer, assertive, impatient * use of energy to progress

Taurus * stubborn, stable, solid * discrimination among possessions

Gemini * intellectual, talkative, dual * constructive use of information and ideas

Cancer * moody, maternal, receptive * direction of feelings,emotional impetus

Leo * proud, warmhearted, flamboyant * accurate measure of self worth

Virgo * critical, technical, analytical * acceptance of others and reality as it is

Libra * cooperative, gracious, fair * need to be assertive and decisive

Scorpio * intense, secretive, powerful * balance of power

Sagittarius * adventurous, expansive * dedicated search for truth

Capricorn * ambitious, professional * fulfill responsibilities to others

Aquarius * inventive, humane, idealist * develop faith and tolerance

Pisces * dreamy, intuitive, romantic * coping independently with challenges.

The planets stay the same by sign in both the esoteric and conventional charts, but the house placements will be different. The karmic ascendant has a bearing on the steps leading into the next life. The spiritual horoscope is an equal house style chart, using the midpoint between the Sun and the Moon for a female as the ascendant. In a male chart it’s reversed, the midpoint between the Moon and Sun is used. In a female’s chart the Moon will be above the horizon (in houses 7 through 12) in the karmic chart. In a male’s chart the Sun will be above the horizon. ( Note: to advanced astrologers yes, in the very rare cases when a client is born exactly -to the minute – at the New or Full Moon, then both charts would have to be considered.)

The Twelve Houses In the Karmic Chart

House Number -Traditional Meaning- Esoteric Meaning

First – self, physical body, appearance – personality brought to this  life from the most recent past life

Second – money, salable job skills, possessions- spiritual security blanket

Third – education, verbal skills – use of mental powers in past life.

Fourth – home, parents – attitude toward Earth as a place for spiritual awakening

Fifth – children , creativity, romance, hobbies – past relationships with loved ones and their results in the present.

Sixth – employment, health, service – karmic causes of good or poor  health

Seventh – marriage, law, partnerships – personal links with others

developed in past lives

Eighth – investments, inheritance, mysteries – past use of psychic powers

Ninth – higher education, foreign travel – route to awareness of God.

Tenth – fame, prestige, career – how to fulfill the karmic mission

Eleventh – friendships, goals, wishes – what is attracted by the soul due to the quality of development

Twelfth – institutions, sacrifices, loneliness – unresolved problems from the present taken into the next life time.


An in-depth esoteric interpretation of your own Karmic Spiritual Horoscope is available by personal appointment or regular mail.

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Have Mania – Go Collect!

The Astrological Guide To Simple (and potentially profitable) Pleasures

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

I was the only one, the only one in the whole class, who knew the name of the President of Argentina!

The eight year old boy’s eyes were shining with pride and pleasure as he made the announcement when I visited the family recently. The third grader is the son of a friend and he was talking about an experience he’ d had with his stamp collection (or philatelics to insiders).  Art, politics, history, zoology and geography are among the subjects that can be studied while absorbed in that pleasant hobby, or so stamp collectors claim. Often a life long collector will accumulate enough valuable specimens to turn a collection into an investment for retirement years or a legacy. A collection, whether it be stamps, matchbook covers, dolls, coins (numismatics to those in the know) or cookie jars is an expression of the collectors personality. Andy Warhol’s famous cookie jar collection brought in a huge auction bid when it was sold a few years back. Collections provide friends and relatives with gift ideas, serves as a conversation piece and can bring years of joy.

Inexpensive additions to many collections can be found at flea markets and yard sales. I collect umbrellas and have found many with unusual handles and designs for just a dollar or two. With my Sun sign of Cancer, the idea of a portable shelter, a kind of outer protective shell, might be what drew me to that collectible. I started it when I was a teenage exchange student in England and purchased a yellow flowered umbrella because I had to walk to classes in the rain. Immediately I loved it and have been searching for interesting, unusual brellies as the British say ever since. Do you have a similar happy memory surrounding a collection? If not you can easily build one.

Museums are also places where the love and care people have put into assembling their collections brings pleasure to others. I remember stopping in a small New England town once and discovering a local museum which had a display of antique buttons. This was many years ago, but I can still recall the jeweled, carved and many other kinds of buttons. More recently a museum in Florida featured one lady’s collection of twenty five thousand refrigerator magnets! Regrettably I missed seeing that exhibit, but can’t you just imagine the variety of memories it must have evoked and opportunities for reminisces? And, again, each piece was probably inexpensive, so maintaining and adding to that collection in these economy and cost conscious times would be minimal.

Astrologically collectibles are ruled by the Moon, the signs of Cancer and Scorpio, the eighth house and in a secondary sense by Pluto. The investment value would be linked to the eighth house, the concept of recycling discards and finding hidden value would be Pluto and Scorpio. The Moon brings in the emotional value while Cancer accumulates. For insights into how you would find satisfaction as a collector, consider the houses ruled by Cancer and Scorpio in your natal chart, then look at your Moon sign and natal Pluto. This will reveal how receptive you are to appreciating collectibles, whether it would be profitable in terms of cash value eventually as well as what type of collectible youd be drawn to. The possibility of leaving your collection as an asset, a happy keepsake for a loved one, its growth and your attachment to the items will all be described by these factors in your natal horoscope. Begin by looking at the suggestions below for your Sun sign, thats the familiar birth sign we all know. Then you can delve into the fine points of collectibles in your life by looking at the ideas linked to your Moon sign, eighth house and Pluto, as well as the zodiacal houses ruled by Cancer and Scorpio.


Collectibles which tie in with conflict, metals and fire can attract you. Think of knives, guns, match book covers, incense burners, candles and candle holders. Also tobacco related items such as antique cigarette cases, ads for tobacco, ash trays or humidors. Once I saw lengths of different kinds of antique barbed wire tacked onto rough wood and used as wall décor, this struck me as being very Aries. Your birth sign relates to the eyes and head. So antique or designer eye glasses as well as hats and caps would be great possibilities.


Antique sheet music, record album covers, musical instruments, bells, cosmetic cases and vintage clothing, are collectibles which might appeal to you. Taurus has a link with the ears and is ruled by fashionable, sensual Venus. Textiles, sewing items (including buttons), antique valentines, sugar and creamer sets, and vases can be good choices. Your birth sign has a special link to the Earth, so bonsai trees, orchids, heirloom rose bushes, and flower pots can be cherished. One Taurus lady I know has a whimsical collection of ceramic florists planters dating way back to the 1930s. An elephant, dog, bow, two children, basket and horse head are among her collectibles.


Collectibles involving words with a story to tell about them will captivate you. Baseball cards, comic books, stamps, books, book ends, antique ink wells and pens are wonderful ideas. At a luncheon I attended once the speaker talked about postcards as a collectible and brought along a wonderful display of them. It turned out that he was a Gemini! Weathervanes and other wind toys and paperweights can appeal to this air ruled Mercurial birth sign. A collection thats easy to transport and doesnt take up much room would be good, as Gemini usually dislikes clutter.


Of all the Sun Signs, youre usually the consummate collector, treasuring several kinds of hobby items. Adding to a collection started by Mom, or even better, by Grandma can be a focus. Kitchen items (such as salt n pepper shakers (another item I collect, having been given some by Mom) ,aprons (I have Grandmas), plates, mugs, spoons, Mason jars, bottles, kilts, and vintage kitchen gadgets. Old photographs and cameras, silver jewelry and cat motif items are other possibilities. Cats have a lunar quality. Often Cancerians deeply love felines.


The entertainment world, glamour, and the perpetual child within are your key to enjoyment of collectibles. The host of a local radio show where I presented a daily astrology forecast for many years is a Leo and he collects old radios. Theater posters, celebrity memorabilia, dolls, vintage games, toys and gold items are good choices. Artwork and figurines which idealize childhood such as clowns, Norman Rockwell prints and Hummel figurines are suitable as well. How about sports memorabilia, vintage Halloween or Christmas décor (Leo likes holidays), stained glass in colorful designs can attract you too. Ruled by the Sun, you like recreation, color and warmth.


Virgo has a reputation as a neatnik and fuss budget. My Virgo neighbor has a whole wall of neatly arranged brooms as her collection. There are cinnamon brooms which waft a wonderful fragrance, hand made brooms from Appalachia with twisted wood handles, small whisk brooms fashioned from pine needles, and straw brooms adorned with artificial flowers. Baskets, books, greeting cards, pens, pencils, maybe even antique typewriters, (the typewriter was patented when the Sun was in Virgo) are other ideas which might appeal to Virgo collectors. Invest in a nice display case or shelves if you are a Virgo. Having your treasures neatly displayed and organized will add much to your pleasure.


You are so sociable and friendly that selecting a collectible which would make you a part of a club would be a good idea. Miniatures, jewelry, beads and boxes would be excellent prospects. Antique lace and needlework or vintage wedding memorabilia as well. Since Libra is an air sign which relates to flight and feathers, bird statues, fans and feathers could be a draw. One Libra man I know has a collection of puffin and penguin statues. Paintings, sculptures and investment art in general all have a strong link to Libra.


Author John Fowles wrote a chilling novel titled The Collector which made me think of Scorpio collectibles with a sinister twist. The gist of the story is that a collector of butterflies decides to expand his collection to include a lovely but unsuspecting young woman. Netting his specimens and destroying their living beauty to create a dead, flightless trophy is a theme in the story. Beetles, as well as butterflies, taxidermy specimens of birds and animals, brass and stone rubbings of graveyard art all are collectibles with a Scorpio slant. Detective stories, such as a complete set of early Nancy Drew novels or Dick Tracey comic books, could appeal. A long time friend who has a four planet stellium in Scorpio is an enthusiastic coin collector. The 8th house association with Scorpio brings in this preference. Statues of monsters and vampires, war medals and memorabilia (helmets, armor, etc.) talismans with stories and mystical attributes connected to them are good choices too. One client with the Moon in Scorpio says she collects masks from primitive cultures which she claims are death masks against prowlers and to scare away unfriendly ghosts. Scarabs and other symbols linked to ancient Egypt (a Scorpio ruled culture) would make another suitable Scorpio collectible.


Religious items, such as rosaries and statues of saints, are collectibles Sagittarians will appreciate. Other ideas include horse or dog figurines, maps, flags, cowboy artifacts linked to The Old West, Tarot cards, items from a favorite foreign country. A Sagittarian friend collect pottery from Poland, for example. The prototype of the jovial super salesman or promoter is Sagittarian too. So items related to sales and large corporations and commercial products can be good choices. How about Coca-Cola signs and art, Cracker Jack toys, Tiffany eggs, or Campbell Soup posters?


Youll be impressed by collectibles which will hold their valuable and be durable. Crystals, minerals, gems and estate jewelry are perfect. If you can learn of their lore and background your pleasure will be enhanced. Clocks and watches, political campaign buttons and posters, beautiful wood work in the form of carvings or antique furniture would be good for Earth sign and security and status conscious Capricorn collectors too. Your family crest printed on various items such as rings, monogrammed jackets, mugs and towels, along with a framed drawing of your family tree, accenting any famous relatives, would appeal to you too.


Because of your interest in people of all kinds, ethnic art, such as Native American keepsakes, would be good. Often your symbol, The Waterbearer, is portrayed as an angel. So angels, winged and airy spirits, would make a marvelous collection for an Aquarian. One lady I know of with an Aquarius-Virgo Sun-Moon polarity collects angels because she sees them as symbols of heaven and purity (the Virgo maiden has also been depicted as an angel over the years). Rainbow keepsakes and pictures, Austrian crystals, carnival glass and New Age items such as drums or Tibetan bowls are all good collectible ideas. So are kites, windsocks, model airplanes and items connected to aviation and The Space Program. Astronomy, NASA, outer space, Star Trek and science fiction collectibles can satisfy the collector mania in you.


Seashells are an ideal collectible for you. One friend who comes to mind has Pisces ruling her 8th house cusp and her entire apartment is all decorated in sea shells. Lamps, plant hangers, dishes, linens, pictures – all are a sea shell motif. She also has a glass display case of unusual collectible sea shells. Other items connected to fish, the beach and boats are also suitable for Pisces. What about a framed assemblage of vintage fishing lures? Because Pisces has a deep link to dance and the feet, ballet and folk dance collectibles such as autographed slippers, costumes, shoe figurines, and vintage recordings can be good. Also consider wind chimes (they sway and tinkle to natures music). Pisces embraces an ephemeral and fragile quality. So origami (Oriental paper folding sculptures), a collection of mobiles and blown glass items can be great choices. The character of Laura in Tennessee Williams play The Glass Menagerie with her treasured collection of delicate glass figurines is an archetypal Pisces heroine whose collection was very important in her life.

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The Four Angles Of The Horoscope

Astrology’s Guide To  Structure and Purpose

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

What does your life mean? Why did a situation unfold the way it did? Astrologers all develop individual styles in interpreting horoscopes to explore these questions and offer insights. Usually we begin with the Sun, the source of all life. The Sun is the soul itself in esoteric astrology. Next the Moon, the indicator of the flow of daily life and responses to the surroundings is considered. Esoteric astrology sees the Moon as the emotional rememberings of the soul. Next the ascendant or rising sign, which is also the 1st house, describes the physical self and environment. The ascendant is the body as the temple of the spirit on the esoteric level. The twelve houses are divided into angular, succedent and cadent categories. The angular houses (1, 4, 7, 10) relate to the present, they show what always will happen. The succedent houses (2, 5, 8, 11) have a link to the past and might manifest, while the cadent houses (3, 6, 9, 12) are more subtle and futuristic, they often have unexpressed potentials.

The four angular houses  anchor the mandala of the horoscope. The angles relate to actual orientation, showing how we live in a meaningful universe! The closer a planet is to an angle, the stronger it is!

An excellent way to understand what a chart is all about is to carefully reflect upon the four angular houses. Planets located there and the sign ruling each angle will offer insights.

The Four Houses Of Insight!

First House

Who Am I? – The Beginning.

Fourth House

Where Do I Come From? – What Draws Me To This Life?

Seventh House

Who Am I In Relation To You? -Who are you and what are we together?

Tenth House

What Does The World Ask Of Me? -Where Am I Going?


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