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The Moon is New in Cancer today, July 8, 2013. Here is a poem, written as I walked back from the beach. There is a strong water sign emphasis right now and the magical voices of of the waves blur and whisper away the outer world. The Moon is in its ruling sign and is trine ┬áNeptune in Pisces, also in its ruling sign. Both are trine Saturn in Scorpio, which is in mutual reception with Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler). It’s time to heed the siren songs of the mer- people and sea serpents. So many water sign placements are in their ruling signs!

Beach shells

When these white and rose
sandy tide pools and
netted in seaweed

tossed by salty spray

they glowed
moon light silver,
glinted with sun crystals
on their speckled

Spilled on the
they were
damp sea jewels
decorated by foam

the gray shells
dead and grainy.

Why did I ever bring them home
and not leave them alone?

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Retrograde Mercury in Cancer during July, 2013 brought this long hidden poem to light. Mercury relates to information exchange, the retrograde suggests reverie and taking the round about route to a destination. The sign of Cancer relates to memories, mother figures and heritage. Elayne, my beloved mother, must have written the poem about 1970, she burnt it in driftwood and it surfaced mysteriously in her longtime home in Indialantic, as the 11th anniversary of her passing nears. Perhaps, across time and space, it brings a message of peace and comfort to offer in today’s world? Mercury is making a long transit through Cancer this summer of 2013, spanning May 31 – August 8. Mercury is retrograde June 27- July 20.


Make frightened folks feel no stress

Make lonely folks feel it less

Make someone happy just once in a while

Make childrens’ faces at least with a smile

Make me hear the creak in the worlds rocking chair

When my neighbor has trouble make me offer to share

For when I’ll be alone, frightened and old

The same familiar story eternally is told.

By Elayne Mullen of Antigo, Wisconsin

January 29, 1919 – July 23, 2002

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