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Stars For A Dream House

Stars For A Dream House

The Astrology of Real Estate

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The home of our dreams! It is the largest business transaction most of us will ever make. The right choices concerning real estate can enhance and uplift a life forever. A wrong decision in purchasing, building or selling a home can prove to be a colossal setback, both financially and emotionally. Family life can suffer and success on every level hampered by a home environment that isn’t nurturing. Timing is critical. For both the buyer and seller, selecting the right birth chart for real estate transactions can avert potential disasters and assure a profit. Yes, your home has a horoscope, actually two horoscopes; one when it’s purchased and another when it’s sold. By making certain that the astrology chart is a good one years of happiness as well as a bright financial outlook overall are assured.

Let’s look at the celestial picture of a property purchase. The first step is to determine when the house’s birthday really is. There can be some confusionconcerning whether this is when the property is first viewed, when building commences or when the family moves in. After much research I feel the birth date is when the real estate contract is finalized. Take note of this data (date, place and time) and erect the chart accordingly. By carefully considering the chart in advance you can build the kind of life you want in the new home. If you’ve already purchased a house, condo, etc. study the horoscope for when the transaction took place. You will be amazed by how accurately it describes your living arrangements, progress or lack thereof.

Reading the birth chart of a home is different from interpreting a person’s natal chart. The meanings of the houses, planets and zodiac signs must be considered as they would apply to the property and its surroundings.

The Sun sign (the familiar zodiac signs we all know) describes the mood and quality of the property as a whole. The Sun is also the owner(s) and how happy (or unhappy) they will be in the building.

The Moon describes the kitchen, nursery, any babies living in the household, motherhood and the emotional atmosphere.

Mercury will reveal the noise level, the intellectual growth and intelligence of those living in the home, books, telephone and cable services, acoustics, domestic employees, architectural lay out and young people from  7-14 years of age.

Venus has a bearing on gardens, house plants, interior decorating, music, the fine arts, guests, entertaining, overall happiness and young women aged 15-21.

Mars describes the heating system, fire places (also the threat of fire and serious problems) hardware, larger appliances, anger and conflicts, the garage and male residents over age 18.

Jupiter will describe the condition of the roof, expansion, additions, renovations, also the appreciation, the improved value, of the property and its general comfort level.

Saturn will reveal overall depreciation, the need for upkeep and repairs, basements, elderly people in residence, the air conditioning system, small rooms and closets.

Uranus relates to electronics, such as televisions, computers and radios, unusual features, gadgets, small appliances and modernization.

Neptune will describe the water supply, plumbing fixtures, ghosts or psychic phenomena, and mysteries or unusual events in the building’s past.

Also Neptune will point out any misrepresentations about the property, such as a fraudulent contract or title problems.

Pluto is concerned with the impact of natural disasters (hurricanes, earth quakes, etc.) and environmental hazards, the crime rate, external threats and enemies as well as the overall sturdiness of the structure.

The twelve zodiac signs and astrological houses can also be considered in terms of the building. Some of these will share rulership with or overlap with the meanings of the planets. The ruling signs of the house cusps factors into the overall pattern too.

The ascendant or first house and the sign of Aries will describe the outer appearance and the first impression created by the house. The first house is  also the Eastern side of the dwelling and the well being of the property owner.

The second house and the sign of Taurus reveal luxury features, landscaping, masonry, security of valuables, quiet places and dim rooms with low ceilings.

The third house and Gemini shows neighbors, the character of the neighborhood, the Northeast side of the structure, hallways, mail service, and studying or writing done in the home.

The fourth house and Cancer are especially significant in the horoscope of a residence. Home life and family dynamics in general, family memorabilia and history, baths, pools, washing machines, motherhood, bedrooms, sleeping arrangements and the Northern side of the building are affected.

The fifth house and Leo will describe game rooms, recreational areas, craft rooms, hobbies, creative projects done at home, children, sunny rooms and fun; also light fixtures, the front door or main entry way.

The sixth house and Virgo will tell of pets, cleanliness, health factors, employees or service workers, storage areas, the household budget and shopping, also the Northwest side of the building.

The seventh house and Libra will offer insight into married life and teamwork, zoning codes and other legal matters, guest rooms, porches, cushions and upholstered furniture and the Western side of the structure.

The eighth house and Scorpio will describe drains and sanitation, security hazards, burglary, also mortgages, taxes, financing and long term investment value. The eighth house is also the Southwest side of the building.

The ninth house and Sagittarius offer information about living rooms, spacious and common areas, large animals, livestock and wild life on the property. Upstairs areas, spiritual growth, meditation, altars or worship areas, imported furniture, other exotic items from faraway, tenants and room mates.

The tenth house and Capricorn describe work or business conducted in the building. Ceilings, large trees, and fences, stone work, the South side of the building and economic matters are shown here.

The eleventh house and Aquarius relate to electricity, accident hazards, modern design features and appliances, murals or statues which are fixed in place or incorporated into the structure, also the circle of friends and casual visitors.

The twelfth house and Pisces describe stained glass, china, the Southeast, water front areas, secret rooms and hiding places, invalids in residence, floors and carpets as well as hidden problems.

Choosing the best horoscope for a home depends upon your own life style and priorities. For example if a tennis court is an important central feature, then the fifth house should be strong. For a showplace to welcome and impress guests, then a strong Venus is a must. If the property is for an investment then the eighth house, sign of Scorpio and the planet Jupiter should be emphasized in a beneficial way.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow so that the stars will light the path to your perfect dream house. Consider the ascendant and its ruling planet. Select favorable aspects to the Moon. Avoid squares or oppositions involving Mars, especially with angular planets. Place a benefic planet (Venus or Jupiter) or a luminary (Sun or Moon) in the fourth house. If a married couple will be sharing the home consider the seventh house and its ruler. To promote a peaceful marriage avoid difficult aspects from Mars, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto to the seventh house .

If finances are a key factor, select benefic aspects to the tenth, eighth and second houses. A favorable Sun-Moon aspect will go a long way toward promoting a successful real estate situation just in itself. Don’t schedule your home’s birthday right on a New or Full Moon. A retrograde Mercury in the chart promises a temporary residence, it will be just a stopping off place and will never feel really settled. On the other hand security and stability are assured when the angular houses (first, fourth, seventh and tenth) are ruled by the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

Selecting a horoscope for your dream home can seem rather complicated if you don’t have technical expertise and can’t consult a professional astrologer. However, a few simple rules can help to bring about a happy situation. In “ The Witches’ Almanac” find the New and Full Moon days in the Moon calendar for the month when you plan to make the purchase. Sign the contract on the 4th, 5th, 9th or 10th days following the lunation. This will give you a favorable Sun-Moon aspect, supporting happiness in all areas of life ruled by the Sun, Moon, fourth and fifth houses as well as the signs of Cancer and Leo. Next consider the basic traits of the familiar Sun sign on the day of the purchase. Does the sign describe overall what you would hope for from the new home? If not, it might be best to wait a month or two before finalizing the purchase to have the desired atmosphere. The solar fourth house relates especially to house hunting. Each year the Sun passes through that part of your own birth chart for about a month. That is often a great time to look at properties, it’s the fourth month following the birthday, starting with the birth month. Example: if you’re born on July 13, then the Sun would enter the fourth house on October 13 of each year, marking the start of a favorable four week time span to house hunt. If you have your correct natal chart, then consider the Suns transit through your corrected fourth house as well.

Zodiac Signs For House Hunting


The pioneer spirit is strong. This home will be about a fresh start and adventure. The atmosphere can be somewhat tense and competitive, its a good home for a military family of those interested in sports. If your own birth sign is Capricorn this can be a favorable home as it will activate your fourth solar house.


Security and stability are promised here. The household mood will be practical. It is a good sign for those who especially enjoy a nice garden and plants. Musicians, jewelers and bankers would be happy here. For Aquarians, this is a favorable residence.


Conversation, many letters, phone calls and e-mail will keep the Gemini home lively. If close ties with neighbors, frequent short journeys, news and noise are desired, then this is the home for you. Writers, teachers, bus drivers, and public relations or sales specialists can enjoy this home. So will those born under the sign of Pisces.


Family life is central here. Meals with relatives, loyalty and sharing can be expected. If you want to maintain a traditional lifestyle, this could be the home for you. Historians, real estate agents, cooks, oceanographers, sailors, and antique collectors can be happy in this home. Those born under the sign of Aries can do well here.


Youth and a perpetual party set the pace in the Leo home. If you want to entertain, feel young at heart, and honor the inner child, try a Leo home. It’s a good place to raise children. Dignity and image are important too. An actor, entertainer, those in the tourism industry or the arts can be happy here. It’s a good choice for Taurus people.


Neatness, efficiency and organization will typify the Virgo home. A steady schedule, comfortable quarters for small pets, a focus on nutrition and wellness can be expected. Janitors, handymen, secretaries, animal breeders, farmers or those who work in food supply and grocery stores can be happy here. It’s also suitable for Gemini people.


If a really beautiful and gracious home, one which will either cement a cohesive marriage or attract a perfect mate or partner is desired, then this could be your dream house. A Libra home will draw many friends and visitors. Beauticians, attorneys, social workers, mediators and designers can do well here too. It’s a good choice for Cancer people.


Property which is a good investment can be purchased when the Sun is in Scorpio. Stability, privacy and safety can make this an attractive place. For stock brokers, funeral directors, policemen, scientists, doctors and detectives this is a good choice. Leo people can find happiness here.


This is the perfect sign for a household where horses or large dogs will be kept. A rustic yet comfortable atmosphere with quite a few visitors will be present. A great deal of personal growth and expansion can be expected too. Scholars, writers, clergy, linguists, equestrians, animal trainers, perpetual students and advertising specialists can enjoy a Sagittarian home. This residence can be a good choice for Virgos.


Business first, relax and have a good time later, is the message sent by this serious and no frills house. Traditional furnishings and a dignified simplicity with a place to work from home are the signatures. The Capricorn house is good for the self employed, for farmers, economists, miners and industrialists. This can be a good choice for Libras, as it’s their fourth solar house.


A communal atmosphere prevails, many wanderers as well as long time friends will turn up unexpectedly. Novel gadgets and a variable routine make this an interesting residence. Astrologers, electricians, computer technicians, inventors and psychologists can do well here. It’s also the fourth house and natural residence for Scorpios.


Consideration, devotion, charitable projects and selflessness permeate the surroundings here. There is a sensitive intimacy prevailing with elements of the mystical and creative. This can be a happy choice for paranormal investigators, psychics and mediums, dancers, ecologists, painters, invalids or handicapped persons. Sagittarians can feel at home here.

A Meditation About Astrology … “It will be of no surprise to those who have made a study of astrological principles to learn that people and the planet Earth share the same experiences, so far as physical effects are concerned.” … A quote from Sephariel, a famous astrologer of bygone times. I think of this in terms of the weather and political and ecological circumstances unfolding now and the kinds of situations people are involved in.

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Twelve Doors Opening To Freedom and Progress Through The Houses of The Horoscope

Celestial Relief From The Inertia Trap

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Are you tormented and plagued by the Ifonlies and Ohbuts? Experts in human behavior say most of us are most of the time. So, you wonder, what are the Ohbuts and Ifonlies? Are they new fantasy characters created by J.K. Rowling or Stephen King? Distant Middle Earth relatives of the elves and trolls, kind of like hobbits? No, regrettably not. Ifonlies and Ohbuts are all too real. They are the excuses we give for giving up on our dreams and goals, for settling for a mundane and meaningless existence.

Oh but I have a family who never helped me. If only I had the money for college I could have been successful. Oh but the children are too small, if only I had the time for my art work, then  I would win a prize.

The list is endless. Ohbuts and Ifonlies are created by a facet of the human psyche which is tempted to blame heredity, the economy, bad people and a plethora of other obstacles for keeping us from the lives we would like to lead; lives of action, excitement and accomplishment. They are the perennial passivity trap which looms as a block, darkening a bright world with limitless potentials. Ohbuts and Ifonlies keep many people wasting away in low achievement life styles. They also weave marvelous fantasies which never materialize. Ohbuts and Ifonlies stop us from completing projects which seemed so thrilling at first. They allow years to drift by while we wait for something to change or someone to come to the rescue. On the surface they can seem comforting but they are actually dangerous adversaries. Ohbuts and Ifonlies are the most formidable of enemies to ever be faced. They can keep one shackled forever in a negative relationship or a dead end job unless a way is found to overcome them.

It’s all very well to say well become doers and deciders, leaving behind the Ohbuts and Ifonlies, its easy to say a more upbeat life style would be great. But how is this actually accomplished? How is it possible to rise above the fear of failure or dread of rejection and boldly seek the kind of life which is desirable?

Astrology can help! The red planet, Mars, in one’s natal horoscope is the key. Named for the mythological warrior god, Mars relates to energy and action. Mars will reveal how to find and when to tackle blockages, allowing one to be victorious in the perpetual battlefield of life. Mars influence has a message, guiding the seeker toward becoming satisfied and accomplished.

To begin, here is a Sun sign guide to how determine which house of the zodiac Mars influences. Examine your birth sign for a message about how to begin right away, today, to jump out of the passivity pit. Next look at a copy of your full horoscope, calculated for your time, date and place of birth. Find the sign and houses occupied and ruled by Mars at your birth, then consider its aspects to other planets as well as your Sun and Moon.

Then add this information to enhance the Sun sign reading offered here.


Your first solar house is Mars ruled. Begin with your appearance. Purchase that new hat, sweater or jumpsuit youve been admiring for weeks. Have your hair styled into a contemporary coiffure, creating an ideal image for yourself. This enhanced image will be a catalyst to help you pursue what you most long for. Get involved with a new hobby, business venture, or other progressive pursuits. Now is the time to move beyond traditions and habits. Ride the wave of contemporary trends. Get plenty of exercise, fitness helps you to think clearly and overcome inertia in other areas of life. The early morning hours of the day are best, schedule important work for just after sunrise. (For the rare night owls among you, select the wee after midnight hours of the morning, as the day is just beginning, before sunrise to act.)

You don’t take orders willingly. Positions which allow you to assume responsibility and be in charge will bring out the best and brightest within you. A natural leader and manager, you will blossom when exercising authority constructively. You like to be on the go. Flying lessons, purchasing a new car or learning to use tools and machines are worthwhile. If searching for a new career avenue explore the military, sports, engineering, art or the physical fitness fields.


Mars functions in your twelfth solar house. Begin with an introspective self analysis, be your own psychologist. Take stock of your aptitudes as well as weaknesses. What exactly has kept you confined, in a state of inertia? The long term affects of diet, medications or alcohol could be creating obstacles. Reflect upon your associates too. People who are discouraging or creating negative conditions might have to be eliminated from your social circle. It can be hard for you to be self motivated. Contact dynamic people who will help you network your way to a more satisfying lifestyle. Focus on teamwork. An urban environment, devoid of trees, can drain you. Seek the natural beauty of a garden or even a scenic wilderness for refreshment and renewal. Study wild life and the laws of nature. They can provide an allegory for successful actions to be applied to your personal situation.

You are very sensitive to sounds too. Strive to eliminate noise pollution from your surroundings and replace it with your favorite music. Taureans dont respond well to surprises and sudden changes. Create a workable, constructive daily routine that lends you a sense of security. In seeking a new start try a career that involves health, social services, ecology, research, psychic counseling and paranormal investigation, landscaping or animals.


The eleventh house of your solar chart is linked to Mars and points the way out of the Ohbut habit. Develop clearly defined goals. Focus your active, clever mind in one direction and stick to it. A systematic, not a scattered, approach will lead you to what you desire most. Sharpen your public relations skills. Learn to understand and develop rapport with different kinds of people. Humanitarian values, aimed at making the world a better place, will bring out your own best potentials. Join organizations and clubs or groups of like minded people. Alone you can lose heart, then inertia builds. In the right company, youll move mountains, just discriminate when it comes to loyalty and alliances. Associate with those whom you will feel proud to resemble. Keep up with the latest technology. Progressive ideas help you to move forward, innovate and hone your skill set.

If considering a new career consider politics, electronics, technical writing, efficiency study, journalism, or sales and promotions.


The tenth house guides you, with the valuable energy of Mars, toward assertiveness and accomplishment. Youre sensitive about your reputation and public image. Cultivate a sophisticated façade, project a calm and collected impression to the outer world. Let your attainments show, let your light act like a beacon to draw attention to yourself. Focus on being more of an extrovert, express your thoughts and feelings with eloquence. Dignity and nobility should always be cultivated. Follow the highest aspirations and ideals in making choices and this will unfold naturally. Try to purchase only the best of everything. Quality is essential, even if you can only make limited purchases or must save before shopping. Traditions and precedents are worthwhile guides. Role models and drawing upon experiences will help you to rise above inertia. Taking on responsibilities and making promises can help you too, as youre so conscientious about honoring any kind of commitment. Make resolutions public, this will help them become reality. Reach out to friends and business associates whom you feel are of an elevated social status.

Parents relate to the tenth house, so in choosing a career, a family business could be excellent. Business services catering to upper echelon executives, designer label fashions or cosmetic sales, precious goods with a royal flair, economist, also a contest or game referee are other good prospects.


Your ninth solar house is the source of the valuable Mars energy to propel you out of the Ifonlies syndrome. This shows that a change of scene can work wonders for you. Plan a journey to a distant locale if you can. A foreign culture can stimulate and motivate you. The unique and exotic, in everything from food and art to music and especially foreign languages can act as a catalyst to over come inertia. Seek adventurous experiences for their own sake, then a variety of other benefits will follow. Those from other religious backgrounds and foreign born people as well as intellectuals can be helpful to you. The ninth house ties to higher education and religion, so a university environment or place of worship can literally take you to higher ground. Classical literature can provide insights, visit a library and look through the writings of Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Dickens, Cervantes, Goethe and others for insight into your escape from the passivity habit.

If considering a new career education, the clergy, travel agent, advertising, the import/export business, international law or banking could work well.


Mars channels power through your eighth house to unleash your reservoirs of higher potentials. Look behind the scenes and beneath the surface, this is the sector of mystery. Probe the surface of appearances, the masks people will don, for a deeper understanding. Develop a command of emotions and physical desires. Learn all you can about passions on every level. A past life regression can be extremely helpful, so can looking into paranormal sightings and after life studies. Facing the attitudes you have toward death can be satisfying. This house relates to rejuvenation and rebirth following decay and endings. Morality and reform can be worthwhile topics to focus on. Inertia can be overcome by considering what seems truly ethical. Inherited and invested funds can be a helpful support. Purchasing enough insurance, regular savings, learning the ins and outs of the money machine and economic patterns will provide you with the means to meet other goals. Face the ugly and unlovely aspects of life around you bravely. Through understanding the depths of despair and degradation you can rise to a higher level and emerge stronger.

Fresh career prospects include insurance agent, martial arts instructor, therapist, detective, stock broker or police officer.


Your seventh house is brightened by Mars. Growth comes through developing nurturing partnerships. Whether its for love or business, you instinctively realize that people need each other. Seek advice when the time comes for a change. A group discussion/therapy session or time with a respected counselor can bring about a breakthrough. Talk about your concerns, sharing lightens the load. Examine relation dynamics, both professional and personal. This will open the door for assertiveness and desired changes for you. Knowing your legal rights is helpful too, rules and regulations can be an asset. The seventh house is also about love, so direct your energy toward what you most love. The Ifonlies and Ohbuts will fade when met with the stimulation of affection and heartfelt emotions. Beauty is precious here too, bring color, art objects, décor accents, flowers and music into your world. Being in lovelier surroundings will add to your enthusiasm and self esteem. Invite congenial people who offer admiration, this adds to your own strength. At the same time you must not shrink when a confrontation is essential. Bring honest complaints into the open to facilitate the strength to move forward.

In seeking a worthwhile new direction in life, ideas include bridal consultant, attorney, diplomat, color consultant, fine art or fashion design.


The sixth house open the door to vanquishing those Ohbuts. Health care and fitness will be a part of overcoming inertia. Attune to your own body chemistry, then select the most nutritious diet for you. You can break out of the doldrums once you feel more physically vital and energetic. Don’t let criticism or regrets over mistakes get you down. Release is a significant part of moving on. At the same time attention to details is helpful, the positive side of being a perfectionist relates to the sixth house. Cleanliness, efficiency and organization are tools which will always help you. Clear away clutter, keep files up to date. Learn to delegate work and seek help, don’t load yourself until you are overwhelmed.

The loyalty and support of those who might be considered subordinates will be invaluable throughout your journey forward. Draw upon the support and suggestions of those who might be less skilled or well educated than yourself. You can find that the loving companionship of a small animal, such as a cat, bird or dog is a major asset too. A pet can provide relaxation and also inspiration.

In selecting a more desirable career path the medical profession, waste management, bookkeeper, clerical work, pet shop owner or animal trainer,food services, technician or labor union organizer would be suitable.


The fifth house of your solar horoscope guides you out of the Ohbut Ifonlies trap. Recreational activities, creative projects, contact with younger people and the well thought out vacation plans can change your life for the better. Consider which hobbies are most beneficial and pursue them. Competition can excite your talents and move you forward. Get involved with games that test your mental or physical strengths against those of others. You constantly compare yourself to your peers and seek ways to surpass them. Embellish dull daily reality with a dramatic flair. Get involved with the theater and the entertainment world. Plan a parade, pageant or holiday events. You can mingle business with pleasure well too, conduct work at a cocktail party or picnic. Lack of mobility devastates you, so does a relationship which makes you feel too tied down. You like daily challenges. Once in a while a gambling trip can make life more thrilling. Often those born under your sign are naturally lucky. This is a blessing, but know when to back off when your luck spirals downward and starts to change.

Occupation which will bring new pizzazz your way include casino worker, actor, toy designer, athletic coach, athlete, youth counselor, photographer or dating service manager.


The fourth solar house of your chart will usher the Ohbuts out of your life. To become a better doer and decider, consider the riches in your family heritage and the treasures relatives can offer. The family tree will help you to recognize aptitudes within yourself. A relative whom you admire can be an inspirational role model. Historical heroes and heroines can provide insights too, study the lives of those who have been great. Make choices while learning from the past to build the best future. Make your home your sanctuary, your castle. Time spent working and resting within your own house can help you meet the challenges presented by the outer world. Keep your domestic surroundings serene. Be sensitive to how your formative years impacted and shaped you, but resist the temptation to blame your parents for any lack of progress in your life. What you make of yourself is largely up to you at this point.

Real estate transactions, places of historic importance, minerals, timber and fossil fuels can link to your freedom from the Ifonlies. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, abstractions can lead to unhealthy inhibitions or dependencies. The evening hours often bring opportunities. After regular business hours a different world can open, propelling you to where you long to go.

For a fresh start in your career life consider work as a historian, antique dealer, genealogist, genetics, mining, farming, real estate, life sciences or a home based business.


The Ohbuts will exit while growth and motivation enter in through your third solar house. Information, communication and mental stimulation are the message. Read through the classified ads in newspapers or on line, Purchase newly published books and magazines to climb out of the inertia trap. A class would be a good idea. Check on what siblings or neighbors are up to, an opportunity could come through their projects. You are quite sensitive to the nervous pressures generated by the daily grind, so make time to quiet your mind. Meditation, dream analysis, scheduling a little time to connect with the inner voice will help. Your intuition can be so useful if you take time to pay heed. Always read notices on bulletin boards.

Develop your vocabulary skills, keep up with others through phone calls, letters and e-mail. Information exchange and clever word plays contain hidden benefits. Your inventiveness and originality can build upon a pool of ideas which come through others but which they might not fully make use of. Short journeys can lead to a wider range of experiences too. Try a different route when commuting across town. A weekend away to a nearby destination can help you break the passivity habit. Decorate the walls of your office or home with posters and photos you collect along the way to bring a different perspective.

Possibilities for a new career direction include creative writer, humorist, teacher, publisher, computer programmer, bus driver, courier, and communications, such as telephone work or broadcaster.


Your second house points helps you to exit from the Ifonlies and Ohbuts nightmare. Cash flow and salable job skills link to this sector of the horoscope. Cut corners in your budget, clip a few coupons, perhaps. Don’t work too long and hard for too little money, be cautious with assuming volunteer positions. Focus on sharpening marketable skills instead. Financial considerations can hold you back until you rise above them. Do this through developing a realistic understanding of values and economics. You are not truly wealthy until you have something that money cant buy. The use of credit cards, borrowing or lending money must all be approached carefully and not taken for granted. Too much optimism here can lead to a financial entanglement.

Possessions are important to you, invest in items you can enjoy, but which have resale or investment value. Consider antiques, collectibles, precious metals and jewelry. Meetings with others about financial and business considerations can help you find a sense of peace and financial freedom. Check for visible signs of progress often. If they arent there then take a new direction. A nebulous mind set is to be avoided when you look for a more productive life. Scattered thoughts have to be reined in. Focus, concentrate. Long lines, traffic jams, crowded areas and noisy distractions drain you. Identify and get away from them to facilitate progress. Learn the colors and musical notes associated with the chakras. Focus on balancing and activating them to bring balance and direction to your reality.

Career directions which can help you to move forward are: financial planner, cashier, banker, jeweler, crystal healer, commercial artist or accountant.

A Cosmic Meditation For Astrologers …  “Modern physics considers the outer reaches of the universe as the limits of our sight, but astrology regards the stars as just the beginning of our vision.” … from Astronomia, The Dignity of Man.
So as above, so below; astrology explores inner space, through seeing how it reflects the patterns in outer space. The universe of galaxies explodes at an astounding rate, doubling in dimension every couple of hundred years. Human knowledge doubles at least every decade. Think of this burst of information. Our world and ourselves rivals the most spectacular vistas in the heavens. What I glean from this is .. be glad to be alive, amid even the most challenging of circumstances.

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