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Ghost Encounter Guide

What Should One Do Upon Encountering A Ghost?

By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Paranormal Investigator

With both the planets Pluto (rules mysteries, the after life) and Neptune (rules the 6th sense as well as spirituality) strongly aspected right now, the spirit world is very active.

Finding and identifying a ghost is your goal as a ghost hunter. When you really meet one for the first time you might be surprised, though. Here is a guide to what you should plan to do. Prepare, approach this as a goal you wish to accomplish.

1. Always remain calm. Getting upset and screaming will upset the spirits’ energy field. Remember, ghostly visitors are generally friendly, concerned and interested in the living.

2. Make a detailed search. Analyze the surroundings for cold and hot spots, for movement and audio or visual manifestations. If indoors, close off the environment to contain the energy. Shut yourself in the room with the ghost.

3. Get physically comfortable. Wait patiently for further contact. Have drinks and snacks with you. Time is measured differently in their realm.

4. Stay alert. Focus, make records on film and/or with a notebook.

5. Look and speak directly at and to the ghost. You can write a question for your spirit visitor. Stay upbeat and positive.

6. Use a Ouija Board, Tarot cards, candles, talcum powder, a whirly gig, dowsing wand, pendulum, etc. Get any high tech equipment such as EMF meters, cameras and tape recorders ready to go.

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