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The Cosmology of Bears – Astrologically Bears Are Ruled By the Planet Saturn

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

“Bears are made of the same dust as we, and breathe the same winds and drink of the same waters.” … -John Muir on American Black Bears …

If only reading this famous and touching quote about bears by the famous naturalist John Muir could somehow inspire the wholesale slaughter of black bears in Central Florida to be stopped. Soon it will be too late. In just the last few days (Easter Week, 2014) at least 7 huge, beautiful bears have been murdered by the State of Florida Wildlife Management. All because ignorant, selfish, arrogant people barbeque out, place garbage and build huge homes near designated wildlife areas known to have rare and endangered animals who struggle to find a tiny corner of Central Florida in which to survive. Then they complain when the bears create a tiny incident of trauma in their lives. On national and local television this week one of these, an especially stupid, selfish woman has drummed up the latest bear massacre by whining and showing her wounds following a bear encounter.

The bears do have some rights, people like this won’t quit until every single bear is gone if this keeps up. I am wearing a pendant with a bear paw on it purchased from an Eskimo artist as a talisman, trying to invoke protection and healing over this tragedy, this holocaust. Doesn’t anyone else care about the fate of these glorious and quite human like creatures being victimized? Don’t feel that if you do care that we are powerless, never doubt that even one or two people dedicated to making a change in the world can. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

As I am writing this the Moon is transiting Scorpio and conjunct Saturn, the celestial ruler of bears. The Moon governs public opinion, emotions and the flow of daily life. This should be a time to gather support and a saving solution for these wonderful and so endangered beings.

The astrological tie bears have to the planet Saturn describes a challenging existence, with many odds to be overcome. Late May, 2014 finds Saturn in Scorpio, the sign of death, trine Jupiter, the cosmic healer, in Cancer. This aspect pattern widely trines Neptune in Pisces. Neptune represents salvation and also has a link with the wilderness. Late May, just before Memorial Day, might mark a crucial turning point concerning whether the bear population will be completely annihilated in Central Florida or whether measures will be taken to stop the senseless slaughter in progress at present. The Teddy Bear became a popular toy over a Century ago when President Teddy Roosevelt stopped the killing of some helpless bear cubs. Ever since these lovely creatures who have touched the hearts and lives of so many have been honored as cuddly teddy bear toys. However, these noble beasts cant be treated as toys, fed jelly doughnuts, then dubbed as nuisance bears and killed.

In the Native American Zodiac the Bear corresponds to the sign of Virgo. These gentle giants of the forest have agile paws, almost like hands, able to catch fish and gather berries. Those born under the totem of the Bear need plenty of sleep, as evidenced by the hibernation time of the bear, Bear natives, Virgos, are often adept with precision instruments and have great hand-eye coordination, showing skill with keyboards.

The Big and Little Dipper constellations are also Ursa Major and Minor, or the Big and Little Bear. On a clear night soon, locate them in the sky and send out a heartfelt prayer for the welfare of the bears struggling to live at all against the brutality and ignorance here in Florida.

The role of bears in mythology as spiritual creatures is profound. Among the Native Americans bear have been revered as totems for healing. The Chippewa and Sioux have a saying that following the bear path leads to good medicine. The Pawnee have a bear dance during which the dancers hold their hands to the Sun, to represent healing paws. There are over 200 variants of 20 different bear tales from Europe, all centering around humans of super human ability and strength who were raised by bears. Bears have, since earliest times been among the most beloved of guardians, healers and intercessors. Let’s advocate for them now.

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