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With Venus and Jupiter conjunct in my natal horoscope in the 9th house … the transit Sun in Gemini today activated it on the eve of the long holiday weekend. It has inspired a new poem.

For The Trees of Orlando’s Urban Forest
By Dikki-Jo
Twisted and gnarled ones, trees! You are sisters of mine.
It was dark last night , but my cat eyes defined,
Your shadows sure reaching to heaven, skies so starry
The sky that at sunset like you, for your night rest, hurried,
Like someone a clerk, a landscaper
Who is tired of the day’s hard and heavy labor.
Away, for the morning I waited to go,
By the early star, the sunrise, and the winds that blow
All which fate has me on me kindly bestowed.
I thank you, my tree wizards,
For peaceful songs of storms past,
Leaves rustle at the thoughts of hurricanes to come.
A dawn sky of cool hue,
For all that is there I walk past to offer to you

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