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Summer Solstice Poem

Spring fades Into Summer
By Dikki Jo Mullen
The days are hot, yet sun and windy washed
Cardinals chirp and look my way
As the rains, beautiful smash across the sky today
The air turns so misty and soft
Cradles the peaceful pines
Squirrel buries something
Like him, I try not to forget
What is of real importance in these
Changing times

The Summer Solstice will be at 6:51 AM EDT on June 21 this year, when the Sun enters the sign of The Crab. A chart prepared for that moment is called an ingress chart, it reveals events that can be expected to unfold during the season ahead until the Autumn Equinox on September 22, 2014. This year’s Summer Solstice chart has a favorable Moon-Mercury aspect. It’s wonderful for study and travel. Enroll in a class, purchase some new books or visit an intriguing new place, perhaps a special museum or historic site since sentimental Cancer is emphasized. A Moon-Jupiter square is also present making everyone a bit more adventurous than usual. Embracing¬† a zest for life is a good focus to celebrate the long, bright days of summer.

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