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Names for the Full Moons were a part of the culture of early peoples around the globe since star gazers first observed how the heavens reflect life on Earth below. There are a variety of different lists of Full Moon names. The Maine Farmers’ Almanac seems to have been the first almanac to publish Native American “Indian” Full Moon names in the 1930’s. Here is a list which originally seems to have been compiled for the boy scouts nearly a century ago. An early list of “Indian month names” was published in 1918 by Daniel Carter Beard in his The American Boy’s Book of Signs, Signals and Symbols for use by the boy scouts. Beard’s “Indian” month names were:

January: Difficulty, Black Smoke
February: Raccoon, Bare Spots on the Ground
March: Wind, Little Grass, Sore-Eye
April: Ducks, Goose-Eggs
May: Green Grass, Root-Food
June: Corn-Planting, Strawberry
July: Buffalo (Bull), Hot Sun
August: Harvest, Cow Buffalo
September: Wild Rice, Red Plum
October: Leaf-Falling, Nuts
November: Deer-Mating, Fur-Pelts
December: Wolves, Big Moon
What do you think of this version of Moon names? Can you relate it to the Moon’s impact on your own spiritual path?

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Astrological reflections about Joan Rivers ... born June 8, 1933, 2am in Brooklyn, NY, she had Aries rising, the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Gemini, oppose a Full Sagittarius Moon. Her gift of spicy gab and assertive pioneer spirit are certainly reflected in this chart. She had a Mars-Neptune conjunction in Virgo this has been called the White Witch or Lamp of Aladdin aspect. Mars conjunction Neptune people have a unique gift for manifestation of their wishes. Mars is also conjunct Jupiter and Neptune. This shows the ability to attune to the masses and gives “The kind of personality lesser mortals pray for”, to quote Astrologer Grant Lewi about the Mars-Jupiter conjunction. That Mars-Jupiter conjunction appears in the horoscopes of many U.S. Presidents, it gives tremendous charisma. The Virgo placements also show a critical tendency. Everyone definitely knew when Joan was annoyed. Her natal mutable T-square was turned into a grand cross by transit on September 4, 2014, the date of her death. Neptune (rules medications) was in Pisces, square and oppose the Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius placements. Transit Venus and Jupiter were in Leo, the sign which especially relates to entertainers, suggesting a peaceful passing and a life well lived. Joan said once at a venue “I hate old people, if you’re old, get out,”. Looking decades younger than her age (that’s a Gemini trait) she went out with so much love and acclaim. Her passage was a heartbreaking shock to her fans and daughter, but probably was a peaceful and painless one for the great lady herself.

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