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Astrological Plant Remedies

Zodiac of Natural Health

A Summer Solstice Herbal

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The quest for wellness of the mind and body alike has been linked to astrology through the herbal cures related to the Sun, Moon, planets and zodiac signs for thousands of years. Although natural and alternative health care is rapidly catching on in the United States, as it becomes more and more difficult (often impossible) to navigate the health care conundrum, in other parts of the world herbs have long been the remedy of first choice in maintaining good health. It is nearly the summer solstice, the longest of days, as I am preparing this little herbal, but of course the remedies are treasured the year around. Many believe that they are the most precious of treasures and offer a source of renewed vitality. The greatest riches of all are excellent health and freedom from pain.

On a recent visit to England I was able to enroll in some college classes in spirituality. An especially fascinating workshop focused on making herbal teas from wild plants which could be gathered by the wayside. Weeds in the eyes of many, but with magical healing potentials for enhancing daily life in the opinions of others, herbal tea blends are an easy and pleasant way to access natures precious potentials. Here are some suggestions to consider.

Plants evolve around us, attuning to survive in the worlds changing climate and other living conditions. These few inexpensive and easily obtained plants contain at least 60 active ingredients altogether and can be used to create a variety of remedies to address the three facets of healing – mental, physical and emotional. If not found growing wild they can be cultivated in home gardens or purchased at health food stores.

Use the leaves and, especially in the case of the florals, the flowers in preparing these herbal teas.The leafy plant parts and flowers if applicable should be added to boiling water and allowed to steep for 5 to 10 minutes before drinking. About a generous tablespoon of the blended herbs per cup of water usually works well. Use no more than 4 to 5 different herbs per blend to avoid conflicting mixes. Herbs are quite powerful. The Latin names of the plants are listed too, to aid in selecting the proper herbs. There can be some confusion when first starting to use herbal remedies as many do appear similar. There are four steps in assembling your own herbal cures.

1. Choose one base herb. This will be ½ of the blend, the matrix. This can be green or black table tea, or for a caffeine free blend, nettle, raspberry leaf or bee balm (melissa).

2. Choose one aromatic. This is medicinal and will set the taste as well as the aroma. It should be about ¼ of the blend.

3. Choose one action herb, this creates the major impact or effectiveness of the tea. This should also be about ¼ of the blend.

4. Finally select a floral (rose or marigold) and add just a sprinkle for color and subtlety.

Leave the herbs as whole and natural as possible until ready for use. Over processing or crushing them will lessen the effectiveness. Fresh herbs are good, but wash them well and spread them on trays to dry. A dash of white vinegar in the rinse water will fight any bacteria. If doing your own wild crafting observe the plants. Does one seem to be calling you? Listen to your hunches. This can be significant, as that plant’s properties might be exactly what is needed at the present time. Astrologers can also consider which body parts correlate with the planetary rulers listed to aid in selecting the best plants to address a given wellness issue.

Herbs to Blend For Teas

Yarrow – achillea millefolium (Venus) – Action – reduces fevers, lowers blood pressure, stabilizes hormonal cycle, liver tonic and anti-inflammatory

Rose – rosa canina gp (Venus) – Floral – Decorative but also Action – helps acute respiratory problems, herpes, demulcent, astringent

Lavender – lavendula augustifolia (Mercury) – Aromatic – sedative, quells anxiety, positive mental outlook, anti-microbial

Sage – salvia officinalis (Jupiter) – Aromatic– sore throat, digestive upsets, anti-oxidant, boosts longevity

Nettle – urtica dioica (Mars) – Base or Action – detox, cleanser, anemia, allergies, nourishes (nettle soup makes an excellent healthy meal)

Rosemary – rosemarinus officinalis (the Sun) – Action or Aromatic – relieves headaches, memory aid, rejuvenates, beautifies the speaking or singing voice (also makes an excellent hair rinse)

Raspberry – rubus idaeus (Venus) – Base – aids digestion, eases female complaints

Thyme – thymus vulgaris (Venus) – Aromatic – anti viral, sore throats, sinus, coughs – traditionally thyme is carried as a sachet to connect with the elementals, the fairies, elves, etc.

Marigold – calendula officinalis (The Sun) – Floral – detox, skin troubles, stomach upsets, anti-microbial (marigold is best gathered in the afternoon after a time in the bright sunlight)

Mugwort – artemis vulgaris (Venus and The Moon) – Action – stimulates the liver, purges worms, dissolves fat, but mugwort is most famous for enhancing dreams and aiding in psychic dream work

Meadowsweet – filipendula ulmaria (Jupiter) – Action– relieves overall pain, has an aspirin type of effect

Mint – mentha pip. (Venus and Mars) – Action– has been called the aspirin of the herb world, also mint makes a good table tea all by itself. Relieves pain, nausea, gas, and calms nerves to alleviate stress. Often mint is carried as a sachet for general spiritual protection to offset any negative energy that might be afoot too.

Melissa – also called Bee Balm Melissa officinalis (Jupiter) – Base or Action – this lemony flavored tea base is also a wonderful anti-depressant.

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