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Archangel Jeremiel

The Angel Jeremiel can bring support on many levels as the 21st Century presents new and surprising situations to face and make the best of.
Jeremiel’s name means “mercy of God.” In ancient texts, Jeremiel is also known as Ramiel, Remiel and is among the seven archangels.

He’s also associated with guiding Baruch, an author of apocryphal texts in the first century A.D., with prophetic messages. One of these involved touring Baruch around the Biblical heavens.

Call upon him to make positive adjustments. Jeremiel helps you to learn and grow.

Jeremiel says, “A life review today, held at regular intervals, will prove to be of great benefit to you in determining your next station and steps. By reviewing your life along the way, you make your duty that much more enjoyable when you get to the other side. You’ll already have reviewed the major crossroads, and won’t suffer or have regrets when you admit to yourself that you could have done better.”

Take some time to reflect quietly.

Jeremiel assists with!

Intuition, reviews of past action, release of guilt, finding the best future possible.


To cope with concerns about the changes in the world and your own future, call upon Jeremiel for comfort and guidance.

“Archangel Jeremiel,” (mention specific concerns about the future – personal and about the world over all) then say ” please relieve my stress and sadness about the future and erase and forgive my regrets bout past actions and choices. Guide me toward manifesting the highest and best during the times ahead. In gratitude, I give thanks.”



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