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Summer’s Morning Poem
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
The dawn is here but it makes no promises
There might be sunshine after the rain
Or not
What events the news might greet
To meet who is walking on the street
Release the fear that haunts too many hearts
Open a place within for the future
All is a mystery now
Later we awaken from numbness, from sleep
To know where the new day is going to go.

(pictured- peach angel trumpets in my garden …)

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Shamanism and The Zodiac
Horoscope Guide To Dwelling  In An Alternative Reality
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Living in downtown Orlando, Florida, almost around the corner from what has been dubbed “The Worse Mass Shooting In United States History”,  I have been especially aware of how society and life as we know it are changing daily. Ancient prophecies from Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Mother Shipton Black Elk and even The Book of Revelations are all unfolding daily. It’s a time of wonderment but also special challenges to survival. Extremes of love and hatred, joy and anguish mark new parameters in daily life. It seems that humanity must just hold on for the ride and cope as best we can.

Taking a shamanic journey provides a wonderful way to use the undeveloped potentials contained in each of our minds and bodies and the power in the deep mind to create a joyful and safe existence during these times of personal and planetary change. Although it is often associated with Native American spirituality SHAMAN is actually a Siberian word. It refers to one who has experienced an alternative view of reality. Specifically this is a state of consciousness which involves dreams and visions leading to an ability to actually impact the everyday physical world. The shamans, those who are able to accomplish,  this have been important figures in cultures around the globe since the dawn of time. The Ainu of Japan, Aranda tribe of Australia, almost all of the Native American tribes, Celts of the British Isles, the Rune casters of the Nordic countries and Russian visionaries are among those who have a tradition of shamanism. At present this ancient practice of shamanism is going through a major revival. It begins with experiencing  a state of ecstasy, often induced by spending time outdoors in meditation to precipitate a new level of awareness and sensitivity. Dream interpretation, crystals and fragrances can be used during this process. Without exception mind altering substances must be avoided.
With patience there are safe and easy steps which will facilitate a personal shamanic journey. Woden, the Norse God of wisdom, brought the runes following a shamanic trance or dream journey. Legend tells us that he hung suspended upside down in Yggdrasil, The World Tree, for nine days and nine nights. At the end of that time he was given the sacred runes or symbols to share with humanity. In the Tarot deck Key 12, The Hanged Man, illustrates this tradition. In the Arthurian Legends Merlin guides a young King Arthur on a shamanic like journey. Arthur’s consciousness is extended into the animal world where he flies like a hawk and runs like a deer. Each of us can create an environment which will alter and expand awareness in a similar way.
Begin by selecting some music ( music has been called the speech of the angels} which touches your psyche and emotions. Try dancing, singing and or drumming, while expressing feelings without inhibition. Add a candle in white or a favorite color and incense (sandalwood is a good choice). Following the musical interlude by a time of becoming quiet and relaxed while entering a light sleep or meditation. Focus on seeing other dimensions, let new insights into the self and others surface. Envision places, people and events as you would have wanted them to be. Create a different end to what might have been a nightmare. Start a notebook to record dreams and thoughts. Listen to the still, small voice within and heed hunches. The point of shamanism today is to recognize how we can create a desirable life in the outer world with the energy of thought. Healing and lifestyle improvements resulting from the practice of white magic is what the shaman aspires to.
To begin the life enriching journey of the shaman it is important to  take some time alone. Focus within. Sailing or canoeing over an isolated stretch of waterway is a possibility. Walking through a forest gazing at the night sky or the moonlit water at a quiet beach are other alternatives. A milder approach can be just to turn off the electronics and relax in the peace and safety of your own home.
As a shaman the goal is to attain a state of enhanced balance, poise and self sufficient confidence. A pleasant and comforting sensation of being absorbed by something above and beyond the former self is the sign that genuine progress is being made. Past limitations, regrets and disappointments assume a new slant, becoming just a step along the path of real progress. A deeper inner strength emerges.
Calling upon an animal guide is one effective way to explore shamanism successfully. Long ago seekers would build a dream nest, then sleep until the animal guide appeared. Astrology offers an alternative, with suggestions about animal guides apropos to the various birth signs.
Consider the animals related to your familiar Sun or birth sign, Moon or ascendant. The creature that resonates will touch a chord within. Then find a picture, statue or make or draw an image of the selected animal. Mentally take it with you into meditation,  simply let the journey begin.  Shamanism leads to any good thing one might desire.

Shamanic Totems Around The Zodiac

Wolf, Horse, Opossum, (new pathways, wise and strong role models)

Beaver, Dog, Hawk (builder, constructive, cooperative, loyalty)

Deer, Porcupine, Coyote (gentle, humorous, alert, faith, dual, responsive)

Owl, Badger, Whale (intuitive, clever, seeker, mission)

Lynx, Peacock, Turkey (subtle prowling, release, waiting and watching)

Squirrel, Fox, Rabbit (mobile, rewards of planning, conserving resources)

Crow, Butterfly, Mouse (communication, detachment, attentive, truth)

Buffalo, Weasel, Dragonfly ( open to abundance, release scarcity and illusions)

Moose, Elk, Eagle (honor self image and potentials and dignity)

Bear, Goat, Antelope (personal strength, reliability, motivation)

Swan, Bat, Dolphin ( surrender, resilience and persistence amid change)

Hummingbird, Frog, Raven (embrace pleasure and happiness, count blessings)

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Heavenly Heralds
Astrology and Poetry
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Astrologically angels are ruled by Neptune, the planet linked to all that is dream like, elusive and otherworldly. A good description of angels might be that they are too beautiful to be real and yet too beautiful not to be real. Are angels real? Are there really winged beings with purposes and powers beyond what we can conceive of? Or are they some sort of energy field, natural or supernatural? The topic has been debated for centuries and ends in a moot point. However,too many angelic sightings and encounters have occurred over the centuries for them not to have some validity. Many have felt their presences and assistance, perhaps when least expected. Neptune remains about 14 years in each sign of the zodiac. Currently, in the second decade of the 21st Century, Neptune is transiting its own sign of Pisces, where it will remain until January 26, 2026. During these times of personal and planetary challenges remembering and calling out to the angels might be especially helpful, supported by the current transit pattern. During the past weeks angels have entered my dreams, along with poetry. Neptune, along with the planet Venus, also rules poetry. Neptune is often called a higher octave of Venus and Venus is exalted when in Pisces. Venus relates to love of course, but also to comfort and happiness. Here are some of my dream recollections and impressions to share, thinking of the positive cosmic influences of Neptune and Venus. Music, which is said to be the speech of the angels, is ruled by Venus. Try singing or playing music as a way to invoke and understand the angels.

Words From Angels
June, 2016

Precious angels look to Earth
Guide and softly comfort
Moments of new birth.

Flowers and fragrances sweet and bright
comes as gifts from above
Drive away woes and misery
Lightened by your love.

Wondering, wandering through the day
Faces, all kinds,
Was ever there an angel met along the way?

Brilliant angel at my side,
Thank you for giving care,
Although I can’t see you,
but do sense that you are there.

Angelic beings exist, keep us in your sight,
Guardians bright and glowing,
as heartaches and concerns grow day and night
Bring times of joy following tears flowing.

Like a sweet summer breeze when we are down,
Heavenly,you are there, bring a smile not a frown
Angels, angels in so many ways
Bring the means to manage through all the days.

Angels bring beauty
Brighten the dark of night,
Replace regrets with blessings,
Lit by halos of celestial light.

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