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Gene Wilder

Astrological Tribute To A Comedic Genius

By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

With his trademark irony and manic energy, Gene Wilder created gentle and amusing characters that will live on in our hearts and minds. Late August of 2016 finds the sad news of his death circling the globe. Born Jerome Silberman on June 11, 1933 at 3:50 am CST in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the actor adopted Gene Wilder as his stage name when his career began in the early 1960’s on the television program Armstrong Circle. He would go on to act in many films, Young Frankenstein and Wille Wonka and The Chocolate Factory being two memorable favorites. He was a double Gemini, with a first house Sun and ascendant in Gemini. His characters combined a quiet irony with a kind of manic quality, showing the true duality of his birth sign. Born with Mercury and Venus conjunct in Cancer, he had an artistry spanning all kinds of communication.   Wilder was a gifted writer as well as actor. His Pluto in Cancer was square Uranus in Aries, the 2nd and 11th houses were activated by this powerful pattern. Satirizing political issues and values were favorite recurrent themes in his work. The Moon and Saturn in Aquarius in his 9th house, reveal a strong social consciousness and humanitarian qualities as well originality. Health and fitness were always significant issues, perhaps because of his Virgo stellium involving Neptune, Jupiter and Mars. The Mars- Jupiter conjunction has been called “The President’s aspect”,  it gives great personality and a warm charisma. Also Mars and Neptune conjunct have been called the  “Lamp of Aladdin or “White Witchcraft” aspect. This conjunction  brings a natural ability to manifest, to make things happen.

When Wilder’s beloved third wife, Gilda Radner, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer they founded Gilda’s Club together. This group continues as a reminder to  those fighting cancer that they need not have to face the nightmare alone. Wilder continued charitable work throughout the remainder of his life, being true to his strong Aquarius and 11th house influences. He kept his own diagnosis of Alzheimer’s a secret for years, as he said he couldn’t bear the thought of being responsible for the fading of even one more smile in the world. Complications from the disease led to his death on August 29, 2016 at 3:19 pm PDT in Los Angeles, fortunately it never progressed to the point where it claimed Gene’s  ability to recognize loved ones or to lose his personality. The transits surrounding his passing are interesting. The Aquarius eclipse on August 18, 2016  was in a wide orb to his Saturn in Aquarius, Saturn always relates to health, also his Moon, signifying changes was edged by the eclipse. Transit Uranus in Aries was just 2 degrees away from a return to its natal place, an aspect frequently found when there is a passing. Transit Jupiter and Venus, the celestial benefics, conjunct in Virgo activated his Virgo placements, hinting that the passing had elements of being peaceful, in its way a blessing. It was reported that those closest to Gene commented that he was with his beloved Gilda.

Their romance was like a comic love story. Gilda was born on June 28, 1946 at 7:30 am Est in Detroit, Michigan. She was a star on Saturday Night Live. When they met in 1981 she was unhappily married and made a strong play for Wilder, who at first felt she was too needy and baby like and so backed away from the involvement.  After a roller coaster relationship they eventually married. Gilda had a Leo ascendant with Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Leo, showing her strong and colorful personality. Her Moon was at 27 degrees Gemini, very close to Wilder’s Sun.  Also her Uranus in Gemini, was also near his Sun,  describing  the electrical connection between the two comedic legends. The Sun-Moon tie in compatibility astrology is traditionally interpreted as the strongest link between horoscopes. Her Sun and Saturn in Cancer in the 12th house added complexity and notes of secret insecurity to her personality. The strong 12th house as well as her natal Mars in Virgo indicate her health challenges too. Gilda passed away on May 20, 1989, just before her 43rd birthday. At that time Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were transiting Capricorn, afflicting her 6th house of health and oppose her natal Cancer placements in the 12th house. Transit Mars in Cancer was also in Gilda’s 12th house, at the midpoint between her natal Sun and Saturn. These are all influences frequently found in event charts of deaths. As is common in the horoscope of a famous person with a strong planetary emphasis in cadent houses, (she had Jupiter and Neptune in Libra in her 3rd (cadent) house as well as the strong 12th   house) events in the future continue the story and influence of her life. In 2008 Gene published a book honoring her. Pictures of the book signing marked one of his last public appearances. The charitable foundation in her name to help cancer patients continues on as well.


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JK Rowling’s Professional Astrology Practice
and The Horoscopes in Harry Potter
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
The British version of Antiques Road Show recently featured an original short manuscript by author JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame. The 10 typed pages bound and illustrated with pen and ink drawings interpreted the natal horoscope of a baby boy born in 1994; a contemporary of Rowling’s own daughter. The script was a very careful and technical study of the baby’s planets, aspects and house placements at birth. For a short time JK actually practiced astrology and studied with a local astrology teacher. The horoscope manuscript sold at auction for L25,000.00 or about $40,000.00 USD.
Astrology is incorporated throughout the Potter books, and careful reading reveals birth dates for many of the principal characters. Here are a few that astrology students will find interesting to speculate on. With a little study the birthdates of many of the other important characters can be found. 

April 1 – Fred and George, The Weasley Twins – Aries
May 15 – Professor Pomona Sprout – Taurus
June 28 or 29 – Dobby the House Elf – Cancer
July 30 – Neville Longbottom – Leo
August 11 – Ginny Wesley -Leo
September 19 – Herminoe Granger – Virgo
October 30 – Molly Weasley – Scorpio
December 6 – Reubus Hagrid – Sagittarius
January 9 – Professor Severus Snape – Capricorn
February 6 – Arthur Weasley – Aquarius
March 1 – Ron Wesley – Pisces

Harry Potter shares JK Rowling’s birthday of July 31 – Leo. July 31 was also the release date of the new Potter book in 2016.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on July 31, 1965 in Yates, near Bristol England. Her birth time seems to be unavailable, but much insight can be gleaned looking at a Noon chart for that date. Here is a list of this remarkable and talented person’s natal placements.

Sun – Leo
Moon – Virgo
Mercury – Virgo
Venus – Virgo
Mars – Libra
Jupiter – Gemini
Saturn – Pisces
Uranus – Virgo
Neptune – Scorpio
Pluto – Virgo
North Moon Node – Gemini

Chinese Sign – Year of the Wood Snake

The Leo Sun emphasizes an affinity for the very young and a flair for the colorful and dramatic. Jupiter in Gemini reveals a wonderful grasp of languages (JK was a French teacher for a time) as well as a focus on schools, books and a unique learning environment. The powerful stellium in Virgo combining the energies of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto describes the incredible detail and volume of her work combined with originality and the magical, otherworldly quality. Mars in Libra accents the recurring theme of justice while Neptune in Scorpio underscores mysteries and communication with the after life.
The Chinese sign of the Wood Snake suggests charm, beauty and a beguiling wisdom.

This is such an outstanding horoscope,  describing this brilliant author who rose from extreme poverty to create for the world such a lasting legacy. She has enchanted us all!

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