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New Moon in Capricorn and Pepper Pot Soup Day
December 29, 2016
By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

The first New Moon after the winter solstice will be at 1:53 am EST at 7 degrees Capricorn 59 minutes in the double Saturn decanate of the sign. The wise use of time, reveling in memories recognizing the established order and traditions will characterize the next four weeks. Uranus turns direct in Aries accenting surprises in social issues, upsets in the status quo and technology. Those experiencing computer glitches and woes can find some relief. Mercury is retrograde and very close to the Sun and Moon at this lunation. Be patient regarding travels and moves. Revise plans and be aware of the synchronicity of repeating patterns. They foreshadow the future. Keep a sense of humor and persist patiently if learning something new takes extra time and effort.
There is an earthy quality prevailing during the days ahead. Decorating the dinner table or altar with oak wood, pinecones and fragrant seasonal greens would create an emotional harmony with the environment. On December 29, 1777 George Washington asked the Continental Army’s chef to prepare a special meal to uplift the spirits and warm the bodies of the soldiers who were experiencing such harsh conditions at Valley Forge. There wasn’t much to work with, but the chef obliged by creating a hot soup using pepper corns and odds and ends. Dubbed Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup, it remains today as a legendary tonic to ward off chills of the body, spirit and mind. Pepper Pot has been immortalized as “The soup that won the Revolutionary War.”

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