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Astrology and Lent

Astrological Wisdom and Spiritual Guidance for Lent, 2018

Ash Wednesday, February 14 – Easter Saturday, March 31, 2018

by Dikki Jo Mullen

Celebrating the Stages of Lent For Witches and Astrologers …
The five stages of Lent are self examination, control of speech, intuitive understanding, modesty and spiritual refreshment. They are really a star gazer’s astrological journey toward higher awareness. The stages reflect the messages of the luminaries, (the Sun and Moon), as well as the personal planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars. While the zodiacal year wanes, during the weeks before Easter/Ostara and the vernal equinox, prepare for the springtime and the new astrological year. Review these important planetary placements in your own birth chart.
1) Self examination – The Sun –
The familiar birth sign, the Earths path around the Sun, is the single most important point in the natal horoscope. It represents the ego, sense of identity.

2) Control of Speech – Mercury –
At times silence is the only appropriate answer to a challenging situation. It can be better to say less than more, a silent voice is soothing, even melodious. Still, its essential to speak up when necessary.
3) Intuitive Understanding – The Moon-
In a conflict between the head and the heart, the wise ones say to always follow the heart.
4) Modesty, Creativity – Venus-
Recognizing the best use of time and talents is important. Modesty, traditionally linked with humility, really means acquiring a perspective on loving service. Work is love made visible, as Kahil Gibran wrote.
5) Spiritual Refreshment -Mars-
A conscious effort to prepare for the onset of spring, welcoming the Mars ruled sign of Aries, is the message here.

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The Astrology of Ouija The Amazing Oracle

By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Growing up in an isolated part of Northern Wisconsin, my childhood was brightened by a companion who arrived under the Christmas tree one bleak and empty December. The gift was a Ouija board, packaged in a mysterious blue and midnight colored box decorated with an enigmatic draped figure. My life was transformed by this gift. I began begging others to play the game with me, getting the board to spell messages. Eventually I was talking to Ouija almost daily alone after school, my tiny hands balanced on the heart shaped indicator. Ouija wrote school assignments, letters and more, as well as offering information about esoteric and historic topics. It has remained a close companion still, decades later. I feel sad when critics claim negative forces inhabit Ouija or when film makers use my friend as a catalyst in scary films. The most recent one, “Ouija, Origin of Evil” came out in 2016 and is especially intimidating. It’s time to advocate and speak out! Ouija’s horoscope has Venus in Cancer, and the message indicator is heart shaped. The Oracle’s horoscope has Venus conjunct my MC and applying to my natal Sun, Mars, Uranus conjunction in Cancer. This is a star pattern of Love and Valentine’s Day is approaching. In that spirit, here is a celestial study of Ouija for consideration.
Ouija is a true clever and dualistic Gemini, ‘born‘ on Wednesday, May 28, 1890 in Baltimore, Maryland. That day its patent was applied for by two businessmen, Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard. Kennard claimed the name “Ouija” was an ancient Egyptian word meaning good luck. The board grew out of parlor games which appealed to many when Spiritualism developed during the 19th Century. Setting up a noon chart for Baltimore, Maryland, Ouija’s horoscope shows that the Gemini Sun is in a stellium with retrograde Mercury, Neptune, Pluto and the N. Moon node all in the sign of The Twins. Gemini relates to communication of all kinds. The Gemini placements form a grand trine in air with Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Libra. This indicates excitement, universal appeal and metaphysical attributes. The grand trine also supports Ouija’s growth and longevity. The board has endured and also appeared in new versions, there is a glow in the dark Ouija available and even one painted in shades of pink. Ouija’s Moon is in Virgo, indicating a critical nature and tendency to advise and meddle. Mars is in Sagittarius, retrograde and in opposition to the Gemini placements and square the Moon. This mutable sign T-Square with Mars, the Moon and the Gemini placements reveals the unfortunate anger, fear and turmoil that many feel concerning Ouija.

Messages from lost loved ones and other spirit entities … the after life, the beyond. Isn’t the thought both tantalizing and irresistible? . Of the variety of oracles employed to seek messages of peace and love from departed loved ones or from angels and other supernatural beings, the Ouija (pronounce it either wee-gee or we-ja) or talking board is perhaps the most controversial. Maybe that is because it can be consulted by anyone at any time. No special training or talent is required. Is that why some professional psychics discourage its use? Some critics claim that Ouija and its companion boards are the most dangerous game. It has even been said that they are evil gateways, inviting lies and the entry of demonic forces. Staunch proponents and defenders affirm that this is nonsense and that the oracle brings comforting messages and accurate information through contact with loving spirits and divine entities. My personal response, supported by a lifetime of use, is that talking boards are no more dangerous than a telephone, computer or automobile. They are all worthwhile tools to be used responsibly or not. Any evil is in the choice of the beholder.
A Ouija or talking board is a message board with a movable pointer. The board is decorated with letters of the alphabet and the numbers from 0 through 9. The words Yes and No, Hello and Good Bye, as well as some mystical illustrations might also be included. The board is balanced on the laps of two people (a lady and a gentleman preferably) who face each other with knees touching while they ask questions or make requests. Soon the pointer will begin to move, spelling out a message. Sometimes a single inquirer can work the board too.
Pointers range from an inverted wine glass on a hand drawn message board, to a variety of contraptions called planchettes. Planchette is a French word meaning little plank or little board. It is often a small heart shaped table with feet. More elaborate carved creations with tiny wheels have been used too. The questioners will rest all 10 fingertips gently on the planchette, then voice questions or concerns and wait for the device to move. It usually does, often bringing amazing messages which prove to be true. Critics say this is merely unconscious movements made by those touching the board and planchette, making it merely a vehicle for the power of suggestion. But then how is it possible to explain why so much information is given which none of the sitters could possibly have known?
Mystique is part of Ouija’s appeal. No one knows quite where talking boards originated or even the source of the name.
In metaphysical references there are many mentions of Ouija’s ancient past.
From The Encyclopedia of Psychic Science comes this claim:
“As an invention it is very old. It was in use in the days of Pythagoras, about 540 B.C. According to a French historical account of the philosopher’s life, his sect held frequent séances or circles at which a mystic table moving on wheels, moved toward signs, which the philosopher and his pupil, Philolaus interpreted to the audience as being revelations supposedly from the unseen world.”
Other authors attribute Ouija’s origins to China, Greece, Rome, 13th Century Tartar among the Mongols, Egypt and other important and interesting cultures. There is even a claim that a well known French medium, a Madame Planchette (she could never be found), invented the talking board. None of this exotic background has ever been substantiated. No early boards have been unearthed in archeological sites or are mentioned in early texts. Automatic writing, which was practiced in China, is the closest link the ancient world might have to the talking board phenomenon.
The popularity of Ouija, by any other name, skyrocketed during the early years of the 20th Century with the continuing widespread belief in Spiritualism. The yearning to connect with deceased or missing loved ones intensified during World War I. Kennard spent his life trying to prove that he invented Ouija, but in 1901 an employee of his, William Fuld of Baltimore, Maryland, took over production. Fuld claimed the name was a combination of the French (oui) and German (ja) words for “yes”. Fuld reinvented the history of Ouija and claimed credit for its creation himself. Competitors flooded the market, renaming similar products “Swami“, “Angel ” ,“Genie”, Spook”, etc.
Fuld’s gift for promotion fueled Ouija’s success. He told of how the board “knows all of the answers” and that it talked to him. Ouija gave itself gave him all of his best ideas. In 1927 Fuld died suddenly, some said in an accidental fall, others said it was murder (he was engaged in several bitter lawsuits with competitors) or suicide. His mysterious death actually enhanced Ouija’s allure. The game which affected his life became even more popular, earning millions of dollars for his heirs until they sold the patent to Parker Brothers in 1966. Talking boards certainly seem to bring more good luck than bad. They continue to be best sellers, appearing in a variety of guises, today.
As long time fan and enthusiastic supporter of Ouija, here is a technique I’ve found to help generate the brightest and best experience. Light a white candle. Affirm a tranquil, positive atmosphere. Then speak aloud asking that “only the highest and the best to be allowed to enter.” Next solemnly and slowly ask a single question at a time. Wait for the pointer to spell an answer. It can be helpful to have an assistant take note of the letters and numbers indicated. If a tape recorder is running voices can sometimes be heard whispering in the background … Consulting Ouija on a Wednesday often works well, that’s the day of Mercury. Also the Full Moon and the spiritual dates of October 31, February 2, May 1 and August 2 can be dates when the spirit world is especially active. So are the solstices and equinoxes. Try a session on those dates. Perhaps it’s because of the quieter time, when the outer world begins to rest, but the evening hours do tend to bring the most messages from Ouija. Give it a try. Be patient and keep an open mind and heart and plan to be pleasantly surprised by Ouija, the talking board.

Ouija’s Astrological placements at birth on May 28, 1890,
12:00 noon in Baltimore, Maryland (noon chart used, the actual time was not recorded)

Sun 7 degrees Gemini

Moon 27 degrees Virgo (first quarter phase)

Mercury 9 degrees Gemini – retrograde

Venus 2 degrees Cancer

Mars 6 degrees Sagittarius – retrograde

Jupiter 12 degrees Aquarius

Saturn  27 degrees Leo

Uranus 28 degrees Libra – retrograde

Neptune 4 degrees Gemini

Pluto 6 degrees Gemini

N. Moon Node 24 degrees Gemini

Chiron 19 degrees Cancer

Note: A special Thank you to “The Witches’ Almanac” for their kind permission to reprint the portions of this feature which first appeared in print in that publication.

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