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Puddles The Clown
Astrological Profile Of An Enigma

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The 7 foot tall singing clown who never speaks has been charming the entire world during this second decade of the 21st Century. A short time ago, he was performing at a flea market. Carrying a suitcase with a sign reading “Puddles’ Pity Party”, dressed in white clown’s motley, wearing a tiny hat made of a gold painted plastic cup, a black marker P in the middle, Puddles combines humor with a startling deep baritone voice that is amazingly smooth and rich.
Born Mike Geier (dubbed Big Mike Geier) on March 12, 1965 in Philadelphia, Pa,
Puddles has a Pisces Sun, Venus, and Saturn. Pisces, the Fish, is one of the mute signs in traditional astrology. His Moon is in Cancer and Neptune is in Scorpio. This creates a grand trine in water signs with the Pisces stellium. Emotions, mystery, beauty and secret sorrows are suggested. His Jupiter is in Taurus, a sign especially associated with music and is exactly sextile his Sun, showing natural musical talent.
The N. Node in Gemini accents his duality as well as communication in a unique way, namely pantomime. His Uranus, Mars and Pluto are in Virgo. Mars conjunct Pluto and Uranus evokes a magical and esoteric quality. The Mars-Pluto conjunction especially, has been related to the ability to manifest and visualize. Mercury in Aries suggests originality, the mindset of a pioneer. It is interesting to note that Mercury in Aries is in mutual reception with Mars in Virgo. Mutual receptions (planets in each other’s ruling signs) give the ability to change places, to find ways around obstacles. A mutual reception is fortunate, it offers a unique protection and indicates lucky timing, unusual talents or creativity.
Here is a list of Puddles’ Natal Placements. A noon chart was used, as I have been unable to find his birth time. Astrologers! Does anyone have his birth time? As a special birthday gift I received a ticket to attend the rare single performance by Puddles here in Orlando. It was a sell out crowd, fans of all ages were cheering and calling out to the popular clown. His charisma is undeniable, unlikely as it seems during these days of accelerating coulrophobia (fear of clowns).
Big Mike Geier – Puddles
Astrological Data Table
Sun 21 Pisces 54’
Moon 17 Cancer 45’
Mercury 6 Aries 34’
Venus 14 Pisces 11’
Mars 17 Virgo 28’ retrograde
Jupiter 21 Taurus 51’
Saturn 9 Pisces 19’
Uranus 12 Virgo 24’ retrograde
Neptune 19 Scorpio 53’ retrograde
Pluto 14 Virgo 50; retrograde
N. Moon Node 18 Gemini 13’
It is interesting to note that his natal Venus is nearly conjunct the fixed star Achernar. This star has been called “The Last Bright One” by ancient astrologers, also “The Mouth of the River”. It is a white star (Puddles’ signature color) and gives beneficence. The clown’s mouth, which never speaks but only sings, is significant with this fixed star symbolism. Achernar is traditionally a star of the cherub, a child like angel.
Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces. Neptune’s transit though Pisces, which began in February, 2012 and extends until January, 2026 is correlating with Puddles’ meteoric rise to fame. A strong accent on mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius) in the birth chart often gives extremes of body size, from gigantic stature to a dwarf like or midget height. Using the Moon node in Gemini, Puddles has a T-square in mutable signs with Sagittarius as the empty corner. Puddles autographed a photo for me on my birthday, he is holding a tiny kitten in the picture!

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Eclipse Shadows Approach
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Blue sky turns to star watered night
Height of summer holding Earth
Burning Day fades for moments in Sun’s flight
Time out of time after the eclipse a rebirth
Heart is full and whole shining above
Weep with wonder, seek kindness
Maybe even a promise of love

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In the late morning on August 7, 2017, a dear long time friend called. She had been watching the coverage of the partial solar eclipse being live streamed on the ‘net. It was visible in Australia, Africa and Antarctica, but not in the USA. The program was wonderful, with the mythology and spirituality associated with eclipses as well as the scientific observations discussed. All the while it was possible to watch the shadow of the Earth passing over Luna’s bright face. Above is a water color I felt moved to create. The lunar (Full Moon) eclipse in Aquarius which I watched on August 7 is on top. The solar (New Moon) eclipse in Leo which will be on August 21 is below. The diamond band which is to appear at totality is a mystery yet. Here is how I thought it might look, but it will be interesting to see how it actually looks on August 21. Hopefully plans to drive North to observe it will work out. Orlando will have about 85% coverage, but there is a 70 mile wide swath across the USA which will experience the complete totality. This is a very rare event. Please scroll to the post below which has a more indepth interpretation of the eclipses and how they will affect you.

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