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In the late morning on August 7, 2017, a dear long time friend called. She had been watching the coverage of the partial solar eclipse being live streamed on the ‘net. It was visible in Australia, Africa and Antarctica, but not in the USA. The program was wonderful, with the mythology and spirituality associated with eclipses as well as the scientific observations discussed. All the while it was possible to watch the shadow of the Earth passing over Luna’s bright face. Above is a water color I felt moved to create. The lunar (Full Moon) eclipse in Aquarius which I watched on August 7 is on top. The solar (New Moon) eclipse in Leo which will be on August 21 is below. The diamond band which is to appear at totality is a mystery yet. Here is how I thought it might look, but it will be interesting to see how it actually looks on August 21. Hopefully plans to drive North to observe it will work out. Orlando will have about 85% coverage, but there is a 70 mile wide swath across the USA which will experience the complete totality. This is a very rare event. Please scroll to the post below which has a more indepth interpretation of the eclipses and how they will affect you.

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