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Homage to the Sun

Homage to the Sun – A Meditation Focus for drawing and  connecting with the Sun. 

Original painting by Dikki-Jo


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The Angel of April  – Asmodel

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

April’s Guardian Angel “Angel of Patience ” This powerful angel rules over the month of April and inspires practicality, patience, firmness and physical comfort. Here is an affirmation to say during April (or anytime you feel the need) In order to attune to Asmodel. “My personality is radiant with patience and I reap the rewards in all areas of my life.” Here is a simple prayer to ask for his favor and support. “Angel of Patience, thank you for guiding me along my path when I was functioning at levels lower that I was capable. Your inspiration adds peace and calm to my life.”

The Angel of April – Asmodel – The spirit of rebirth. April is a time for new life to spring forth and therefore a time for new ventures. We are encouraged by Asmodel to look and consider new ventures which will help us grow as individuals.

Charge To Call Down The Sun
Chant this three times, three is a sacred number. Think of the trinity, the triangle, etc. Connect with the life giving force of the Sun. It is a living, breathing force, not a mindless blast furnace. Focus on the light entering your own life as needed. The Sun in the horoscope is the familiar birth sign that everyone knows. Astrologically the Sun sign shows where you shine, where you are most alive.

“Still and silent, potent and alive presence of Sulis, Apollo, Sekhmet, Brighid, Sunna, Yi, Ra, Helios, all are bringers of light. Engulf each new day. Call the seed from the dark soil, flames of inspiration, see the radiance burning within us light defined by the darkness, we waver in unapologetic victory. Cleansing fire, burns away the old, the winter. Fill us with your gold, destroyers of chaos. All on Earth reaches for the energy, nearest star!”
Your beautiful face spinning the sunlight fills our hearts with joy.


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Some Thoughts For Late Winter

By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Good Afternoon to this late winter day
Migrating birds in Florida long to stay
Breezes sweet hold the promise of spring impending
Seasons wing and circle unending
Soft and grey, foggy mist everything is the same
And nothing is the same
The gentle rains are waiting, following the Sun so mild
News from faraway
Seems so cold, so wild


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Star Man’s Ride – The Red Tesla Roadster

Astrological Notes About SpaceX

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

  • The celestial patterns reflect how February, 2018 is a time of great planetary and personal changes. This has been an important week. It’s the time between two eclipses, one on January 31 and another on February 15. Portals of change and many surprising events occur between eclipses, which usually come in pairs, at a new and full moons.

On February 6, 2018, Tuesday, at 3:45 pm EST in Cape Canaveral, Florida, the world changed forever. History was not only made, but rewritten. SpaceX successfully launched the most powerful rocket ever built and on board was Star Man headed toward Mars, seated in a red Tesla roadster. Standing in front of my home in downtown Orlando, about 40 miles away, I felt the Earth tremble, heard the rumble and saw a tongue of orange flame soaring into the incredibly blue sky trailed by a smoke plume. It is thought that the rocket might be in orbit for millions if not billions of years. Two launch side core columns gracefully returned to the launch pad, a third, a minor set back, was lost at sea.
Here is the event chart for the launch. Sun 18 Aquarius, Moon 8 Scorpio 54, Mercury 10 Aquarius 15, Venus 24 Aquarius 57, Mars 6 Sagittarius 56, Jupiter 21 Scorpio 50, Saturn 5 Capricorn 25, Uranus 25 Aries 06, Neptune 12 Pisces 59, Pluto 20 Capricorn 00, N. Moon Node 14 Leo 57, Ascendant (rising) 18 Cancer 44. The 8th house is strong and the fixed star Sirius is near the ascendant.
Elon Musk, like Nikola Tesla, his inspiration, was born with the Sun sign of Cancer. Hailed as a genius, the rather young multi billionaire (worth about 20.9 billion in 2018) inventor was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa (time unknown), a solar chart was used for this glance at his natal horoscope.
Sun, 6 Cancer 04, Moon 10 Virgo 29, Mercury 14 Cancer 27, Venus 19 Gemini 38, Mars 20 Aquarius 56, Jupiter 27 Scorpio 38 (retrograde), Saturn 1 Gemini 09, Uranus 9 Libra 29, Neptune 0 Sagittarius 49 (retrograde) Pluto 27 Virgo 06, N. Moon node 16 Aquarius 31.
Elon Musk , like many Cancerians, was imprinted by childhood traumas. He was severely bullied at school, to the point of being pushed down a flight of stairs, beaten and suffering a head injury. He is of British and Dutch Ancestry. Musk attended Queens University in Ontario, Canada and the University of Pennsylvania, eventually graduating with two Bachelor’s degrees, in physics and economics. Two days into a PHD program he dropped out to pursue his own vision. Before becoming the CEO and founder of SpaceX, he founded PayPal and Tesla Motors. Establishing a colony on Mars is a long range plan, Elon Musk has revealed. Musk warns that artificial intelligence is the greatest threat to the human race and that environmental dangers loom. He clashes with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg and with President Trump on some of these important contemporary issues.

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The Tarot Cards and Times of Power

Compliments of Dikki-Jo Mullen
There are specific times which are especially in tune with seeking to benefit from the wisdom in the Tarot Cards. Try attuning to the Major Arcana cards listed below at these times by meditating on them for amazing insights and uplifting results. Wednesdays are especially favorable for divination with the cards.
The Fool – Early morning, upon just stirring awake from sleep
The Magician – While finishing breakfast and getting the day’s schedule arranged.
The High Priestess – Evening, when the last sun rays are gone until about 10pm
The Empress – dawn and again at twilight
The Emperor – end of the day in a closed room by candlelight
The Hierophant – When looking at yourself in the mirror, who are you?
The Lovers – end of the day, while falling asleep, reflect on choices made
Chariot – 3am and/or 3pm
Strength – in times of greatest need
Hermit – at first daylight when inspiration is needed
Wheel of Fortune – evening when re-experiencing the day and putting it into the scheme of your life
Justice – a quiet place outdoors, gathering equilibrium to finish a project
Hanged Man – very early when the thought vibrations of others are quite silent
Death – when a transition is desired
Temperance – when seeking help, when being tested
Devil – when preparing for bed, wearing a loose robe, maybe after bathing
Tower – 3pm
Star – daily meditation on fulfilling needs and desires
Moon – upon falling asleep and being healed and refreshed by rest
Sun – while getting started with the daily work and/or other important business
Judgement – when relaxing after a meal, especially dinner
The World – whenever the pressures of life seem overwhelming

Dikki-Jo Mullen
Astrologer and Parapsychologist https://dikkijomullen.wordpress.com

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Herbs and The Major Arcana of the Tarot
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The Tarot Cards are a key to the whole amazing and profound realm of metaphysics. Astrology, numerology, cabala, crystal lore, music and much more wisdom is revealed in the 78 symbols. Here are the herbs linked to the 22 major arcana, the keys to the oracle of Tarot.

Try this guide for combining herbal remedies with the Tarot Cards to facilitate wellness of the body, mind and spirit!

The Fool – ginseng (energy, immune system builder)
The Magician – astragalus ( creativity)
The High Priestess – peony (intuition)
The Empress – don quai (women’s tonic)
The Emperor – atractylodes member of the sunflower family (digestion, immune system)
Hierophant (High Priest) – sage (heals, purifies. Wisdom, psychic cleanse)
The Lovers – parsley (love, freshens breath)
Chariot – cyprus (controls mood swigs)
Strength – cayenne pepper (stimulating, fiery, aids heart, colds, flu, arthritis, fatigue)
Hermit – licorice (peace and harmony)
Wheel of Fortune – slippery elm (encouragement)
Justice – plantain (removes irritations)
Hanged Man – kelp (thyroid, helps yoga studies)
Death – elder (purifies , eliminates toxins)
Temperance – echinacea (antibiotic)
The Devil – lobelia (self imposed limitations)
The Tower – garlic (strengthens immune system)
The Star – skullcap (relaxation)
The Moon – lemon balm (balance, slows aging)
The Sun – angelic (invokes aid from the angelic realm)
Judgment – golden seal (antibiotic, awakens, heals)
The World – comfrey (as a poultice heals fractures, lets one see the whole picture)

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Chinese Astrology
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Year 4716
Year of the Earth Dog The Brown Dog
February 16, 2018 – February 4, 2019

Red lucky money envelopes with beautiful and symbolic designs, the Dragon Dance, special foods thought to be lucky … all the hints indicating that it’s nearly Chinese New Year are appearing. Here is your guide to understanding The Year of the Brown Dog or Earth Dog. Include the Dog’s lucky Feng Shui Guide lines in your life for an especially fortunate year.

The Oriental or Chinese astrology is thought to be the oldest and most widely circulated of the world’s zodiac calendars. In use for over four thousand years throughout China, Japan, Korea, Cambodia and other countries in the Far East, it has migrated to the West and is as popular as ever today. This zodiac follows a cycle of twelve years and incorporates five elements, fire, water, wood, metal and earth. Every sixty years the element – animal pairs repeat. The years are named in honor of the twelve animals who were rewarded by Buddha. Tradition says that Buddha awarded a year to each animal for responding to an invitation to attend his birthday party. They are forever the animals to hide in the hearts of each year. The Oriental New Year is a lunar calendar that begins with the second New Moon following the winter solstice. This date varies from year to year and takes place from late January to mid February.
This barking watch dog is the Year of the Earth Dog. It promises to generate a universal urge to make the world a better place. A spirit of reform and vigilance prevails. Inequities in the world are noted and solutions are sought. Keeping promises, seeking knowledge and truth, service and all well meaning actions are the values upheld by this modest and sincere Brown Dog.
A devoted friend, faithful and honest, those born in a Dog year are trustworthy but will be dogmatic about upholding their own codes of ethics. A touch of rigidity combines with great sensitivity and anxiety. It takes time for a Dog to overcome vague worries. To those who don’t understand them, Dogs can appear negative. In reality they are creative and constructive. Dogs do much good in the world and prefer to always be physically active.
Years of the Dog
1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030

Feng Shui Guidelines For The Year of the Dog
Gong Hoy Fot Choy – Greetings of Riches To Attract Good Fortune
Oriental astrology uses many omens and portents. Incorporate these into your environment. This is an integral part of using the practice of Feng Shui effectively, to enhance health, wealth and happiness. During the Year of The Dog the following guidelines can be useful to all. For those born during a Dog Year these guidelines are of life long value always in creating a positive and supportive environment.

Color: turquoise
Music: guitar
Crystals: ruby (banishes grief, draws friends)
Drink: strong coffee (aromatic, espresso and spiced chai brews are included)
Fragrance: balsam pine (for strength and longevity)
Tree: cherry
Flavor: meaty
Lucky Numbers: 9
Flower: calendula
Food: meat pie
Spice: clove
Herb: marjoram
Metal: lead
Motto: “I Worry”
Western Astrology Correspondence: Libra
Direction: West, Northwest
Season: Autumn, especially October
Lucky Hours: 7-9 PM
Animals: canines of all kinds including foxes and wolves

Chinese Chance Futures!
Here is what the Earth Dog promises for each sign in the Oriental Zodiac

For those born in the Year of the Rat ….. Work progresses very well, finances are excellent. Be a good listener to enhance rapport with a loved one. Be tolerant and understanding of the needs of others. Keep arguments to a minimum, those close to you aren’t easily led.

For Those Born in The Year of the Ox …. During the Dog’s Year, travel is extremely beneficial and healing for you, as an Ox. You are something of a revolutionary and idealist now, but be subtle about expressing your controversial views to those who are less sophisticated. Keep a low profile this year or your image might be impacted. Do all the good you can. Helpful acts toward those in need will be greatly appreciated and will bring you a sense of peace.

For Those Born in the Year of the Tiger ….. The atmosphere is social and good humored. Keep working toward goals, your efforts pay off toward the end of the year. Love deepens, romance is renewed, perhaps rekindle an old flame.

For Those Born in the year of the Rabbit ….. Business and financial matters are in good shape. A barrier is overcome. Beauty care, self help plans, fine clothing and redecorating your home are projects that are rewarding now.

For Those Born In The Year of the Dragon … as a Dragon the Dog year is thought to be beneficial for you in Chinese Astrology prediction guides. Old problems can be left behind. Family woes are lessened. New people and new places can offer you much. You will be on the move, restless. Extensive travel is possible.

For Those born in The Year of the Snake … The Dog brings much opportunity, try a new venture. Extra work adds to your income. There can be a mild health concern. Visit peaceful countryside places, try health foods and a yoga practice. Relax, release nervous energy.

For Those Born In The Year of the Horse ….. For you as a Horse the Dog’s year is all about caring for others. You will feel less independent, your joys come through shared projects and interests. Community involvement can be enhanced. Share your emotions and philosophy of life. Revealing your innermost thoughts and deepening connections will enrich your life.

For Those Born In The Year of the Sheep … You will dislike selfishness and will take an interest in making the world better for others. Altruism is your watchword. You will do much problem solving and charitable work. Your efforts win respect and admiration.

For Those Born In The Year of the Monkey ….. Live frugally, finances have to be juggled carefully. Ignore critical and negative people. Star a fresh project and believe in yourself. A past experience proves to be a helpful reference.

For Those Born In The year of the Rooster ….. This isn’t a favorable cycle for a high risk venture. Be reliable, keep promises. Cultivate worthwhile values. Put idealism ahead of financial goals, be patient and low key and the money will follow.

For Those Born In The Year of the Dog … It’s a happy time, you will shine and luck turns your way during your own year! You will delight and benefit others, your own past efforts are rewarded.

For Those Born In The Year of the Boar
This is a year when the Boar will cherish peace and quiet. Time spent outdoors can be very good to enhance your overall well being. Improve health by trying pranayama or deep yogic breathing in the fresh, clear air. Avoid complicated situations or taking on the problems of others.

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