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The Rare Pluto Crossing of 2018
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
One of my favorite astrology references is the Jim Maynard series. There is Maynard’s “Celestial Guide” which is a date book, a small portable “Pocket Astrologer” and “Celestial Influences”, a wall calendar. They’ve appeared yearly since the 1970’s and always provide easy to access astrology essentials such as eclipses, retrogrades and the daily transits which tell astrology’s ephemeral story. As the world around us expands, more and more details about the mysteries of the universe become known. Of course they’ve been there for eons, but only since humanity has been capable of finding out about these details have we been capable of responding to them, it’s theorized. This year of 2018 the Maynard guides included something new and extra. Information about a very rare Pluto crossing of the plane of the ecliptic (Earth’s orbit), moving from North to South . The last time this happened was on July 2, 1770, 248 years ago. On September 4, 1930 Pluto made this crossing moving the opposite direction, from South to North.
The 1930 crossing correlated globally with The Great Depression. In 1770 the prelude to world wide revolution stirred. (The world stage was set then for the American and French Revolutions and, the rise of democracy). The Industrial Revolution was forever impacting daily life during the late 18th Century. Because of Pluto’s wildly eccentric orbit the crossing pattern is infrequent and changeable. Does this upcoming transit once again foretell some kind of a transformation or cataclysm? There is little precedence to go by, but recent developments certainly hint that something is afoot.
The floods, volcanic eruptions, temperature extremes, fires and political upheaval as well as economic concerns are intense and obvious. Intense is a key word always associated with Pluto.
A NASA source gives July, 2018 as the time of the current Pluto crossing, and also listed 1931 as the most recent previous one, however Maynard’s astrological calculations show October 31, 2018 1:13 AM GMT as the relevant astrological data. I was intrigued by this and set up the three event charts. Using Greenwich, England for the coordinates. I used noon charts for the 1930 and 1770 events.
The 1770 chart shows Pluto in Capricorn widely oppose the Sun and Mercury in Cancer. Uranus and Mars are in Taurus oppose a Scorpio Moon. This definitely shows an impact on the environment, opposition to the status quo and a suggestion of treason or treachery afoot. The 1930 event chart has a stellium in Cancer with Pluto, Jupiter and Mars oppose Saturn in Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries. The Moon is on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. The Great Depression at that time stirred the events which eventually collapsed into World War II.
July, 2018 has been an eventful month, to say the least. Considering NASA’s data, the impact of the very long eclipse of July 27 as well as the exceptional number of retrograde planets might have been amplified by Pluto’s crossing. Looking at the Halloween, 2018 event chart Uranus is again in Taurus, opposing the Sun and Venus in Scorpio. Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn again, oppose the Moon in Cancer. There is a grand trine in the water signs formed by the Moon in Cancer trine Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio and both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Also the National Horoscope of the United States (July 4, 1776) is in its first Pluto return.
These are some heavy duty star patterns. Contemplating what they might mean provides a most provocative puzzle. Does it all link to the spiritual and mystical traditions of Samhain and Halloween somehow? What do you think ?

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