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Astrological Hail and Farewell to Senator John McCain
By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer
“Mourning grips the Nation” was the headline during the final week of August, 2018. The Stars and Stripes are flying at half-mast around the USA This was to honor the passing of “one of America’s finest public servants” which ironically took place nine years to the day that Senator Edward Kennedy passed away from the very same brain cancer. “The Maverick” and ”The Lion” of the Senate were colorful nicknames associated with these two great patriots and political figures. They were a Virgo and a Pisces, respectively. Their Sun signs were in opposition across the zodiacal wheel, just as McCain and Kennedy were a Republican and a Democrat, friends (and enemies or at least opponents ) for so many years.
John McCain served for more than 30 years in the Senate, from 1987 – until his death on August 25, 2018. Previously he was elected to the House of Representatives. The long time Senator from Arizona was the son and grandson of Four Star Admirals and a graduate of The Naval Academy. Characteristically modest and jovial, he joked about ranking “5th from the bottom” of his class. After graduation he volunteered for military duty in Vietnam during which he was held as a prisoner of war at the infamous “The Hanoi Hilton” prison. The horoscope of Arizona Senator John McCain is intriguing and provides insight into his eventful life.
As so often happens with the timing of a death, McCain passed away near his birthday. He would have been 82 this week and was born on Saturday, August 29, 1936 at 6:25 pm in Colon, Panama.
John McCain’s Sun, Neptune and Venus form a stellium in his 7th house in Virgo. The prominent Neptune reveals keen intuition. The Venus placement, dignified by house, describes his gracious. Fairness, humor and balance always characterized his interactions with others. Health concerns lingering from his war time injuries were always significant. A health focus is typical in the lives of those born with a natal Virgo influence. Saturn is in the 1st house in Pisces, showing a strong work ethic as well as an affinity with the water/Navy life. Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Moon Node in Capricorn in the 10th house describe his competitive spirit and career dedication. Cancer, a fertile sign, rules his 5th house and Pluto is also in Cancer in the 5th. Love and children were always a priority. His long time marriage to wife Cindy produced seven children. His natal Uranus in Taurus in the 2nd house favorably aspecting the Virgo placements indicates a life of wealth and privilege. Mars in Leo in the 6th house trine Jupiter at the mid-heaven accents the connection with the military and the emphasis on service. McCain’s natal chart shows the majority of placements in the West (right hand) side, in houses 4 through 9. Although he was a famous and influential person, he had little control over his life. External circumstances shaped his destiny.
The Moon was in the gibbous phase at John McCain’s birth, making him a natural extrovert, goal oriented and eager to live a life of purpose. This lunar phase at birth brings a zest for life and being resourceful at seeking new experiences. The Aquarius Moon in his 11th house is exactly trine Mercury in Libra. This describes his involvement with politics, the public, law and humanitarian issues. Chiron in Gemini in the 4th house points to his prestigious family heritage as a factor in his achievements. Using a wide orb, Chiron forms a grand trine in air signs with the Aquarian Moon and Mercury in Libra. He was a pilot in the Navy and this air sign configuration describes an affinity for aviation. The Moon also relates to women. McCain’s mother, Roberta, survives him. A super-centenarian at 106 years of age, she was born on February 7, 1912. Roberta always called her famous son “Scamp”. Beautiful in her 90’s, she joined him on stage at a political rally prior to his second unsuccessful bid for the presidency of the United States. Alaskan Governor Sara Palin, also an Aquarian, was the controversial running mate chosen during that presidential campaign. McCain lost to Barack Obama and later he expressed regret about the choice of Palin as his running mate. The Aquarian Moon is quincunx his Virgo Sun. This describes the hand of fate and circumstances twice blocking his potential for victory in being elected to the highest office in the land he loved.

Data Table
Natal Astrological Placements for John McCain
Sun – 6 Virgo 24’- 7th house
Moon – 2 Aquarius 24’ – 11th house
Mercury – 2 Libra 43’ – 7th house
Venus – 23 Virgo 17’ – 7th house
Mars – 12 Leo 33’ – 6th house
Jupiter – 15 Sagittarius 06’- 10th house
Saturn – 20 Pisces 06’ – 1st house
Uranus – 9 Taurus 30’ – 2nd house
Neptune – 16 Virgo 07’- 7th house
Pluto – 28 Cancer 00’ – 5th house
N. Moon Node – 1 Capricorn 26’ – 10th house
Chiron – 22 Gemini 43’ – 4th house
Ascendant – Rising Sign – is 5 Pisces 59’

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