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Hey Astrologers! Here are some notes on Declinations and Out of Bounds Planets.
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

For those who follow declinations … Out of bounds (OOB) is when a planet is beyond the threshold of the Sun’s declination. This transit is odd and off beat. Novelty and the unusual prevail, but it takes effort to make the best of and rise above this. Mars has been out-of-bounds for most of the summer. Some of the noticeable impacts have been an increase in violence in the news, untypical behavior, rising conflict, ineffective leadership, self serving and sneaky tendencies. OOB placements have a rogue quality. A planet or the Moon is out of bounds (OOB) when it moves past the Sun’s declination of 23 degrees 26 minutes, either North or South. The Moon and planets Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are often out of bounds for short periods of time. The outer planets will be infrequently but for longer time spans. For example Pluto was OOB from 1938 – 1953 (WW II and the Korean War), but won’t be so again for hundreds of years.
Parallel planets are at the same declination, North or South and are like a conjunction. Contra- parallel planets are in opposite declinations and will function like an opposition. I suggest using a very small orb, within a degree, when interpreting oob placements and declinations.

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