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Astrology on Mars!

Insight Lands on Mars
Astrology in Outer Space?
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

It will be up to the astrologers of the future to actually erect and interpret horoscopes for events and maybe even births on other planets. Meanwhile, with the recent landing of the spacecraft “Insight” on Mars though, let’s take a glimpse at this amazing event using Washington, DC as the coordinates. After more than a 6 month long journey, Insight touched down on the red planet on Monday, November 26, 2018 at 2:57 pm EST. Insight hurtled through space at 13,000 mph, yet de-accelerated plunging into the thin Martian atmosphere at 77 miles from the surface. Within only 6 and 1/2 minutes it gently touched down at 5 mph. Cheers broke out at NASA as this took place. So much could have gone wrong – but didn’t. Clear pictures that looked like a local television broadcast were soon sent back home. The craft is slated to study the interior of Earth’s neighboring planet. This event chart offers a fascinating look at astronomy for astrologers.
Insight landed with 29 degrees 07’ Aries rising and retrograde Uranus nearly exactly on the ascendant at 29 Aries 17’ . This promises progress and surprises. The Moon and North node are in the 4th house in Cancer at 22 degree 26’ and 29 degree 26’, respectively. This shows that this mission can mark the beginning of the rejection of Earth as our home. Venus is in Libra at 17 degrees in the 6th house. This shows the euphoria among the workers, the scientists, who achieved this miraculous accomplishment. The 8th house of the event is loaded with Jupiter at 4 Sagittarius 04’ and the Sun at 4 Sagittarius 30’. Mercury forms a stellium here at 5 Sagittarius 49’ retrograde. There can be much mystery and even more money than expected involved in the project. The favorable influence of the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury describes Insight’s safe journey. Saturn in the 9th house at 7 degrees Capricorn 23’ isn’t supportive of communicating with any alien life forms. Saturn here also brings a serious mood to the purpose of the project. The mid-heaven at 16 Capricorn 31 with Pluto conjunct in the 10th house at 19 Capricorn 32’ suggests profound discoveries and implications resulting from the mission. The 11th house has Mars at 6 Pisces 49’ conjunct Neptune at 13 Pisces 42’. This shows many long term hopes and wishes connected to Insight. The Mars -Neptune conjunction has been called the “Lamp of Aladdin” aspect. Synchronicity and omens can surface around this whole event. Astrologers, this has the potential to be a very meaningful research project! Keep track of what happens with Insight and how it might all be linked to this unique event horoscope. Just as literature predicted the lunar landing long before it happened and television shows and films have explored this theme of space travel, it became a reality. I have been thinking of a movie I saw a few years ago “John Carter on Mars” inspired by an Edgar Rice Burroughs book  which was written long ago, The story line explored details of colonization of Mars by earthlings …


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