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Angels of the Zodiac
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Astrologically angels are ruled by Neptune, the planet linked to all that is dream like, elusive and otherworldly. A good description of angels might be that they are too beautiful to be real and yet too beautiful not to be real. Are angels real? Are there really winged beings with purposes and powers beyond what we can conceive of? Or are they some sort of energy field, natural or supernatural? The topic has been debated for centuries and ends in a moot point. However,too many angelic sightings and encounters have occurred over the centuries for them not to have some validity. Many have felt their presences and assistance, perhaps when least expected. Neptune remains about 14 years in each sign of the zodiac. Currently, in the second decade of the 21st Century, Neptune is transiting its own sign of Pisces, where it will remain until January 26, 2026. During these times of personal and planetary challenges remembering and calling out to the angels might be especially helpful, supported by the current transit pattern. During the past weeks angels have entered my dreams, along with poetry. Neptune, along with the planet Venus, also rules poetry. Neptune is often called a higher octave of Venus and Venus is exalted when in Pisces. Venus relates to love of course, but also to comfort and happiness. Here are some of my dream recollections and impressions to share, thinking of the positive cosmic influences of Neptune and Venus. Music, which is said to be the speech of the angels, is ruled by Venus. Try singing or playing music as a way to invoke and understand the angels.

Call upon the angel associated with your birth month, or the one which links to the current month, or both.
The Angel of January – Cambiel) This angel helps in learning from experiences. News and important announcements, communication of all forms are under her care. Time management and plans for th future too.
The Angel of February – Barchiel This angel gives the gift of patience and taking time to rest and heal. Just as the Earth is at rest, in repose, Barchiel brings kind of a spiritual time out.
The Angel of March – Machidiel Encouraging renewed zest for life and adventure, strength of will, a positive out look at the future are his gifts.
The Angel of April – Asmodel Here comes an Easter or spring time energy. Rebirth, a second chance, release from old hang ups and the trap of bad memories is his git.
The Angel of May – Ambriel She is a fruitful angel, fulfillment, gardens and fresh produce are here. There is a sensual quality, think of May Day traditions.
The Angel of June – Muriel Her symbol is a magic carpet. The ability to travel to a better place, mentally and physically.
The Angel of July – Verchiel This joyful and relaxed angel relates to vacation times, good childhood experiences, creativity, productive hobbies.
The Angel of August – Hamaliel “If at first you don’t succeed …” . Persistence, overcoming set backs, eventually reaching a goal is the gift of August’s angel.
The Angel of SeptemberZuriel) A new season comes, the weather is changing. The light and calm following a storm, the healing gift of rain, recovery and survival is the message.
The Angel of October – Barbiel Honest insight into the self, taking credit for a job well done, appreciating what has been gainfully earned is the message.
The Angel of November – Adnachiel “No (hu) man is an island:, relationships, companions, support from both human and animal companions is acknowledged. This angel brings upbeat associates and allows negative relationships to diminish.
The Angel of December – Anael a reminder of gratitude comes with Haniel, who also brings grace and poise in coping with all situations. She confers the ability to make a memorable first impression.

Words From Angels
 Dream Poetry 

Celestial angels look to Earth
Offer needed comfort
and a chance for rebirth.
Flowers, herbs fragrant, sweet delight
a present from above
Take away mean misery
Replaced by your love.
Flying, wandering every day
Different faces, all unique,
Different angels to meet along the way?
Radiant angel by my side,
Offering a giving care,
Can I see you,
but yet will sense you are there.
Real Angelic ones flight,
Guardians shimmering and glowing,
through the challenges each day and night
Draw and promise joy feelings flowing.
Like a balmy summer wind when we are down,
Heavenly,you are there, drive away a frown
Angels, winged in so many ways
Bring the means to manage through all the days.
Angels bring loveliness
Brighten the deepest night,
Replace sadness with blessings,
With halos of celestial light.


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