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Mercury Transits the Sun in 2019! By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

This rare transit occurs about 13 times each century always in either November or May. It lasts several hours. Watch for a black dot crossing the Sun (use a filter to protect the eyes), if you still have the very dark glasses left from observing The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 those should would work well. This transit will take place during the morning and early afternoon on November, 11, 2019 The peak will be at 10:22 AM EST. It will be at 18 degrees Scorpio 55’ and Mercury will be retrograde. What might this Mercury transit do? Expect a lot of nervous energy and the day may be a hectic one, with more phone calls, letters, e-mails or meetings than usual. Initiate a new mental project or spend time forming a plan, and mostly thoughts are clear and logical. Writers can create significant work. Can you compose an iconic poem or story? Impromptu travel can come up. Many are especially sharp, communicative, and open at this time. This is because momentary wants are aligned with deeper thoughts. It’s a favorable time for solving problems. What is said or written now has significant impact, for better or for worse! Many are more interested in talking about themselves than in listening to others. This can be a very busy, communicative, or even hectic day. The Sabian Symbol for the transit reads “A parrot listening, then talking. “ The interpretation is honoring the substance of raw intelligence being shaped by circumstances. The fixed star The North Scale is near the transit. It’s a pale emerald colored star of a Jupiter- Mercury nature according to Ptolemy and of a Mars- Jupiter nature according to Alvidas. The keywords for the star, which will apply to the impacts of this Mercury transit include “active, alert, beneficial favors from influential people, good fortune overcomes a previous difficulty. For more specifics look at 18 degrees Scorpio in your own horoscope. What house is in? How is it aspected? Since the Sun is involved, it’s OK to use a wide orb. Astrologer and Parapsychologist https://dikkijomullen.wordpress.com

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Spirit Egg of Magic – Happy Easter/Ostara
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
It’s all about planetary cycles, calendars and astrology! Pagans celebrate Ostara near the spring equinox as the Sun enters Aries, to herald a new zodiacal cycle while Jews honor the new season with Purim and Passover. Christians celebrate the Resurrection as Easter. That‘s the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the First Day of Spring. New hats and clothes are a tradition, to reflect the beauty and promise of spring emerging from the ashes of the Lenten season and winter passed. Easter comes very late this year, with a second Full Moon in Libra on Good Friday, April 19, 2019, Easter is on April 21, as late as it can be. The times are challenging for many, meditation on eggs, an important symbol of life renewing itself, can bring some peace and comfort. Astrologically eggs are ruled by the Moon and the planet Venus.
A powerful part of spells all around the world, the egg is among the most universally recognized, beloved, beautiful and mysterious of shapes. Representative of new life, a perfect protein food source, the egg is the subject of a famous riddle between Gollum and Bilbo in “The Hobbit”, where the answer to the riddle as a “true golden treasure in a box without lid or key.” The Ancient Egyptians believed that the God Ptah emerged from an egg laid by the Almighty Chaos Goose who also created the Sun and Moon. Was she the original “Mother Goose?” German and Slavic peasants rubbed a mixture of eggs, bread and flour on newly plowed land hoping to improve the harvest. 17th Century French brides would crack an egg on the doorstep before entering the home for the first time to assure a large family. The egg is reputed to be an aphrodisiac.
19th Century builders in Bombay, India put eggs and milk into foundations to protect new structures from harm. At Easter or Ostara pretty colored eggs are part of the rites of spring to welcome the awakening Sun from winter’s sleep. In Poland wonderful eggs called Pysankey are decorated using dyed wax. Intricate and elaborate symbolism on these eggs originated in the belief that the Virgin Mary made them to please the baby Jesus. Russians will often exchange three kisses and greet each other with gifts of decorative eggs. The precious jeweled Faberge eggs once treasured by the Czar’s family expanded on this custom. In the Eastern orthodox tradition eggs are decorated with the letters XB to honor the rising after death, another new life metaphor seen in spring celebrations. In China a red egg is a gift given to wish luck to a new born baby.
German immigrants to the United States first introduced the Easter Bunny who delivers baskets of eggs and other treats to children on Easter morning. The bunny is another benevolent and magical emblem of renewal and a love of life.
Caribbean Island Egg of Protection
This simple but very effective egg spell is a tradition from the witcheries of the Caribbean. A sorceress from Jamaica shares this technique. When evil is suspected, obtain a fertile egg. Place the egg in a corner of the victim’s residence, allow it to remain there for one week. At the end of that time take the egg outside and crack it into a bowl, swirl the yolk and white three times clockwise, then toss both the shell and egg onto the ground. This will release or ground the negativity into the earth and heal the problem.

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Sharing Thoughts about Astrologer Delphine Jay

Word of Delphine Jay’s passing came at sunset tonight. She was in hospice. Kathryn Davenport phoned with the sad news. Delphine Jay was a brilliant astrologer, teacher and writer, especially well known for her work on Lilith. I took a most memorable astrology class with her in the 1970’s about placing harmonics in the natal horoscope. Delphine was born on August 3, 1927 in Detroit Michigan. Her approx. rectified birth time was 11:55 pm EST. She transitioned April 7, 2019, at 4:25 pm EDT in Orlando, FL. The recent eclipses in Leo were prominent in affecting her Sun (vitality) and Neptune (spirituality). Her natal Moon (changes) in Libra was/is impacted by the rare two Full Moons in Libra on March 20 and coming up on April 19. Transit Uranus and the Moon are in Taurus in the event chart in her natal 12th house affecting her natal Chiron and approaching her ascendant. Her 8th house cusp (manner of death) is Sagittarius with transiting Jupiter there, showing a blessed release from the pain of her long illness. Her progressed Moon at 26 degrees of Aquarius was exactly oppose her natal Neptune at 26 degrees of Leo.in the 4th house (end of life circumstances). Her progressed Sun at 10 degrees Scorpio was square her natal Sun at 10 degrees Leo. The Sun had progressed beyond the karmic span, she was nearly 92 and certainly lived a full life. Hail and Farewell, Delphine, a respected colleague and friend to astrologers the world over.

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Drifting in the Void – The “No Consequences” Days

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The void of course of Moon begins when the transiting Moon makes its last major aspect (considering just the 5 major aspects; the conjunction, sextile, trine and opposition) before entering the next sign of the next zodiac sign. The void of course of Moon cycle is a time best suited for following the tried and true simply. Honor daily routine living. There are void Moon times every two or three days. They can last just seconds or go on for up to three days. Some astrologers call them no consequence days. If there is something that must be done, yet there is a desire for it to not have consequences, figuratively speaking, just let it fizzle out and pursue it on a void of course Moon. For example, suppose you really don’t want a particular job, yet for some reason have to apply for it. Apply for it when the Moon is void of course and the position will not work out or even be offered or available. Observe what happens during the next void of course Moon times to get the idea.

Many astrology calendars and ephemerides will have the void of course Moon times listed. The abbreviation is either v/c or voc, indicating a void of course Moon cycle.

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