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The Libra New Moon of September 28, 2019
Graciousness Musings
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The first New Moon of Autumn will be on the 28th, the last Saturday in September, at 2:26 pm EDT. It is at 5 degrees 20’ Libra, in the first or double Venus decanate of the sign. The fixed star Zaniah twinkles less than a degree from the lunation. Zaniah is a benevolent star, refined, honorable, orderly congenial and above all loving. It carries a Venus-Mercury energy. Legal matters, education and favorable social situations are linked to Zaniah. Overall expect that equality, the highest social standards in interactions with others, teamwork and partnerships will set the mood for the next four weeks. Libra, the Scale of Justice, hints that legal matters and the courts can be a potent force as well. The Scales of Libra can tip to bring a sign of war as well as peace, seeking a balance of power. Write your wish list during the 8 hours following the New Moon. Watch how many of them may well come true as the Moon grows in light. The two most benevolent of planets, Venus and Jupiter, are in a harmonious sextile aspect which also colors the lunar month ahead favorably. Some keywords for this cosmic symphony include charity, generosity, cheerfulness and a willingness to help. A Venus-Neptune parallel is dreamy and fanciful. Artists and writers can produce some whimsical works with touches of magic. The horoscope which I use for the United States is the Libra rising one. This New Moon promises a fresh outlook somehow for our Nation. The topic of the USA’s birthtime is a surprisingly volatile one in astrology circles. In support of my choice Nostradamus wrote “The younger sister of Brittania rises under the Sign of the Scales” and “We the people” is a very Libra phrase, as is the emphasis on equality. This all so obviously the Libran influence, of “America The Beautiful.” At an astrology conference I attended some years ago there was a volatile debate all about the USA’s birthchart, with both the Gemini and Sagittarius ascendant choices having much support among opinionated political astrologers. Keep an eye on the news this month to watch ….. for events which support the New Moon in Libra as impacting the National ascendant. Favorable crystals to wear or carry to celebrate this lunar month would include tourmaline, jade and rose quartz. The archangel Jophiel is one of the Guardian Angels of the Lunar Libra cycle.. Different cultures know Jophiel by a wide array of names: such as God’s Watchman, God’s spy, and the Divine Beauty or the Beauty of God. Art often portrays her in a female form. Jophiel especially patronizes congenial friendship and creating beauty in all ways. Call out to Jophiel for blessings at the New Moon!

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A Sunday Vignette on the Eve of Mabon, The Autumn Equinox, September 22, 2019

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

There is a magical quality to the solstices and equinoxes. There are four such days each year and they mark the start of the new seasons. The equinoxes (for equal) mark the spring and autumn, when days and nights are nearly equal in length. In contrast the solstices (longest and shortest of days and nights) mark the start of the winter and summer seasons. Mabon (pronounce it may-bone) is a pagan term for the autumnal equinox. The name is derived from a Welsh deity. As a minister I am some times invited by different friends to speak at various congregations and churches throughout Florida. This privilege is a great delight to me. Often such invitations will coincide with the mystically charged solstices and equinoxes. This was the case on Sunday, September 22, 2019. I was scheduled to serve as a guest speaker at The Chapel In The Woods, The Unitarian Universalists (UUC), in Cocoa, Florida. From downtown Orlando this is about an hour and a half long drive. I prepared a poster to illustrate The Philosopher’s Stone, the day’s topic, notes and complimentary study guides to give out to all. It was a lovely, sunny Florida morning, actually a breath cooler than usual, with a hint of the autumn and winter to come. I left home about 9am, which should have left ample time to make the drive and arrive for the 11am service, with time for reviewing my presentation beforehand. The evening before I had attended a potent and spiritual pagan ceremony to greet Mabon. It was a great night and a magical one. Along with about 40 others I really felt the presence of the season’s celestial powers afoot. The morning’s drive time moved into a time warp, the road, HWY 50, seemed to go on and on. I suddenly felt hungry and a little weak. At last I reached the intersection of I-95 and 50, not far from The Chapel. A McDonald’s has been there for years. I decided to stop for something to eat, certain that I had at least 45 minutes to platform time. I ordered an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. This should have been ready momentarily. I waited and waited. Other customers came and went. I looked at the printed ticket and was startled to see that it was already 10:40 when I’d ordered. What to do? I would have to leave immediately to be anywhere nearly on time to church. I saw that my number was still quite far down on the display screen. Looking at the breakfast crowd waiting, I saw a lady standing alone. I walked over to her and handed her my receipt, explaining that I am a Pastor and would be late to do Sunday Service if I didn’t leave immediately. She seemed startled but smiled when I told her to please pick up and enjoy the sandwich when it was ready. Then I turned and dashed out to run across the parking lot. I didn’t think anyone had overheard my quiet remarks. Half way to the car I heard a man calling out, “Reverend, wait, “ he shouted. It was an unmistakable young dad with small children following. He held a large sack and asked what kind of sandwich I’d like. I didn’t want to accept one, feeling the family really needed their Sunday breakfast, but he persisted. So I did take one and thanked him. He answered “God Bless You.” I ate as I drove on to The Chapel In The Woods. I felt revived , not faint any longer. The food combined with the stranger’s generous gesture were genuinely a blessing.

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September’s Friday The 13th, 2019!
A Full Moon at The Witching Hour!
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
This will be the first Friday the 13th since July 13, 2018. The Full Harvest Moon will be at 12:33 am EDT just past midnight on September 14. If we go back to Standard time, or fly our brooms West to the Central, Mountain or Pacific time zones, then it becomes a night of double magic. Thee Full Moon on Friday the 13th! One post I saw said this is the last such synchronicity until sometime in the 2040’s!
December 13, 2019 falls on a Friday, but it won’t be at the Full Moon.
My esteemed colleague, Jacksonville Astrologer Coleman Smith, presented some especially astute insights into how significant this special day is in “Skyward”, the newsletter for the North Florida Astrological Association. He alerts us “don’t waste this great day”. Here is an excerpt from Coleman’s astrology calendar:
“Sep 13: Mercury conjunct Venus ()—-An aspect of talent, especially with the arts. See this block of wood? Presto, it becomes a beautiful piece. A Poet’s aspect. Sun trine Pluto ()—-Wow, what a great day. This aspect has power, focus, and concentration for whatever you want to do. Don’t waste this great day.
Sep 14: Full Moon ()—-Moon opposite Sun in Pisces/ Virgo indicates heightened emotional awareness. An eeriness to the day. You want to help people, but conditions and circumstances seem to thwart your ideas. Mars opposite Neptune ()—-Definitely adds to the confusion. You won’t know why you are acting so strangely. Lost in Space. Great for paranormal activities, not so good for practical, earthly matters. Mercury and Venus enter Libra (). The artist has a field day. Everything is beautiful. I think the qualities of today are something other than drudgery. Not a day for routine, but art and poetry shine.”
The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon nearest the autumn equinox. Its angle makes the moonshine very bright. In earlier times it allowed workers to remain in the fields, able to see long after sunset. Today, we can see the metaphor of harvesting what we have planted in the spring coming to fruition.
The Harvest Moon at 21 degrees Pisces will conjoin Neptune. These Pisces placements will oppose the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars in Virgo. Luna’s Sabian Symbol is “ A man bringing down the new law from Sinai.” This suggests determination in spiritualizing daily life. Th fixed star Markab, a ship returning from afar, with the Moon suggests some conflicts to resolve. Important ideas changed, the arts and wellness all are accented.
Friday the 13th!
Each year has at least one. Some years have as many as three of these mystical and controversial days. Paraskavediatriaphobiac is the impressive title for one who fears Friday the 13th. Statistics say that up to 21 million Americans may have a dread so severe that it affects work and business transactions to the tune of millions of dollars in lost wages and revenue every time the day rolls around. In Britain a survey shows significantly more traffic accidents on Friday the 13ths. Most of us have some feelings (pro or con) about the number thirteen and about Friday the 13th in particular. Accepting a new job, walking under a ladder, watching a black cat cross the path these can be omens of either delight or terror. An overall terror of the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia. On the other hand, those who delight in the number 13 are called triskadekophiles. In the Middle Ages humble bakers, afraid of being accused of short changing a powerful customer on the purchase of a dozen rolls, would wisely add one extra to the parcel, for good will and safe keeping. A bakers dozen has been synonymous with a lucky and protective thirteenth item ever since. The intriguing chain of lore connected to Friday the 13th might date back to the time of the Knights Templar. It was on Friday, October 13, 1307 when members of the Order were arrested, according to the popular historical novel The DaVinci Code. In 1869 the first reference to this date being bad luck occurs in print. The biography of Gioahino Rossi reveals that he feared Friday the 13th and subsequently died on that date. That was on Friday, November 13th, 1869. During the 20th Century superstitions and beliefs about Thirteen, especially Friday the 13th,, in particular were widely embraced. An 1898 Dictionary of Phrase and Fable labels both Friday and Thirteen unlucky in separate entries. All English speaking nations, Latin America, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland and the Philippines have traditions and customs honoring this date.
Here are just a few of the startling events which have taken place on Friday the 13th. .
On Friday, January 13, 1939 Australias Black Friday Brush Fires caused widespread damage.
On Friday, October 13, 1972 the plane carrying Uruguays entire winning Olympic rugby team crashed into the Andes mountains.
That very same day in 1972 the musical group Black Sabbath debuted a landmark album.
Friday, October 13, 2006 Lemony Snickets 13th book in A Series of Unfortunate Events was released.
On that same day in 2006 The Friday the 13th Storm struck Buffalo, New York.
On Friday, June 13, 2008 respected journalist Tim Russert died suddenly. He was 58 years old and 5 + 8 = 13.
The release date on the latest in the series of Friday the 13th horror flicks draws on the date of February 13, 2009.
Looking further ahead, On Friday, April 13, 2029 Asteroid 99942, Apophis, will pass very close to Earth. If it makes landfall, its impact could create major climate and other changes affecting the entire planet.
In the Tarot Cards, 13 is Death in the major arcane. An omen of new beginnings and a glance into the world of the afterlife, it is considered a good card. In pagan rites 13 witches are a full coven, while Christians link the 13 apostles at The Last Supper with death and betrayal. The Last Supper is thought to have taken place on a Friday, that may be at the root of the unlucky Friday the 13th contraband. There is also a story of a Captain Friday who set sail on a Friday the Thirteenth on a ship named the SS FRIDAY. Neither Captain, crew nor vessel was ever seen again. In Britain ships will not leave port on a Friday. There are 13 Buddhas in the Indian pantheon, pagodas in the Fare East are surmounted by 13 discs. A sacred sword at Japans Atsusa Temple has 13 objects in its hilt. In Mexico 13 relates to the sacred snake gods. Many hotels dont have a thirteenth floor or rooms numbered 13. In Italian opera houses there are never seats numbered 13.
The 2008 film Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull featured a circle of thirteen crystal skulls with profound powers.
The United States of America, the wealthiest and most privileged society which has ever existed, has 13 stripes on the flag, 13 stars and stripes on The National Seal. The details of the Seal reveal more symbolism. The Eagle has 13 tail feathers in each wing and holds 13 arrows and 13 olive branches. Our national motto has 13 letters, thirteen was the number of original colonies. Scholars attribute the number 13 to the mysteries of the Masonic practices which were the occult and spiritual beliefs held by the Nations founders. George Washington called for a 13 gun salute when he raised the flag for the first time.
Mystics and adepts quietly smile and say, Those who understand the number thirteen hold the keys of Power and Dominion.
To unlock these legendary keys, light a black or silver candle. Add patchouli incense for a deeper focus. Place a skull motif and Tarot Key 13 motif upon the altar. Reflect on this meditation.

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