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Pumpkin Season Encounter

On The Road With Dikki-Jo Mullen
One October afternoon I was driving along in Orlando on Mills Avenue, approaching the turn off to Mead Garden. A marvelous pumpkin patch was appearing on the corner, sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, with what seemed like hundreds of pumpkins of all sizes being unloaded from trucks. A train came through and stopped traffic. Then the most incredible event happened. A huge, beautiful pumpkin bounced up and down, rolled toward me. It jumped right through the open car window into my little Subaru. It started singing and this is what it sang:

A Meeting With The Real Mr. Jack O’ Lantern
I’m a handsome golden pumpkin
Nearly the largest of most all in size
Cut all around but save
My stem just so
Remove the insides
Below, now the holes for my eyes
Remember the nose beneath
And then a great smiling mouth with teeth
Now I’m here so you can meet
Mr. Jack O’ Lantern.
Now I need a beeswax candle,
Big enough to light
Watch it flicker as at you
I’ll wink and blink
In a candle glow of magic think
Happiness so warm and bright
A jolly pal, A right good fellow
My face is cheery,
Spiffy, wholesome yellow. Hello.
I’m your forever Jack O’ Lantern.
Happy Halloween and remember that there is always magic in the world for those who watch for it! Blessings and Sweet Dreams!

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October Moon
Full Moon on Sunday, October 13, 2019
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Lighting candles to create energy for blessings, pleasure and magical workings is a favorite activity among those who live the magical life. Often a few drops of oil are added to intensify the experience. This is called “dressing the candle”. “October Moon” is the name of a special blend of essential oils I have in my kitchen witchery cabinet. The pleasant aroma suggests spiced apples and withering leaves. Perfect for setting the mood as I sit by candlelight and think about the Full Moon of Sunday, October 13, 2019. Some astro-numerology comes to mind. The universal date of October 13 is the same as October 31, Halloween night. Adding 10 (for October) + 13 (or 31, the date) and 2019 (current year) = 8, in adding the digits together to reduce them to the final number. As a universal 8 date both Halloween and the Full Moon this month have an overall link with the cosmic lemiscate, the figure 8 infinity symbol. Imaginative, multi-dimensional, capable, authoritative, businesslike, ambitious and efficient are some of the number 8’s keynotes. A worthwhile goal, being honest and keeping busy are all good ways of expressing the 8. Of course 13 in itself has a traditional tie to the esoteric and fated. I have always marveled at all of the lore linked to 13. It’s the Death Card in the Tarot, 13 witches make a full coven, 13 Full Moons make a lunar year, 13 attended The Last Supper. The United States of America, the wealthiest and most privileged society which has ever existed on the planet, has a flag of 13 stripes, 13 original states, the National Seal has an eagle with 13 tail feathers holding 13 arrows and 13 olive branches. The number 13 links to Masonic practices too, which were followed by many of the Nation’s founders.
October 13’s Full Moon will be exactly at 5:08 pm EDT at 20 degrees Aries 13’. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A boxer entering the ring”. Exertion, raw experience, full use of capabilities are the messages suggested. The fixed star Baten Kaitos is conjunct the lunation. This topaz colored star in the constellation of Cetus, The Whale, has a Saturnian quality. The message of this star is a rescue after a delay. Care is needed while traveling by either ship or overland. Carry a seashell or other protective charm. A very tight cardinal T-square is formed with October’s Full Moon, it squares Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn and of course opposes the Sun at 20 degrees Libra (the Sun and Moon are always in opposition at a Full Moon). The Aries Full Moon forms a graceful and positive trine to Jupiter at 20 degrees Sagittarius, while the Libra Sun makes a supportive sextile to Jupiter. This is a complex mix of light and dark celestial patterns which sets the scene until the New Moon on October 27 marks a new lunar cycle. A sense of adventure, promoting projects, connecting with influential people, a yearning for something more, a restlessness affects many. Thee cardinal sign of Cancer, the Crab, is at the empty corner of the T-square and is the focal point of tremendous energy. The Crab rules patriotism, the water and food supplies, real estate, historical preservation, emotions and the generation gap. Our Nation is a Cancer ruled country. President Trump (born June 14, 1946) has his natal Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Cancer. The October, 2019 Full Moon profoundly affects both the National Horoscope and the President, who was born under a Full Moon. Watch the news to see the specifics come to light.
Gaze upon the Full Moon when Luna rises, just as the Sun sets. What ideas does this spectacle in the sky suggest to you? Each Full Moon has several names. The lunations were the earliest time keepers. October’s Full Moon has been called the Duck’s Flying Moon, marking the migration of birds, also the Snow Moon, as often it brings the first snow flurries. The Blood Moon is another way October’s Full Moon is identified. The inference (probably) doesn’t warn of vampires, but instead is about the harvesting and sacrificing of animals to provide food sources during the bleak winter days to come.
For those who want to see astrology in action just drive through a downtown party district at the Full Moon and watch the lunacy accelerate. The weather, tides, plant growth and animal behavior also respond to the Full Moon’s energies. Data Table For The Astrological Placements of October’s Full Moon October 13, 2019 at 5:08 pm EDT
Sun – 20 Libra 13’
Moon – 20 Aries 13’
Mercury -13 Scorpio 58’
Venus – 6 Scorpio 25’
Mars – 6 Libra 15’
Jupiter- 20 Sagittarius 07’
Saturn -14 Capricorn 26’
Uranus – 5 Taurus 11’ (retrograde)
Neptune – 16 Pisces 27’ (retrograde)
Pluto – 20 Capricorn 39’
Chiron – 2 Aries 54’ (retrograde)
N. Moon Node – 12 Cancer 10’
Astrologers who interpret Mars as the co-ruler of Scorpio will note a mutual reception here. Mars in Libra is mutual reception with Venus in Scorpio. A mutual reception occurs when planets are in each other’s ruling signs. It is considered favorable, like shape shifting. Astro-numerologists will notice how often the number 13 occurs in this data table!

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