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May 22, 2020

A Mercurial New Moon
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Today there is a New Moon in Gemini at 1:38 pm EDT at 2 degrees Gemini 04’. This final New Moon of the spring season sets the pace for the next 4 weeks. There is a double Mercury influence present here. Some key words include: elusive, light hearted, charming, curious, mobile. Write a wish list during the 8 hours following the lunation. Then watch your wishes come true as the Moon waxes toward the Full phase.
New Moon in Gemini Correspondences
Celebrate and Honor The New Moon by incorporating these choices into spiritual practices and daily life..
Attributes: Communicator, dual, positive, changeable, charismatic
Herbs: Dill, fern, licorice, sage, sandalwood, cinquefoil

Flower: Rose
Stones: Agate, citrine, carnelian
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Number: 5
Colors: mixed color patterns, iridescent shades, dots, plaids, whimsical prints, pale peach to pale turquoise

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Joseph Emil Bear

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The Tale Of Joseph Emil Bear
and A Most Unusual Coincidence

By Dikki-Jo Mullen
In July, 2002 when my beloved mother passed away at the age of 83, I kept holding a very old coat which surfaced unexpectedly in her closet. The coat, made of brown satin and decorated with an embroidered design of turquoise fans, evoked fond memories. As a small child, I had always thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and loved to see mother wear it. At Christmas of that same year, the first without any of my family left to celebrate the holiday with, I was invited to a lovely church buffet dinner by the Pastor. The other guests were all mostly singles and ‘orphans’ without a traditional family. Seated near me was a man I had never met before, I’ll call him Smitty. He spoke of his work with hospice patients and how he sewed and designed keepsake teddy bears made from the garments of the deceased to comfort those who mourned the loss of a loved one. I was charmed by this gesture and asked Smitty if he would make a bear from mother’s coat. He agreed and said yes, for a donation.
The next week I delivered the coat to him, along with a $50 down payment and told him just to let me know if he would like more. I also included blue antique buttons for the bear’s eyes. Smitty said to give him some time. I waited six months and called, he asked for more time. A year went by, then three more years passed. Smitty kept saying he was busy and just to wait. Finally, with the Pastor riding shot gun, I drove to his house, determined to pick up the coat and just let him keep the money. Chagrined, Smitty admitted that he had lost the coat. I was devastated and we just left. I had pangs of regret but Mother had always said to look forward to the future never back at the past and I slowly forgot all about the incident.
     In 2010 I was helping a friend sort through odds and ends as she prepared to move out of state. In a bulky white bag, the familiar brown satin appeared. I thought it was just similar fabric, but it was actually my coat! My friend had bought a big box of cloth from a thrift shop to make quilts but never got around to it. She gave me the coat. I was thrilled, but didn’t feel I had the skill to make my own bear. The coat hung in the closet for three more years. Late in 2013 a client told me she wanted to start a sewing business. I asked if she could make a teddy bear from the coat and she said she would try, to give her some time. I hoped for the best and let her take the treasured coat home. Three days later she called. The project was done. Joseph Emil Bear is named for a beloved Grandfather.  As the product of this “Most Unusual Coincidence”,  Joseph brings me much peace and comfort.

Note: As a long time free lance writer, I usually have won writing contests and also will sell almost everything I write. This story of the hospice bear was an exception. It was written as my entry in a magazine short story contest describing “A Most Unusual Coincidence”. I was chagrined when I didn’t win even the second or third, if not the grand prize. Hopefully you might enjoy reading this little vingnette though.

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Today’s Art and Meditation. Here is a painting I just completed along with some thoughts about connecting with this beloved flower, The Lotus.
The Universal Lotus
Sacred Lily of The Ages
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
The lotus flower rises from a long tap root anchored in the most murky and muddy of waters. Floating lightly and triumphantly, this bright, lovely lily opens to the sky as it hints at subtle messages. The lotus has been honored as a sacred representation of beauty for at least five thousand years. A goddess statue dating to about 3000 BC with lotus blossoms in her hair was unearthed in the Indus Valley. The beloved Chinese Goddess Tara is also named Lotus. A marvelous lotus creation myth comes from India. It dates from about 800 BC in “The Brahmanas”. Another early account tells of a thousand petaled golden lotus which was the entire expanding universe, the life force of the whole world. Statues and paintings often show Buddha seated upon a lotus. His classic cross legged pose is called The Lotus Posture by yoga practitioners. Purity, spirituality, gentleness and compassion are signified by the “fairest flower of the East” in the Buddhist tradition. The cup formed by the petals suggests the restoration of the sun’s life at dawn. A promise of resurrection and immortality is offered.
The flower is thought to hold the souls of the dead before opening to release them to heaven, to seek Nirvana. The lotus is the very essence of enlightenment. It has been used as a charm to draw fame, longevity, purity, abundance, fruitfulness and other desirable attributes. It has genuine healing powers. Every portion of the plant can be either consumed as a food or used as medicine.
The story of the lotus encompasses various sacred lily symbolisms from all around the world. The Christian Easter lily, French fleur dis lys as well as the famous cup carried by Hercules, and an Assyria sacred seal showing figures bowing before the lotus in worship are examples. In Egypt the shape of the River Nile has long been portrayed as a beautiful life giving lotus. The flower appears in many ornamental patterns in Egyptian art, frequently associated with mummies as a promise of eternal life.
Found in a variety of colors, from red to white, blue and yellow, the lotus is shaped like a large wheel. The system of the seven chakras (representing the glands in the human body) are traditionally described as lotus blossoms. They flower within each of us, expressed through different hues and numbers of petals in the chakras.
The message of the Lotus celebrates and honors the human potential to grow and blossom. It encourages rising above the sum total of all of our experiences and reminds us to draw good from bad. It illustrates divinity, a symbol of both purity and persuasion.
“Hold up with beauty and dignity no matter,” whispers the sacred Lotus. The idealistic lotus emblem elevates human nature. Observe it as an example. It serves as a reminder of the highest standards and aspirations.
(Parts of this feature appeared in “The Witches’ Almanac” several years ago. Many thanks to that publication for the gracious permission to reprint.)
Image may contain: plant and indoor

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Milk Moon, Flower Moon, Hare Moon, Planting Moon,
Dyad Moon
Exploring The Many Faces Of The Man In the Moon
Full Moon on May 7, 2020

By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

The Full Moon. Each month its affect on the tides, weather, plant growth, human and animal behavior brings a vivid reminder of how the various celestial patterns in the sky above mirror happenings here on Earth. Each Full Moon has a variety of historical names derived from the Agricultural, Pagan and Native American traditions. The sign of the Full Moon reveals much about the specific details of what can be expected from it. The Full Moon’s astrology sign is always exactly opposite the Sun sign, that’s the familiar zodiac sign, of the month. Further, an event chart, a horoscope created for the time of the Full Moon, offers more insights into the meaningful influences of the Full Moon cycle.
On Thursday, May 7, 2020, the Sun will be in Taurus. So the Full Moon will be in Scorpio. Although its influence will be felt over a several day cycle this lunation will be exact at 6:45 am EDT. In the Orlando, Florida area it’s interesting to note that this will be exactly at sunrise. The Full Moon rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. This Full Moon is also related to Buddha’s Birthday and a spiritual holiday celebrated by Theosophists called Wesak.
Here are the astrological placements for the Full Moon this month. Compare them to your own horoscope placements for deeper insights. The Full Moon marks an energy peak.
Data Table – Degrees and Minutes –
Sun 17 Taurus 20
Moon 17 Scorpio 20
Mercury 20 Taurus 23
Venus 21 Gemini 11
Mars 26 Aquarius 04
Jupiter 27 Capricorn 09
Saturn 1 Aquarius 56
Uranus 7 Taurus 13
Neptune 20 Pisces 22
Pluto 24 Capricorn 57 (retrograde)
N. Moon Node 29 Gemini 46
Chiron 7 Aries 43
The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7 trines Neptune in Pisces. This is mystical and also underscores the element water. There can be extra rainfall. It’s also a favorable time for mediumship, the veil to the spirit world is especially thin. Connecting with the spirit world can be especially easy and comforting. Research work, solving puzzles, expressing and experiencing passions, solving a mystery, all are favored. The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are in Taurus, an Earth sign. It’s a promising time for gardening, also for addressing economic and employment needs and options. There are two other Earth sign placements, Jupiter and Pluto, which are in Capricorn. With a total of five Earth sign placements there is a desire for security, structure and stability prevailing. Mars and Saturn in Aquarius point to a strong social consciousness. Helping those in need in the face of the current pandemic is a major theme. Venus and the N. Moon node in Gemini emphasize communication. Writers, especially poets, can enter a productive time. Chiron in Aries points to a pioneering and experimental spirit involving scholarship and medicine.
The Full Moon is a time of reverie and ritual. Drawing Down the Moon is a phrase often used when connecting and merging with the brilliant and beautiful Full Moon. Below are some spiritual correspondences to incorporate while honoring the May 7 Full Moon during these times of personal and planetary change!
Nature Spirits – faeries and elves
Colors – brown, green, pink, black
Herbs – elder, mint, yarrow, thyme, mugwort,
Flowers – iris, rose, lily of the valley
Fragrances – sandalwood, floral bouquet
Crystals – emerald, amber, malachite, rose quartz
Trees – hawthorn, willow
Animals – cows, bulls, cats, leopards, rabbits
Birds – doves, swans
Deities – Buddha, Bast, Maia, Pan, Artemis, Venus, Aphrodite, Freya
Advice – heed your own intuition, strengthen the mind through study, interact with elementals, honor the Earth
This Full Moon is in the month named for Maia, the goddess who was the mother of Hermes and the largest, most powerful of the seven Pleiades sisters. The lunation is about birth and the growing season, foreshadowing the summer to come.


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