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Crystal Class Wks 4-5

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Week Three Class Notes
Crystals, Your Celestial Power House
Crystals and Astrology

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

The inherent energy within crystals has been linked with celestial bodies for thousands of years. Use this astrological guideline to select the crystals combined with colors to bring the brightest and best to fruition in your life.

Colors- red, bold and abstract prints, gas blue, hot pink
Gems- tiger’s eye agate (to win a battle), lodestone (for strength), clear crystals and diamonds (for truth, the future, energy and glory), fire agate (progressive).

Colors- green, powder blue, cream, dusty rose
Gems- emerald (for true spiritual love and clear vision), moss agate and tree agate (to connect with the forests and gardens), Connemara marble (for a comfortable environment), chrysocolla (Mother Earth energy).

Colors- light yellow and pale peach, also stripes, dots, mixed and iridescent hues.
Gems – citrine ( for mental clarity and eloquence), alexandrite (to function on a high level), various agates (adaptability, versatility), rhodochrosite (transmutes, the rainbow bridge stone).

Colors- sea green, marine blue, dove gray, ivory, bronze.
Gems- ruby (to banish grief and draw friends), pearl (for emotional expression) and moonstone (intuition and lunar attunement).

Colors – sunshine hues such as coral, orange, bright yellow and gold.
Gems- peridot (for contentment with one’s lot in life) and amber (cools anger), sunstone (health and success).

Colors – mauve, navy, leaf green, lime, beige and medium gray.
Gems – sapphire (white magic, protects love), carnelian (guards health), apatite (clears confusion), fluorite (stress releaser).

Colors- bright blue, rose pink, lavender
Gems- rose quartz (draws love, beauty, good manners), jade (riches and longevity), labradorite (channels in extra terrestrials, balances the kidneys), tourmaline (protects from negative people).

Colors – teal, brick red, black, brown, midnight blue.
Gems- topaz (rapport with animals and inspiration), opal (psychic ability and guidance), petrified wood (past life recall), bloodstone (guards health), blue obsidian (inner and hidden power, comes from inside a volcano).

Colors – royal blue, burgundy, deep purple
Gems- turquoise (Native American wealth and love talisman), zircon (for honor), jasper (guards freedom and independence), malachite (education, adventure).

Colors- maroon, darkest brown, charcoal, forest green, indigo blue
Gems – garnet (friendship and virtue, a Victorian energy), onyx (grounding), snowflake obsidian (avoid disaster), jet (luck and long life, protective), kunzite (practical wisdom and grounding).


Colors- electric blue, purple, day-glow colors, silver, stark white.
Gems – amethyst (spirituality, freedom from addictions), lapis-lazuli (healing, higher purposes), clear quartz (future, untaps potentials), moldavite (wisdom from aliens).

Colors- palest pastel shades of pink, green, blue and lavender, also red-violet.
Gems- aquamarine (safe passage and inspiration), larimar (Atlantis connection and ocean mysticism), celestite (angelic influences), coral
( promotes love), smoky quartz (protective).


Note: All of the signs of the zodiac appear somewhere in each person’s horoscope. When you desire to activate a certain planet or house or draw in the qualities of a zodiac sign, use the appropriate stone to do so.


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Crown of Success Powder
Compounded and Created By Dikki-Jo Mullen

If you’re ever in any difficult situation and need a magical leg up, don’t forget to douse yourself in ‘Crown of Success’ powder. Blend a quarter cup of cornstarch with a quarter cup of powdered sugar and then add 33 drops of pure basil essential oil. Mix together by using the index finger of the hand that you write with and stir in a clockwise direction 33 times. Put some powder on after bathing or simply rub it on your hands before important meetings. Either way, the winner is you! Good fortune will follow. Give it a try!

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Crystals Your Celestial Powerhouse

With Dikki-Jo Mullen


Week 2 Class Assignment

The 5 Platonic Solids:

Cube (earth)    4 sides

Tetrahedron (fire)   5 sides

Octahedron (air)   8 sides

Dodecahedron (ether/spirit)  12 sides

Icosahedron  (water)    20 sides

Where do you see these forms connected with your favorite crystals? How do they affect you?


Three Beginning Steps Sequence and Your Quartz Crystals

  1. Journal what you know and believe about a crystal you have. How is it responding to the thoughts and actions you ae programming it with? How is the environment affecting the crystal.
  2. Look into a clear crystal in your possession. How does it make you feel to hold it? Look at its lattices, move with its light harmonics. How does its electro magnetic frequencies touch your own time and space of being?
  3. Approach your crystal as a window into time. Remember, it has been on Earth for 100 million to 350 million years. Your species has been here 300 thousand years max. Pick a good remembrance you have. Let the crystal attune to this resonance of your past. Trust the resonance and integrate it into the sum total of who you are.



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Crystals Your Celestial Power House
Tuesday Night class with Dikki-Jo Mullen
Week One Notes

“Crystal” means “frozen water. The clear quartz is what first comes to mind as a crystal. It is Si02 (silicon dioxide). It is the substance that gives us the technological miracles of 21st Century life. (computers, etc.)
California’s “silicon valley”, the technology capital of our country, is named for quartz or silica. Crystals can be programmed, much like a computer can be programmed, for healing, spirituality and more. Quartz is believed to harmonize and align human energies and consciousness.
The word crystal actually has a very broad application. “It is a solid whose components are arranged in a highly ordered competitive structure, It forms a lattice extending equally in all directions. It is coherent and symmetrical.”
Iron, silver and other minerals are actually crystals. The human body is a living crystal.
Assignment: Lapidomacy – Fortunetelling with Sacred Stones –
Select 3 small stones of about the same size . A black, a white and a colored one. Focus on “yes” with the white stone, holding it in your dominant hand. Next hold the black stone in your recessive hand and focus on “no”. Hold the colored stone in both hands and think of “truth” (we used a brown tiger’s eye in class, but a citrine, turquoise etc would work too.) Think of a question with a yes or no answer. Shake and toss all 3 stones, gently toss them before you, perhaps on a casting cloth. If the colored stone lands closer to the black stone your answer is no. If it’s closer to the white stone it’s yes. If the distance is equal it’s unsure, fate could turn the outcome either way. Carry your stones with you in a small bag and divine often. Care for them. Accuracy and power will grow.

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The Rule of Three and The Great Eclipse Pattern
Spring and Summer, 2020
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

“Things come in threes”, a longtime friend often said.
The strong retrograde influence in the cosmos right now is about recollection and rememberings. The third time is the charm, a journey has a beginning, a destination and ending. A traditional family also begins with three; a man, woman and child. Maiden, Mother, Crone are the magical ages of the Wiccan. Past, Present, Future, the Three Norns … Three is a number of the celestial on so many levels. Three suggests the pyramid too, the powerful and most stable of shapes. These musings come to mind as I contemplate what to write concerning the upcoming three eclipses in June and July of 2020. These intense alignments of the Sun, Moon and Earth often mark major shifts. Weather, power structures and more can be involved. Check your own horoscope for natal placements within three degrees of an eclipse to prepare for how it will impact you in more direct way. Consider the house positions of the eclipses in your own horoscope too. We will all live in interesting times now.
The first one occurs on June 5, 2020 is at 3:12 pm EDT, at 15 degrees Sagittarius 34’. It’s a Full Moon (lunar eclipse). Key words are education, travel, animals and games. This one aspects Mars in Pisces and can spark impatient and impulse. Direct anger in a positive way. Prepare for rain. The Sabian Symbol is “Seagulls watching a ship”, suggesting vigilance and opportunity.

The second eclipse takes place on the longest of days, June 21, at 2:41 am EDT at 0 degrees Cancer 21’, right on the summer solstice. Plan to honor and celebrate the solstice for a deeply spiritual awakening! It’s a solar (New Moon) eclipse. Patriotism, family, loyalty, food, real estate and the generation gap are addressed. A quincunx involving Saturn introduces fated and karmic circumstances. The Sabian Symbol is “An unfurled flag displayed from a vessel.” Adaptability and preparation are key notes.

The third and final eclipse of the season is on July 5 at 13 degrees Capricorn 38’. It’s a Full Moon (lunar) eclipse. It profoundly impacts the birth chart of the USA. Bless America in a Full Moon ceremony. “An ancient carving in granite” is the Sabian symbol. This suggests foundations and history. Study the past to reveal the future now. This eclipse conjoins Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. New trends in money and business are indicated. Businesses can either open or close.

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The Rune Stones and Astrology
Mercury’s Gift of Wisdom

By Dikki-Jo Mullen
In ancient times astrologers personified the planetary energies. The planets were seen as powerful and divine beings who showered gifts on worthy mortals or created trials and tribulations to help humanity to learn and grow. Contemporary astrology tends to view the celestial forces more as cycles of energy. Scientific and impersonal, they affect life on Earth in a more detached way. Regardless of how one prefers to interpret the planetary influences one fact remains unchanged. Mercury is the planet which influences intellectual ability, the thought processes, travel, communication and awareness. A deep understanding of Mercury’s influence will aid in the quest for the best employment, use of aptitudes, and important communication with others. Early Nordic cosmology taught that the God Woden, who corresponds to the Roman God Mercury, received a special gift from the universe. Woden shared this gift with mortals to help us develop inherent aptitudes.
This wonderful gift was a special set of symbols called The Rune Stones. The word rune comes from the Old Icelandic root word “runar”, the Anglo-Saxon “run” and Old German “runar”. All of these words mean “whisper”, “secret” or “mystery”. The runic symbols are a series of sketches which can address every conceivable situation. They relate to finances, love, health, success and failure. The runes offer inspirations and timely warnings when needed. Those who know how to read them can provide answers to problems with amazing clarity and expertise.
The runes have another gift to offer in addition to information. They are believed to act as magical charms, not only pinpointing problems but describing how to resolve them. Nordic mythology is rich in runelore. Instances of prisoners escaping their bonds, travelers avoiding accidents and lovers avoiding treachery through the wise employment of runes are plentiful. The runic symbols address issues in a very basic way. With just a little practice and faith those interested in astrology and related topics can learn to use them. Traditionally each seeker would make his or her own set of runes. Clay tablets, pieces of wood, shells or stones of about 1 inch square work well. These are painted or inscribed with the sacred symbols. Don’t worry about irregular shapes. These just add more character and help to personalize the runes. When the collection of painted pebbles, shells, etc, are completed, they are traditionally carried in a box or draw string bag. This is called a futhark (alphabet). Merely carrying a full Futhark, a set of runes, is thought to assure protection and good fortune.
A number of methods are used to consult the oracle. The easiest and often best is Woden’s Rune. This is to use the left hand, the psychically sensitive hand. Reach into the bag and merely draw one rune. For a more detailed read, the bag can be shaken, the runes cast onto a table and the ones which fall face up are interpreted. To call upon the runes for a blessing, typically for prosperity or true love, select a symbol which appeals to you then ink it onto a piece of parchment. Red, the color of the life force, or blood, is thought to be the sacred color of runemal (rune practice).
Those vitki (rune practitioners) who are more artistic might inscribe a ceramic tablet or metal plate to wear on a chain or even embroider the symbols onto clothing. Do this with some subtlety though. Runes are connected to the most ancient of mysteries. Mystics and soothsayers will heed the power held by the runes’ sanctity and semi-secrecy.
Woden or Mercury is credited with inventing writing. The letters in modern alphabets can be traced back to runic symbols. Just as language changes from generation to generation and place to place, the runes will have variables. Their clarity and accuracy is becoming more and more appreciated and is being used by more and more astrologers and psychic readers. It’s all part of the whole. The variety of different symbols can be a bit perplexing to the novice. The ideal approach is to study the various kinds of runes which come your way, then select the symbols which touch your heart with the greatest sincerity.
Astrological Elder Futhark
Here is a combination of runic symbols as they link to astrology. Those astrologers who are attracted to esoteric or spiritual astrology may use these for deeper insights.
Cattle (Feoh) relates to the zodiac sign of Taurus. It represents a business transaction, the drawing or opportunity and wealth. Reversed it warns of the loss of cash or valuables.
Birch Twig (Berkana) links to the Moon. It relates to religious ceremonies, sacrifice and making one’s own luck. Carry it for self purification and to overcome hesitancy. Reversed it indicates obstacles to overcome and the need for diligence.
Torch (Porn) related to Jupiter. It represents power and higher authorities. It shows that strong measures must be enacted to discover the light of truth. Reversed it cautions against a formidable adversary.
Signals or Flag (Os) is Mercury, Woden’s own rune. Seek the facts, needed information comes your way. Heed what synchronicites show what is meant to be. Letters, calls, conversations and messages are revealing. Reversed it hints at confused or twisted information.
Journey (Raido) relates to Gemini or Sagittarius and encourages the continuation of a quest. It is auspicious for travel, for moving forward. Cut away dead weight and non essentials. Reversed it warns or lack of unity, a failed plan.
Fires, Light (Sowelu) links to The Sun. A bright new season commences, wholeness and illumination are anticipated. Recharge, regenerate, the self is a vehicle for the light. Health and vitality improve. Carry this rune for personal power and for individuality. It will help you to shine. There is no reversed meaning.

Partnership (Gyfu) relates to Libra. Cooperation brings success, Equality and justice ring a needed balance. Partnership. There is no reversed meaning.
Joy (Wunjo) is Leo’s rune. Blessings come, a time of plenty commences. Wellbeing, new and progressive energies are unfolding. Be true to what is good within the self. When reversed it means that perseverance is needed. See the upbeat side of a challenge to be met.
Hail (Hagalaz) relates to Capricorn. Wind, winter, snow storms and upsets create challenges to one’s comfort zone. Material needs might have to be fulfilled with meager resources. Upsets lead to growth. The reversed meaning is the same.
Needs (Nyd) is the rune of Pluto and Scorpio. Survival is difficult and weaknesses arise. What is lacking is obvious. Reversed it brings a warning to control anger and animal instincts.

Spear or Arrow (Ger) belongs to Mars. Courage, move on, cut away debris and blockages. Act with trust and have faith that all will be well. If reversed don’t be reckless, stop and examine the motives involved before undertaking an action.

Yew Tree (Eoh) belongs to Saturn and Virgo. Eternal cycles bring a reminder that human influences are minimal. Conserve effort, be aware of timing. Orderly action. If reversed the meaning is unchanged.
Initiation, Secrets (Pear) is for Neptune and Pisces. It’s a Phoenix. Hard to understand events are unfolding. Prepare for the unexpected and there is gain. A new dawn. Reversed it warns of a lack of focus. Conserve effort. Prioritize.
Protection (Eolth) corresponds to the sign of Cancer. A traditional approach is best. Set boundaries. Keep out harmful influences with grace and tolerance but don’t be overly exclusive. If reversed guard against exploitive associates and excessive generosity.

Human, the Self (Mannaz) corresponds to Aries and to the Ascendant. Self respect, peaceful acceptance of the Self, following personal values is the message. Reversed it shows creating problems for oneself and accenting weaknesses.

Water, Flow (Laguz) relates to Aquarius. Psychology, heed intuition, immerse the self into the low of life. Attune to what is comfortable. If reversed there is a danger of being drained and exhausting resources through keeping bad company. Don’t swim upstream.

Fertility, Creativity (Ing) is the rune of Venus. Harmony with others, love, the arts and beauty add meaning to life. Creative expression, a birth. There is no reversed meaning.

Berserker, Whirlwind of energy (Tyr) is Uranus. Old habits become meaningless, be aware of current trends. Exceptional gifts arise. If reversed don’t be eccentric and reckless. Protect the present position.

These are the Elder or most ancient Futhark. Over the years a Younger Futhark has evolved, elaborating upon the traditional symbols which first emerged about the year 900 CE. Feel free to experiment with including new runes or looking at alternative viewpoints. This study is offered as a starting point. The Runes have a Retrograde Mercury sort of magic as Woden hung upside down in Ygraddsdill, the World Tree, for 9 days and nights before receiving the runes from the three Norns. Their names are Skuld, Urd and Verdandi, (Future, Past and Present) . The wise will toss three coins into a body of water as a gift to the Norns for the runes. The sacred symbols really belong to these three enigmatic beings. The Norns are the Weird Sisters, the Fates who spin and weave the zodiacal wheel. It is a the web of time holding the past, present and future paths of human life.

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