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Astrology’s Riddle

The Astrology Puzzle
by Dikki-Jo Mullen
What time is it? Often we don’t know! Astrology is a study of times and places. With issues related to daylight savings time, war time and variations in calendars, calculating a correct horoscope can become a genuine detective game … sometimes. However, astrologers of today have a much easier time of it than was the case before November 18, 1883. That was the date, at 12:00 noon, at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, when standard time was established. Before that the USA had a mind boggling 300 time zones! Individual cities were on local meantime. This played havoc with the railroads. Train service was impossible to schedule when simultaneously it might be noon in Chicago, 12:24 in Philadelphia or 11:27 in Omaha. The event chart for the “birth’’ of standard time is an influential one. It notes a key event in National history.
A glance at this intriguing chart shows Mercury, one of the planets ruling time, conjunct the Sun in Scorpio. The Scorpio conjunction is in a congenial trine the Cancer Moon. The Cancer Moon sign is patriotic. Aquarius rising shows progress, change and ingenuity as factors. The chart ruler, Uranus, at 27 degrees Virgo is sextile the Scorpio conjunction as well as sextile the Moon. Pluto, Chiron and Saturn form a pivitol stellium in Gemini, a sign which relates to transportation and communication. Saturn is another planet which rules time. Pluto and Mercury are in a mutual reception, adding to the transformative significance on so many levels of the start of Standard Time. Jupiter and Mars in Leo aspect the Gemini planets as well as being trine Venus in Sagittarius. The favorable fire sign factors point to efficiency and comfort being increased with this change involving time.

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Zooming With The Stars
“Practicing Astrology During The Plague”
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
As a consulting astrologer it has been a blessing to be able to adapt Zoom as a way to continue to work with valued clients during the long months of Covid-19. Using Zoom keeps reminding me of “The Jetsons”, a popular 1960’s TV program which was oddly prophetic of 21st Century life.
While sharing a screen illustrating a birth chart map as a client watches along with me this guide is helpful. From a safe distance across cyberspace the definitions are helpful. Here is a list of which planets to consider for the various situations and questions which might arise during a typical Covid era consultation. Try it in analyzing in your own charts with both the transits and natal placements.
Panic : fright, fear, (Saturn), terrorism (Pluto), alarm (Mars), insecurity (Moon), depression (Moon-Saturn )
Arguments: debate (Mercury), disputes (Mars), misconstrue (Uranus), critical (Virgo), revenge (Scorpio), over- reactions (Moon), verbal abuse (Mercury w/Mars or Pluto)
Pressure: Strain, urgency, stress (Mars), compulsions (Pluto), weighty, morbidity (Saturn).
Restlessness: fidgets (Mercury), wanderlust (Neptune), agitation (Mars), Storminess (Uranus).
Indifference: coldness (Saturn), apathy (Neptune), carelessness (Mars), disdainful (Sun), indifference (Aries – Aquarius).
Contradictory: contrary, antagonistic (Mars), adversity (Saturn), perverse (Uranus), uncaring (Pluto)
Power Plays: authoritative (Sun), control issues (Saturn), selfishness (ascendant), forcible (Sun with Pluto), duress, coercion (Mars).

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A Seance Invocation
There is a land where we all go,
Whence ne’r the frost nor cold wind blow,
And friends remembered reunite,
And those who hate, forget their spite.
In glow surround these gentle beings,
We call you now to bless our meetings,
Heaven’s promise, our spirits thrive,
So now for the living, let the dead come alive.
Greetings Spirits… Speak thee to us?
From “The Spirit Speaks Weekly Newspaper” 1901

Summon The Spirits For
A Successful Séance
The participants say these words together, seated around a table.
(preferably one of wood, oak or pine, and round or oval in shape)

“Our beloved (think or say the name of a desired spirit loved one) we bring you gifts from life into death.
Commune with us (think or say the names of the desired contacts) and move among us.”

Repeat three times. The number three is very important in séance traditions. There must be at least three present to have a séance, it’s good if the number of people is divisible by three. At least three candles should be lit too. The trinity, past, present and future, the sacred pyramid and other mystical links can be seen in the three.
The third time is the charm.
Compliments of Dikki-Jo Mullen, Medium

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Class Notes Week Three
Rescue Mediumship and entity Attachment
Twelve Points Revealing Natural Psychic Mediumistic Aptitude

By Dikki-Jo Mullen Psychic Medium

1. Uncomfortable in the dark, a preference for a night light

2. Seeing shadows moving, dark on dark, shadow people present

3. Having had an imaginary friend with a life force and personality

4. Having an urge to connect with spirit entities and share information with others

5. enjoyment of books and films about psychic subjects such as Long Island Medium, Rescue Mediums, John Edwards, etc.

6. Asking aloud for guidance or help and … the answer comes

7. Urge to help others

8. The Clair’s are developed. Clairvoyance, supersensitive hearing, sight, empathy, foresight sense impressions, etc.

9. A tendency to block out disturbing visions and bad situations

10. Knowing you have talent and ability, waiting for the time to use and develop it

11. Attraction to Tarot, Astrology, Runes, palmistry, crystals, Ouija Boards, and related techniques and metaphysical tools

12. Feeling the spirit world has a message, and a desire to discover it to do good

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Angelic Number Sequences
111 – a new door opens, thoughts manifest, reject any negative thought forms.
222 – All will be well in the end, keep your faith in the powers of good to overcome evil.
333- Higher beings such as saints, angels, ascended ones offer guidance and protection
444 – Grounding and support are solid, fear not, help is on the way. Peaceful connections.
555- Growth and creativity abound, a sense of rebirth, released potentials. Transformation.
666 – There is a need for balance, don’t let material and selfish motives rules you. Be idealistic.
777 – Rewards have come following your good work. Uplift others and you will rise. Heavenly.
888 – Generosity and abundance surround you. Timing is good, financial success.
999- Do all the good you can, your role is to enlighten, select a divine purpose and path.
Be aware of the number sequences and synchronicities you see. They are reassurance and encouragement sent by Angels and other divine beings.
by Dikki-Jo Mullen

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The Full Moon in Aquarius
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
The only Full Moon in Aquarius this year will take place just before noon on Monday, August 3, 2020, at 11:58 am EDT. The Full Moon is always influential. This one falls at 11 degrees Aquarius 45’. Events linked to this Full Moon will set the pace during the month ahead, lasting until the next Full Moon which will be in Pisces on September 2, 2020. Meditation by the light of the Moon can offer some meaningful insights and inspirations. Drum circles often gather at Full Moons.
As I am writing this Hurricane Isaias is churning its way toward Florida. The East coast is on a storm watch. Fortunately Orlando is far enough inland to not be too directly impacted, but involvement in doing some preparations and plans for the storm can be a focus as the week begins. The Sabian Symbol for the degree of the lunation offers insights into the subtleties of this cycle. The Sabian Symbol symbol is “ People on stairs graduated upwards”. It illustrates a time of progression, of moving onward and upward. Prior experiences become a foundation upon which to build and elevate. Sharing ideas which will enhance life for others, defining aspirations, as well as a subtle competitive quality will characterize this point in time.
The fixed star Armus is almost exactly conjunct this Full Moon. Armus has a Mars-Mercury nature. It generates controversy, some debates and impatience. It brings a reminder to avoid potentially negative scenarios. Seeking a constructive outlet to occupy time and energy in a constructive way is important in order to put the most positive twist on this.

As is always true at a Full Moon, there is an exact Sun-Moon opposition.
Find a balance between your ego and emotions, assertion and your empathy, and masculine and feminine polarities. Directed into projects, this high energy can be helpful to achieve your goals.

The Moon will square Uranus in Taurus. Many people can be erratic and unpredictable. There is a certain stubbornness and resistance to pressure from some. Cope by viewing situations with empathy and insight. Then there is an excitement present which will help new experiences to flourish.

In Colonial America, Europe and among the indigenous peoples the various Full Moon were named, as a way to mark the seasons of the year. The Wort Moon is one name given to the August Full Moon. Wort is an old word for plant. The early harvest of plants is looked forward to at this time.
The Full Moon in August is also called Sturgeon Moon because of the large number of fish in the lakes where the Algonquin tribes fished. Other names for this Full Moon include Green Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Fruit Moon, and Grain Moon, all from Old English/Anglo-Saxon.
Sun Sign Astrology Guide to The Full Moon of August, 2020
Mini Horoscopes To Share!
Read the entry for your Sun sign (familiar birth sign everyone knows) next consider the entry for your ascendant or rising sign. Can you relate to your mini scope for the August, 2020 Full Moon?
You will seek to know yourself with new clarity. Independent expression is enhanced.
You will focus on exploring past lives. An urge to find peace and enjoy more privacy prevails.
Your thoughts turn toward plans for the future. Involvement with a new social circle or group will appeal.
Interaction with professional associates occupies you. You can feel especially ambitious and competitive.
Catching up on reading and scholarship is appealing. An in-law or grand parent – grand child dynamics can be accented.
Research, solving a puzzle, a connection with the spirit world are some highlights. Cherishing secrets to share at the perfect time is likely.
It’s all about relationships for you. A new commitment or forming an alliance of some kind is accented. Legal and ethical issues materialize.
Alternative health treatments can be exciting. You can also be absorbed by the car of a beloved animal companion.
Plan a romantic stroll, this Full Moon is about love. A new hobby, game, sports or creative crafts can captivate you.
You can discover something intriguing about your home or ancestry. Childhood recollections or the care of relatives will occupy you.
Transportation for commuter journeys and multi tasking make this a busy, active time. Keep up with communication, answer e-mails, etc.
It’s about money right now. You might think of a business opportunity and making good use of your salable skills.

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