Sub Rosa, Angelic Flowers and the Night Sky
By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer and Parapsychologist
“Sub rosa” means “under the rose”. This most beautiful and cherished of flowers represents discretion and esoteric secrecy, sacred truths and information is protected and sealed by the rose. For at least 5000 years roses have been referenced in art and literature as symbols of everything from love to alchemy to politics. Here is a print of my original rose painting, blessed for you to attract what personal joy the cherished rose symbol promises for you as you peruse this meditation which came at May’s Full Flower Moon in 2017 as a poetic dream ….

Morning Rose Petals – A Poetic Meditation
Now when the heart longs and wishes with dreams, visions will blossom from a rosebud and it is an angel, a fairy who brings this whisper, this touch. Walking in a garden and star watered by the light of the moon. The heart is uplifted, warmed as the roses whisper. Voices, fragrance as messages from the heavenly ones appearing as angels, deep within roses, the fairy globes

Astrology and The Neighbors
Your Horoscope Reveals All!
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

“Every day I wish those Johanssens would move to Siberia!” exclaimed Tabby. Her voice trembled with rage and her eyes filled with tears of anguish.
Usually my client Tabby is an intelligent, calm and popular individual. Her speech is peppered with amusing quips delivered with a good humored smile. However all that had changed during the past few weeks. Her whole life has become clouded by a series of confrontations with her neighbors.
From the outside looking in it can be hard not to laugh at the series of little incidents which had erupted into this full blown feud. It all began with a parking dispute. Then it became inflamed when Tabby’s cat bested the Johanssen’s cat in a feline squabble. Out and out warfare came about when the Johanssen’s 10 year old daughter put a garden hose in Tabby’s young daughter’s bedroom window and turned the water on.
Any temptation to laugh at all of this is quickly squelched though with one glance at Tabby’s face as she describes how the accelerating vendetta has impacted her. Unfortunately this scene isn’t at all unusual. With populations rising many of us are living at closer and closer quarters with many different kinds of neighbors. Apartment complexes, condominiums and zero lot line suburban housing projects generate clashes between those who are jammed together.
What can you do when confrontations seem inevitable with a difficult neighbor? This unhappy experience is one most of us have at least once. Aside from some common sense guidelines (such as not jumping to conclusions or over reacting) a glance at your horoscope can help. The 3rd house is the area which describes neighbors and the roles they will play in your life. Begin by considering the sign ruling your 3rd house at birth, then study any planets in that section for deeper insights. Your familiar Sun sign offers an easy and effective starting point.

Mercury and the sign of Gemini are the neighbor indicators for you. They might be talkative, filled with curiosity (Ok, nosey) and ask innocent questions which seem to encourage gossip. Be careful about revealing confidential information, don’t talk about one neighbor to another. Mail delivery, transporting children to school, commuter travel, bicycle traffic and loud outdoor phone bells and conversations can trigger complaints. A neighbor might be a teacher or media specialist.

Your neighbors are described by the Moon and the sign of Cancer. There can be a number of multi-generation families nearby. Small children playing can get overly protective nanas and mamas upset if the kiddies argue over games and toys. Children and the elderly can be at the center of adult controversies. Ethnic group differences can come into play. Relationships might improve if one takes time to understand the cultural traditions neighbors have grown up with. Much pride will be taken in nice yards, furnishings and decorations. Compliment neighbors on their homes and children, then they will become staunch allies. One neighbor might be a historian or work in food and hospitality.

Leo and the Sun describe your 3rd house of neighbors. Great pride will be taken in image and reputation. Some neighbors might seem to be snobs. The phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” is apt. Get along well with your neighbors by letting them shine. Don’t be overly competitive, find what they take pride in and offer an occasional word of praise. Flamboyant Sun-Leo energies love a party. Neighborhood block parties, barbecues or yard sales can be appealing to them. Be tolerant if neighbors have noisy gatherings and invite them over once in a while if giving a party of your own. One of them might work in tourism or the theater.

Virgo and Mercury rule your neighbors. Health and safety factors as well as small animals all come into play. Keep your pets under control, don’t let them bark or prowl where unwanted. Be tolerant of their pets too. You might criticize neighbors too much or live near those who are fussy perfectionists. Be cautious about circulating petitions or voicing complaints to head off misunderstandings. A neighbor could work in health care or computer technology.

Libra and Venus are descriptive of your neighbors. You might socialize a great deal, or perhaps belong to the same clubs and organizations. If single there could be a romantic involvement. I had one client with Venus in her 3rd house of neighbors who actually married the guy across the street! Usually you’re fortunate regarding neighbors. They tend to be well mannered, artistically inclined an interested in neighborhood beautification projects. Neighbors might offer advice about remodeling or landscaping your home. Accept this graciously. Plant pretty flowers and shrubs to hide garbage containers. One neighbor could be a photographer or attorney.

Your neighbors are described by Scorpio and Pluto. This can be one of the more difficult patterns for keeping the peace. Neighbors can have vastly diverse life styles and values. Don’t try to change them, but try to “put yourself in their shoes”. There can be some break-ins and legal infractions afoot. If you dislike someone, use care. All is often not as it seems. Accidents or wicked weather or other adversities have a way of drawing neighbors closer together, encouraging better communication and camaraderie. Look for ways to resolve apparent problems and you can spark the catalyst to assure good will. Your neighbors will be secretive, you might not ever know what they really do or who they are.

Jupiter and Sagittarius are your neighbor indicators. Managing wild or stray animals as well as issues linked to pets can create sensitive issues. Larger dogs, horses, goats or unusual/exotic animals can be a part of neighborhood dynamics. Folks can be blunt and tactless, try not to get offended too easily. Athletic events can be popular. One client with this configuration in her horoscope lives on a street which is always being closed off to allow marathon runners access. This has created much grief and anger. Very religious neighbors who invite you to their churches can be nearby, you might also find yourself residing near a school. Honesty and a liberal attitude will help you keep the peace. A neighbor could be a pastor, athlete or animal trainer.

Capricorn and the planet Saturn describe your neighborhood situation. You might be forced to live near those who seem to be of a lower socio-economic level. If you secretly see the neighbors as “blue collar red necks”, keep this observation to yourself. The age gap can be a hurdle. Older housing, cramped drive ways and tiny yards cn pose situations to cope with. In a positive sense historic preservation, preserving land marks and traditions can connect neighbors in a constructive way. There always seem to be repair projects afoot. Seek ways to keep this quiet and safe. Neighbors can be retirees or maintenance workers.

Uranus and Aquarius are your astrological neighbor indicators. Very unusual eccentric characters can dwell near you. If not, then conservative neighbors can view you as the odd one out or the weirdo! Neighbors will usually come across as friendly, but you would do well to keep contact impersonal. Until you gradually get to know more about individual neighbors, just offer a friendly wave from a distance. Neighbors can have many gadgets such as alarms, cameras, unusual lights or holiday decorations operating. Some of them might try to organize a neighborhood watch or e-mail exchange. There can be much coming and going punctuated by unexpected moves in and out. There’s never a dull moment in your neighborhood. A neighbor might be a ghost tracker, psychic or astrologer.

Your neighbor are described by Neptune and Pisces. There can be at least one handicapped, disturbed or depressed person nearby. Expect be some barriers initially in figuring them out. Don’t discount alcohol, etc. as a factor. Before complaining about an ornery neighbor to the authorities, be sure you are right in doing so. Neighbors can be hypersensitive and easily upset. Good or bad, they aren’t as they first seem. A few kind gestures on your part can work wonders. Offer help if someone seems to need it. Water rights, zoning regulations and boundaries, the location of property lines, might have to be resolved at some point. A neighbor might be a sailor, mystic or beach comber.

Aries and Mars are your astrological indicators concerning neighbors. They might be especially proud of their motorcycles and race cars. There can be some issues about racing them up and down the street. Neighbors will be assertive and won’t hesitate to let you know their concerns. You might live near law enforcement or military personnel. Someone wants to run the neighborhood, expect a power struggle. Assert yourself in a good humored way. Anger can flair up and then die down if you’re patient. There can be someone who believes in carrying weapons to be aware of. If the neighborhood is a dangerous one use care in firearm control. Usually a grudge isn’t held though. Leave a neighbor who is momentarily upset alone and chances are all will be forgiven and activities forgotten. A neighbor could be a soldier or mechanic.

Your neighbors are described by Taurus and Venus. Usually they will want to preserve the status quo in their routine activities while upholding conservative values. If you’re a newcomer, don’t try to change things right away. Try to fit into the picture amicably as it is. Some of your neighbors might be into real estate and landscaping, so maintaining a nice yard may endear you to them. Others among them might be bankers, musicians or artists. Your neighbors will be impressed if you appear to be classy and affluent with a high income. Try to appreciate your neighbors, the same set might be near you for many years to come. Expect less coming and going in your neighborhood than usual. A neighbor might be a business person.
Additional Neighbor Notes For Everyone
After considering neighbors using your solar 3rd house guidelines above, consider the entry for your ascendant or rising sign and also natal planets in your 3rd house for deeper insights. By transit, Mars crossing through the 3rd can generate a cycle of tension among neighbors. Jupiter can bring a helpful or gifted neighbor your way. An eclipse in the 3rd house can promise new neighbors and/or a long time one who has been a fixture in the area departing. Also eclipses and outer planet transits in your 3rd house can indicate sink holes, construction projects or other upsets which profoundly change the neighborhood.

The Astrology of Pagan Pride 2017
Here Is A Study In Interpreting  A  Specialized Type Of Horocope
The  Event Chart

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Astrology, the celestial science, plays an important role in guiding the paths of those who would follow The Old Ways. The Wheel of the Year, marking the important craft observances, links to astrology as do the magical hours and the lunation cycle. Astrological patterns offer guidance and insight not only about individuals, but also about events as well. The event horoscope for the day selected to celebrate Pagan Pride in 2017 is an especially auspicious one. Saturday, September 3o, 2017 from 11am -5pm EDT, in Altamonte Springs, Florida is the date, time and place of what should surely prove to be a memorable gathering.
The “birth” of the event is the 11:00 am opening time. This is in the planetary hour of the Sun, which astrologers traditionally always select to assure a positive outcome. Growth, entertainment and a sense of well being prevail during a Sun hour. The ascendant (rising sign) is 24 degrees of Scorpio. This evokes a sense of depth and mystery, creating a connection with the inner planes and spirit guides. The Sun (the familiar zodiac sign we all know) is in Libra along with benevolent Jupiter and knowledge seeking Mercury. The 1oth and 11th houses of the event chart are activated by the placements in the affable, artistic and sociable sign of Libra. Group activities, learning experiences, worthwhile spiritual awakenings and an accent on the fine arts will set the tone. The Moon, which is the heavenly body closest to Earth and governs the flow of daily life, is in Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign as is Libra. The Moon is applying to form a desirable 120 degree aspect called a trine to the Sun. The trine is called ‘the darling of the gods’ aspect in traditional astrology and is considered very favorable. The Aquarius Moon accents technology and metaphysics as well as originality. The Moon is in the 3rd house, accenting conversation as well as books. The Moon is waxing in the first quarter which favors healing and ‘white’ magical workings. Air elementals such as the fairies can be in attendance, with the strong accent on air signs in this chart.
Venus and Mars are in earthy Virgo in the 10th house. This shows hardworking vendors and some competitive situations. (Be sure to come by my own vendor table, at least to say hello.) Saturn is in Sagittarius in the 1st house. This shows much planning and effort involved by those creating the gathering. Also this placement accents familiars and other animals and their roles in the life of the witch. Uranus in Aries in the 5th house promises fun, maybe even a hint of romance, for some attendees. Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd house brings some who see pagan related interests as a source of salable job skills. The North Moon node in Leo in the 9th house is intensely philosophical and spiritual. There might be some influences from the magical traditions of other lands in evidence. The 4th house shows the end of a matter in an event chart. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are present here. This shows that many will be inspired and surprised by experiences they encounter at Pagan Pride 2017 with. Dreams and deep meditations can be a part of this. There can be some positive paranormal energies at the venue too, as the 4th house has a bearing on the “home”, the physical surroundings, of the building hosting Pagan Pride.
Overall this event chart appears to be most influential and worthwhile. Don’t miss out on the excitement, be sure to attend.
Here is a listing of the astrological placements of the horoscope for Pagan Pride, 2017. Tropical Placidus house cusps are used, the degrees and minutes and house placements are listed.
September 30, 2017, 11:00 AM EDT in Altamonte Springs, Florida
Sun – 7 Libra 38 (11th house)
Moon – 5 Aquarius 14 (3rd house) First Quarter Phase
Mercury – 1 Libra 05 (10th house)
Venus – 12 Virgo 57 (10th house, mutual reception with Mercury)
Mars – 15 Virgo 50 (10th house)
Jupiter – 27 Libra 53’ (11th house)
Saturn – 22 Sagittarius 13’ (1st house)
Uranus – 27 Aries 17 (5th house) retrograde
Neptune – 12 Pisces 10’ (4th house) retrograde
Pluto – 16 Capricorn 51’ (2nd house)
North Moon Node – 21 Leo 47’ (9th house)
Chiron – 26 Pisces 22’ (4th house) retrograde
Ascendant – Rising Sign – 24 degrees Scorpio
(Note: The Sun, Moon and Ascendant are the most important placements in the horoscope. )


  1. Void of course Morning Poem
    by Dikki-Jo
    – from last night’s dreams –

    The trail goes on and on, loops,
    Then leads to
    No where different
    It runs around a river shore
    And there is an island midway …
    Across distant water
    So slow and so still, quiet, the river flows.
    It all is no where different.
    A scene that seems the same
    Yet never the same.

The Sun, Moon and Fire
Silent and hot—
Reflecting on what is not
Always to burn, turn
Forever to long
For a breakthrough, a bird’s song

Breaking down,
Rejecting a frown,
When you look down
While love in embers glows, shines, aimlessly

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

(This poem was channeled to me while meditating on the affect weather, temperature and the Sun and Moon have always had on life on Earth. )


The Astrological Gardener

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Whether it is just having a few plants in the window of an apartment in the city or acres of gardens in the country, nurturing plants and connecting with the Earth afresh has become a favorite 21st century hobby. Gardening offers peace and pleasure to people of all ages during these often hectic and tension times. It is easy to feel bewildered by the intriguing array of choices when visiting a greenhouse to select plants. Geraniums might do well for one friend, while another favors ferns or begonias. Should you start a cactus garden or splurge on a bonsai tree? Zodiacal rulerships for plants, both medicinal and ornamental, have been a part of astrological traditions for centuries. Your own birth sign (the familiar Sun sign) is a wonderful place to begin when designing a garden to bring a wholesome, earthy peace into your life. By analyzing which plants are compatible with your nature, you can assemble a really outstanding collection of greenery, whether the space available for the project is large or small.
As a fire sign, you must remember to water your plants regularly. Also they can wither if you give them too much sunlight. You will enjoy the extra physical activity that gardening requires. Experiment with a cactus garden combined with a candle or rock garden. For an indoor garden, using a grow light can work well. Pepper plants, tulips, mustard, radishes, poppies, bay trees and aloes are plants you can have success with.
Plants respond almost magically to your touch. Some of the most gifted master gardeners are Taureans. Your garden could even produce enough surplus to sell as a supplement your income. You have the legendary green thumb and can grow almost anything, but some especially good choices include corn, wheat, columbine, myrtle, spinach, iris, daisies and forget-me-nots. Look into an edible landscape that is also visually pleasing.
Unless your natal chart has some earth and water sign emphasis, you might be challenged in getting plants to thrive. Your patience can wear thin with the slow pace of gardening and the time consuming effort it takes. If it is just too much for you, try assembling silk arrangements or dried flowers accented with feathers. Plants that can grow well for you include woodbine, meadow sweet, birch trees, yarrow, tansy, lilacs and roses. Planting a butterfly garden can bring novelty and happiness your way, as butterflies have a link to your birth sign.
You love swamps and lush water plants. Take care not to over water or over fertilize your garden. Try all types of lilies (water lily, lily of the valley, tiger lily, etc.), water plants of all kinds, white roses, weeping willow trees (the long strings of leaves provide a nice veil to hide behind, when you want to dream or read). Also mushrooms, pumpkins and melons will flourish for you. Take along a slip from a plant that grew in a home from your past when moving to a new dwelling, you are sentimental about your plants.
For you it is an exotic and dramatic garden, with splashes of brilliant color. Do not crowd too many plants into a small space though and be sure to water them enough. Sunflowers, marigolds, mint, parsley, fennel, citrus trees, dill, olive trees and daffodils are excellent choices for your garden. You would enjoy an elevated garden, placed to attract attention on a small hill or pedestal. You would like to add beautiful hanging baskets, wind chimes or a decorative flag or windsock too.
As an Earth sign, you have a natural aptitude for horticulture. Study medicinal herbs and experiment with the goal of making your own home remedies. Assembling herbal tea blends, poultices, etc. to enhance health will appeal to you. Popular table vegetables such as carrots, squash, celery, lettuce will also thrive for you. Valerian, lavender and chicory are other excellent choices. You might want to try beekeeping in conjunction with gardening.
You treasure plants for their beauty, fragrance and other aesthetic qualities. The beauty of a formal garden would delight you. If you have the time and space, try to copy a floral clock, maze or rose garden from historical references. Beautifully kept parks will draw you, you will enjoy wandering through them as a mild form of exercise. Plants to select for your apartment or small patio garden include roses, thyme, violets, pansies, apricot or chestnut trees, bleeding hearts, strawberries, primroses and cowslips.
Your plants tend to be hardy survivors, weathering freezes and droughts well. Gardens in your care are very fertile too and you can have extra produce to sell or offer to friends. Try bonsai gardening. The twisted and mysterious dwarf trees harmonize with Scorpio. Other great choices include orchids, geraniums, lobelia, beans, magnolia, lichens, tomatoes, blackthorn and witch hazel trees.
You seldom think of purchasing plants, they seem to find you; perhaps as a gift from a friend or picked up as an afterthought at the supermarket. Sturdy greenery that will flourish independent of personal attention will be your favorite. You would like to have vines trailing over the door or even covering the whole house, plants on the front porch and foreign or exotic plants will attract you too. Some good choices are linden trees, hyssop, ginseng, cinnamon trees, dandelions, chervil and jasmine. Include plants to offer your pets. How about growing some catnip for a favorite feline or grass for a dog to chew?

Massive and gnarled trees, especially pines and oaks, ravaged and marked by time and the seasons, will attract you. Purchase a live Christmas tree in a container to plant outdoors after the holiday is over. You would enjoy visiting a stand of virgin timber, perhaps a redwood forest in the Western United States, or historic forests in Europe. Plants made famous in stories, poems and songs attract you too. Consider holly, ivy, thistles, flax, sienna, cypress, sage and wintergreen for your garden.
Exotic, mutated or grafted plants are linked to your sign. Purchase a batch of x-rayed seeds to plant, you’ll be thrilled by their eccentric growth and appearance. Imported and unusual plants will thrive for you, perhaps defying their usual limits regarding climate. If anyone can grow a magnolia in Minneapolis, a coconut palm in Chicago or a birch tree in Key West, it’s you. Air plants of all kinds, spikenard, dragonwort, rowan tree, crocus and begonias are all good choices for your garden.
You have an empathy with fragile, fussy plants which require constant care.
A fountain, fish pond or other water features as a center piece for your garden and statues of fairies, angels or St. Francis to invoke a spiritual and mystical presence would also appeal. You can often bring nearly dead plants back to life by talking to them, a gift you share with gardeners born under Scorpio, your fellow water sign. Rubber trees, orchids, African violets, wildflowers in general, mosses, gardenias, mimosa, frangipani, hops and ferns should all do well for you. So will all night blooming plants. Consider planting an all white moon garden to wander in after sunset.
“The touch of the wind for pardon, the kiss of the Sun for mirth,
We are nearer God’s heart in a garden than in anyplace else on Earth.”
(a traditional garden poem)

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day …. a hard freeze is predicted for Central Florida on this March weekend. The world seems quite chaotic so … baking this traditional bread has been warming my heart and hearth all day. Here is an easy and delicious recipe …
Irish Soda Bread Family Recipe
… Compliments of Dikki-Jo Mullen ….
(Mullen (paternal Grandfather) and Rolland (paternal Grandmother) family roots in … County Mayo and County Cork, Eire
· 3 cups all-purpose flour
· 1 tablespoon baking powder
· 1/3 cup white sugar
· 1 teaspoon salt
· 1 teaspoon baking soda
· 1 egg, lightly beaten
· 2 cups buttermilk
· 1/4 cup butter, melted
Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Grease a 9×5 inch loaf pan.
Combine flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and baking soda. Blend egg and buttermilk together, and add all at once to the flour mixture. Mix just until moistened. Stir in butter. Pour into prepared pan.
Bake for 65 to 70 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the bread comes out clean.
Cool on a wire rack. Wrap in foil for several hours, or overnight, for best flavor.
Irish Soda Bread Recipe …. Irresistible! add 1/4 c raisins and 1 tsp caraway seeds if desired! Serve with fresh butter or imported Irish country cheeses.