The Astrology of Chakras
Your Guide to Inner Space
The Seven Interior Stars
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
“When she told me she was quitting the job, just like that, I felt as if she’d thrown a brick right into my stomach.”
My friend was talking about a problem he’d had at work that day and describing a feeling that many of us experience. It is of having the wind knocked out of us following sudden bad news or other upset.
The human body is a delicately balanced interweaving of different energies. When events take place which upset this balance we may feel the need to gasp for breath, gulp away the lump in our throats or cope with dizziness or even feeling the start of a sudden headache. This is to adjust internal energy centers within our energy body, often called the electric or subtle body.
In the Eastern spiritual tradition these sensitive parts of the body are called chakras, a Sanskrit word meaning wheels. They are illustrated as whorls of energy relating to the glandular system. They also relat to the colors of the rainbow as well as the Sun and Moon coupled with the visible planets as used by early astrologers. Through developing an awareness of your chakras and using a system of music and color meditations to balance them, New Age thought teaches that your health and well being can be greatly enhanced. The chakras extend from the base of the spine to the top of the head. There are several systems of identification with the colors, planets and musical notes. Here is the one most popular among contemporary metaphysical practitioners.
Chakra * Color * Musical Note * Planets * Signs * Glands *
1. Base * Red * C natural * Saturn, Uranus, * Aquarius, Capricorn * Gonads
2. Sacral * Orange * D * Jupiter, Neptune * Sagittarius, Pisces * Adrenals
3. Solar Plexus * Yellow * E * Mars, Pluto * Scorpio, Aries * Pancreas, Liver
4. Heart * Green * F * Venus * Taurus, Libra * Thymus, Heart
5. Throat * Blue * G * Mercury * Gemini, Virgo * Thyroid
6. Third Eye * Indigo * A * Moon * Cancer * Pituitary
7. Crown * White, Violet * B natural * Sun * Leo * Pineal

The First Chakra is located at the base of the spine. The color red and the physical energy are centered here. It correlates with the gonads and can be out of balance when there’s listlessness or security relate troubles. It corresponds with the musical note C natural. Astrologically the Saturn and Uranus energies are anchored here. They refer to the security base as well as to the different social situations we must deal with. Seed sound is Lam.
The Second Chakra is positioned at the navel area, just below the stomach. The adrenal glands relate to it. So does the color orange, musical note D natural, and the planets Jupiter and Neptune. It has a bearing on creativity and links to reproduction. Frustration stemming from an inability to express oneself can relate to problems centered here. Jupiter relates to growth and Neptune to inspiration. Seed sound is Vam.
The Third Chakra is at the solar plexus, just below the heart. It corresponds to the pancreas and liver. Will power, discipline, being centered within society are tied to its function. The color is yellow, musical note is E, the planets are Mars and Pluto. Competition, motivation and a sense of authority are its influences. Seed sound is Ram.
The Fourth Chakra is located at the heart and relates to the thymus gland. The color is green, the musical note is F and the planet is Venus. The circulatory system, immune system, love and heart action are felt here. If frustrated love isn’t resolved , it can manifest eventually as heart trouble. Venus is the strongest love indicator in the chart. Good manners and refinement are linked to this chakra. Seed sound is Yam.
The Fifth Chakra is positioned at the throat. Its color is blue and the musical note is G. The thyroid gland, lungs and voice relate to it. It’s the most sensitive to stress. The speechless quality, a catch in the throat most of us experience at times relates to an imbalance here. This chakra relates to Mercury, the communicator. It translates the actions of the mind into words. It also links to the will. Seed sound is Ham.
The Sixth Chakra is located at the brow, the third eye in the center of the forehead. It corresponds to the color indigo and the musical note A. Astrologically it relates to the Moon. Emotions, psychic perceptions, sensitivity, the subconscious and dreams are all part of its functions. The pituitary gland and central nervous system are related to this chakra. Memory and the senses in general as well as visionary ability have a connection here too. Seed sound is Om.
The Seventh Chakra is positioned atop the head at the crown. It corresponds to the Sun and the musical note B. White and violet are the colors. The pineal gland, higher consciousness, upper brain and integration of the whole being are tied in here. The seventh chakra is said to be the door to the divine, to spiritual awakening and awareness. Seed sound is the silent Om.
Now … take a moment to rub your hands together as if they are cold. Pull the palms slowly apart facing each other. Relax the fingers, pull the hands apart slightly. Move them around. Can you feel an energy flow, or a force field, like a magnetic current? You probably can unless you’re very tired today. If you’re near someone else feel his or her energy by placing your hands near, but not touching, that person. Call this the vibes, aura, etc. It’s the subtle energy we all have. Mystics call it the energy field of the subtle body. Illustrations of angels or saints will show it as a halo. Medical science recognizes it as that weight loss of about 6 ounces which can be recorded at death.
Next … hold your hands over each of your chakras. Move them around. Do you feel a healing or comforting sensation? Place a crystal in each hand and repeat the experiment. You can balance your chakras after an upsetting experience this way. A daily meditation on the colors, the Sanskrit seed sounds and musical notes can help you to stay in balance. This will have a positive impact in the long run on your well being.
Now go a step further …. Think about the current astrological transits in relation to your own birth chart. Are you going through a Saturn square or maybe a Mars opposition? Cope by focusing on the chakra relating to Mars or Saturn. Treat it with color, music and or a crystal. You’ll gradually flow with th celestial currents much more easily. Since early times enlightened beings have been able to rise above difficulties by transmuting the energies like this. Now you can begin to do the same. The human body is like a microcosm or little world. It reflects the vastness of space, the greater world, the universe around us. Understanding this subtle interplay of energies to keep your chakras in balance will become a valuable tool to enhance your quality of life. Give it a try.
As indicated the 12 zodiac signs and the planets all have places within the chakra system. Although the original teaching developed before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, modern astrologers have assigned them their proper positions. Each planet and zodiac sign falls somewhere in your birth chart. The chakras, body parts and glands they energize are the key to chakra attunement. Think about all of the key words for each astrological factor. How do they apply to the machinery of your body?
Near the time of the Full Moon each month the chakras are more active. If you see auras or have had other clairvoyant experiences you might be able to see them. Spiritual healers will often open or close chakras during a treatment. The chakras have been described as flowers which open and close; just as flowers open and close at sunrise and sunset . Try having a treatment with a healer who works with the chakras to experience this. This will be helpful in keeping your own chakras in balance.



Star Journey To the Moon  – A Green Cheese Magical Mystery Tour
By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer
Full Moon Meditation In Poetry
Talking to me already glowing Moon
Watching, waiting, wondering how to attune
The sky awash in pure, brilliant whiteness
You guide me into the night, heart releasing tightness and fright at the
Last rays of the pale peach Sun sobered and replaced by your new sky spectacle. From the shadowy Moon garden which stays earth bound, a Mere void, a receptacle.
Earth outlined by phantom leaves suggesting bare trees, limbs and winter’s Grass
Moon, open space with hypnotic radiance slowly you rise and pass.
I can only gather the star watered light to fold this treasure hidden in the Attic of memory and mind transient with elusive pleasure.
(The poem was channeled in while I was looking at the event chart and compelled by a powerful full Moon and the times to come. I kept thinking of old legends about the Moon being made of green cheese.)

Teachers Around the Zodiac
A Sun Sign Guide
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
There is so much concern over the quality and safety of education in America nowadays. The outbreak of violence in schools and recent scandals around unethical teachers have fueled many discussions about options for improvement. Recently students have staged many protests. Nightly news stories describe great unrest. Here is an astrological guide offering some insights into the birth signs of teachers, whose influence and importance is a core issue in the future of education.
From nursery school and kindergarten through elementary school, high school, college and adult education, many of us will spend one quarter of our lives or more involved in some kind of study program. The focus of the classroom is of course the teacher. The teacher can make the learning experience and study sheer misery or absolute delight. Astrology can help in understanding the personalities and distinct teaching techniques of various instructors. It can help you to come to terms with a difficult teacher and to realize why another might have a profound influence for many years after a class is over, even lasting throughout your entire life. Conflicts between children and teachers can be so puzzling to parents and hard to cope with for everyone. An awareness of a teacher’s birth sign can offer much insight while promoting better understanding of what school years can bring.
This teacher is clever and innovative. She’ll make learning an adventure. Field trips and special projects will brighten her classroom. She has much energy and enthusiasm, but will expect tireless dedication from her students. Slow learners can annoy her. So will those who miss deadlines or turn work in late. However giving extra help to those who are willing to work will not be too much trouble for the Aries teacher. She or he will be oriented toward discipline and will not permit disrespect or horseplay among younger students. An Aries teacher can relate best to Leo and Sagittarius students. Physical education might be the subject she or he excels at.
Conservative ideas and a set routine will set the pace in I this teacher’s class room. He might have trouble relating to very young students, but will be appreciated by high school age or adult students.
There is a thoroughness to the quality of education. Everything is presented slowly and surely with a good grasp of detail. The atmosphere will be quiet as Taureans are especially sensitive to noise. He or she will be especially annoyed by inattentive students. Those who seem to daydream in class might lose points. Regular attendance will be expected too. The Taurus instructor can seem a bit stubborn with fixed ideas about how things should be done… his way. He or she can be most compatible with Virgo and Capricorn students. Music, music theory or mathematics can be areas of strongest expertise.
Many outstanding teachers are Geminis. There is a natural ability to communicate well.Even slow or difficult students can blossom and enjoy being in a Gemini teacher’s class. Ashe has a sense of humor and will make learning fun for younger students. Kiddish pranks and games will be appreciated and usually tolerated. The duality expressed by this sign of the Twins helps her or him adapt well to different types of students. Versatility is this teacher’s strongest point. She or he might be well versed in several different subject areas of instruction. Geminis are natural intellectuals and make the whole pattern of their lives a learning experience. They will keep up with the newest techniques and will update the material they teach constantly. Libra and Aquarius students will relate best to this skilled teacher. She or he can be especially adept at teaching English, handwriting and speech.
This teacher cares about how students perceive him. Being accepted and well liked by the student body is important. Emotional ties to students and to an emotional approach to presenting the subject matter can mark the teaching technique. He might even get tears in his eyes when explaining a really important point. He or she can be moody and it’s important for students in the Cancer’s classroom to realize that the teacher can seem introspective at times. Promoting kindness and goodwill among the students will be important. This teacher has an exceptionally good memory. Sharing anecdotes from his or her past or from previous classes in years gone by to illustrate a point is likely. There is a respect for tradition and occasional reluctance to let go of older books or teaching methods to replace them with newer ones. Scorpio and Pisces students can especially appreciate this teacher. He or she can do well in teaching history, home economics or humanities.
This teacher will have a warm and sparkling personality. He or she is a natural leader and can hold the attention of the students with ease. Exceptionally talented and gifted students will appeal to him. He or she will take pride in those who earn honors or excel in other ways. She or he is a good speaker with a touch of the dramatic and might even seem to be acting on a stage when holding class. Be tactful if you are a parent or student offering criticism, he or she doesn’t take orders well. There can be power struggles with strong willed students, but the Leo teacher will always be very fair. Sagittarius and Aries students can relate best to this instructor. She or he might excel at teaching drama, debate and art appreciation.
Ever a perfectionist Virgo will have a neat desk and orderly classroom. A tidy desk and cleanly written assignments will make a good impression on him. He’s painstakingly conscientious and very professional in his approach to teaching. He or she can do well with special needs children, slow learners or those who have been victims of abuse. There is much patience and understanding present with the Virgo teacher. He will focus on helping each student to develop individually. Offering constructive and helpful criticism will be incorporated into the Virgo’s teaching technique. Capricorn and Taurus students will especially appreciate this teacher. Health related subjects, typing and management classes can be his or her forte.
Serene and well mannered the Libran is a considerate teacher. She tries to see all sides of questions and issues, winning the respect of older students for her objectivity and fairness. Younger children can get rowdy or out of control in her classroom though, she isn’t an authority figure. Librans can find teaching tiresome and might not stick to it indefinitely. She or he is aesthetic and will bring a touch of art and beauty to the classroom. A flowering plant or bright posters can appear, making the surroundings more cheery. A true diplomat, the Libra teacher can soothe hurt feelings, and calm upset parents or students. Difficulties can be resolved through compromise. The Aquarius and Gemini students will enjoy this teacher. The fine arts, law or political science are subjects this teacher will like to specialize in.
There is an intensity about the Scorpio teacher. He or she will expect students to put all of their effort into studies and can be a stern disciplinarian toward those who are careless or disruptive. Pupils might learn a great deal, but be rather afraid of this teacher’s disapproval. However he or she does a good job and secretly enjoys teaching more than the students realize. Correcting bad study habits or filling in the gaps in a student’s education can be accomplished in this classroom. Intuition is keen with the Scorpio teacher he or she will know if a student has been lying or cheating on a test or assignment. Cancer and Pisces students can understand and especially benefit from this teacher. Biology and other types of science can be preferred fields of expertise.
Sincere and dedicated, the Sagittarian is often considered one of the best teachers. He or she likes to help students explore new horizons. There is a flair for combining real life or practical experiences with book knowledge. He gets to know students as individuals and they often see this teacher as a friend. Honesty is important and he or she will be very blunt in expressing opinions and feelings. This is especially true if cheating or carelessness is involved. The Sagittarian recognizes the value of cross cultural exchange and might become an exchange teacher or arrange for foreign students to visit the class. She might also arrange for students to travel to other campuses to benefit from a broader learning experience through new ideas and surroundings. Aries and Leo students will do especially well in this teacher’s classroom. Foreign languages, animal science and geography are subjects that can be presented with unique brilliance.
Serious and conservative, the Capricorn teacher will make sure students know how to use reference materials and that their basic skills are in order. Reviewing can be an important part of the curriculum. Material is covered slowly and in-depth. The routine tends to be predictable, but class time is used efficiently. There is an emphasis on the practical value of what is necessary to learn to survive in the real world. The Capricorn teacher will help students to become aware of the need to plan for the future. The practical wisdom offered will be appreciated especially by Virgo and Taurus students. Economics, healing and recovery, business and real estate are subjects the Capricorn instructor can explain especially well.
This teacher is progressive and interested in all that is futuristic. He or she can relate well to students that are much older or younger, an age gap is almost nonexistent. Developing individuality and unique skills will be emphasized. He or she won’t force each student to be like any of the others. The Aquarian loves to learn and can be perplexed by students who aren’t curious and don’t find education exciting. Using the latest computers and other technology and newest publications will be a part of the Aquarian teacher’s classroom. He will try to keep the environment comfortable in regard to air conditioning, heating and lighting. There will also be an interest in how a student’s living conditions or personal concerns might impact learning. Gemini and Libra students can do especially well with this teacher. Robotics, astronomy, social studies and computer science are topics he can present most skillfully.
This teacher is whimsical and creative. Adding a note of magic and suspense will make her classes memorable. She or he is intuitive and knows how to keep the students interested in learning. She also recognizes the tie between emotional states and attitude with learning ability. Helping students with mental blocks or other problems to move forward can be a specialty of the Pisces teacher. Pisces loves all that is mysterious. Learning can involve solving a puzzle, going on an adventure or other journey. Students who are too prosaic and conservative can find her difficult to relate to. All will find the class different and memorable. Cancer and Scorpio students can blossom in this teacher’s classes. Dance, psychology and oceanography are subjects which can be specialties.
In addition to considering the teacher’s sun sign, the student’s birth chart can be factored in when understanding the learning process. The natal 3rd house cusp, planets there as well as the planet Mercury will offer insights into making the most of elementary and secondary school years. College and continuing education are described by the 9th house, the sign on the cusp and planets there as well as the placement of natal Jupiter. Consider natal aspects as well as transits to develop a clear picture of learning aptitudes as well as favorable and more challenging times throughout school years.

Homage to the Sun

Homage to the Sun – A Meditation Focus for drawing and  connecting with the Sun. 

Original painting by Dikki-Jo

The Angel of April  – Asmodel

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

April’s Guardian Angel “Angel of Patience ” This powerful angel rules over the month of April and inspires practicality, patience, firmness and physical comfort. Here is an affirmation to say during April (or anytime you feel the need) In order to attune to Asmodel. “My personality is radiant with patience and I reap the rewards in all areas of my life.” Here is a simple prayer to ask for his favor and support. “Angel of Patience, thank you for guiding me along my path when I was functioning at levels lower that I was capable. Your inspiration adds peace and calm to my life.”

The Angel of April – Asmodel – The spirit of rebirth. April is a time for new life to spring forth and therefore a time for new ventures. We are encouraged by Asmodel to look and consider new ventures which will help us grow as individuals.

Charge To Call Down The Sun
Chant this three times, three is a sacred number. Think of the trinity, the triangle, etc. Connect with the life giving force of the Sun. It is a living, breathing force, not a mindless blast furnace. Focus on the light entering your own life as needed. The Sun in the horoscope is the familiar birth sign that everyone knows. Astrologically the Sun sign shows where you shine, where you are most alive.

“Still and silent, potent and alive presence of Sulis, Apollo, Sekhmet, Brighid, Sunna, Yi, Ra, Helios, all are bringers of light. Engulf each new day. Call the seed from the dark soil, flames of inspiration, see the radiance burning within us light defined by the darkness, we waver in unapologetic victory. Cleansing fire, burns away the old, the winter. Fill us with your gold, destroyers of chaos. All on Earth reaches for the energy, nearest star!”
Your beautiful face spinning the sunlight fills our hearts with joy.


Some Thoughts For Late Winter

By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Good Afternoon to this late winter day
Migrating birds in Florida long to stay
Breezes sweet hold the promise of spring impending
Seasons wing and circle unending
Soft and grey, foggy mist everything is the same
And nothing is the same
The gentle rains are waiting, following the Sun so mild
News from faraway
Seems so cold, so wild


Star Man’s Ride – The Red Tesla Roadster

Astrological Notes About SpaceX

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

  • The celestial patterns reflect how February, 2018 is a time of great planetary and personal changes. This has been an important week. It’s the time between two eclipses, one on January 31 and another on February 15. Portals of change and many surprising events occur between eclipses, which usually come in pairs, at a new and full moons.

On February 6, 2018, Tuesday, at 3:45 pm EST in Cape Canaveral, Florida, the world changed forever. History was not only made, but rewritten. SpaceX successfully launched the most powerful rocket ever built and on board was Star Man headed toward Mars, seated in a red Tesla roadster. Standing in front of my home in downtown Orlando, about 40 miles away, I felt the Earth tremble, heard the rumble and saw a tongue of orange flame soaring into the incredibly blue sky trailed by a smoke plume. It is thought that the rocket might be in orbit for millions if not billions of years. Two launch side core columns gracefully returned to the launch pad, a third, a minor set back, was lost at sea.
Here is the event chart for the launch. Sun 18 Aquarius, Moon 8 Scorpio 54, Mercury 10 Aquarius 15, Venus 24 Aquarius 57, Mars 6 Sagittarius 56, Jupiter 21 Scorpio 50, Saturn 5 Capricorn 25, Uranus 25 Aries 06, Neptune 12 Pisces 59, Pluto 20 Capricorn 00, N. Moon Node 14 Leo 57, Ascendant (rising) 18 Cancer 44. The 8th house is strong and the fixed star Sirius is near the ascendant.
Elon Musk, like Nikola Tesla, his inspiration, was born with the Sun sign of Cancer. Hailed as a genius, the rather young multi billionaire (worth about 20.9 billion in 2018) inventor was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa (time unknown), a solar chart was used for this glance at his natal horoscope.
Sun, 6 Cancer 04, Moon 10 Virgo 29, Mercury 14 Cancer 27, Venus 19 Gemini 38, Mars 20 Aquarius 56, Jupiter 27 Scorpio 38 (retrograde), Saturn 1 Gemini 09, Uranus 9 Libra 29, Neptune 0 Sagittarius 49 (retrograde) Pluto 27 Virgo 06, N. Moon node 16 Aquarius 31.
Elon Musk , like many Cancerians, was imprinted by childhood traumas. He was severely bullied at school, to the point of being pushed down a flight of stairs, beaten and suffering a head injury. He is of British and Dutch Ancestry. Musk attended Queens University in Ontario, Canada and the University of Pennsylvania, eventually graduating with two Bachelor’s degrees, in physics and economics. Two days into a PHD program he dropped out to pursue his own vision. Before becoming the CEO and founder of SpaceX, he founded PayPal and Tesla Motors. Establishing a colony on Mars is a long range plan, Elon Musk has revealed. Musk warns that artificial intelligence is the greatest threat to the human race and that environmental dangers loom. He clashes with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg and with President Trump on some of these important contemporary issues.