Chinese Astrology
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Year 4716
Year of the Earth Dog The Brown Dog
February 16, 2018 – February 4, 2019

Red lucky money envelopes with beautiful and symbolic designs, the Dragon Dance, special foods thought to be lucky … all the hints indicating that it’s nearly Chinese New Year are appearing. Here is your guide to understanding The Year of the Brown Dog or Earth Dog. Include the Dog’s lucky Feng Shui Guide lines in your life for an especially fortunate year.

The Oriental or Chinese astrology is thought to be the oldest and most widely circulated of the world’s zodiac calendars. In use for over four thousand years throughout China, Japan, Korea, Cambodia and other countries in the Far East, it has migrated to the West and is as popular as ever today. This zodiac follows a cycle of twelve years and incorporates five elements, fire, water, wood, metal and earth. Every sixty years the element – animal pairs repeat. The years are named in honor of the twelve animals who were rewarded by Buddha. Tradition says that Buddha awarded a year to each animal for responding to an invitation to attend his birthday party. They are forever the animals to hide in the hearts of each year. The Oriental New Year is a lunar calendar that begins with the second New Moon following the winter solstice. This date varies from year to year and takes place from late January to mid February.
This barking watch dog is the Year of the Earth Dog. It promises to generate a universal urge to make the world a better place. A spirit of reform and vigilance prevails. Inequities in the world are noted and solutions are sought. Keeping promises, seeking knowledge and truth, service and all well meaning actions are the values upheld by this modest and sincere Brown Dog.
A devoted friend, faithful and honest, those born in a Dog year are trustworthy but will be dogmatic about upholding their own codes of ethics. A touch of rigidity combines with great sensitivity and anxiety. It takes time for a Dog to overcome vague worries. To those who don’t understand them, Dogs can appear negative. In reality they are creative and constructive. Dogs do much good in the world and prefer to always be physically active.
Years of the Dog
1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030

Feng Shui Guidelines For The Year of the Dog
Gong Hoy Fot Choy – Greetings of Riches To Attract Good Fortune
Oriental astrology uses many omens and portents. Incorporate these into your environment. This is an integral part of using the practice of Feng Shui effectively, to enhance health, wealth and happiness. During the Year of The Dog the following guidelines can be useful to all. For those born during a Dog Year these guidelines are of life long value always in creating a positive and supportive environment.

Color: turquoise
Music: guitar
Crystals: ruby (banishes grief, draws friends)
Drink: strong coffee (aromatic, espresso and spiced chai brews are included)
Fragrance: balsam pine (for strength and longevity)
Tree: cherry
Flavor: meaty
Lucky Numbers: 9
Flower: calendula
Food: meat pie
Spice: clove
Herb: marjoram
Metal: lead
Motto: “I Worry”
Western Astrology Correspondence: Libra
Direction: West, Northwest
Season: Autumn, especially October
Lucky Hours: 7-9 PM
Animals: canines of all kinds including foxes and wolves

Chinese Chance Futures!
Here is what the Earth Dog promises for each sign in the Oriental Zodiac

For those born in the Year of the Rat ….. Work progresses very well, finances are excellent. Be a good listener to enhance rapport with a loved one. Be tolerant and understanding of the needs of others. Keep arguments to a minimum, those close to you aren’t easily led.

For Those Born in The Year of the Ox …. During the Dog’s Year, travel is extremely beneficial and healing for you, as an Ox. You are something of a revolutionary and idealist now, but be subtle about expressing your controversial views to those who are less sophisticated. Keep a low profile this year or your image might be impacted. Do all the good you can. Helpful acts toward those in need will be greatly appreciated and will bring you a sense of peace.

For Those Born in the Year of the Tiger ….. The atmosphere is social and good humored. Keep working toward goals, your efforts pay off toward the end of the year. Love deepens, romance is renewed, perhaps rekindle an old flame.

For Those Born in the year of the Rabbit ….. Business and financial matters are in good shape. A barrier is overcome. Beauty care, self help plans, fine clothing and redecorating your home are projects that are rewarding now.

For Those Born In The Year of the Dragon … as a Dragon the Dog year is thought to be beneficial for you in Chinese Astrology prediction guides. Old problems can be left behind. Family woes are lessened. New people and new places can offer you much. You will be on the move, restless. Extensive travel is possible.

For Those born in The Year of the Snake … The Dog brings much opportunity, try a new venture. Extra work adds to your income. There can be a mild health concern. Visit peaceful countryside places, try health foods and a yoga practice. Relax, release nervous energy.

For Those Born In The Year of the Horse ….. For you as a Horse the Dog’s year is all about caring for others. You will feel less independent, your joys come through shared projects and interests. Community involvement can be enhanced. Share your emotions and philosophy of life. Revealing your innermost thoughts and deepening connections will enrich your life.

For Those Born In The Year of the Sheep … You will dislike selfishness and will take an interest in making the world better for others. Altruism is your watchword. You will do much problem solving and charitable work. Your efforts win respect and admiration.

For Those Born In The Year of the Monkey ….. Live frugally, finances have to be juggled carefully. Ignore critical and negative people. Star a fresh project and believe in yourself. A past experience proves to be a helpful reference.

For Those Born In The year of the Rooster ….. This isn’t a favorable cycle for a high risk venture. Be reliable, keep promises. Cultivate worthwhile values. Put idealism ahead of financial goals, be patient and low key and the money will follow.

For Those Born In The Year of the Dog … It’s a happy time, you will shine and luck turns your way during your own year! You will delight and benefit others, your own past efforts are rewarded.

For Those Born In The Year of the Boar
This is a year when the Boar will cherish peace and quiet. Time spent outdoors can be very good to enhance your overall well being. Improve health by trying pranayama or deep yogic breathing in the fresh, clear air. Avoid complicated situations or taking on the problems of others.


Star Date Astrology Wednesday, January 31, 2018.
The Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse occurs today at 8:27 am EST. It won’t be visible in the USA (except in the far West, Alaska, Washington State, etc) However we will certainly feel the impact of this rare pattern. It is being called a triple trifecta, as it has been 150 years since this combination of three stellar influences came together. It last took place, in 1868. It’s actually the first of a pair of eclipses, the next one…(tharr be more) will be on February 15.2018 at the New Moon in Aquarius. The two week time span from January 31 -February 15 will be highlighted by many extremes and surprises, both in terms of natural phenomena and social.political trends. The Blue Moon trifecta will be at 11 degrees Leo 37′. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is ” An Evening Lawn Party”. Companionship, working with others, sharing pleasantries with others and self expression are the meanings. This degree is in the Sun-Jupiter rules the 2nd decanate of Leo. Children, the welfare of animals, educational institutions, churches and the entertainment world are key words. Freedom of expression and close, meaningful connections, friendship and goodwill are all in evidence. Bless crystals and aroma infused water in the moon light and speculate on where the celestial currents will carry your own life. Look to see where 11 – 12 degrees of Leo falls in your own horoscope by house. Any planets or luminaries there will be activated, allow an orb of 5 degrees or so. This is such a rare pattern that there isn’t much of a precedent for astrologers to go by in interpreting it. But last time In 1868 President Andrew Johnson was impeached and General Custer staged a tragic Indian battle. Anyone see a parallel with current events?.

Retrogrades and Eclipses During 2018
in Eastern Standard and Daylight Time

By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

Eclipses are close alignments of the Sun, Moon and Earth. They generate an intense energy focus. Elements of surprise, odd weather patterns, overall changes, growth and new perspectives are linked to eclipses. Those who have a birthday within three days of an eclipse can expect some shifts in the status quo. Perhaps a new job, residential move or relationship situation will play a part in this. There will be five eclipses this year, three are partial and two are total.
January 31, 2018 – Full Moon- total lunar eclipse in Leo, North Node
February 15, 2018 – New Moon – partial solar eclipse in Aquarius, South Node
July 12, 2018 – New Moon – partial solar eclipse in Cancer, North Node
July 27, 2018 – Full Moon- total lunar eclipse in Aquarius, South Node
August 11, 2018 – New Moon – partial solar eclipse in Leo, North Node
A total eclipse is more influential than a partial. The eclipses conjunct the Moon’s North Node are thought to be more favorable than those which are conjunct the South Node.

Retrograde Planetary Motion
Retrograde motion is the illusion of retrograde or apparent backward planetary motion. It is created by the Earth’s speed relative to that of the other planets. Astrologically retrogrades are quite significant, promising a change of pace, different paths and perspectives.

Mercury Retrograde
Three or four times yearly, retrograde Mercury impacts technology, travel and communication. Those who have been out of touch return. Complete old projects, revise, review, and tread familiar paths. Gemini and Virgo will be affected.
March 22, 2018 – April 15, 2018 in Aries
July 26, 2018 – August 19, 2018 in Leo
November 16, 2018 – December 6, 2018 in Scorpio and Sagittarius

Venus Retrograde
Venus retrograde influences art, finances, and love. Taurus and Libra will be affected.
October 5, 2018 – November 16, 2018 in Scorpio and Libra

Mars Retrograde
The military, sports, and heavy industry are impacted. Aries and Scorpio will be affected.
June 26, 2018 – August 27, 2018 in Aquarius and Capricorn

Jupiter Retrograde
Large animals, speculation, education, and religion are impacted. Sagittarius and Pisces will be affected.
March 8, 2018 – July 10, 2018 in Scorpio

Saturn Retrograde
Elderly people, the disadvantaged, employment and natural resources are linked to Saturn. Capricorn and Aquarius will be affected.
April 17, 2018 – September 6, 2018 in Capricorn

Uranus Retrograde
Inventions, science, electronics, revolutionaries, and extreme weather relate to Uranus retrograde. Aquarius will be affected.
August 7, 2018 – January 6, 2019 in Aries and Taurus

Neptune Retrograde
Water, aquatic creatures, chemicals, spiritual forces and psychic phenomena are impacted by Neptune retrograde. Pisces will be affected.
June 18 2018 – November 24, 2018 in Pisces

Pluto Retrograde
Ecology, espionage, birth and death rates, nuclear power, and mysteries relate to Pluto retrograde. Scorpio will be affected.
April 22, 2018 – September 30, 2018 in Capricorn

Moon Cycles – The Way of the Moon
New and Full Moons in 2018
Eastern Standard And Daylight Savings Time
By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

New Moons
Jan 16
Feb 15
Mar 17
Apr 15
May 15
Jun 13
July 12
Aug 11
Sept 9
Oct 8
Nov 7
Dec 7

Full Moons
Jan 1
Jan 31 (Blue Moon – the rare second Full Moon in a Calendar month)
No Full Moon at all in Feb. 2018 – this is rare!
Mar 1
March 31 (A second Blue Moon in 2018 – it’s rare to have two Blue Moons in one year!)
Apr 29
May 29
Jun 28
July 27
Aug 26
Sept 24
Oct 24
Nov 23
Dec 22

Dikki-Jo Mullen
Astrologer and Parapsychologist https://dikkijomullen.wordpress.com

2018 – A Universal Two Year
By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Calendars and numbers naturally go together. The numbers of the days, months and years help to orient us. Numbers are essential to sanity and happiness, they help us find our way amid the chaos. There is something so comforting about numbers. Astrology and numerology have gone hand in hand at least since the time of Pythagoras in the 6th Century BC. Number codes are prominent in many spiritual texts, including The Bible.
A wonderful way to begin to understand number patterns is to consider the Universal Year. Add and reduce the digits in the calendar year you want to consider. 2018 is 2+0+1+8 = 11. 1+1 =2. So 2018 is a two Universal Year.
The two year is ruled by the Moon. It is emotions, relationships and heritage. Peacemaker, sensitive, moody, intuitive are the keynotes. Collections and history, keepsakes and reunions are of concern. Make a family tree, test your DNA to learn of your ancestry. The needs of the very young and the water supply are other important concerns.
White, black, salmon, silver and blue are some favorable colors for wardrobe, home décor and meditation candles this year. Crystals to wear or carry include the moonstone, pearls, cat’s eye and white jade. Also wear the metal silver. Music associated with 2 to select includes string and wind instruments, harp and violin, classical music, symphony concerts. The musical note B is associated with the number 2.
Health wise the stomach and digestive system can need some care. Also be aware of hereditary factors impacting health. Foods to have in one’s diet this year are cabbage, chicory, lettuce, melons, cucumbers, turnips. Wintergreen and cinnamon are favorable for herbal teas and also as aromatherapies.
What does this number two year of 2018 hold for you? To determine your own personal year number add your month and day of your birth to two, then keep adding the numbers together until just one single digit remains.
This is an example for Vice President Mike Pence who was born on June 7. So add 06 (for June) + 07 + 2 (for 2018) = 15 and 1 + 5 = 6. So the year of 2018 shows Pence will have a personal six year; a time of increased popularity, domestic concerns, new alliances and cultural interests. The Moon’s position in his natal horoscope will be accented. There is some variety in the astrological rulerships of the nine numbers, but here are the ones I prefer to use.

One   will, leadership, vitality, independence, beginnings (Sun)

Two   sensitive, partners, emotions, receptive (Moon)

Three   expansion, creative, diplomatic, sociable (Jupiter)

Four    structured, boundaries, limitations, physical, grounded (Saturn)

Five    dual, communicates, restless, adventure, witty, clever (Mercury)

Six      domestic, loyal, concerned, artistic, refined, cultured (Venus)

Seven     intellectual, mysterious, mystical, reserved, occultism (Uranus)

Eight     tenacious, materialist, accomplished, powerful, upward mobility
(Neptune, also Jupiter)

Nine     universal, endings, humane, broad scope, spiritual, reflective
(Mars, also Pluto)

Live in Harmony With Your Numbers
Finish up things in your personal nine year, begin projects afresh in a one year. Marry or try creative projects in a two or six year. Work hard in a four or eight year. Take risks in a three year, try study and multi-tasking in a five year. Meditate and contemplate, enjoy peace and privacy in your personal seven year.

Think back upon important years in your own life. Check the numerology of the years you recall. To look ahead using numerology remember that the months of January and October of each year give a foreshadowing of the times to come in the next year. Events in January and October of 2017, for example, will foreshadow the whole of 2018.


The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction on November 13, 2017 inspired sharing this original pastel. Survival amid the beauty of nature is the theme, honoring these beautiful, graceful creatures.

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