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Prosperity Conciousness

While reading through the stack of magazines at the neighborhood coin laundry recently, I came across an especially provocative and interesting list. It was a study of each of the world’s nations in terms of desirability and standard of living. Of course, the United States was number one, with Canada and Australia as two and three respectively. Way down at the bottom were the poor, miserable third world nations of Afghanistan and Chad, while the USSR and other Eastern European nations hovered near the middle of the list. The study included a sort of graph, showing how just owning a pair of shoes can make one a wealthy man or woman in some countries, while the wealth we take for granted, such as hot and cold water, plenty of food, and 24 hour TV and radio entertainment are perhaps not fully appreciated by many of us.

It is important to remember spiritual teachings regarding prosperity. What we focus on we make real, and it is very dangerous to fear not having enough or to repeatedly state that we’re “broke.” What we imagine we can make real, and the sophistication of our minds can make our thoughts more powerful and more energized than we might consciously realize. Thinking and speaking in a positive way about our lifestyles, jobs, etc… is an essential step in metaphysical wisdom. As the Bible says, “What I have feared, hath come upon me.”

To develop prosperity consciousness, first remember that prosperity adores a prosperous attitude. Instead of complaining about writing checks for monthly bills, start by giving thanks that you have the funds to cover them. Arrange the bills in your wallet with the highest denomination on top, ones at the bottom, then fold them toward you saying this simple but effective blessing: “Divine Love through me blesses and increases all that I receive.” Dollar bills are rich in metaphysical symbolism; they represent energy and effort. It can be surprisingly effective to try this little blessing technique. Experiment and see!

Meanwhile, stop thinking of yourself as broke. Even kings and queens a few generations back lacked the comforts that we have in even a modest home in the United States and Canada. Try soaking in a scented bubble bath and playing soft soothing music in the background at the end of a challenging day. Revel in the luxury and richness of this inexpensive pleasure. Upon enjoying fresh, hot coffee or tea  the morning before work, appreciate the ease and richness of this relatively inexpensive pleasure. Overcome the poverty consciousness that imprisons so many of us by applying a few basic steps. These are common to a variety of spiritual schools of thought and self-help courses, and will really work if you give them a chance.

  1. Decide what you really want, then write down your goals. Make a simple and specific list. Defining what we want is essential to achieving it. Statistics quoted by the Silva Mind Control teachings tell us that among a group of Harvard University graduates, those with written and defined goals were far and away more successful financially than their counterparts who tended to drift.
  2. Develop faith and confidence. A negative attitude is dangerous. Many people who experienced lack during the years of the Great Depression became misers, unable to enjoy the fruits of their labors in later years. Charles Dicken’s classic tale of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol illustrates how Scrooge changed his life and actually became richer after loosening his purse strings. Keep the money flowing outward, within reasonable bounds of course. Use it to bring pleasure to yourself and others. Prosperity adores a prosperous attitude. One economist recently suggested that the way to avoid a recession was for all of us to spend everything we have. For example, if you spend a few dollars for a meal out and leave a tip for the waitress, she might spend the money on a new pair of shoes at the store where your brother is a clerk. Then, earning commission on the sale, he’d have extra money to circulate. You get the idea.
  3. Persistence is important in building prosperity. Focus on how this trait can enhance respect and power.
  4. Use your imagination and think of ways to enhance prosperity. Try to turn a hobby into a second income or use your insight at the office to make significant improvements. Creativity is a gift that can be either positive or negative, depending on its slant. A little research uncovers incredible success stories through the use of a creative inspiration. Maybe you can be another Colonel Sanders or Coca Cola entrepreneur.
  5. Organize for prosperity. Do some career research and planning, prepare some long term goals. Form a “master mind” group and meet to help each other imagine and envision the goals. Do this together over a period of several months and you’ll be delighted at the results. The group’s focused good will and energy is a powerful healing tool in overcoming the bonds of poverty. A few months back six friends and I began using a basic metaphysical formula for master minding with a group. We’ve all enjoyed a renewed richness and success in our lives. We sat in a circle, then each took a turn describing to the group what we wanted, while everyone expressed positive thoughts and visions of the desired result. I remember one man talking about replacing his old blue Oldsmobile with a new silver LTD. Last week he drove over in the new auto, just as we’d visualized it. The power for good in this simple technique is chilling and provocative. Experiment and see!

Poverty is not a virtue, it is a sin! Divine intelligence put the riches of the world near us to be appreciated and enjoyed. The true words of the axiom “money is the root of all evil” were really “lack of money is the root of all evil!” So use metaphysical techniques to be merry and enjoy. Carpe Diem!

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