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Of the four elements in astrology (fire, earth, air and water) a very convincing argument can be made that water is the strongest. It overcomes all of the others. Since earliest times sea shells have been treasured as benevolent charms to draw the favor of powerful water spirits.

In 1812 Lord Byron addressed the majestic seas in a famous poem:

“Roll on thou deep and dark blue ocean roll on.

Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in vain

Man marks the earth with ruin

His control stops with the shore.”

The human urge to probe the mysteries of the waters has long been a source of great joy as well as profound sorrow. Perhaps the allure involves our need for air in order to live. Once our feet leave the shore we are forever visitors in another realm. There have long been testimonials that contact with the crystals in salt water as well as negative ions generated by waterfalls have the ability to heal the mind as well as the body. A sea or lake breeze promises hope and refreshment. A cool dip on a hot summer day is a childhood memory cherished by many. Still, a deadly rip current or attack from Jaws can quickly turn the idyllic dream into a nightmare. Life and death are intermingled in the waters.

Early mythology always recognizes the sea as a living, conscious entity. Prayers to Neptune for safe passage as well as charms against sea serpents have been recorded for thousands of years. Today, those who would enjoy the magic of a swim are just as wary of the potentials for good and evil which lurk beneath the surface of even the brightest, bluest waves. Boticelli’s famous painting “The Birth Of Venus” shows the Goddess riding safely over the water above potential peril perched on a perfect scallop shell. Sailors often carried a sea shell from their home ports to assure a safe return. Today the witch who is drawn to venture out on the waves can emulate them by making a personal shell charm.

When the Moon is new in a water sign collect or purchase a shell which is pleasing to you. Find one with a natural hole, or the hole can be drilled. String the shell on a cord and chant the name of Neptune or another favored water deity reverently. Bury the shell in a dish of sea salt to be charged with protective forces until the Full Moon rises, then remove. Toss the salt into the water as an offering and hold the shell aloft in the moonlight. The shell charm will be ready to wear while swimming or sailing.

Surfers at Florida’s famed Sebastian Inlet almost always possess a special charm. The waves at the Inlet are notoriously shark invested. A shark’s tooth added to a choker of puka shells is worn as a warning. The idea is that the sharks will sense what happened to the last one who bothered the surfer and stay away. Puka shells are the small tops of the Pacific Island conus shell. They have a natural hole and were collected in Hawaii to be worn by island queens and princesses as adornments and talismans. Pisces (sign of the fish) Hollywood Princess Elizabeth Taylor was given a gift of Puka shells as a ceremonial gift from the sea during a 1974 visit to Hawaii. She wore them publicly often. The popularity of the beautiful cream colored beads grew. By 1975 puka shells were a must have item with beach goers around the world. With or without a shark’s tooth pendant, a puka choker is a beautiful and powerful talisman to wear against the evils and dangers of the briny deep.


Shells collected on the beach might be more powerful than commercial ones, as the inhabitants have died a natural death, not been killed for commercial purposes. Shells can be white, yellow, purple, black, pink, red brown, etc. The colors of the shell can be important for magical workings too.

Legends of Shells





Prosperity and money, used as Indian wampum. Goddess mysteries, feminine spirituality

Left Handed Whelks


Moon Shells

Olive shells


Sand Dollars


What to do with shells …

Add to fish nets, drape over doorways and windows to capture harmful thought forms, like a dream catcher. Use with sea glass in fountains for good chi, using the sir powers with water. Shells can be used for God and Goddess statues on altars. Sea grass can be tied to driftwood for a broom, add shells to the handle, make a driftwood wand with shell accents. Used with colored sand, shells combine water with earthg. Shell candles combine the powers of fire and water. Dig a hole in sand, add shells and wax, make your own candle.

– Safe travel, passages and movement– Wisdom, higher guidance, see the pentagram symbolism!– love, overall good fortune– healing– peace, psychic awareness, purity – courage, confidence, physical strength– for dramatic and positive changes of direction(cowrie) – – love, also music and communication. – purification and love, use for incense, draw a rune or other symbol on with magic marker. – sea opal, often used for holding a ceremonial smudge stick. Empowers.

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